The Massage

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Big Tits

It was a warm Saturday night, and as usual I had a house full of teenagers. I didn’t mind, I loved their company, I don’t think I ever grew up as most of the time I felt more relaxed hanging with them than I did my “grown up” friends. My teenage son was there, and his older sister, and her fiancé John, and a couple of their mates.

We had all been for a drink, then come back to my house, where we smoked a bit grass, and everyone lay about on sofas or carpet chatting and putting the world to rights.

As was usual on these occasions, I seemed to end up having most of my conversations with one of John’s friends, a boy of 20 called Iain. Not only was he smarter than most of the other kids and could keep up with me mentally, but we had a similar sense of humor, and he always made me laugh with his wry quips. Often everyone else would end up crashing on the carpet or disappear to bed and he and I would sit talking until the sun came up. We usually flirted a little too, lighthearted stuff, but enough to make our conversations interesting with a slight sexual edge. I love flirting; I happen to think it’s one of many dying arts; I look at my daughter sometimes and think how all the subtlety seems to have disappeared from relationships. Her idea of flirting seemed to consist of saying to her fiancé, “I’m horny, shag me now.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m anything but a prude, but I do believe that there’s a sensuality that they are missing out on. The art of seduction is so much more subtle than they appreciate, or maybe I’m just older fashioned than I thought!

Anyway, this particular night was at the end of a stressful week for me, I was glad to have gotten to the weekend, and hoped a few drinks and a joint would relax some of the tension from my neck and shoulders, which had been getting more painful day by day as the week progressed. As the night wore on though, and kids fell asleep and went to bed, I realized it wasn’t working as well as I had hoped. I rubbed at my neck in a vain attempt to ease some of the muscles, and Iain saw me doing it and asked what was wrong.

“My back is killing me,” I explained to him.

“Sit on the floor and I’ll give you a massage.” He offered.

Now I knew he gave wonderful back rubs because I had seen him give them to other people. He was a black belt in Ju-jitsu and I’m not sure if his understanding of the muscle groups came from there, but he certainly seemed to know what he was doing and I had heard others praise how wonderful they were, so I eagerly agreed and slipped off the couch and sidled over a seats width so I was in front of him, facing forward, between his splayed legs.

He started kneading the muscles at the top of my shoulders, and I could immediately tell why he received so many requests, it was wonderful. His thumbs pushed deep into the painful knots in my neck and shoulders, working the tension out, immediately easing the pain.

“Oh, that’s lovely” I exclaimed as his thumbs worked their way down the vertebrae in my neck.

“It would be better if you lie on the floor,” he said, “that way I can do your whole back.”

Keen to have the pain between my shoulder blades eased the way he was my neck, I immediately found a large cushion to lie on the carpet, and went to lie on top of it.

“You’ll have to take your top off.” He told me in a matter of fact voice.

I hesitated for a moment, unsure if this was a good idea, but he hadn’t sounded at all suggestive when he said it, so, thinking that if I’d paid £50 for a professional massage I would expect to undress for it, I did as he suggested, laid my top to one side, and made myself comfortable on the floor. I caught him looking at my breasts in my sheer black bra as I undressed, but he looked away quickly, and I put it down to being a typical guy. When he asked if I had any massage oil I directed him to a massage bar I had in a drawer, and he collected it and warmed the perfumed bar between his hands.

The sweet smell of vanilla and spices came to me as his hands began to work on my back, I loved the smell of the massage bar, and regularly used it as a body oil after my bath because the perfume was so sensual without being too heavy of overpowering.

I hadn’t realized just how sore and tense my muscles were until he began massaging them, it actually hurt as he pressed into the muscles on van escort either side of my spine, especially just at the bottom of my rib cage, and I couldn’t help a small groan of pain as he pressed heavily on them with the palms of his hands.

“Just relax,” he said as he continued unabated “they’ll loosen off.” And true to his word, as he slowly worked on each muscle over and over, the tension and pain drained away. In fact I became so relaxed I actually thought I may sleep for the first time in a week, the slow languorous hands working their way up and down my spine, and the lovely warm scent of the massage oil, were beginning to make me feel slightly drugged in a very pleasant way. I dimly heard a soft moan come from somewhere before realizing it was me, as the hands worked at the small of my back. The base of my spine has always been an erogenous zone for me, and I suddenly caught myself wishing he would gently nibble there. The realization that I was turned on was something of a shock, but I reassured myself that only I knew the effect this young boys hands were having.

His voice when he spoke to me seemed to come from far away, so engrossed was I enjoying the sensation of warm skilled hands rubbing down my spine.

“Take off your jeans and I’ll do your legs too.” He said.

Now there was definitely a small voice in my head at this point telling me this wasn’t a good idea, he was 16 years younger than me, and although I wasn’t entirely sure he was coming on to me, I had more than enough experience to know that it was heading in that direction. Therefore I was a bit surprised to hear myself murmur “Mmmm, yes please.” And reach under my stomach to undo my fly.

I moved up into a kneeling position to slide my jeans down my thighs, the realized my bra was falling off! When had that been undone?

Embarrassed now and more than a little self conscious, I tried to slip off my jeans without revealing any more of myself. God, how awful, I thought, realizing with dread that the body of a 36 year old with 3 kids is definitely NOT the same as the body of a 19 year old, which I thought was the age of his last girlfriend. Cringing inwardly, and I’m sure blushing furiously ( I always thought blushing was something you grew out of, but seemingly not) I hastily rearranged myself back on the carpet, now naked except for a pair of black lace, high cut panties.

He didn’t say a word as he warmed more oil in his hands and began spreading it up my legs, all the way from my ankles to my hips. His position to one side and slightly behind me meant that he probably had an exceptional view of my ass, and I suddenly wondered how much he could see through the lace panties. Could he tell that I was wet? Could he smell me? Was he embarrassed now and wishing he hadn’t offered to do this?

Worries drifted as he slowly began kneading the muscles at the backs of my calves though, the feeling was sublime. When he reached the backs of my knees I knew I was in trouble, another erogenous zone, and his thumbs seemed to be instinctually finding just the right spot, with just the right amount of pressure. My breathing definitely got more ragged as I tried to concentrate on not moaning out loud.

As his hands slipped upwards along the backs of my thighs, he suddenly moved, now sitting straddling my legs, as he worked oil into the tops of the my thighs, my hips, and my ass where it escaped the confines of the tiny slip of black lace. His hands on my ass caused an involuntary raising of my hips to meet him, and when his hands slipped down again, thumbs caressing the inside of my thighs, I couldn’t help but groan, and my legs parted slightly of their own accord.

The invitation was clearly there, and had he been a couple of years older, he no doubt would have taken it, but instead he just worked his way up and down my body, over and over again, until I felt like I was made of warm toffee.

I felt the need to say something to distract him from my obvious state of arousal, so I made some quip about how he could do this for a living, and that I should be paying him for his services. His reply, that he knew exactly how he would like to be paid, coupled with the realization that his breath was as ragged as mine, showed me that the hunger I was feeling wasn’t one sided at all. He was as turned van escort bayan on as I was, and knowing he wanted me too, that he was touching me and lusting after me as I had been him, snapped the last of my common sense and threw it out the window.

I started to move, and he took his weight up onto his knees, raising himself above me just enough for me to be able to roll over beneath him.

His face was flushed, and his eyes darkened with lust as they roamed over my face, my body, and my breasts. Still obviously not sure enough of himself to do anything, he merely said “You are so beautiful” in a voice much huskier than normal.

Now I haven’t had a huge number of lovers in my time, and those I have had have always been much older than me, and usually very dominant when it came to lovemaking, but in this situation I was obviously the more experienced, and I could tell he was too scared to make the next move. If I had politely said thank you and gotten dressed at that point, he no doubt would have moved away with embarrassed speed, then jacked of when he got home, but that wouldn’t ease the ache I was feeling, so I needed to make a move.

Reaching up with one hand, I cupped it around his neck, pulling his face down towards me. He didn’t protest or stop me as I carefully brought his lips to mine, and when I slowly ran my tongue over his sensual top lip, I felt a shudder of desire go through him.

I let my tongue gently part his lips and push inside his mouth, his tongue was there waiting for me, gently stroking mine.

He pulled back from me slightly, looking into my eyes. I had a moment of panic thinking he was about to tell me I had made an awful mistake, but he was obviously just looking for permission to go on, and must have found it in my own lust darkened gaze, as when he lowered his head to kiss me again, all hesitation was gone. This time he controlled the kiss, starting gently, and then slowly adding more pressure as his tongue invaded my mouth, he sucked my bottom lip between his teeth before slowly running his tongue all around the inside edge of my lips. Oh god, he could kiss too!

He lay his body down next to mine, wrapping me in his strong arms as the kiss explored and deepened. One hand began to touch me again, caressing my shoulders and arm, my side and hip, but now the touch was purely sensual, and when he pulled my hip towards him, pressing my body hard against his, I could feel the state of his arousal.

Kissing seemed all he would do though, I waited for his hand to touch my breasts, to tear off my underwear, to do SOMETHING, but although his breathing was labored and he was obviously aroused, he did nothing but kiss me.

God, I thought, I had done everything but hang a neon sign saying YES above my head, why wasn’t anything happening?

Sod it, I thought, throwing all the rules about being ladylike out the window. I was too turned on to stop now, and if he wouldn’t do something, I was, and I’d worry about the consequences in the morning!

Rolling him over onto his back, I began to nibble my way down his neck, across his collarbone, and down to his chest, undoing shirt buttons as I went. His breathing told me I was doing ok, and when I lightly bit his nipple between my teeth, he let out a groan of such pure pleasure and need that I suddenly felt like a sex goddess!

Wow, I thought, all my life I had been seduced by men, letting them take control, I never realized what a rush it was to be the teacher for a change!

I moved across to his other nipple, repeating the process, sucking his nipple into my mouth, feeling it go hard against my tongue. I began to work my way down his torso, his body was wonderful, smooth skin over tight muscles, and I wanted to taste every inch of him. His breathing got faster the closer I got to his jeans, and I couldn’t help but wonder, had he had a blowjob before? From someone who knew what they were doing and genuinely loved it, rather than some young girl forcing herself to give it a try?

I realized then why older women are better in bed, it’s because we have no inhibitions, we’ve done it all before, and know how to do it right! So, ok, if I was going to do this, I was going to blow his mind! After that massage, he deserved it!

I knelt up as I reached his jeans, and reached escort van forward and undid his belt buckle. He looked uncomfortable now, I could tell part of him wanted me to stop, but it wasn’t a big enough part to actually make him stop me. He’s shy! I thought, when was the last time I had met a man shy of undressing for me? Actually, I wasn’t sure I ever had!

I leant back down to his mouth, and kissed him again, reassuring him as I undid his jeans.

His hands came up to tangle in my hair, his kiss was scorching now, he was so hot!

As I slid down his zip, I retraced my route down his body, sometimes kissing, sometimes licking, and sometimes biting his beautiful skin. When I got to his jeans, he raised his hips this time, all hesitation gone, overtaken by desire. I moved back slightly so I could slide his jeans and boxers down his long muscular legs. Oh God, he was beautiful!

The size of him took me by surprise, how could he have been shy with a cock like that hiding in his jeans? He was huge, and very very hard!

My hand reached out of its own accord and touched him, gently sliding my fingers over his length, his skin was so smooth, so young, I had never seen such a beautiful cock.

I bent towards him, slowly running my tongue from the base to the tip of his shaft, his answering groan sounded excited and shocked at once, and I knew right then that he had very little experience in this area! I slowly licked and nibbled all the way down again, this time moving on to his balls, sucking them one at a time into my mouth, caressing them with my hot wet tongue. His breathing got faster and faster, and his hand came up to grab my shoulder…..oh yes, he liked this! I continued to lick and suck his balls as my hand caressed up the inside of his thigh, gently scratching over the tender skin, then caressing the delicate area behind his balls, I thought about sliding a finger inside to caress his g spot, but didn’t want to scare him, so left that for another time, instead moving my mouth back up the length of him to slowly lick my way around the very tip of him, before slowly sucking him into my mouth, a half inch at a time, my tongue circling and caressing every new inch that entered.

I pursed my lips around the shaft, forming a tight circle around him before slowly sliding him in and out of my hungry mouth, all the time sliding my tongue up and down, around the head, sometimes firm and pointed, sometimes wet and wide as if licking a lollipop. My hand came up to caress his balls as I sucked, each time taking him further inside me, until he was at the back of my throat, and I had to shift my position slightly to get the angle right for him to move further. Concentrating now, breathing on the outstroke, as all air was shut off when he slid inside my throat, he was so big, and tasted so wonderful, I couldn’t help but groan with desire. Just knowing I was doing this, turning on this gorgeous boy, turned me on more than I ever imagined. When I sensed his urgency building, I pulled back slightly, letting my tongue concentrate on the most sensitive area at the head of his cock, while my hand moved up to meet my mouth forming a tight O round his shaft, moving back and forward together, faster and faster, tongue moving in crazy circles inside my mouth, until I felt him grow even harder, just before his hot come erupted into my mouth and down my throat. The groan he made came from the depths of his soul, and his whole body arched as he came endlessly into my greedy mouth, still sucking, wanting more of him.

“FUUUUCCCK!!” he cried as his eruption ended, and his tense body went suddenly limp beneath me.

I let him slip from my mouth, eliciting another groan as my lips caressed the now ultra sensitive head. I could have laughed I felt so smug, he looked dazed, light headed, and the look he turned to me was so filled with wonder and amazement, that I couldn’t resist a cheeky grin as I asked “Was that nice?”

“The universe just exploded out my dick” he gasped, then, pulling me down to kiss him with a very shaky arm, said “That was the most incredible experience of my life, thank you!” before kissing me hard on the lips. I lay down in the curve of his arm, happy and contented to have given him such joy, even though I was frustrated that I had been sidetracked from what I had wanted, which was that beautiful cock inside me!

I hadn’t taken into account the amazing energy of youth though; within minutes he rolled over to begin nuzzling my neck, braver now, his hand coming up to cup my breast as his thumb stroked lazily across my nipple.

“Now” he said “However can I return the favor?”

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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