The Nature of Seth Ch. 04

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Seth was overstimulated, he was in shock.

It had only been a little over an hour since the first sexual experience of his life. It wasn’t planned, it was almost forced, but it had opened his eyes to something he had ignored since he first discovered the concept of sex and began the exploration of his own body. To his pleasant surprise he had discovered just how amazing sex with another guy was. Even now, thinking about what had just happened with Brenton would make his heart pound in his chest, make him start sweating, and give him an instant erection. Seth couldn’t imagine any pleasure greater than that of two young men engaged in the physical display of youthful lust.

Seth had never really thought of his sexuality, he simply accepted that he would sometime find a girlfriend, marry her, and have children. It was the way he had been brought up. It was normal. He had never been exposed to any other possible future. He accepted his parents beliefs on sexuality because they were reinforced by his church’s beliefs on sexuality, and he accepted those beliefs so that he would never disappoint if family. Sex out of wedlock, sex with a man, had simply never been on his radar. He had never ruled it out, he had never thought about it at all.

Along with waves of arousal and heart-pounding lust, Seth was also experiencing a growing clarity. Seth had always appreciated looking at men with great bodies. He admired guys that had that ripped and toned athletic physique. He convinced himself that he admired their bodies because he wanted to get his body in that shape as well. There was a folder on his computer with pictures of his friends. Some he had taken, others he had taken from various forms of social media. They were shirtless pictures of his most attractive and well-built friends. A few times a week, he would sit back and watch the slide show of beauty and convince himself it was inspiration to make his own body better.

Within this folder was a subfolder. It was a folder of many of the same young men, most without their shirts and with their beautiful girlfriends. His parents monitored bandwidth, so he couldn’t look at loads of videos online. This was his masturbatory file. He would imagine each of the young men, his friends, getting head and having sex with the girls in the photos. One of his favorite photos was of Brenton in a pair of swim trunks with his arm around his sexy bikini clad girlfriend. Truth be told, most of the times he came when masturbating in front of his computer he was cumming thinking of Brenton and his girl. Only now was Seth realizing his lust was for the men, his lust had been for Brenton and he had just lost his virginity to the man of his desires.

Seth wasn’t really discovering he was gay; he was only now beginning to accept it.

Seth’s mind was swimming and his towel was tenting as he walked into the showers at the camp. Just a few feet away Bradley was standing with one hand braced against the shower wall as water ran in rivulets across his smooth ivory skin. Seth stood for a moment, shell-shocked, but he couldn’t turn away from the naked man in front of him. The water caressed its way over the white shoulder blades and over the tight firm ass of one of his closer friends. While the water on the young skin was hypnotic, Seth couldn’t take his eyes off of the bright red color of Bradley’s buttocks. It looked like he had been spanked hard and his stance was similar to the way Seth stood now.

Seth wasn’t afraid of nudity; he had showered with a boner with other men many times before. As he placed his belongings on the bench next to Bradley’s he kept his eyes trained on Bradley’s body. He removed his towel. He could see in the mirror how red his own ass was from the pounding he had taken. He could see how overtly sexual his pulsing erection appeared as it pointed its way to the showers. Slowly, he advanced toward the shower. Naked and aroused he carried only shampoo with him. Unsure of how sex-crazed he might be, Seth went to take the furthest gaziantep escort showerhead from Bradley. He turned on the shower and let the warm water wash over his cum-sticky body. He glanced in Bradley’s direction to see if he was as sexy from the front as he had been from the back.

The water was washing Bradley’s black hair over his face, just the tip of his nose and the stream of water running off it was visible behind the cloak of hair. Every feature of Bradley’s chest was shaded from the fluorescent light in a manner that made him look more defined than he was, Seth barely breathed as his eyes worked their way down his friend’s torso. The cock made Seth gasp a little. It wasn’t huge, but it was perfect. It was smooth, hard, and slightly arched. He was fully erect and his balls were drawn up tight as if he were ready to cum. Bradley was still braced against the wall with one hand, the other hand ran with the water over his thigh.

Seth just stared, his own erection getting harder. With his hands straight at his sides, turned facing Bradley, and his erection pointing directly at his showering friend Bradley looked over and caught Seth’s eyes. Awkwardly Seth quickly turned away. He tried to move his hands around like he had just been showering but knew he had been caught staring slack-jawed at his naked friend.

Bradley’s thoughts were quick and sharp. It was clear now that Seth was definitely the one that had lost his virginity to Brenton. Bradley knew what it was like. Brenton’s sex was something that was endlessly satisfying and extremely addictive. He remembered Brenton’s words though: “Don’t do anything.” He knew Brenton wanted to keep Seth to himself a little longer, he knew Brenton wanted more of Seth’s first sexual experiences, but he also knew that he needed to cum, and that Seth very definitely needed to cum. Bradley’s glimpse of the monster cock that had been pointed in his direction only further drove his desire to cum. Brenton would understand, and he wouldn’t take much from Seth anyway.

Seth had turned his back to Bradley after being caught. He could feel Bradley’s eyes inspecting the firm features of his defined back and tight, firm, and red ass. The thought ran through his head: “will he know I just got fucked?” He heard the water at Bradley’s shower head and the sound of Bradley’s feet slapping on the wet floor. Relieved, Seth slowly turned back to see if he could steal some glances as Bradley toweled off. Only Bradley wasn’t toweling off, he was walking straight toward Seth.

Bradley’s hand slapped the top of Seth’s right shoulder in a friendly greeting.

“Hey bro, did you need to borrow my shampoo?” The hand remained lightly on Seth’s firm, knotted shoulder, as Bradley continued. “Oh, nope, my bad. I see you found yours.” He pointed to the bottle on the floor. Bradley intentionally brushed the side of his pointing finger along the shaft of Seth’s erection and acted shy that he had “accidently” touched his friend’s hard cock.

Bradley stepped closer to Seth. His face, his body, and his erection were less than a few inches from touching Seth’s.

“While I’m here, can you do me a favor? I’ll do you a favor in return.”

Face-to-face with his hard friend Seth was beyond words. He could feel the breath of Bradley’s words against his own lips and now he struggled to answer the loaded question in a way the hid the desire within him.

“How? How can I help? What kind of favor? Probably yes. I think. What do you need?” His face reddened with embarrassment and his cock only grew more firm.

Bradley looked up at Seth’s face, he was just a little shorter than Seth. His eyes widened, an expression of his strong desire. He raised himself up on the tips of his toes, he leaned in so that their wet bodies touched. As their cocks touched, side to side, with his lips along Seth’s strong jaw line Bradley whispered.

“I need to cum.”

Seth had been holding his breath as konya escort their bodies made contact. Pleasure had already begun to wave through him as his cock came into contact with Bradley. It seemed like forever before Bradley’s words made sense.

“Me too.” Seth exhaled the words with a squeak. He was unable to say anymore. He was frozen in lust under the hot shower of water splashing over their firm young bodies.

“This is just between us.” Bradley whispered, taking a break to gently kiss the nape of Seth’s neck. “I’ll take care of you, you take care of me.” He leaned back from Seth and with the back of one hand he explored Seth’s neck, face, and chest. With his other hand he grabbed Seth’s hard manhood and began pumping his shaft with the warm water of the shower lubricating his rapid pace.

“Yes.” Seth didn’t know why he said it, but he couldn’t say anything else. As Bradley explored his chest and pumped his shaft, Seth wrapped one hand around Bradley’s erection and worked with a feverish pace to make his friend cum. Seth grabbed Bradley’s ass with his other hand. He was so turned on by the smooth ivory skin on the firm round ass of his buddy.

The sounds of splashing water, the squish of water being compressed between hands and pulsing erections, and gasping breath overpowered the background sound of the camp’s shower. Bradley leaned in and began to suck on Seth’s firm nipple while they beat each other off and frantically explored each other’s masculine bodies. The red light of the rising morning sun flooded in through the high rectangular windows causing the young men’s bodies to glisten, almost sparkle, as they embraced and entwined as they pleasured each other as much as they desired.

It was too much for Seth. He was so horny and so excited. He was a bomb of sex and cum just waiting to explode. The pulsing pleasure of orgasm was building rapidly as we watched Bradley licking his way back and forth across Seth’s chest teasing each nipple with his lips. Both Seth and Bradley were gyrating into their hand jobs as their lust to cum was reaching its peak. Seth’s moans were getting louder, his moans grew higher pitched as he tried to hold back his growing orgasm.

“Fuck Brad, I don’t think I can last much longer. I’m so close.”

Bradley dropped to his knees. He wrapped both hands around Seth’s massive tool. He ran the throbbing cock along both sides of his face and looked up at Seth. Seth’s chest filled deeply with each breath. The water cascaded over every curve of his torso. Bradley opened his mouth to drink the water that came off of Seth’s perfect naked body.

“Cum on my face Seth.” Bradley used both hands to pleasure his friend’s long, thick cock. Seth looked down and took in the sight of his black haired friend jerking him off, cock inches from his face, while drinking water splashing off of his body. He could see Bradley’s own cock, harder than ever, pointing up and toward the scene of Seth’s impending explosion.

“Shit, shit, shit…oh fuck!”

Seth came with force watching Bradley on his knees. His eyes closed, as his body convulsed in the pleasure of his orgasm. Seth could feel each blast of cum leaving him at high speeds. Even with the noise of the shower and Bradley’s grunts of approval he could hear each splat of his load as it landed home on Bradley’s face. As soon as he could open his eyes he looked down. The last blast of cum dribbled down Bradley’s hand and arm, it didn’t have the force to make it to Bradley’s face. Thick ropes of white cum were quickly washing off of Bradley’s face. He had painted Bradley’s face with his spunk and it looked beautiful. Bradley massaged his cum covered face with Seth’s erection. The overstimulation was making it difficult for Seth to stand, but Seth didn’t stop him. He just watched as Bradley ran the length of his cock over his cheeks, his nose, and his lips.

Bradley stood and with his hands on Seth’s shoulders directed Seth to his knees. kayseri escort

“I need to cum.” Bradley’s declaration came with force, with the pent up desire to release his sexual energy. It wasn’t a desire, but a physical need. He needed to cum on Seth.

Bradley held Seth close to his cock while he rapidly jerked his way to orgasm. Seth grabbed onto Bradley’s ass with both hands as he watched his buddy naked above him and close to dropping a load of cum on his face. Just yesterday he was a virgin and now he had cum with two beautiful men in just a few hours.

“Here I cum!”

The water from the shower was blocked by Bradley’s body. Seth watched the red glow of the morning light on Bradley’s wet body as he reached his climax. It was as if Bradley’s body was a gift to him in that moment. It was a gift to have Bradley cum on him. Bradley grunted, a deep and powerful grunt. A solid white blast of thick cum shot from Bradley’s red cock head. Involuntarily Seth closed his eyes just in time. The glob of cum landed with force on his eye. He felt six more loads of cum deposit themselves all over his face. It was warm on his skin. The scent of Bradley’s juice drifted into Seth’s nose, Seth had never smelled something so amazing. He heard the water turn off.

“I’ll clean you up, so you can open your eyes.”

After Bradley said it, Seth waited to feel the shower turn back on and wash the man cream from his face. He could feel Bradley kneel close to him. One hand was on Seth’s cock, the other held Seth’s chin up. Bradley licked up his cum from Seth’s face. He slurped up the slick cream. With his tongue and his lips he cleaned ever part of Seth’s face. When he had devoured all of his cum he ran his tongue across the lips of Seth’s closed mouth. Bradley stood.

Seth opened his eyes and saw his friend standing above him, his erection softer than before, still licking his own cum off of his own lips. Seth stood with him. Bradley turned on the shower again.

“I didn’t want the water to wash my junk off of you. I wanted to do that myself.”

Seth moved to the next shower over, and reached to turn it on. He felt a little awkward. They were such close friends and now they had made each other cum, and done a lot more than he had ever imagined they would do.

“Seth, we just dumped our loads on each other’s faces, groped each other’s bodies, and jerked each other off. I think we can shower together.” Bradley’s voice had a slight tone of disappointment in it.

“Oh. Yeah, I mean, why not.” Seth walked back over and joined Bradley under the running water. “Sorry, I just thought that maybe since it was over you might want your space.”

Bradley smiled.

“No, if anything, I’m kinda hoping that we clean each other up. I don’t know about you but I want to feel that sexy body some more, and I wouldn’t mind feeling you feel me up either.”

Bradley ran his hands down Seth’s chest and gave him a peck on the cheek. Seth joined in. The two young men, drained from their orgasms caressed each other under the warm water. They explored their bodies with their hands and when they both began to rise again, they finished with a blast of cold water.

They walked over to the shower bench and took turns drying each other off.

“I hope this doesn’t freak you out to much, but if you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind be naked with you more often.” Bradley almost sounded shy. He pulled on his underwear and watched Seth pull on his own.

“I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to my friend.” Seth smiled as he finally figured out the way he wanted to respond to his friend’s advance.

Once the two men were fully clothed, Seth noticed a pair of boxers on the bench next to Bradley’s towel. In big letters across back of the boxers was a name, a phone number, and the statement “Text Me Stud”.

“So who’s Jake Stevens?” Bradley noticed the boxers too, he quickly shoved them into the pocket of his shorts. Seth smiled.

“A story for another time. We’d better get going so we aren’t late for our hike.” Bradley opened the door and Seth followed him out.

Seth reached out and cupped Bradley’s butt as he went through the door. “You know your ass is incredible.”

As the door closed behind them Bradley knocked Seth’s hands away and laughed. “Well, I really like your dick.”

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