The Not-naked Chef

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Big Tits

We became good friends with the owners of the little restaurant in the South East Asian village we moved to. The man is also the chef and he is a very good cook. He is always very welcoming, always makes jokes and says to me that I am very handsome. Also he always touches me. I thought that was just the way things go here, laughed at it, did the same things in return.

A while ago a friend from Europe stayed with us, and after we had a meal in the restaurant she said: “what a lovely gay is that chef.” I was astonished, because I’d never looked at him that way. But I had to admit she could very well be right about it.

This morning I was alone and used that privacy to make a juicy photoshoot and a video of “the making of”. Of course it turned me on, and when later in the afternoon I had to go to town for some errands, that feeling was still there. Normally I change my lungi for decent trousers eryaman escort and shirt, but today I put on typical local style pants. A one size fits all, very wide style, with a rope that you tie around your waist. Very thin fabric, so with backlight people can look through it. The few times I wore it outside our own property, I also wore underpants, but today I did not.

I drove to town, bought the things I had to buy and drove back direction home. I had no clue why, but decided to take a short detour that led along a piece of land owned by the chef. His car was parked at the road. It felt like I was not deciding anything myself, but did everything I did on automatic pilot. I parked my car behind his and walked to the little house, that was hidden behind trees and bushes.

He welcomed me with the usual ritual. I said I saw his sincan escort car and thought I would take a look to see what he has changed on his land and in his house recently. He looked at me longer than usual and repeated I was so handsome. “And you have beautiful traditional pants,” he said, and went with his hand over my hips. This caused a reaction in my pants and of course he saw that. “Ooo, you like this?” he grinned and now went with his hand over the front side of my pants, slightly touching my cock. There was no doubt anymore…it grew more and more.

Suddenly he grabbed the rope that hold the pants arund my waist and pulled at one end. It opened en felt on the ground. My cock jumped right up, as I stood there with only my shirt on. “Oooo, really really handsome”, he laughed. “Can I have your shirt too?” As said, I did not think of etlik escort what to do anymore, just pulled out my shirt and gave it to him. There I stood, completely naked.

“What about you?” I asked. “This is enough for now”, he replied, while he opened his zipper and took out a hard cock. It was not very large, but looked tasty. I did not hesitate, sank on my knees and took his cock in my hand. Softly caressing it, it became a bit harder. The chef moaned softly and pushed his hips towards my face. I started to lick his cockhead and finally took it in my mouth. Perhaps he had had no sex for ages, because it took only a minute till he screamed excited, shaked heavily and shoot a huge load in my mouth. I swallowed it all.

He put his cock back in his pants and then said he wanted to show me the new things on his land and in his house. So I walked naked besides the not-naked chef through the garden and the house. After the tour he pushed me on a bench, took my cock in his hands and started to wank it. It did not take long till I reached a heavy orgasm. Onfortunately without a cumshot, due to my prostate cancer surgery, otherwise I’m sure it would have reached my own mouth.

I will go for this menu from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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