The Man I Couldn’t Help Falling For Ch. 02

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I’ve read the same sentence five times and I still don’t understand a word of it. I have so much work to complete for Mr. Black and my mind just cannot stop reeling, thinking about our encounter an hour ago in the elevator.

“Oh and by the way Mr. Daniels, the next time you even think about lying to me I’m going to spank you so hard, you won’t be able to sit for days.” What the hell did he even mean by that?

I have been this man’s secretary, chef, errand boy and you name it, for the past five years. I don’t have enough fingers on my hands and feet to count the number of women I’ve seen him leaving the office with to get “lunch.” Never, and I do mean never, has he given me the impression that he’s even the slightest bit of gay. Trust me honey, I’d know. So what the fuck was that comment about?

Just as I’m about to shake the thoughts out of my mind in order to concentrate, I’m startled by his deep, sexy, rumbling voice…

“If you don’t stop biting your lower lip like that Mr. Daniels, it’ll bleed soon.”

“Oh heck! You scared me!” “What are you doing here Mr. Black?”

He just stares at me intently for a few moments. Without a word, he nods his head towards the door and walks away.

Asshole. I’m not a puppet, that’s easily led. Does he truly expect me to just follow him? I whisper to myself, but apparently not soft enough.

“If I thought you to be a puppet, I’d have simply dragged you out of here by your ear already. Come on, Mr. Daniels, let’s go. We have to check out the Magnalena Estate before our viewing next week.”

He may be an asshole, but he is a dedicated asshole when it comes Cebeci Escort to his work. And I have bills to pay. I reluctantly follow him out, all the while wondering how he knew where to find me.

As we make our way up the driveway of the Magnalena Estate, I can’t help but admire how beautiful, ridiculously large this place is. Just as I’m admiring the bright, attractive flowers, my gaze naturally lands on him. It’s almost unfair for one person to be this handsome. That strong jawline, juicy lips, mesmerising eyes, heck even his damn nose is perfect…

My appreciation of him is interrupted by the sound of the handbrakes. I know better than to open the door myself. It’s one of the things I admire about him, no matter where we are, he always opens the door for me. So gentlemanly of-

“Let’s hurry up Ms. Daniels, I have other matters to take care of.”

Yeah I bet, asshole. I bet those “matters” start with the letter “J”. Damn Squeak J. I’ve never liked her for him. She’s always overly loving and sweet when Mr. Black is around and as soon as he’s gone, it’s like she begins to show her true colours. Damn Squeak J. Snake. Conniving. Pretensive…

I feel a hand gently grab a hold of my chin as we reach the door. I smell his cologne before he closes the distance between us. As I look up into his dark eyes, I see that damn smirk.

“You always bite your bottom lip when you’re either angry or when something is weighing on your mind. Which is it Mr. Daniels?”

“Uhhhh…I don’t know…” Has he always been this observant?

He chuckles. “Oh, I see. Kolej Escort What’s gotten your knickers in a twist? Who’s made you angry, Mr. Daniels?”

“I’m not angry! I’m just trying to remember if I fed Lonzo, my dog, before I left home.” It amazes even me, how terrible of a lie that was. If it’s one thing I’ve never been good at, it’s lying.

I can hear if a pin was to drop. Why isn’t he saying anything? God, why does he smell so fucking good? Why is he so close to me? Is this really happening?”

“What did I tell you about lying to me, Mr. Daniels?” He says in a deceptively calm tone.

“Uhhhh, hey sorry guys. I should have knocked. Is everything okay here?” I release a sigh of relief as Mr. Black takes a short step away from me. Not fast enough, as I’m sure I just saw a bulge in his lower region just before he turned away to face his business partner, Mr. Lee Axel.

“Lee, give me a minute to finish talking to Mr. Daniels, I’ll be right out.”

“If you say so. See you later Zion!” I can’t help but smile at Lee, while I give him a little wave. Lee has been Mr. Black’s best friend since they were kids. He’s always been so easy going and he is almost always smiling.

“If you take a picture of him, it’ll last longer” I hear Mr. Black grumble.

Just as I turn to face him, with what I’m certain is a confused expression on my face, he takes two powerful steps towards me and slams me against the wall. He then kicks the front door shot.

“The only person who deserves that beautiful smile of yours is me, Mr. Daniels, you’d do well to remember that. Yenimahalle Escort Here’s my car key, I’m going to view another property with Lee. You’re the only person I trust to make sure everything is fine with this property. Can you handle this?”

My goodness. How does he expect me to respond when he’s so close to me?

“I can see your eyes frantically swerving from one side to the other. You look like you have so many questions for me, Mr. Daniels.” He whispers softly, as he leans closer to my ear.

I can only nod as I feel like lips gently rub over my ear. Fuck. That moan.

It’s only when he chuckles that I realise, that the moan came from me.

We’re interrupted by the sound of Lee’s car horn. “Come on man, the wifey promises me chocolate cake if I reach home before seven tonight.” He shouts from outside.

Mr. Black hasn’t moved an inch away from me. He just continues to look at me intensely.

“I’m going to allow you the opportunity to ask me one question, Mr. Daniels. Only one. I am a very secretive man, so make it count.”

Before I can try to control my mind, I hear myself asking…

“What about Squeak J? I’m not about to be your dirty, little secret. I don’t understand what’s going on here, but I am nobody’s whore.”

He takes in my serious tone for a moment then softly says “I broke up with her.” He takes one look at my expression and gives me something I haven’t seen in all of the five years I’ve been working with him. He smiles at me. A genuine, precious smile that I hope to see more of.

“I see you in work tomorrow morning, Mr. Daniels.”

It’s only when the door shuts that I’m shaken from my spot. I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. I’ve done a good job of convincing myself that I imagine the entire conversation, until I’m startled by the sound of Lee’s car driving away. I look up in time to catch Mr. Black winking at me before they bend the corner.

Oh shit. I’m fucked…

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