The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 08

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 8

Wanda’s Tales — Part 1

Once it was all said and done, Wanda Vaughn realized that the only reason that her son had called that fateful day was to have her. In hind-sight, it had not bothered her at all. In fact, it had opened up a new and exciting world for the both of them. It did bother her in that she had hoped that Luke had called her, asking she stop by his apartment, and that they could have had a normal mother-son relationship. Theirs had been a strained one for many years, and they seldom talked since he had entered high school, even when he still lived at home. After he had moved out, she saw him even less. Her husband and son got along well, though even they talked little over the past years. But since Luke had moved out, and her husband worked long hours to provide a decent home and life for them, Wanda felt alone much of the time, and forgotten. When Luke had called her up out of the blue that morning, she had jumped at the opportunity to visit him.

What had happened next, in the confines of her son’s apartment, she realized was out of her control from the beginning. Maybe Wanda should have turned and walked out the moment she realized that this was not your typical mother/son visit. Luke’s apartment was in a standard block building, near the mall. It was a small three-room place, with a kitchenette attached to the living area, a bathroom, and separate bedroom towards the back. His living room furnishings were hap-hazard, consisting of a futon sofa and a used recliner facing a cheap television stand where the family’s old television sat. A low coffee table separated the two, covered in empty soda and beer cans, as well as an empty pizza box from the night before. Two smaller tables flanked the futon, covered in similar debris as well as an over-flowing ash tray. Wanda could still make out the sweat scent of the illegal herb her son enjoyed.

“Thanks for coming over, Mom,” Luke said as she looked around her son’s place.

“I was kind of surprised by the invitation,” she admitted. “It’s the first time I’ve been here since you moved in.”

“I guess I could have picked up a little,” he said as he picked up the empty cans and laid them inside the open pizza box. “Sorry. I had a couple guys over last night. We watched a couple of movies,” he added as he stepped around the short counter that separated the living area from the kitchenette, which also served as a table. It was likewise covered with various bits of debris and dishes.

“It’s alright. What should a mother expect from her son, living on his own.” Wanda stood in the middle of the living area, wondering if she should take a seat and realizing that she’d end up having to move clothing, either dirty or clean, where ever she chose. “Maybe I should take some of this laundry home with me. Get you caught up.”

“Oh, okay, I guess,” Luke replied. “Would you like something to drink? I’ve got Cokes and Sprites.”

“A Sprite would be nice,” she accepted, and chose to take a seat on the edge of the futon to wait for her son. He returned from the tiny kitchen with a pair of glasses in hand. She took the offered one and drank deeply. It was strange, but pleasant flavored. She took another sip, waiting for Luke to begin.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Luke began with an apology.

“About what, Luke?” she asked.

Luke settled beside his mom on the edge of the futon. “Well, I know I’ve pretty much been a dick to you for a while. I’ve not been the greatest kid you could have had. I’ve been selfish and took you, and dad, for granted most of my life. For that, and a whole lot of other things, I’m sorry.”

Wanda reached out and rubbed her son’s shoulder as she replied. “There’s nothing for you to be sorry about, Luke. You’ve been nothing but a wonderful son. I love you and always will, even though I don’t often get the chance to. I only wish you’d take the time to visit. I’d like to see you more than once every two or three weeks.”

Luke faced his mother then and offered, “Maybe there’s something we could do about that, Mom. I’d like to spend more time with you.” Luke took her by the shoulders and hugged her, and as Wanda mewed in her son’s arms, he took her head in his hands and kissed her. Full on the lips and with a growing passion. Wanda was startled, but her belly warmed and she accepted the sudden outpouring of love her son was showing her. She accepted that he might not understand how best to show a forgotten love to his mother. Yet she wondered why his tongue was suddenly slipping between her lips, and why she was so accepting of it into her mouth.

Their kiss broke off after a hesitating moment, and Wanda found herself feeling strange. Her head felt light, and her ears rang a little. She was still looking into her son’s eyes. It was only a moment later she felt the front of her sleeveless top being pulled on. As confusing as that was, Luke had a look in his face she’d not seen in ages, and that had been on his father’s face so long ago. It was a look that made her bursa escort belly warm and her nipples tingled in her bra. She knew that they would be perked up and poking obscenely outward, so prominent. As Luke, her son, leaned forward and kissed her again, she wondered why she felt so suddenly as she did. Why was she feeling her nipples tingle and her vagina dampen? Why was she feeling so damned horny suddenly?

Later, she was to discover that her son had slipped her a “roofie”, the notorious date-rape drug so popular in the collegiate world these days. Even as the effects were washing through her, Wanda wondered why it was happening to her. Why was her son pulling her blouse up and off? Now she sat next to her son, shirtless. Her white bra remained, but she felt naked.

Luke pulled her forward and reached behind her, and as he unfastened her bra, she kissed his shoulder and upper chest. She couldn’t help herself. She was just so horny. As the material loosened and fell away, her mature breasts spilled out between their naked torsos, and Wanda let out a relaxing sigh of relief.

Luke stood up then and took her hands in his. He was grinning down at her, and she felt as if she were smiling up at him. “Unfasten my jeans, Mom,” he said in a warm, yet sinister voice. As if in a trance, Wanda watched as her fingers began to unfasten her son’s jeans. She knew that what she was doing was so very wrong, and yet she felt that she must continue or risk losing him again. She considered Luke’s eyes, still seeing lust in them, and knew she had the same look in hers. She tugged his jeans, as well as his black briefs, downward. His young man’s cock, a full seven inches long, sprang out and up at her. It was nowhere near hard or stiff, however, and hung limply from his light brown pubic bush. She noticed that he had a heavy set of balls as well, much larger than she remembered her husband having. She tore her gaze away from her son’s package and looked up into his face once again.

Luke pulled her up by her hands and with her now standing, he dropped to his knees. Luke was tall, an inch over six feet, and even kneeling his face was aligned with her heavily hanging breasts. Her nipples were hard and so very near him as he began to unfasten the skirt at her waist. It fell away and she stepped out of it. Next, he began to roll her stockings down and off her feet, kissing the insides of her matronly thighs as he lifted each foot in turn. She was quite suddenly standing before her kneeling, naked son in only a pair of white lace panties. A shiver of fear and excitement washed through Wanda’s body as she began to understand what was taking place. And yet she had no desire to stop him.

Luke’s hands stroked upward along the outside of her thighs to her hips. He looked up at her, grinning, and then leaned forward to capture her right nipple between his lips.

“Oooohhhaaaahhhh!” She groaned loudly and placed her hands upon his head, but she didn’t force her son away. Instead, she pulled his face tighter to her breast as her son suckled upon her. Her pussy lit up in that moment and she could feel her juices suddenly boiling and flowing. Her mind reeled and her vision spun. She felt as if she were about to fall into the abyss as the pleasures of her son’s mouth on her nipple washed through her.

Before she knew it, Wanda was lying on her back across the futon, her feet still on the floor but pushed wide apart. Her panties were gone, tossed aside, and her pussy was on full display for her son. Luke still had a devious grin on his face, even as she watched him slowly lower himself between her parted knees. She felt his breath on her sex, and screamed for all to hear the moment his lips touched hers.

“Oooohhh, Luke! Luke, honey!” she groaned as she accepted being devoured by her son. Wanda moaned loudly as her son’s tongue sent waves of pleasure up through her belly, and she realized that she was on the verge of an orgasm, brought on by her son.

Wanda cried out a moment later and Luke slurped noisily at his mother’s gushing pussy. He ate her climaxing cunt with a gusto she had never before experienced, and her orgasm rolled seemingly forever. Wanda’s mind spun and her entire body tingled as she was orally devoured by her loving son. She had no concept of time as she was thoroughly licked, and it could have been anywhere from minutes to hours that her son’s tongue flicked and thrust in and around her pussy. Her mind spun through it all, and when she felt a sudden coolness between her thighs she moaned with disappointment. Her son’s mouth was suddenly on hers and they kissed passionately. She tasted herself on her son’s lips and tongue and thrilled at the flavors.

As they continued to kiss, she was rolled to her side, and suddenly she was atop her naked son, their mouths still locked together and her knees straddling his hips. She felt the hardness of his cock pressed into her pubic mound, just above her leaking, dripping, empty snatch. His hands were on her hips and ass, and below her his hips escort bursa rose. His cock poked against her. She sighed, recognizing his needs as well as her own.

“Oh, god, no!” Wanda whispered even as she rolled her hips forward and began dragging the lips of her wet pussy along the underside of her son’s shaft. When the spongy knob popped up along them, she shuddered excitedly, like a school girl. She hesitated, feeling him press against her once, twice, and then she relaxed at the point that her son’s knob pressed against her winking, willing opening. He popped inside her and she cried out.

“Oh, Luke! Luke!” Tears suddenly fell from her eyes as her son’s cock slipped up into her. She settled down his length, and a moment later she had her son fully within her. She trembled in his lap. He sat up to meet her and again they kissed. As she sat upon his cock, unmoving, he lifted her left tit to his mouth and began to suck at her hard nipple. She stroked his head and then rolled her hips. He moaned, and she echoed him, as his cock stirred within her juices.

They didn’t fuck. Not right then. They only sat there on the futon, his cock wedged high into her body. They kissed, he sucked, and together they moaned. It wasn’t until Luke had eased his mother up and off him, and then had bent her across the end of the futon to take her from behind, did Luke begin to truly fuck his mother. By that time, Wanda was more than willing to do anything her son wanted. Her belly was boiling, her pussy was vibrating, and her need was more than she’d ever known. She whispered for her son to fuck her even as he re-entered her body. Whether he heard her or not, Luke began to fuck his mother.

Luke had her bent across the futon, fucking her with long, steady strokes, for what seemed to her over an hour. Her knees trembled and her arms grew weak, yet she didn’t want the act to end. Never the less, she sighed gratefully when Luke pulled out and rolled her onto the futon on her back. He lifted her legs high and plunged back into her with his full length. He began to fuck his mother with deep, pounding thrusts, the kind Wanda had long-forgotten that she enjoyed the most.

“Yes, that’s it, Luke. That’s it. Just like that. Fuck me good with that wonderful cock of yours. Fuck me good!” She drove Luke on with her words of encouragement. She even got nasty with him. “Fuck me, you mother-fucking bastard! Fuck my old cunt!”

“That’s it! That’s what I want to hear,” Luke growled. “I knew you needed this. I knew my mom wanted a good, hard fucking!”

“Oh, sweat Jesus, I love you Luke,” she moaned as she dragged her finger nails along his muscular back. “I need you, Luke. I love you, Son. Oh, god, how I love your cock inside my body!” In the next half hour, with her son pounding her for all he was worth, Wanda climaxed over and over, and knew that the cushion beneath her bouncing ass would be soaked with her juices.

Again, she was rolled up onto her hands and knees, and turned slightly so that Luke could drill her with long, deep thrusts. His pace had slowed again, and she praised his skills. She wondered where Luke had learned such awesome, cunt-pleasing skills, knowing that it couldn’t have been his father. He was little more than a stick-it and dump-it kind of lover for the last twenty years. Her son, however, was fantastic. She only regretted that this should be a one and only time thing. She could use a good fucking like Luke was giving her more often.

It wasn’t much longer that Luke’s thrusts began to get harder, quicker, and more erratic. Wanda willed her pussy muscles to tighten around her son’s pistoning cock, and suddenly he was groaning louder and louder. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as his cock pounded her, and suddenly he growled and held his cock deep inside her.

“I’m cumming, Mom!” Luke growled.

“Oh, please, no! Not inside me, Luke! Oh, no no no!” Wanda pleaded, but it was much too late. Her son’s seed began to warm her belly and she shivered as her body erupted as well. She climaxed with her son, and as his cum filled her, her cream flowed as well.

“Oh, what have I done? What have I done?” Wanda moaned as her orgasm washed through her. Her fingers dug deeply into her son’s futon mattress. Her body trembled from both the excitement as well as the dread that flowed through her. She’d never considered cheating on her husband, and now she had not only broken her vows of marriage, but she’d done it with her own son. What startled her most, however, was the fact that she had enjoyed it so much.

Luke pulled free of her a few minutes later and began to kiss her back. She fell forward and rolled until she could find his mouth with hers. Passionately, mother and son kissed as young lovers. They spoke very little, until Luke got up and headed for the bathroom. Wanda watched her son’s long cock swing as he went, and ached to have it inside her once again.

When Luke returned, he said, “I’ve got to get ready for work, Mom,” talking with her as if they had done bursa escort bayan nothing more than share a story. Luke had pulled on boxers and as he moved about the living area he pulled on his jeans and a fresh work shirt bearing the logo of the shoe store where he worked. Wanda remained naked, and spent, across the length of the futon. Her pussy ached, and leaked between her thighs.

“I’d like to stop by tomorrow, if you’ll be home,” Wanda surprised herself by telling her son, with a hint of pleading in her voice.

Luke looked at his mother then and smiled. “I’d like that, Mom. I’d like to spend more afternoons like this with you.” He then leaned across her naked body and kissed her. “Feel free to take a shower, before heading home. Dad might smell it on you.” Again he kissed her, but it was brief, and Luke headed for the door. Even with his sexually used mother lying naked on his futon just feet away, Luke went through into the hallway beyond, pulling the door closed behind him finally.

Wanda left Luke’s apartment an hour later. As it turned out, Wanda was back at her son’s apartment the next afternoon.

Wanda came straight from work that Monday to her son’s apartment, where she caught him just as he was arriving home from work. He had been to the grocery store and Wanda helped him with the few bags he had.

The kitchenette was narrow and cramped, and they had bumped into one another repeatedly as they shuffled about, putting things away. Wanda wanted so much to bring up the subject of their love-making, but was at a loss as to how to bring it up. Luke didn’t seem to want to talk, either, and so it was that as the last of the groceries got put away, Wanda decided that actions might be better than words.

With Luke’s back to her, she secretly popped the top few buttons of her blouse, leaving just the bottom one fastened. Her blouse, a white long-sleeve one with black swirls and dots decorating it, fell open wide and showed off her ample cleavage well. Her bra was red, and contrasted with her pale flesh. She also wore a black skirt with white poca-dots that hugged her wide hips. Wanda felt sexy as hell in the outfit, and knew from the looks and leers of the men at work that she looked the part.

“Luke, we have to talk about what happened yesterday,” Wanda said and when Luke turned to face her, his eyes went straight down to her cleavage. She held back a giggle at the sight of her son’s jaw nearly falling open.

Luke asked her, “What’s going on, Mom?”

She grinned and replied, “I was just thinking that we might continue what we started yesterday.” She moved close to him a she said this, and took his hand in hers, bringing it up to cup her right breast. She turned slightly and he stepped around behind her, bringing his free hand up to cup his mother’s other breast. With both hands now full of his mother’s tit-flesh, he lowered his mouth to her neck and kissed. Wanda sighed and reached up and back to stroke her son’s head as he nuzzled her neck.

“I like that, Luke,” she sighed, melting slightly back into him.

“I’m sorry about what happened, yesterday,” Luke whispered into her ear before licking it lightly with the tip of his tongue. “I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you, like that.” Luke’s hands lifted and squeezed her tits with an increasing tempo. Her blouse rode up to expose her belly.

Wanda turned to face her son, with his hands sliding across her torso to recapture her tits. “I should ask you why you did what you did, but maybe I don’t care,” she told her son. “I hate you for doing it, for raping me, because that is what you did, you know. You raped me, your own mother.” She then pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him, deeply. When their lips parted, she continued. “I think I would have given myself to you willingly, Luke. I believe that.”

Luke shook his head. “No, you wouldn’t have. I had to do it that way, to show you what you needed, and what you wanted, and what you want again, right now.”

Luke lifted each of his mother’s breasts higher, and lowered his mouth to give each a kiss upon the exposed upper arches of flesh. He then tugged his mother’s blouse and bra aside to fully expose her left breast and nipple. He wrapped both hands around her left tit and lift the nipple to his mouth. His lips wrapped around the thick pink nub and sucked it in. Wanda sighed loudly as he began to gently chew upon her tit. Luke then let that nipple fall away only to lift her right breast up and out, to give its nipple a similar treatment. Wanda knew her son was getting as hot for her as she was for him. He massaged her breasts roughly, showing an eagerness she had hoped for.

As Luke worked her tits over she reached down and began to tug open his belt and jeans. Once that step had been completed, Wanda took hold of the waistband of his tighty-whitey underwear and pulled. His cock head popped into view and she reached in to wrap her fingers around the lengthening shaft.

“Oh, fuck, Mom!” Luke grunted as his mother pulled his cock free. “I can’t believe this is happening.” He assisted by pushing his jeans and underwear down. She was stroking his cock to full readiness when Luke added, “I thought you’d be so mad at me, about yesterday. I didn’t think you’d ever want to talk to me again.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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