The Morning After

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She could feel the morning light illuminating her face. She slightly opened one eye and squinted at the rays pouring through the window. She quickly clenched her eyes shut. The light was too bright, and she didn’t quite feel like getting out of bed or waking up at the moment.

A smile spreading across her lips, thoughts of last night flooding into her mind just as pervasively as the sun ray’s. She made a soft sound as she stretched out her entire body. Her fingers linked together, as they reached above her head, pushing her still erect nipples to brush against the coolness of the sheet. She continued to tease herself, allowing her back to arch, and she squeezed her rounded ass cheeks as she lengthened out her curvy legs.

She finished stretching and settled onto her side, one leg stretched straight out, the other bent at the knee, her foot nestled into the back of her kneecap. She snuggled her face into the pillow, tucking both of her hands underneath it, her tousled hair falling slightly over her face.

The small smile returning to her lips as her thoughts wandered to the events of last night. It had been their first actual night together and it had been even better than she had ever imagined. Her body thrummed from their activities. She rubbed her inner thighs together, her pussy made a moist sound as the images of last night flooded into her memory.

She replayed the first time he had kissed her. He was tentative and his soft lips barely touched against hers. His tongue slipped between her lips searching out her tongue, and then tangling with it as the kiss deepened.

She remembered how her body instantly reacted. Her insides warming as she moved closer to him to feel his body pressed up against hers. His hands moving from her shoulders, down the curve of her back to settle on her rounded ass cheeks. His hands gripped them, pulling her tight against him.

His lips now firmly pressed against her, their tongues feverishly entangled with each other, his right hand sliding up her back, underneath her hair, holding the back of her head firmly within his hand as his tongue expertly explored her mouth. ‘Fuckkkkkkkkkkk’ she remembered groaning into his lips as her clit throbbed in want. And that had only been their first kiss.

Her thoughts being interrupted as she heard the door handle rattle. She peeked through the fallen strands of her hair, watching him come back into the room. She brushed the fallen strands out of her face. “Hi Baby” she said as he got back into the bed.

He kissed her on the forehead and uttered the same words back to her. She went to snuggle up against him and he gently pushed her away. She questioningly looked up at him and noticed the evil glint mirrored in his blue eyes. She blushed slightly knowing what that look entailed.

He laid himself out on the bed, situated himself on his side, and propped his head up with his one hand, Anadolu Yakası Escort his other hand slowly peeling the sheet away from her naked body, revealing it inch by inch. Her blush deepening across her face as his gaze followed the path of the sheet.

Catching her gaze with his, he says “I so want to lick and kiss every fucking inch of you.”

All she can do is clear her throat at hearing his words; the blush becoming even redder as she drops her gaze away from his.

“Gonna drag my tongue slowly from the crack of your ass to the back of your earlobe.” he utters as he moves closer to her.

Her reply a soft ‘oh my’ followed by a swallow and a nibble on her bottom lip.

He reaches out and pulls her over onto her stomach as he positions himself above her. She closes her eyes and sighs as she feels his warm breath waft over the curves of her bottom; uttering an ‘oh fuckkkk’ as his tongue makes contact with her warm flesh, the tip of his tongue starting at the top of her butt, slowly traversing up her backside, to the dip of her lower back, and up her spine.

His hand sliding up the back of her neck, gathering a handful of her hair within it, before his tongue continues its journey along the path his hand just cleared. She shudders beneath him as this is a highly sensitive and erotic spot for her. He presses his body down against hers, his cock nestling against the crack of her ass as she grinds up against it and him. He returns the grind and begins to suck, lick and nibble at her ear.

His hand continues playing in her hair, tightening his grip on it, pulling her head back as she lets a gasp escape between her slightly parted lips. He moves his mouth to her now exposed neck, gently kissing along the neckline. His other hand sliding to the front of her body, finding an erect nipple, his fingers beginning to tease and pinch the hardened bud.

Her breath begins to increase and release from her mouth in small pants. She can feel his cock throb between her ass cheeks as she presses and grinds it up against him.

He huskily whispers into her ear “Everything ok, My babydoll?” immediately followed by a chuckle.

He already knows the answer as she moans out her response. He starts to softly kiss her lips and playfully nip at her lips. His fingers tighten upon the erect nub, twisting and tugging at it. Her moans increase against his lips.

He quits kissing her and slides back down her warm quivering body, placing tiny kisses and nibbles along her flesh. She closes her eyes and shivers, her fingers clenching and unclenching, her heartbeat now racing.

He continues dropping the kisses and nibbles along the top and curves of her ass. She feels his hands at the top of her thighs, pressing them apart, exposing her glistening wet bald slit. She feels the tip if his finger slide between the wet lips. She gasps and moans at the contact, arching her back, her bottom lifting slightly off the bed.

He continues to drag his finger up and down her very wet slit as he bites down on her left bottom butt cheek. She groans out loud and pushes back, wanting his finger to slide in further and deeper.

He traces his tongue along the prominent curve of her rounded ass to her inner thigh as his finger finds her clit and flicks at it softly.

She shudders at the contact. The little nub hardens instantaneously at his touch.

His hands move to grip the cheeks of her ass and his thumbs part the pink swollen lips. He teasingly drags his tongue up and down the exposed soaking slit a few times before flicking the tip of it against her hard clit.

“Oh god, please!” she utters between pants of breath.

His only response is to grip her hips, pulling her up to her knees, lightly smacking her inner thighs indicating for her to spread her legs, exposing herself more to him.

He begins to rub the palm of his hand and fingers against her wet lips. “My little bald cunt is all ready for a good hard fucking, but not right now because I’m not done playing with it quite yet.”

She groans out loud at hearing his words and then yelps as his hand firmly lands upon her ass cheek. She instantly clenches and a small gush of fluid flows out of her exposed cunt.

He positions his mouth upon her drenched pussy and begins to move his tongue very slowly in and out of her soaked little cunt.

She moans and groans out loud, pressing her ass back, grinding it against his mouth and lips.

He continues to tongue fuck her. Each time his tongue pushes in deep, his hand lands a crack upon her ass cheek, alternating between each rounded cheek.

Her inner walls clench and squeeze around his embedded tongue at each smack. Liquid copiously forming and dripping into his awaiting mouth. Her moans being muffled by the pillow that her head is now buried in; her fingers gripping the sheets tightly as she is so dam fucking close to cumming.

He can feel her inner walls pulsate around his cheeks; the hot juices pooling inside of her. He slips his tongue out of her now drenched aching cunt and flicks it a few times at the tender flesh between her asshole and pussy.

She cries out in frustration as she feels his tongue slip out of her dripping cunt. Her breathing now very ragged as her chest heaves with each breath. She feels his hands grip her ass cheeks, raising her ass up higher. She releases a long drawn out groan at feeling him rub the head of his rock hard cock along her now very warm and red ass cheeks.

He then pushes it between them to teasingly drag the tip of his cock up and down her dripping slit. He smacks the head of his cock against her clit. “Ready to fuck, aren’t you My babydoll?” he asks.

She murmurs an answer, but it’s muffled by the pillow.

He smacks her across the ass, “What’s that? I don’t think I heard you correctly.” She rears up at the unexpected hit and answers him,

“Yes, fuck me; gawd, please; pretty please fuck me.” She cries out in relief as he pushes his throbbing cock inside of her pussy; the inner walls instantly gripping it, tightening around the rigid rod.

He digs his fingers into her hips and he holds himself deep within her, feeling her soft flesh spasm around his embedded cock. “God, fuck!’ he utters.

“Please!” she utters between ragged intakes of breath.

He pulls the tip to the opening of her cunt, glances down to see his shaft is now covered and glistening with her juices, before pushing it all the way back in. He starts a steady pace, thrusting in harder and deeper with each thrust. His hands locked on her hips as he pulls her back towards him each time he slams into her.

The words she utters not even distinguishable between her gasps, moans and groans which erupt from her lips. She can feel his balls smacking against her aching throbbing hard clit.

He returns to smacking each ass cheek, matching them with each thrust.

She utters innumerable and extended “fucks!”

He reaches up and grabs a fistful of her hair, forcing her to arch her back, pulling her back to him, turning her head so he can kiss her deeply, his tongue mimicking his cock as he continues to fuck her mercilessly.

Her moans and groans being swallowed within his mouth.

He slows his pace as he feels her inner walls clench and grip his cock, knowing this is a sign she’s close to erupting. “You want to cum, don’t you?” he asks.

She nods in answer.

He yanks her hair positioning her ear near his mouth. “I asked you a question and I expect an answer NOW!” he demands.

She whimpers and whines at first, and then cries out her answer as he thrusts hard and deep within her tight soaked cunt “Yes, I want….I need to cum”, she stammers.

“Mmmm” he murmurs “be My good girl and beg Me.”.

She groans out loud as he continues to tease and taunt her, alternating between slow and long fucking and fast hard thrusts. “Please,” she begs and pleads, “Please, let me….fuck, tell me to cum.”

She can envision the satisfied smile upon his lips as he says “Mmmmm, I want you to explode all over My cock and balls, baby.”

This is all she needs to hear as she slams back against him. Her inner walls clamp down hard. The hot liquid surrounding his deeply embedded throbbing rock hard cock squirts out, soaking both of them.

He releases a long drawn out “FFUUCCKKK!” as her squirting cum surges past his shaft. His own release quickly follows hers, causing her to orgasm once again; their juices combining deep within her.

She collapses on the bed and he with her; both out of breath; his cock twitching inside of her as she quivers and quakes under him. He gathers her within his arms, placing kisses upon her face, last one upon her forehead before he squeezes her tightly against him. Seems like the morning after was even better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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