The Making of a Flower Ch. 03

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Thanks you for the tremendous feedback and support for my first attempts. I hope I am getting better. This is probably the last part of this story.


The congregation looked in awe as Ann’s Dad gave his Sunday morning sermon. He preached with fervor like they had never seen before. Sweat dripping down his forehead, he spoke feverishly about the Book of Genesis and the story of Lot. His congregation was mesmerized by his oration as he spoke about Lot’s seduction by his daughters.

Ann’s father’s groin was on fire as he spoke from his pulpit. In his mind he saw himself as Lot and thought about Ann and her nubile young body. His thoughts raced back to the day before and how he deflowered her and how this morning he woke up to a divine dream — his very own Ann sleeping next to him – naked.

He remembered how he got up in the morning thinking it was all a dream and then seeing her cuddled up sleeping next to him. He gently moved the whisks of blonde her from her face to see her angelic face with the most devilish smile — how he wished he knew what she was dreaming about.

His finger tips traced the curve of bursa escort her beautiful body as he started planting gentle kisses all over her naked flesh — the tip of his tongue snaking down the contour of her body and then licking her feet — oh how he loved them. Ann’s body started to stir alive. She looked down, giggling at the touch of his tongue on her soles. The giggles soon turned to long moans as his tongue was all over her — devouring the delectable dish laid out in front of him.

Ann’s father kept wiping the sweat of his forehead and hurriedly shook hands and excused himself feigning a fever after the sermon and jumped into his car and raced home. Images of Ann screaming her head off as he ate her as she woke up in the morning kept flashing in front of him. He jumped a light and two stop signs thinking about her heaving breasts as her beautiful pussy opened to welcome his tongue.

He stepped on the gas as he saw himself carry Ann into the shower and feeling her lips around his rock hard penis under the shower. He tore through the streets as the images of him holding her up against the shower wall came escort bursa in front of his eyes. Her thighs tightly clamped around his waist and her ankles locked around his rump as he pounded her under the cascades of water, the crucifix around his neck bouncing off his daughter’s breasts.

He finally reached home and jumped out of the car and ran inside. Ann was listening to the Black Eyed Peas’ Lovely Lady Lumps on her boom box and doing a little dance as she set the table for lunch wearing nothing but her dad’s shirt. The music was too loud for her to hear the door as he stormed in and saw her like that. The site of her undulating hips, the slope of her toned thighs, her long blonde hair moving in wild abandon were just too much for him.

He couldn’t wait anymore and lunged at her. Ann screamed before she realized it was her Dad. The dishes and plates she was setting were falling around them as she lay on her back on the dining table staring into her Dad’s eyes. He had a crazed look in them as his tongue invaded her mouth. Her mind was still not sure what was happening. She was scared, confused and very excited. bursa escort bayan

He picked her up and carried her to the huge sofa in the living room and threw her on it. Within seconds he stripped and tore the shirt of his daughter. He pinned her down on the sofa and started kissing, licking and biting her face, neck and breasts. Ann’s legs were already wide open and he rammed his hot throbbing penis into her, which made them both scream. It was a primordial scream coming from the depths of their desires. His excitement built up as his penis got milked by her pussy he suddenly turned her over and rammed into her from behind, thrusting into the warm depths of her wet young tight vagina.

Their raw animal grunts, moans and screams mingled with the sound of his body pounding into her flesh and were now much louder than the blaring boom box. He pulled on her hair as her back arched back and they kissed. He thrust faster and deeper and felt Ann’s muscles tense up as he himself violently shuddered and released his load into her.

Exhausted and drained he slumped on her and they both fell off the sofa and rolled onto the rug. Their limbs entwined, panting and whimpering, the two of them kissed and cuddled and fell asleep only to awaken to their insatiable desire for each other. This desire left no room for any other feelings – no guilt — no awkwardness — just pure pleasure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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