The Neighbor Lady

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All persons are 18 or older.

A young man in his late teens is walking the neighborhood, looking for odd jobs to perform for some summer money and has visited several homes coming up empty and is beginning to get discouraged. He has tried all his close neighbors and is leery on leaving his familiar surroundings when he comes up on a home that appears to need a lot of work and there is a car in the driveway. He summons up all his courage and rings the doorbell and after several rings he begins to walk away when the door opens. A woman in her early 40’s appears and inquires as to what he wants.

“My name is Tim and I am looking for odd jobs to do for the summer vacation. I work hard and will do good a good job,” he tells her.

She says that her yard is in need of help and to come inside to discuss the terms of a contract. He is told that her husband has died recently and that she could use a strong man around to help. He would have to be here at least 4 days a week for a month because she is so behind.

“Can you paint?”

He tells her he will do anything she wants him to do as long as he gets paid.

“How much is the question, isn’t it though,” she says.

She tells him that she will pay him what she believes he is worth after he does the lawn and trim the edges. If he does a good job and doesn’t dally, he could be paid as high as ten dollars an hour. But any changes that she has him do after he is finished will be deducted from that amount. They shake hands and she directs him to the garage where he will find all the tools he will need.

She watches from her windows as he goes about his tasks. She also will be tending to the garden and she needs to change into something suitable for that work thinking that pair of cut-off jeans and a halter-top should work nicely. She takes off her dress in front of the bedroom window hoping to allow him a peek.

While working up a sweat Tim looks around the yard and sees that it is quite large and in some disrepair. If he plays his cards right he could be here all summer long when he also looks at the size of the house when he stops dead in his tracks. Is she really up there stripping in front of the window or am I dreaming? He picks up his pace and shakes his head in disbelief as no one will believe this!

She sees him stop and shake his head as he must have seen her so she decides to wait until his next pass to take off her bra and stretch. As he rounds heading back to the house his eyes look up to her window and he still can see her and she is taking off her bra! He tries not to stare but cannot as her tits look huge! She has to be doing this on purpose and this may be a great summer after all! She sees him staring up at the window and she reaches for the shade as one of her large breasts touches the window glass as the shade is pulled down. That really gave him a show, she says to herself. She finishes undressing and rubs herself gently thinking that he is cute enough but will he be willing to help her though a tough time. She decides on a yellow halter that is smaller than it should be and pinches her nipples to have them erect for the tease show that she soon will put on for him. Her cut-offs are quite short and show a small bit of butt cheek hoping that it will give him an eyeful when she is on her knees in the flowerbed. She puts on some sneakers and heads downstairs to get some lemonade for them to drink.

She walks outside and carries the tray high enough that her breasts seem to be lying on it. Tim cannot believe that this is not a dream because he did not really look at her earlier when they talked, but this woman is quite good looking. Shoulder length brown hair, slim and about 5 foot, 6 inches tall with shapely legs but her chest is huge! She has a smile that could melt the polar ice cap as he tries to keep in the present while her tits spill forward from her top watches as she sets the tray down, mesmerized that her nipples are hard and prominent. She keeps bent at the waist because she can feel his gaze on her. She pours the drinks and stands to offer him a glass.

“Come and sit for a bit,” she says.

She sits down and crosses her legs and puts her glass on her knee showing a lot of leg and Tim does not know where to keep his attention. Her mischievous eyes, her full chest, or her great legs all call for his recognition as he feels a churning in his pants. Sitting hopefully will hide his inexperienced monster for a while for her body is making him excited.

She has touched up her make up before coming out and her face looks radiant as she brings the glass to her lips, seeing that he has trouble keeping his eyes in one place so she licks her lips anytime she sees his eyes gaze to her face. She tells him that she will be in the flowerbed and not to hesitate to get her when he is done or needs assistance. They have some small talk for a few minutes before she gets up to walk out to the flowerbed as her butt swings side to side exaggerating her gait. Tim then gets up and continues the job of mowing staring at the ass of this vision of loveliness.

After adana escort an hour of Tim staring and working and with the lady teasing, the lawn and trimming is done when he asks for the evaluation, walking with the lady as she walks about the yard, swinging her behind all the way, to keep up her show. She asks Tim to come in the house to talk and he gladly enters the house behind her and takes a seat in the living room directly across from her. She leans forward with her elbows on her knees and he can see her cleavage trying to get out and she notices.

“Do you like what you see?”

He replies with a nod because he cannot speak. His mouth suddenly got dry. She laughs and tells him to relax.

“I like to tease. I don’t mean anything by it. My late husband loved to watch me tease whenever we got the chance.”

“You are absolutely stunning”, Tim tells her and he sees her blush.

“Do you really think so? I am so much older than you.”

Tim replies that he likes to see older women who take care of themselves and she definitely has as she stands to pose so he can get a good look.

“Tell me what does not look okay.” She slowly turns as she sucks in her stomach and tightens her leg muscles.

“I see nothing that can be considered unsightly,” Tim says.

She again blushes as she kisses him on the forehead as she complements him on his manners and politeness then telling him that his work is very satisfactory and she will pay him ten dollars an hour. One sticking point though is that he must be here for 4 hours a day and 4 days a week, minimum. Tim agrees and tells her that he can stay longer each day if she would like. After telling him it will depend on the job for the day and that will be decided the day before if it will not be an inconvenience. They shake on the deal as she shows him the door. She pauses and takes out a $20 and presses it in his hand as tomorrow begins at 8 AM.


Once home Tim runs right into the shower to clean up and masturbate over the absolutely gorgeous woman with whom he will be spending the summer. He fantasizes over all the possibilities that can happen as he strokes his cock as he cannot hold down his excitement any longer.

At 8 AM sharp he knocks on her door and she answers it in a long bathrobe tied loosely at the waist and slippers. She motions him in when he asks her name.

“Kathy,” she replies. She then apologizes for not introducing herself yesterday. “I am widowed, and a college professor at the local college. I teach history and I am in my early 40’s. We had no children and he also was a professor.”

Tim replies, “I am 18 and just graduated high school. I need to earn money for car insurance or I will have to drive the family van around and I am also an amateur photographer.”

She tells him that by the end of the summer he should have enough for his insurance and probably some camera equipment as her husband was a photographer also and that he has a dark room in the basement. They discuss maybe working a deal for him to use some of his stuff depending on his attention to detail with the physical labor. The basement is job for the day and she wants to have it completely cleaned before he goes home. As Kathy turns to get up, he gets a glimpse of her breasts because she did not attempt to cover them up and Tim says to himself that he will be having a great summer here.

“I need to change because I got up too late, I will meet you downstairs.”

As Tim stands his cock is sticking out and he has to adjust it. She notices this and smiles coyly while she shows him where the basement is and then heads to her bedroom next door. Tim begins down the carpeted steps then stops to look through the door jam to attempt to catch a glimpse of her changing. He is rewarded by his sneaky plan as he sees her drop her robe from her shoulders and throws it on the unmade bed. She is completely nude underneath and she turns and stretches, then caresses her enormous breasts before bending down to get something from a drawer. She steps into a white thong which shows off her butt, then slips into a pair of shorts, almost like the ones yesterday. She then puts on a bra, looking to be too small, as she has to stuff her massive breasts into the silky confines. She then pulls a cotton tee shirt over it which is also too is small on her and as she sits on her bed, he quietly heads to the cellar.

She wonders if he saw the show because she wanted to make it clear that she does like to show off. She thinks he did but left before the whole show was done because he is so mannerly. She tells herself she will have to go slow if this is to work properly and once in the basement the work begins. Kathy has Tim move quite a bit of junk outside and he is up and down the stairs frequently. She is getting dirty and sweaty which made the front of her shirt smudged because of how much her breasts protrude. Her nipples are almost constantly erect making Tim’s eskişehir escort eyes focus on them often, which pleases her immensely and several hours pass before she says it is time for a break and some refreshments. She has him get cleaned up, as she will do the same but while she is in the bathroom, Tim hears a scream. He rushes in as she is standing on the toilet pointing to the corner where there is a large bug and she wants it killed. He does so smiling and then helps her off the seat allowing her large breasts gently touch his skin making his heart jump as she thanks him and he leaves.

When she comes out she is all straightened up, he notices something different and that is that her bra was removed! The shirt is tight enough to hold them back but not from jiggling and she smiles as she passes him to go into the kitchen. She then opens the freezer to get some ice and her nipples stick out like headlights, Tim loving the view. They sit at the table drinking their lemonade making small talk as her tits are just above the top of her glass that she keeps close. The dampness on the glass is soaking onto the shirt making Tim very fidgety as he tries to control himself. She also notices that he cannot sit still and asks him why and he swallows hard before tells her that her breasts are the most beautiful breasts that he has ever seen, even in magazines. Again she blushes and tells him he is sweet as she did not take him for someone who would be looking at girlie mags yet. She then leans back in her chair and stretches as her shirt pulls tighter across her chest and his eyes are fixed on them. She then pushes her globes together with her arms and asks if he would like to touch what he can’t take his eyes off of. He slowly reaches across the table as she takes his hand and puts it under one of the heavy globes.

“I want you to feel the weight of one of these,” she says.

“They are quite heavy,” he tells her, “but they look and feel exquisite.”

She says that her husband loved her breasts and could not keep his hands off of them and she does miss his caressing hands.

“I am quite proud of them myself. I love all the attention they attract for me. They are still very firm for a woman of my age, and only a touch of sag. They are a size 42 with a D cup, when I have them restrained but I see that you like them unencumbered more. Since you look at those girlie mags, what do you like to see the most in them?”

Tim stutters that breasts are his fixation as he loves to see women play with their mounds and also, women wearing tight clothes so that their breasts bulge and spike high heels also peek his interest. Kathy tells him maybe she can help him out in these interests because she also likes to wear tight short dresses so men can’t keep their eyes off of her. She then gets up and tells him they still have a lot of work to do. They end up spending another 3 hours down stairs. She sometimes brushes up against him with her mounds but never more than that and she tells him to come back in two days. She needs to get some material for the pool because it needs a lot of work and in order to sunbathe properly, it must be safe to be in such skimpy clothing. He offers his assistance but she tells him no as she then pays him and says good-bye.

Tim goes home with some real blue balls because the woman can really turn it on and off quickly, he tells himself. I have to be more in control of my emotions as he is mad at himself but realizes that women love to do this to guys.

Kathy jumps into the shower and fingers herself to a climax because teasing of the male population has been sorely missed. She will have to be careful with this young man because we wouldn’t want him detesting the female race. He can’t keep his eyes off my breasts and she loves that more than anything. She then tells herself to make sure there is always abundant cleavage showing and that he is going home with blue balls for the last time. He will be allowed to touch her body anywhere but no intercourse until oral sex can be taught to him from the proper prospective, she tells herself. A good tongue is hard to find in a man and she will teach this young stud how to get multiple orgasms out of her.

Tim arrives early for work desiring to find his boss under clothed. She answered in jeans and a tied up shirt with her large mounds stretching their confines to the maximum because they cannot hide when she turns or bends down. The ties of the shirt accent the girth of the large beauties and it is unbuttoned except for the ties. Her jeans are ripped at the knees and the bottom of her buns but Tim hasn’t seen any underwear yet. She leads Tim to the garage to show him the pool chemicals and stuff needed for the chore of the day. Tim is envisioning water all over Kathy and making her enormous breasts cling to the wet material and while he is daydreaming, she touches him and he jumps. She asks if he is all right as he did not answer when she asked him a question. He said that he was fine, just a moment of indiscretion and they sakarya escort laugh, as they both know where his mind was. She then tells him to bring out the filter and other stuff while she gets the lighter material needed to start cleaning the pool. She wants to vacuum the bottom to waste and she has trouble with the filter. She wants Tim to operate the filter as she walks the edge. She also wants him to steady her when she gets to the edge that has no fence on it to which he agrees and operate the filter. Seeing her tits from the bottom will be an unequaled treat for his eyes and with every movement her chest sways. When she leans to get to the center of the pool, her butt is more exposed through the rips in the jeans but still no underwear can be detected as Tim is in fantasy heaven.

She wants to flush the filter to get better suction and Tim responds to the order. When she emphasized suction, her face glowed as his head is swimming in fantasies. She is standing on the deck leaning on the pole used for vacuuming as her glorious chest splits the long rod and it is almost hidden in the cleavage. Tim is struggling with the job at hand and the view from above when finally he gets the filter working properly. She then tells him to help steady her, as she will be on the small edge. His hands hold her legs and he can feel her leg muscles working to keep her balance, looking up he can also see a small wet spot between her legs. With her breasts hanging and shaking, Tim’s cock does some growing and he is having a tough time keeping his mind on his job, suddenly losing his grip. She was falling in the cold, dirty water and there was nothing he could do now for she was already in the pool. She jumped up screaming from embarrassment. Wiping her face free of water, her arms squished her breasts against her chest making her nipples fully distended. She did not try to hide what the water did to her clothes and for her body because she saw his eyes go wide and straight to her bosom. As she pulled her hair back she pushed out her chest so he could get the full view of her teasing body.

She gets out of the pool and tells him to finish, as she needs a shower. She also gives him a look of disappointment for letting her fall but it turns into a grin. “It will wash off, I hope,” she tells him. “Don’t worry, when I get out of the shower we will have some lunch. Just finish what you can until I call.” Tim now feels he lost all the trust she had in him and he wants to earn that trust back again. He tells himself that the pool will be done when she calls him for lunch.

As Kathy gets in the shower she begins to formulate a plan to seduce the young man. Maybe a short photo session of her being topless or naked, maybe dressing a lace nightgown or a short sundress. They could just look through the pictures that her late husband took of her and see what Tim thinks of them. Maybe she should let him jerk off on her tits or give him a blowjob as she wants him to blow a load and watch it coming from his young cock, knowing that she can still make it happen. She scrubs herself clean and also shaves her legs and armpits to feel smooth all over. After drying herself she slips into a white thong bikini bottom with a tiny triangle top, while she ties the top tight on the sides and loose from the neck as the cloth coverings are modified to fit. She wants the nipples to be covered and the sides of the mounds to be able to spill out when she bends over. She decides to tease the hell out of the young man before she masturbates him to ejaculation as she will kneel between his legs and push her breasts together with her arms, moving her hands around his scrotum. His load will be caught with her cleavage and then spread about with her fingers, he should like that!

From the kitchen she watches him work as she prepares a light lunch. Her hair is dried and nicely done and her short terry cover-up shows off her legs, as do the high-heeled slippers. The cover-up is pulled tight by the ties but will show more tempting cleavage as they become looser with each movement she makes. She calls him in and as he enters the room he stops and gawks.

“I cleaned up pretty well, don’t you think?” she laughs.

He shakes his head as she turns to show off her body before telling him to go wash up and lunch will be served when he gets back. While washing Tim’s heart wants to jump out of his chest because this woman is so sexy and beautiful! Kathy shows him where to sit at the table, but has him remove his shirt first because it is dirty. She then helps him with his chair and her hands brush across his shoulders as she goes to the refrigerator. Bending at the waist her tie loosens and he gazes at her behind, with her legs together and in those heels her ass is barely covered as the robe slides past the bottom of the thong. Her butt cheeks are bare and as she turns back, he sees that she is wearing a bikini top. He was hoping that she would be nude but the more stuff she puts on the table the more open her cover-up gets and Tim enjoys the view. Even though she is not nude she looks great but she says the cover-up must go, as she can’t keep it tied. Her body seems to come alive as her breasts bounce about her chest. Kathy then stands while thinking what else she needs with one arm is under those magnificent breasts and the other holding her chin, bent at the elbow and resting on the other hand, her bosom is framed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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