The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 30

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 30

Wanda’s Tales — Part 3

Wanda had errands to run that Saturday morning, or so she told her husband. She’d gotten up earlier than she usually did for a weekend, showered, and dressed in a denim skirt and powder-blue short-sleeved shirt; she was headed out by seven thirty. Wanda did have errands to run, but not so many that she needed to leave that early in the morning. Instead, she wanted to stop by her son’s apartment before he got up and headed for work.

Luke had recently hired on at the casino as a bartender and as a new employee he worked the early day shift. The casino bar opened at nine a.m. and for a bartender, that was the worst shift, as patrons tended to drink light and tip even less during the day. But he had finally gotten his foot in the door after two years of trying. He’d gotten fed up with the way he was being treated at the Rat’s Cellar in the mall, and never missed an opportunity to tell her about it. Wanda hoped this new job would get him back into a more pleasant, and pleasurable mood.

At Luke’s, Wanda slipped into his second-floor apartment with the key he’d recently given her. The small three-room place was quiet, and reasonably well kept up for once. Only his jacket and shoes lay haphazardly in the living room. She picked the jacket up from the floor and tossed it onto the futon sofa, which already held so many memories for her. Wanda went on through to the small kitchen area and removed two bottles of orange juice from the refrigerator. She opened one and took a short sip before heading on back towards her son’s bedroom.

Wanda found her son still sleeping, gently snoring on his full-sized bed, wedged into the corner of the small bedroom. The only other furniture in the room was a chest of drawers and a small night stand, where she sat the bottles. Wanda had a magazine in her big carry-all and pulled it out before setting the bag on the floor beside the bed. She kicked off her slip-on shoes and then gently eased into the bed beside her sleeping son and propped herself up against the head board.

Wanda glanced through the magazine, but her mind was already elsewhere. She had intended to allow her son to awaken naturally and be there when he did. But Wanda felt her need growing from the moment she settled into the bed beside him. She had been absently stroking his unruly head of dark hair as she held the magazine. Wanda set the magazine aside and rolled towards her son. “Are you planning on sleeping all morning, Luke?” she asked gently. She stroked her hand down across his shoulder, naked beneath the covers, and down his upper back. She eased the covers lower until she discovered that her son had went to bed in the nude, as if awaiting her, she imagined.

Once she had shoved the covers so low as to have her son nearly uncovered and naked beside her, Wanda leaned over and began to lick her son’s earlobe. He had left his stainless-steel stud in and she flicked at it with her tongue. This made Luke twitch and giggle, finally rolling away from her to escape her tongue. This only served to bring his cock, stiff with the “morning wood” of youth, into his mother’s view. Wanda remained bent across her son’s upper torso and continued to lightly kiss his naked flesh. Her lips bounced across his shoulders and chest, leaving a trail of kisses. Luke settled back to enjoy the way his mother continued to awaken him.

“That feels nice,” he sighed, his eyes still closed. He lay his near hand to her shoulder and lightly caressed.

Wanda touched her lips across her son’s small nipples. She licked each lightly, and then continued lower. His belly was firm, and rose and fell as he breathed. She tickled his navel with her tongue, making him giggle. Luke began to stroke her back as she ran her own hands up and down his flank, hip, and upper thigh. His cock wavered just inches away, yet she pulled up. She had breathed in the scent of recent sex, an unfamiliar scent to her. She also realized that she could smell the faint aroma of perfume in the room as well. Luke had not been alone last night, Wanda concluded. She looked at her son’s features then, and saw a slight grin on his mouth. She’d want to ask him about it, but now wasn’t the time.

Wanda sat up and with her eyes upon her son’s naked form, she began removing her blouse. Next, she unzipped and slipped out of the denim skirt, while Luke wrapped his fist around his hard cock and began stroking. He opened his eyes and watched with a smile on his face as his mother stripped for him. Beneath her outfit, Wanda wore black underwear and knee-length stockings. Luke always told her how awesome she looked with black underwear on, as it contrasted well with her pale, milky flesh.

“Damn! You’re one sexy women, Mom!” Luke told her, much to her delight. Wanda always enjoyed it when Luke gave her such compliments, whether they were truthful or not. Frank rarely said anything of the like to her anymore.

As escort hikayeleri her son stroked his cock, she reached back and released her bra to let her heavy, slightly sagging breasts fall free. She then lay back, raised her hips, and shoved her panties down and off. Now naked save for her black stockings, Wanda rolled back to her son and resumed kissing his torso.

“Keep going,” Luke huffed after a few moments. He gave his mother a light nudge with his free hand while aiming his cock head towards her face. Wanda grinned and wrapped her hand around her son’s. She let his fingers slip away as she lowered her mouth. Luke’s cock slipped between her lips and Wanda began to lick around his pink head and crown. There it was, the hint of another woman’s pussy at the edge of his crown around the shaft. She lapped it up, wondering who it had been, and finding that she enjoyed the taste. Luke moaned, rolled his hips upward to feed another inch into her warm mouth, and settled back to enjoy.

Luke stroked his mother’s naked back as she began to bob her head up and down his dick. Her hands gently cupped and fondled his balls as her tongue coated his shaft with saliva. She would let his cock fall free at times to lather up his scrotum, before gulping him back into her mouth. Wanda had grown to love sucking on her son’s wonderful cock in the several weeks since they’d first made love together, and she would give him this very pleasure whenever, and where ever he wanted. She had told him often enough.

“That feels so good, mom,” Luke whispered. “I love the way you work my dick.”

“I love your big, strong dick, too, Luke,” she replied between slurps. She licked across his belly, stroking his cock in her hand. She returned to blowing her son. For the past few months she had learned what to do to pleasure her son, and just recently, under his guidance and insistence, Wanda had learned to take his knob into her throat. She would often gag, but she didn’t resist him anymore. Wanda rose onto her knees and got a better angle on his cock, before opening her throat and plunging downward. His knob popped past the curve at the back of her mouth and into her throat. She fought back a gag as his hairy balls pressed into her cheek. Luke lifted his hips slightly, as if trying to feed yet another inch into his mother’s throat, but Wanda couldn’t hold back. Her body convulsed and she spit his cock out, trailing a thick sting of her saliva.

“Oh, fuck!” Luke gasped in that moment. “God, that feels so good, mom,” he added with a puff of breath.

Using her hand to smear her spit around her son’s cock, Wanda grinned and said, “One of these days I’ll be good enough to really take you.” She kissed his belly and added, “I’m sorry I still can’t.”

“Don’t be, mom,” Luke replied. “You’re doing great. You got a late start, after all,” he said. His mother had told him how she had seldom sucked his father’s cock for so many years, and only recently she had returned to pleasuring his father in that way. More to practice for Luke’s cock, she laughed. With Frank’s age, and high blood pressure, he needed the extra stimulation any more to get hard. For so many years her sex life had been so vanilla, compared with what her very own son had opened her eyes to. Wanda returned to sucking upon her son’s big cock, until he eased her away from his cock and pulled her up.

“Get aboard, slut!” Luke growled, teasingly. He pulled his mother’s face to his and kissed her saliva-dripping lips while she moved to straddle him. With lips still locked together, Wanda lowered her pussy into contact with her son’s cock and with little effort accepted him inside.

“Oooohhh,” she moaned into his mouth as her vagina opened and was filled with rock-hard man-meat. “Oooohhh, so goooood!” she purred as she began to fuck herself upon her son’s big cock. Beneath them the mattress bounced and rebounded under Wanda’s insistent need. Luke cupped his mother’s bouncing breasts and squeezed them in time with her lunges. “So good,” Wanda huffed. “Oh, you feel so good inside me, Luke,” she added.

“And you feel so good wrapped around my dick, Wanda,” replied Luke. “I love your hot pussy.”

Wanda smiled down into his face and said, “I love your hard cock. You fuck me so good, Luke. You fuck me so good.” She kissed his lips and forehead, and then she closed her eyes and rolled her head back as he began to thrust upward into her. She held her hips still above him, giving him a steady, wet target to jab. Her belly tingled and her pussy trembled, as she was driven towards her orgasm.

Luke, however, didn’t recognize his mother’s growing pleasures. Instead, he stopped his thrusting and pulled her down fully onto him. “Spin around,” he insisted after kissing her. Wanda took a deep breath, a wave of disappointment washing through her even as her impending climax washed away. With her son’s cock rammed fully inside her vagina, she gaziantep escort hikayeleri began to twist and swing around. It was an act she had learned Luke enjoyed, having her spin around upon his erect post. It gave her strange, wonderful sensations as his round knob stroked across areas within her not normally touched, and she wondered if Luke felt similar, exciting sensations along his entire cock.

After a few seductive minutes of twisting and teasing, Wanda settled upon her son’s lap, now facing away from him. His fingers dug into her ass flesh and he told her, “Start riding, mom. Start riding my hard pony. Ride ’em, Cowgirl!” He punctuated this last with a harsh smack across her ass. Wanda yelped, and then began to ride up and down his cock.

Wanda leaned back across Luke’s torso, propped on her hands, placed to either side of his shoulders, and her feet, planted beside his knees. She humped her hips upward and down, fucking her son’s cock with her pussy. Every so often, he’d slap her ass hard enough to leave a red mark. She would yelp, but never tell him to stop. At that angle, the mirror that hung on the back of the closet door gave her a full-on view as her pussy slurped and gulped Luke’s hairy, rock-hard shaft. His heavy balls swung between his parted thighs, and his dark little anus winked at her from below. Higher up, her heavy tits rolled and bounced upon her chest. The dark nipples were hard and pointed, in need of attention. And she saw a look of ultimate pleasure on the face in the mirror.

Wanda rolled her head back and enjoyed the fucking her son was giving her, even in this awkward position. At this angle, he was only running two or three inches through the opening of her pussy. Still, the sensations were as exciting as she had ever had, and it wasn’t long before she felt a climax once again building inside her belly.

Just as before, it seemed the Luke didn’t want her to achieve orgasm. Even as Wanda began to feel her juices flowing, Luke pulled her to the side. Wanda fell to the bed on her side and Luke scooted up tight behind her. “Lift your leg,” he insisted, and once she had, he slipped his cock back inside her aching pussy from behind.

“Oh, Luke,” Wanda purred as he resumed drilling her, this time as they lay side-by-side. He reached around with one hand and began to attack her tits. She moaned with pleasure as her hard nipples finally got the attention they needed. “I need to cum, Baby! Fuck me until I cum!”

Wanda reached between her raised thigh and her son’s to cup his swinging balls while he continued to fuck her. They were silent save for puffing and panting, with an occasional sigh of pleasure or whispered, “Oh, yes, yes,” from Wanda’s lips. Again, it wasn’t long before Luke’s pistoning cock began to drive her onward and upward. And yet again, in the moment her juices began to boil and she was within reach of climaxing, Luke slipped out of her over-heated cunt.

“Oh, why, why Luke?” she moaned. “Stop teasing me and let me cum!” she insisted.

“Not yet!” Luke laughed, now realizing just how needy his mother was that morning. “I’m not through with you.” Luke rose to his knees and rolled his chubby mother onto her belly. “Lift that fat ass up, Wanda,” he demanded, using her name as he often did when becoming her dominant. “Get up on those hands and knees and beg for my dick!”

“Oh, yes! I need your fat dick, Luke. I need you to fuck me to orgasm! I need to cum on your big, fat dick, son! I need to cum so bad!” Wanda went quickly to her hands and knees atop the bed as she begged, presenting her upraised backside to her son. “Stick your big cock back inside me, Luke. Stick your cock back inside your mother’s hot, wet, horny pussy!”

“That’s what I want to hear from you, Wanda,” Luke told her as he settled to his knees behind her. “That’s the hot slut MILF-mother I want in my bed. Now fuck yourself back onto this hard dick!” He pressed his knob into her wet slit and pulled her hips back. Wanda lunged backward, slamming her ass hard against her son’s lower torso and taking his full length deep inside.

“Ohhh, yeessss!” Wanda gasped as her belly filled with hard cock once again. “Fuck me, Luke! Please, fuck me!” All the while, Wanda was rocking herself back and forth, fucking herself on her son’s rigid member. “Oh yes, fuck meeeee!”

Below her, Wanda’s heavy tits swung and smacked together as well as against her belly swell. She knew that she needed to work out more, to give her son a better-looking piece of flesh to enjoy. And yet she knew that Luke would fuck her, whatever shape she took. His fingers dug into her fat ass as his cock drilled her long and deep. Her juices sloshed and dripped as he fucked her from behind. Her head began to spin as once again her orgasm began to grow inside her.

Luke enjoyed fucking his mother “doggy-style” and never failed to prolong their love-making when he got escort gaziantep hikayeleri her up onto her hands and knees. He didn’t understand it, but for some reason at this angle the sensitive areas of his cock didn’t seem to come into contact with any of her vaginal walls. It was almost as if his dick went numb as he fucked her from behind. And that was fine with Luke. It gave him much more control over his mother and that was something that gave him the most pleasure.

Wanda finally began to climax, announcing as much with a long, drawn out, “Yeessss!” Luke’s cock pistoned hard and fast as her vagina erupted. Her middle-aged, 47-year-old body began to spasm as if she were going into a fit, which she often thought she was. She could barely hold herself up as her belly muscles spasmed. Her back arched up and down, making her son’s cock strike her from several different angles as her vaginal walls pulsed and rippled along his shaft. Her cream gushed and dripped down the inside of her thighs, forced out of her as her son’s cock continued to pound her. Her gasps became a long wail, and afterward she often wondered what the neighbors in the building might be thinking. They had to know that she was Luke’s mother paying a visit after all.

As Wanda’s orgasm began to ebb, Luke continued to drill her. She remained still, her ass raised high and her chest pressed into the mattress below now. He had a firm grip on her hips as he fucked his mother for a long ten minutes in this position. Her juices dripped to the sheet between their knees, leaving a big, wet circle. Both were panting heavily, and Luke was dripping with sweet from the work-out he was giving his mother that morning. It wasn’t long before Wanda began to huff and grunt again, and again she began to wail as her son’s cock drove her upward through a second orgasm.

“Oooohhh, sooooo good, Luke,” she huffed. “Soooo, fucking good.”

Luke finally eased out of his mother’s dripping, quivering snatch. Wanda collapsed and rolled onto her back to look up at her son. She saw in his eyes a deep, rabid hunger. She saw his dripping cock aimed her way, still in need of its own release. “Oh, God, fuck me, son!” she gasped while stretching her legs out wide to either side of him, opening her messy cunt for him.

Luke crawled atop his mother and levered his hips downward. His cock plunged with ease into her gaping hole and he began to pound his hips hard and fast into his mother’s crotch. “Yes, yes, yes,” Wanda grunted with each thrust of her son’s cock down into her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and held him tight to her. Her ass was pressed into the mess her juices had left upon the sheet. She cupped her tits in her hands and squeezed the nipples hard, sending ripples of pleasure from them to her clit. Her cunt slurped and slobbered all over Luke’s big dick as it plunged inward and pulled out rhythmically and passionately.

Luke seemed to be insatiable, and fucked Wanda for another long ten minutes in this position. It was long enough to once again drive his mother through a wailing, grunting orgasm, her third that morning and a new record for them. She had been driven to orgasm upon her son’s cock three times in half an hour, and she wanted the ride to never stop.

“Oh, please, please, please,” she panted. “Never stop fucking me, Luke. Never stop fucking your bitch mother!”

“I won’t, Mom,” he assured her. “I’m never going to stop fucking this hot piece of ass!” And then he began to lose control. His balls began to tighten and his jabs into her began to grow ever more erratic. “Oh, fuck, mom! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming inside yoooouuuu! Aaaahhh!” Luke’s wails replaced his mother’s, echoing in the small bedroom, as his cock erupted deep inside his mother’s womb and began to fill her with his hot seed.

“Yes, Luke. Yes,” Wanda gasped as his semen warmed her belly even more than his hot cock had. She could feel him pulsing inside her. “I feel you cumming,” she told him. “I feel you cumming inside me. It feels so wonderful,” she added.

Luke collapsed onto the bed beside his mother after the last of his load had been deposited. His dick lay wet with her juices, dripping a final white dollop of semen across his upper thigh. Both mother and son panted for breath long after their coupling had ended.

Wanda was the first to recover, and rolled to her son to kiss him deeply. When their lips parted, she said, “I love you, Luke. I don’t want this to ever end. Not now. We’ve done so much together, we’ve grown so close. I don’t want this to ever, ever end.” She then kissed him once again, deeper.

When Wanda pulled her mouth from her son’s, Luke finally replied, “Don’t worry, mom. I have no plans to kick you out of bed. Not yet, anyway.” Wanda laughed and playfully smacked her son across his chest.

“You’d better not, boy,” she insisted. “Otherwise I’ll have to reconsider your birthday presents.”

“Don’t be doing that!” Luke grinned as he watched his mother roll away to sit at the edge of the bed. “Otherwise, I might not give you what I have for you for your birthday.” Wanda turned to see her son stroking his wet cock and licking his lips.

“I hope you have more than just that, Luke,” she teased.

“Maybe you’d like two, or maybe even three at a time?” he teased back. “I know a couple of guys…”

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