The Music Teacher Ch. 06

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I was doing a final sound check while Ann was busy sorting out some lingerie from the big box next to the catwalk. It was one o’ clock in the afternoon and we were anxiously preparing for the arrival of the models. We had set up the dress rehearsal for eight o’ clock that evening.

“You’ll have to tell me who the new model is; I have to sort these out according to size.” Ann pointed the box of lingerie.

“Mrs. Jacobs.” I said nonchalantly and continued undistracted with my chores.

She dropped something that had the shape of panties from her hands; like a feather it glided to her feet.

“What! Pete!” She started to laugh. “I’m not even going to ask how you did it.”

“Don’t” I said, “We just have to put up a ‘for the animals’ poster somewhere.”

“I see, and am I correct if I say this bears the reverend’s approval?”

“One hundred percent,” I said with confidence.

“You think the ladies will all be comfortable and at ease in each other’s company?” Ann asked concerned. “You know sometimes it’s more difficult for a woman to be naked amongst other women than in front of men.”

“Really?” I was surprised by this piece of information.

“Yes, men don’t tend to be such harsh critics. Women can be very cat-like you know.”

“Maybe we should have an ice breaker of some sorts before we start then,” I suggested.

“Might be a good idea,” Ann said. “Any suggestions?”

I thought a bit then replied. “Harry boasted the other day that he had bought a great board game of ‘Truth or Dare’. It sounded like a lot of fun the way he explained it.”

Harry was one of my class mates, not one of my best friends, but we were not enemies either. He was kind of nerdish and weird and did everything he could to be more in with the boys, but wasn’t too successful. I assumed the game he boasted about, was one of his efforts.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I last played that game!” Ann smiled. “You think we can borrow it? It sounds like a good idea to relax the ladies a bit.”

“He is a bit skimpy with his stuff. I don’t think he will let go of his game easily. He will definitely want some compensation.” I warned. I thought the matter over a few seconds, then added. “Would you mind if I used you as hard currency?”

“What do you mean?” Ann asked and her voice was alert.

“Don’t worry. Nothing serious. I’ll bet he will let go of his precious game in return for a glimpse between your legs.”

“Pete! I know Harry, he’ll tell the whole school!” Ann objected.

“I’m sure he will. The thing is, nobody will believe him. The boys are used to his bragging. Nobody believes him anymore.”


A half an hour later I was in tense negotiations with Harry Edwards. We were in his bedroom, located in a flat at the backyard of his parents’ home. At first I tried to obtain the board game without compromising Ann’s dignity, but the conversation was going nowhere. Harry did not part with his possessions easily. I could not tell him why I needed the game and he was obviously thinking in the lines of joining in if there was any fun to be had with his game. For obvious reasons I could not allow that and at last I realized I had to throw in the bait.

“What if I told you that you could look at Mrs. Ann van Zyl’s naked pussy if I could borrow your game?”

Harry’s chubby body stiffened and his eyes were big behind the thick lenses of his glasses. “Yeah, yeah. And how are you going to accomplish that?” It was clear he did not believe a word I said.

“What if I told you she was waiting right outside in the car, just waiting for my signal?” I threw my aces on the deck.

“You’re joking,” Harry still did not believe me, but his body shivered slightly and there were tiny droplets of sweat on his forehead.

“Have we got a deal?” I asked adamantly.

“If you are telling the truth you can take the bloody game for keeps,” Harry promised.

“Okay then,” I vowed to myself to keep him up to his promise, “Just stay here. I’ll get her.”

Two minutes later I was back in Harry’s bedroom with Ann next to me.

“So I’ve heard there was something you liked to see Harry?” Ann asked innocently.

Harry was speechless; the reality of the situation must have dawned upon him. His only reply was a big fixated stare behind his glasses. He licked his lips and he was now sweating profoundly. He looked up and down at Ann. She was wearing a white knee-length skirt with a flowery blouse.

“Somebody cut your tongue Harry?” Ann teased while she flaunted the skirt up and down, displaying her legs and just for a brief second, the bottom edge of her white French-style panties.

“I’ve heard you had such a nice board game. Would you mind if I borrowed it for a while? Hmm?” Ann asked tauntingly while she lifted her skirt slowly further to above her waist. Her panties were now in full view and while she kept the skirt in tact above her waist with her elbow she edged the loose silk material to the sides of edirne escort her triangle with her finger tips. Her vulva strained against the material like a ripe fruit ready to explode. Her fingers moved up and down over the fabric, then pressed hard into it, revealing a tiny wet spot between two thick lips. She grabbed the material on the side and gently pulled it to the side. Her private parts were now fully exposed to Harry’s greedy stare. The payment lasted only five seconds and Ann released the fabric again and dropped the skirt to her knees.

Harry’s just stood there, his body frozen, his mouth gaping open. A trickle of saliva flowed down his chin. I realized he would remain in that position for the remainder of the day and grabbed the box containing the game.

“Come Ann, we’re running late!” I said as I grabbed her arm to lead her away from the salt statue resembling Harry Edwards.


Back at Ann’s place, we examined the contents of the box. There was a big monopoly-like board, a few different sets of cards, dice and some game moving pieces. There was a big red ‘BEGIN’ block followed by seven different types of blocks that repeated itself in random order all around the board. We took out the paper that explained the rules and compared it to the board and cards.


To warm things up a bit. Gulp down whatever you are drinking without taking a breath when you land on this block. Shooter drinks serve well for this task.


If you land on this block, pick up a card from the ‘truth’ stack of cards and answer the question. You will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You may choose to take a dare instead, but after you’ve seen the dare, you may not go back to the truth option again.


Pick up a dare from the ‘dare’ stack of cards when you land on this block. All dares must be carried out strict and to the point. You will pick up another dare if you already did the same dare or if you are instructed to remove more clothes and you are already naked.


The most valued card in the game. All players start the game with 2 Chicken Out Cards. They can be used to chicken out of any situation or involvement in a situation, forced on to you by the game or another player. Use them wisely and sparingly. There are two blocks on the board regarding ‘Chicken’. If you land on the ‘Lose One Chicken Card’ you have to part with one of your ‘Chicken’ cards. If you do not have any ‘Chicken’ cards left, you have to pick up a dare. If you land on a ‘One Free Chicken’ block, you may reward yourself with a ‘Chicken’ card.


If you land on the ‘Gymnastics’ block you will perform a task as given from a card from the ‘Gymnastics’ stack. Tasks must be performed dressed as is.


If you land on this block, you will have to stand up. Dance slowly and seductively for at least 30 seconds while you remove one piece of clothing. If you do not have any clothes left you must pick up a dare.

Ann and I looked at each other. This was going to be fun. There was also a list of items required to play the game properly.

Alcoholic shooter drinks and glasses
A blindfold for each of the players
A box of matches
A teaspoon
A digital camera
Ice cubes
A ten cent coin
Some raw eggs
A roll of sellotape
A towel
A huge linen sheet

The list of items made us very curious to say the least, but we refrained from peeping at the stacks of cards, not wanting to spoil the anticipated fun. We made a tick next to all of the items as we collected them. For blindfolds Ann cut an old black curtain to appropriate pieces.

We made the shocking discovery as we laid out the game board, cards and pieces on the little table in the centre of Ann’s living room. The deck of cards that should have featured the ‘dares’ were missing.

“The little bastard must have taken them out to peep,” I said with disgust, referring to Harry Edwards, “Wait till I get him!”

“We still have time,” Ann said. “We can just go back and ask him for it.”

“We have no choice,” I admitted, “We cannot play half a game.”

Twenty minutes later I knocked on Harry’s door. He recovered amazingly from his previous statue-like-state and was grinning from ear to ear as he saw me.

“Where is it you little twit!” I was angry at the way he smiled at me.

“You can have it but we want to play with you and whoever is going to be at your party.” He looked at Ann beside me as he spoke.

The ‘we’ part of his sentence took me off guard and I glanced over his shoulder into the room. Samuel Benson sat on the little single bed. His tall masculine figure occupied most of the bed and his smiling teeth appeared bright and shiny from the dark room. Though he was two years older than me, he was trailing behind in grade 11. He looked as dumb as the American president during the Katrina floods. Next escort edirne to him, sporting equal intelligence was his younger sister, Janobi Winters. She had left school when she was just sixteen to marry a hillbilly from F nonetheless I looked in appreciation at her long legs visible from beneath her short denim skirt.

Ann pulled me away from the door and whispered in my ear. “This is getting out of hand. There are too many witnesses and they’ve seen me!” She sounded really concerned.

“I know. Maybe we should let them join in our game?” I was already wondering as to the contents underneath Janobi’s denim skirt. “You see if they join, they won’t be able to talk. I’ve seen Harry’s parents, they are in some sort of vicious religion and Janobi couldn’t afford another scandal. Samuel’s too stupid to speak in full sentences.”

“But what about the other ladies? They’ll never stand for this!”

“We’ll just tell them the truth. It’s an emergency – the whole secrecy of the parade could be in jeopardy if we don’t allow them to join.”

“Okay then, I hope this won’t back-fire.” Ann said before I went in to give them directions to her home.


I decided to become a politician. After tense debate and negotiations, all of the ladies were present in Ann’s living room as per our appointment. They did not take the presence of the ‘three extras’ too well, but realized we were in a blackmail situation. The idea of having an ice-breaker-game was well received after we had told them the bad news of the ‘extras’.

We discussed the game and the rules and made sure everybody knew how it worked. I had to explain it three times to Samuel and still wasn’t sure he understood everything. I offered to help him as the game progressed. I put a non-stop-hits-cd in Ann’s stereo and pressed play. I set the volume to level that was quite loud, but would not be disturbing to our conversations.

“For the strip-dancing,” I explained the music and took my seat

We were all sitting in a circle around the table in the centre of the room. Ann, then me, Diana, Mrs. Skinner, Samuel, Janobi, Harry, Mrs. Jacobs and next to her, on Ann’s right, was Lisa.

As the host, Ann offered to go first and we agreed we would continue clock-wise as we sat. As if waiting for the sound of a pistol at the start of a big marathon, we stared anxiously at Ann as she shook the two dice in a clenched fist. She rolled a ‘1’ and a ‘4″. She paced her red coloured game piece five blocks on. She landed on ‘TRUTH’ and picked up a card from the ‘truth’ stack.

She read out load. “How old are you exactly?”

All the women giggled, Ann blushed then said. “I am 43 years and 2 months old.”

I was next in line and landed on “STRIP”. Using the vast experience I had obtained in strip shows over the last couple of days, I stood up and danced to the rhythm of the music like a pro. I received an encouraging response from the ladies, followed with some boo’s as I ended up removing only my left shoe.

Diana rolled and moved her game piece to “GYM”.

“Put one foot behind your head,” she read from the card. Diana laughed then moved to an open space on the floor. She was wearing white jeans with a blue t-shirt and white slip-on shoes. She sat down on her bum and tried to force her right leg up and behind her head. Though she was amazingly flexible her tight jeans made it difficult. I looked in awe as the white material strained between her legs, sucked in between the lips of her labia. I looked up and saw the familiar statue-like stare from Harry. At last Diana gave up, but we applauded her effort.

Mrs. Skinner was next in line and also landed on a “STRIP” block. Untrained in the ways of professional strip dancing, she wriggled her body in some form of Martian dance before she ripped open her blouse to expose her firm white bra featuring her double D’s. This woman had to spend a fortune on buttons, I thought. For the first time the evening Samuel appeared awake as he stared at the big moulds of flesh next to him. His look exceeded stupid and I wanted to offer him a towel to collect the river of saliva from his chin. His magic spell was broken as Mrs. Skinner handed him the pair of dice to throw.

He picked up a card from the “DARE” stack and tried to read. “Y-y-you hhhha to run a-aaa”

“For God’s sake give that to me!” Mrs. Skinner ripped the card impatiently from his hands and read out loud. “You have to run two times around the house backwards.”

There was a black hole in Samuel’s eyes as he tried to comprehend the task. Mrs. Skinner interrupted again. “For goodness sake, just run around the house and get it over with!”

We waited two minutes and as he returned Janobi grabbed the dice and threw. She shared the ‘dare’ block with her brother and unfortunately shared his reading skills as well. Lisa came to her assistance and read her card for her.

“All players have to lie on their backs in a straight edirne escort bayan line, head to toe. You have to walk over them with your legs apart, hands on your head.”

I looked at Janobi. She was still wearing the short denim skirt she had earlier on and I knew I was going to be partly relieved of my curiosity. We did as instructed and Janobi unaware of what her task would result in, continued over Ann. Only when she reached Ann’s head, did she stop and yelled. “Hey, you can see my thingy!” She quickly reached down and tried to cover up her decency.

“Oh no!” I stopped her, “The card said hands on you head!”

Janobi blushed but obeyed hesitantly and proceeded farther down the line. She was going as fast as she could, but I nevertheless had a pretty good look up her skirt and red g-string as she passed over my head. Though her legs were slim, her thighs were ample and her hips full. At last her torment was over and she passed the dice on to Harry when we all had taken our places again.

Harry had to down his drink and coughed as the shooter’s alcohol scorched his throat. He was out of breath as he passed the dice to Mrs. Jacobs. Of all the people she had given me the hardest time to convince her to proceed with evening’s events.

Skeptically she took the dice and rolled. She moved her game piece to “TRUTH”.

“When was the last time you had masturbated?”

Mrs. Jacobs looked around and saw there was no escape. Being the wife of a reverend, she could not tell a lie either. Her face was in various shades of red. “It was this afternoon, just before I came here,” she confessed.

“Dirty bugger,” I thought. She had been horny from my earlier visit. I looked up in time to see Lisa move her game piece to a “GET ONE FREE CHICKEN” block.

“Oh no, this is shit!” Mrs. Maureen Skinner interrupted in her teacher-authority-voice. “There will be no chicken outs tonight. I say we chuck this chicken thing and do a dare if we land on one of them blocks!”

Nobody in our group had the guts to disagree with the big woman. The two mammoths in front of her chest had dangled like dangerous weapons as she had spoken. We all congratulated her on this excellent idea and turned in our ‘chicken’ cards. Lisa picked up a card from the “DARE” stack.

“Demonstrate what a cameltoe is.”

I smiled at Lisa. Two weeks earlier she would not have known how to do the task. She smiled back and stood up. Her right hand moved down to her yellow shorts and she pressed the fabric inwards. Carefully she moved her middle finger up and down through her slit, gluing the material of her shorts between her labia. Satisfied with the result she took her hand away. “That, ladies and gentlemen, is a cameltoe.” She turned her body slowly around to enable everybody in the circle to benefit from her educational lesson. Harry resumed being a statue, Samuel looked educated. He received a huge blow to his ribs.

“Stop staring at my daughter’s nana!” Mrs. Skinner commanded.

“Yes Ma’am, sorry Ma’am,” Samuel said and he tried to tear his eyes from the split flesh in front of him. Everybody else laughed as Lisa sat down and handed the dice to Ann.

It was Ann’s turn to obey a “STRIP” block and she entertained us with some sensual moves before she took one of her sandals off. She was still dressed in her white skirt and flowery blouse.

I picked up a dare from the “DARE” stack after my throw. “Eat a raw egg or remove three pieces of clothing.”

As I had no taste for raw eggs I stood up for some stripping. Going from lady to lady, but keeping a good distance from Harry and Samuel, I danced seductively while I removed my remaining shoe, t-shirt and at last my shorts. Janobi looked shocked at this vulgar display and I threw my shorts tauntingly over her head. She jerked away and it caused her legs part for a brief moment. The effect of her offered view was visible through my tight Jockey briefs and she looked shyly away. I moved to right in front of her and continued to sway my hips as I danced. My bulging boner was only a few inches away from her face and as she accepted there was no escape she lost her modesty and stared wide-eyed at it. She shrieked as I jokingly thrusted my hips forward and plunged my tools into her face. I sat down and passed the dice to a giggling Diana.

Diana had to down her drink, but the game was interrupted and changed yet again by Mrs. Skinner. “I’m thirsty. At this rate nobody will have a bloody drink before next week. I say if anyone lands on a down block, we all have to drink!”

It sounded like a most agreeable proposal and we changed the rules accordingly.

Mrs. Skinner took the dice nonchalantly and ended up on a “DARE” block.

“Scatter the contents of a box of matches all over the room. Everybody must collect as many matches as possible. The person with the least must strip all his/her clothes.”

The room erupted in chaos after Mrs. Skinner had thrown the matches. Only Samuel stood still and I guessed he did not quite grasp what was required of him. At last he understood and managed to get hold of a single match he grabbed from in front of Mrs. Skinner. He received a violent stare and almost gave it back. Unfortunately for him we all improved on his one piece of wood and tried to explain to him that he now had to strip.

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