The Moon_(0)

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Tanya hurried down the the street. She had a sense someone was watching her… Stalking her… Hunting her. 
Tanya, who had just graduated highschool, was one of the most popular students. She was on the basketball team and track team. Everything seemed to stop after highschool though. She was on a jog but after getting a terrible feeling in her stomach, she had to stop. Her full lips quivered. Her firm and finely shaped ass tighening with every turn she made to stare at the darkness. Her breasts tucked firmly in her sports bra which was all she wore on her top half. Her bottom half had a pair of spandex jogging shorts. Her very pretty features gleaming in beads of sweat. She turned around her blonde hair in a ponytail swinging. The Russian born woman, who was now American, felt fear for the first time since she was 2 and moved to America. 
Something watched her. It’s dark thoughts swirling in a sea of beatial thoughts. 
She still felt a bit secure knowing she had a knife from her older sister who got it for her on her trip to Translvania. She turned around again as a face caught her sight letting out an involuntary gasping scream. The man in front of her stared at her.
“Arent you the police chief?” she asked calming down.
“Yes, listen, it’s not safe out here you need to get home. There’s things out tonight that shouldn’t be in the cities, now go home as fast as you can.” he said hurriedly, his breath increasingly hyper, beads of sweat begining to pour from his brow. 
“Chief Daniel?” she said as he fell to his knees. 
The newly elected man in his twenties yelled as loud as he could, a mans voice combined with a beasts, “RUUUN!!!” 
Tanya jumped back and scrambled to her feet and started sprinting. 
His eyes opened as the beasts replaced his. 
“It’s coming out.” he whispered as the clouds uncovered the full moon and caused sikiş izle him to let out a blood curtling howl.
Tanya fell to the ground scrambling to her feet. The howl stunned her for a few moments. Her eyes popped as she realized she needed to keep running. Tanya threw one foot in front of the other trying to hurry along as she heard a pattering growing louder behind her. She turned around as a large orange haired animal tackled her. She screamed as the massive cat hissed lifted a paw to end the woman. Suddenly the cat was whipped to the side, blood spraying everywhere. The mountain lion laid dead at the side of the parks sidewalk. Her savior, her tormentor, stood over her growling. One claw bloody and maw open. The large wolf stood on two legs, fur thick and tough. It’s humanoid shape buff and terrifying. It’s eyes a bloodshot green.
Tanya stared in horror not wanting to do anything that might get her killed. 
The werewolf slowly bent down smelling the girl. His wet nose covered her body up and down. Probing every private location. 
Tanya breathed deep as a clawed hand slowly slipped up her thigh. She gasped when it forced her legs open  and then ripped her sports bra off with one swipe revealing her sweet succulant breasts glistening in the moon light. It’s hands came down and cupped her breasts with perky nipples. She suddenly had a fair idea of what it was planning on doing to her.
It’s right hand slid down her belly and ripped her shorts off but missing her pink panties. Her bottom lip trembled not sure what to expect from this night. Whether she might die or not. It’s fingernails lifted on one side of her panties as it gave way with a small tug. The otherside proved to be no challenage either as it pulled the panties from her body. Her shaved cunt looked so soft in the moonlight. 
The massive wolf bent down licking her lips.
Tanya brazzers felt the massive, strong tongue inbetween her folds, rubbing her clit on it’s way up. The tongue came again as her nipples hardened. She tried to fight her bodies secret desires. Her legs quivered, she bit her bottom lip. It’s large wolf penis hanging over as it stood staring down at her. 
Tanya had to get away from it. She twisted around and started trying to crawl away when it grasped her hips lifting her off the ground. The 7 foot werewolf shoved the girl on it’s 9 inch dick. She gasped in pain and horror being impaled on it’s massive member. The creature lifted her by the hips and forced her back down. Her pussy burned and soaked the werewolf’s member. Her nipples ached loving the feeling even though her mind screamed at her to run, to fight, to do anything but give in. How could she though? Afterall she was always driven to succeed, this way of thinking made her give into her animalistic side more. 
That side fought more then ever. She couldn’t help it. She clentched a fistfull of fur trying to stop the impending orgasm. She tightened her teeth together trying to stop it. Her clit rubbed up against the creatures fur. She fought. Her nipples brushed it’s hairless abs with only a trail of hair under the belly button. She fought. It’s heavy, hot breath on her chest. She fought. One hand on her shapley thigh the other holding her ass. She fought.
She looked up and screamed an orgasm that made the werewolf only pump her up and down harder. She began to grind the wolfman, her fingers down the wolfs treasure trail feeling it’s rock hard abs along the way. The wolf man lifted her and placed it’s penis on her ass. She looked up at it as the massive member spread her hole open. She grinded her teeth in lust staring at the werewolf. One of the werewolf’s hands fake taxi porno came up and sqeezed her breasts. It was all the way inside of the girls asshole. It lifted her and pushed her back down. 
Tanya felt a fast building orgasm feeling the hard warm, wet member pumping inside her asshole.
The werewolf raked a hand across her back making her scream in pain that added to her pleasure. He felt the softness of her asshole and how warm it was. His member, wet because of her soaking pussy. He bent his head down biting her shoulder. She cried out an orgasm. Blood came down her shoulder. 
Tanya’s eyes popped open as a sense of stupidity set in. Her knife. It was made of sterling silver. She reached into her sock pulling the weapon. She was about to stab the werewolf when she felt hot steamy wetness fill her ass making her scream with an orgasm the werewolf lifted her as his cum sprayed her legs and whole bottom half. The werewolf dropped her on her bottom as it stood over her. The wolf’s form began to shrink, the fur began to shed. The man was coming back. Tanya looked at the man in laying harmless in her presence. She ran to him and slippe the knife back into her shoe turning him over.
“I turned.” he said,
“Do you remember it?” she asked,
“Every moment.” he answered sounding ashamed. He jumped up and tackled Tanya forcing his hands over her throat, “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you live now that you know.” he sqeezed her throat hard as she tried to breath in air.
The chief lifted her by the throat and bashed her against the ground with a tear welling whispering “I’m sorry.” over and over. Suddenly the man cried out in pain. He fell back gasping for air. He flopped around slinking further from Tanya. He suddenly became still. Laying on his belly with a silver knife in his back. 
“I’ll never have to think about you again you fucking bastard!” she cried after she stopped a line of choked coughing. She then got a terrible feeling. She looked down seeing her pussy cover in semen that was beginning to get cold. 
“Oh god.” 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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