The Making of Mary Ch. 05

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A woman was waiting and got on with them into the confines of the elevator compartment. She stood close to the doors as Mary and the stranger moved to the back, and he stood behind her. As the doors slid closed Mary felt his hand raising the back of her dress, exposing her bare ass. She nearly gasped out loud as she felt the pseudo-Master’s cock, now out of his pants, press between her cheeks. This was outrageous! She shook her head no, trying to signal him to stop. But he paid her no heed and forced the head of his cock between her thighs, brushing her silky labia. His hands held her wrists tightly to her sides as he continued to tease her. Mary stared at the back of the woman’s head praying she wouldn’t hear something and turn around to look. ‘Please get off before our floor!’ Mary begged in her mind. But they reached the third floor and she suddenly saw that the buttons on the panel indicated the woman was riding to the fifth floor.

As the elevator halted he released Mary’s wrists but held up the back of her dress with his hand as he gently pushed her past the woman, out into the hall. She heard the woman gasp as they slipped by her. But hadn’t Mary earlier envisioned being lewd in front of other hotel guests in the elevator? Shame suddenly flared up within her, yet enhanced her excitement at the site they presented for the shocked woman. How terrifically naughty Mary felt!

He propelled her down the hall towards room 318 and stopped in front of the door. He stood behind her, poking his prick against her ass. He leaned close as his lips glanced her ear and he whispered, “Oh God, I can’t wait to fuck the hell out of that tight cunt. I bet I’ll give it to you better than that so-called master of yours. Have you ever felt eight, thick inches burrowed deeply into your nasty pussy?” Mary winced and thought of her vibrator. She couldn’t help wondering at the difference between her long, fat toy and his live, meaty dick.

He slid the keycard into the slot of the electronic lock and opened the door before her. It was dark in the room, the light from the hall cast across the carpet of the entrance creating strange shadows from furniture in the sitting room. He shoved her inside and slammed the door shut. The sound of the automatic lock clicked loudly. He stepped in front of her, reaching out, searching for the closest lamp. The door separating the sitting room and bedroom slowly opened letting in just enough light to reveal the shape of a man in the doorway, but betraying no details of him.

“So glad you could join us, Tim.” Mary peered curiously toward the door. Her Master’s voice, not a whisper, was familiar. Her eyes squinted in the dull light trying to discern his face but with the low light behind him, his face was cloaked in shadow. “No lights, yet. But I’m sure you can find My slut’s blindfold on the table, next to the TV. Put it on her, now. She loves being kept in the dark.” Tim retrieved the blindfold and slipped it over Mary’s face, pulling the band securely behind her head. “Help yourself to anything at the bar, Tim. Make yourself comfortable.” Her Master’s voice was closer and she knew he’d come into the sitting room with them.

Suddenly she felt her breasts fondled, the warmth of the hands seeping through the smooth fabric of the dress. She heard the sound of ice dropping into a glass and thought it must be Tim getting a drink as he’d been invited. Her Master’s hands roamed her body, smoothing her dress, then around to her ass, squeezing as if feeling the ripeness of a piece of fruit. She felt hot lips pressed to her neck, below her ear, then teeth biting softly biting into her flesh. She shivered and started to raise her hands up to feel the body in front of her. He slapped her hands away.

“We’ve old business to take care of before the fun begins, don’t we? Remind me of your transgressions, slut.”

“I…I wore panties when I wasn’t supposed to,” she whispered.

“What? Speak up, Tim and I want to hear your sweet voice admitting to your disobedience.”

“I wore panties without permission!” she choked with embarrassment on the words. If it had only been admitting to her Master that would have been right as she deserved to confess her offenses to him. But she was being ordered to reveal her guilt before Tim, a stranger, and that made it more exasperating. She pictured Tim’s face in her mind. He must be sitting there, with a disgusting look of amusement on his face. She felt her face grow hot. “I spoke rudely to you on the phone.” Her voice was softer, ashamed for having been disrespectful to him, regardless of the fact that she hadn’t know it was him on the phone on that quiet Sunday at work. She cried out as he painfully grabbed her by her arm and yanked her across the room. She nearly fell over an obstacle up against the front of her thighs. He placed his hand between her shoulders and shoved her forward. She realized he was pushing her over the arm of the couch as her face hit the cushion. He hitched her dress up over her naked, full ass and brought his palm bursa escort down with a resounding smack. She squealed and tried to pull her hips in, checked by the arm of the couch. Tim’s laughter rang in her ears.

Mary felt something cool and flat smooth across her ass, then felt the hot sting as it slammed against her tender flesh. She cried out and tried to squirm away. Tears sprang up behind her eyelids, seeping out into the blindfold. She reached behind her to shield her ass with her hands and was rewarded with a hard crack against the knuckles of her fingers. She screamed and jerked her hands away.

“Tim, get over here and take hold of this whore’s hands. It seems she wants to fight this lesson in obedience.”

She felt strong hands grip her wrists and pull them together, pressing into the cushion above her head. The spanking resumed, first on one cheek, then the other. The blows were strategically placed so as to spread the heat of the pain evenly across her ass. She tightened her buttocks uselessly trying to ward off the searing sensations spreading across her flesh. Her mind was reeling, appalled by one man stretching her arms above her while another man laid into her soft, full ass. Yet she couldn’t ignore the biting stimulation as she felt her pussy quiver and her juices ooze from the mouth of her cunt. She grunted with each impact, it hurt so badly. But her body betrayed her and grew ever more aroused with each landing of the paddle in her Master’s hand. When her ass began to unmercifully burn she screamed.

“Stop! Please! Ohhhh!” she begged as her body shook with sobs.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak, slut!” her Master growled and gave her several more harsh swats. He stopped and stood back, looking at her beet-red cheeks, then up at Tim. “Get on your knees,” he commanded her as he grasped the back of her dress and pulled her to the floor. Tim released her hands. “Our friend Tim has been promised a little reward. I think now is the time to show your appreciation of your lesson. Tim, she’s very good at sucking a cock and since you were kind enough to help Me out tonight, you deserve some pleasure. you know what to do, slut.” Tim stood and moved in front of Mary, letting his pants fall to his ankles and paused, his cock hanging long and hard in front of her face.

“Grab her by her hair on either side of her head. She enjoys being controlled. What are you waiting for, go on, fuck her mouth!”

Tim snatched her hair in his fists and pried her lips apart with his swollen knob then shoved his dick into her hot, wet mouth. Mary gagged and tried to resist. Panic welled up in her and she brought her hands up to push Tim away but he overpowered her. Then she felt fingers breaching her pussy lips, taunting her hard clit and she squirmed. Another hand gripped her breast and fingers savagely pinched her nipple. Her scream was muffled by the huge cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. Tension began to build in her cunt. Fear coursed throughout her yet she was inexplicably excited. She wanted to come so badly that she began to brazenly hump the fingers teasing her sopping pussy.

“Look at you, rubbing your cunt against My hand while you suck some stranger’s prick. you’re such a horny, dirty girl. you’re so wet you must really be enjoying yourself, whore.” Her Master whispered into her ear. Mary moaned and tried to shake her head. She wasn’t a whore! She didn’t like sucking Tim’s cock, she only wanted her Master’s. “No? you don’t like this? you could have fooled Me as your pussy is flowing like a faucet.” He pulled his hand away and smiled as he watched her ass stick out shamefully. He stood up and faced Tim, bringing his wet fingers to Tim’s lips. “Taste My slut, lick My fingers clean. This is as close to her pussy as you’re going to get.”

“Fuck you, I’m not gonna lick…hey!” Tim yelled in surprise as her Master smeared Mary’s juices all over Tim’s lips. Tim let go of Mary’s hair to push the offending hand away from his face. “What the hell?” Tim grunted as her Master shoved him away from her. Tim’s cock was abruptly torn away from Mary’s mouth.

“That’s enough, Tim. You agreed to go along with what I said. If you can’t follow My direction then it’s time for you to leave.” He grabbed Mary’s arm and pulled her to her feet.

“Fuck that! I’m not done, yet. You said…”

“Oh, you’re done all right, your purpose has been met. But you’re not good enough to come in My slut’s mouth or any other part of her body. I’m sure you can find your own bitch to get off with.” He pulled Mary behind him and stared icily at Tim. Not being able to see anything, Mary felt a bit frightened, listening to the heated animosity between the two men. Tim backed down and cursed under his breath as he pulled his pants up.

“You son of a bitch,” Tim snarled as he pulled his pants up then slammed the door as he left the room.

Mary’s thoughts were in disarray. She felt dizzy, trembling with fear and excitement. She was awed that Tim had given in to bursa escort bayan her Master’s will. His power was exhilarating. She wished she could have seen the expression on Tim’s face, feeling some revenge for embarrassing her in the lounge.

“I can’t say I blame him for being pissed off, you do have such a beautiful mouth, mary.” He pulled her through the bedroom into the bathroom. She heard the water running in the sink, then felt a glass pressed to her lips. “Here, wash your mouth out, get rid of his taste. I want you to taste only Me if I decide to let you suck my cock.” She swished the water in her mouth then using her hand to find the sink she spat it out. “Take a drink, you’ll feel better. While you’re in here use the toilet, I don’t want to be interrupted because you need to pee.” Mary hesitated, listening for him to leave. But instead she heard the water in the sink running again. She realized he was not going to leave and sat down on the toilet, feeling awkward and disconcerted. When she was done he pulled her to her feet and she gasped in shock at the feel of a cold, wet washcloth roughly wiping her pussy.

He led her into the bedroom and stopped her a few feet from the bed and sat down. He sat there for a few moments to gaze at her. He pictured her at work, unsuspecting, as he’d walked by her desk. Only a day ago he’d even spoken to her about a client and she had been her usual cheerful, professional self. It excited him to think of her unknowingly conversing with her Master, as he thought of her sucking his cock in her car.

“From our talks and all that you’ve read I’m sure you understand what a safe word is. your safe word is red, if you need to slow down then say the word yellow. Remember that. I will not cease any action if you use the word stop. Now, take your dress off, I want to see what I’m playing with tonight.”

Mary hesitated. She felt discomfited as she was far from the svelte, model type and very self-conscious about her figure. She heard a soft sound, perhaps he had stood up and this compelled her to reach up and pull her dress straps over her shoulders and down her arms. She began to shiver with slight anxiety as she let the dress fall from her body to the floor. The room was cool and she felt the goosebumps rise on her skin. It was so quiet she wondered if he had taken a dislike to what he saw before him. But after several moments she felt his fingertips brush her erect nipples which sent chills through her. He cupped her heavy breasts in each of his hands and began to lick and kiss them in turn. She moaned and pushed against his mouth.

“Don’t move!” he admonished her. She gasped as she felt the hot sting of his hand slap her breast. He began to kiss and suck her breasts again purposely avoiding her hard, needy buds. She moaned and arched her back slightly willing her Master to suck her sensitive nipples. “When I tell you not to move I mean it,” he whispered and she instantly stiffened with apprehension. He pulled away from her and picked up a crop from the nightstand. He quickly brought it down across the tops of both her breasts. Mary cried out and instinctively pulled her chest in and raised her hands in foolish response.

This was all a little overwhelming. Earlier she’d felt tricked and humiliated that her Master had used Tim to set things into play. Now, her mind raced with doubt that she could truly handle what she had gotten herself into. She’d had a silly romantic notion of being a sub. Mary had mentally expected that pain was involved in the experience but was not quite prepared at the emotional response she was now feeling. Perhaps she was not meant to be a sub after all. Her confidence wavered as he brought the crop down again hitting her hands covering her tits. She shrieked as the sting burned across the backs of her soft hands.

“Hands down, slut. you moved when told not to. you must learn that I require, demand, your obedience.” As she hesitantly relented and lowered her hands he swatted the side of one breast then the other in quick succession. She hissed through her teeth as she strained to stay upright and still, feeling the burning in her round, fleshy tits. She suddenly realized her pussy was twitching and her juices were seeping freely. He continued striking her breasts, laying criss-crossed stripes of scarlet across her pale flesh. Her gasps and grunts came hard with each impact and her breasts burned painfully, at first. She slowly discerned the stinging blows were melting into an exquisite pleasure, especially when he struck her hardened nipples. She felt herself sinking into the erotic pain, absorbing it, feeling it flow throughout her body. Mary felt a little confused as her mind still tried to deny the lascivious reaction her body was going through. She had not even noticed that she’d pushed her breasts forward making his target that much easier. When he stopped she couldn’t help her disappointment as her pussy throbbed between her damp thighs.

“Oh, you liked that, didn’t bursa bayan escort you My slut. your tits look so beautiful with My marks.” He paused to admire his work as he enjoyed her reaction reaching down to find her cunt dripping wet. Then he grabbed one breast and pulled it up to his mouth sucking hard on her abused nipples. She shrieked and nearly came right then, shocked by the violently electric sensations zipping from her tits to her clit. But her climax was interrupted as he grabbed her arm and jerked her forward causing her to stumble and fall face down onto the bed. He yanked her arms above her head and quickly tied her wrists together with a leather strap. “Now, what shall I do with you?” he taunted her.

Mary groaned as her cunt throbbed. She almost felt ashamed as all she could think of was her desperate need to come. She nearly giggled with the delirious thought of how this was what it must feel like for a man with so-called blue balls. She screamed in outrage as his hand soundly connected with her plump, round ass. She had fully anticipated feeling his cock shoved deeply inside her and raised her ass up to invite him into her.

“How shall you please your Master tonight?” he growled. Instead of his cock in her pussy she felt his hand come down on her ass as he spanked her hard, again. She wailed at the insult to her tender bottom. She screeched as he continued to spank her, first on one cheek then the other, with fast, well aimed slaps. She wriggled against the mattress trying to move away and her legs widened apart for a moment. In that instant his hand landed solidly on her pussy and she squealed, close to coming again.

“I’m going to come!” she cried as she felt herself on the very brink of release.

“Not without my permission, bitch. Hold it!” he sternly warned. Mary’s muscles in her pussy and thighs pulled in and she stiffened trying to stop the fiery orgasm nearly bursting from within her straining cunt. “Look at you, struggling, needing, desperate. I like you like this, wanting so badly.” He was breathing hard with excitement. His slut’s reactions were more than he’d even anticipated as he felt her juices smeared on his palm and watched her trembling body. “Tell me, how will you please your Master?” he said as he slid his finger all around her drenched pussy lips.

“Oh, god. Please? Please!” Mary cried out as she wiggled her hips to help his probing fingers toward her engorged clit. Then she felt his fingertip simply rest lightly against her aching nub and she thought she would go mad! She was ready to explode just with that gentle touch while her ass and tits burned from his punishing attentions. “Please let me come, Master. Please!” she managed to sputter in frustration as she pushed her face into the bed.

He quickly rolled her over and grabbed her hips roughly pushing her back to lie across the bed. He gazed at her admiring her pale flesh, her full breasts, her wet cunt displayed as she automatically spread her legs in wanton expectation. His cock twitched up and down hungry to impale her juicy pussy and fuck her hard. Yet he held himself back keeping control as he reached to the nightstand and picked up the flogger. The weight of it felt good in his hand and he traced the tips of the leather ribbons across her belly and tits. He tickled her armpits and the sensitive skin of the insides of her upper arms. She giggled and squirmed and started to speak when her words were cut off by the forceful thwack of the flogger across her huge tits. She grunted hard as the heavy, stinging sensations invaded her body. He struck her again, the leather strips landing partially on her breasts but mostly on her abdomen. She gasped but remained silent trying to make sense of how the pain felt hot but so sweet.

“Each time you feel that, slut, you will tell me ‘thank you Master, may i have another.” He did not give her time to collect her thoughts and feelings as he struck her again then paused for a moment to hear her utter those words of submission. When all he heard was her whisper, “Oh, no, no,” he whipped her inner thighs and she screamed the words he’d commanded from her. She received a steady stream of whacks to her breasts, belly and inner thighs. With each strike he was satisfied with the sound of her voice, sometimes breathless, sometimes growling with pain proclaiming the words, “Thank you Master, may i have another!” When the ribbons of leather made connection with her glistening pussy she would buck her hips up and whimper for him to stop but never release the safe word from her lips. He was thrilled with her strength and submission. He had not expected her to be able to take so much for her first time.

“you are a hot little bitch, aren’t you?” He dropped the flogger to the floor and knelt beside the bed pulling her toward him. When she felt his tongue licking her pussy lips she jerked and cried out.

“Oh, please, i need to come!” she sobbed and writhed against his mouth. Yet he continued to torment her, nibbling her, delving his tongue between her lips. He grinned at how wet she was, at how sweet she tasted. Her pussy was extremely sensitive after feeling the flogger whip against her supple, swollen lips. “Oh, i don’t think i can stop it!” she screamed and he immediately pulled away from her reaching up to swat her breast hard with his hand.

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