The Offer

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The offer was as shocking as it was intriguing.

My name is Carole Symonds and I am a 32 mother of two. At the time this story took place I was still married and I was working for a large company as a regional sales manager, a position that I have since left to pursue a more fulfilling career as a journalist/fiction writer. At the time I was about 135 pounds, which on my 5’2” frame is more than I would like, but I think I carried it well. My 36c breasts and narrow waist flaired nicely into full round hips. My legs were shapely and muscular with out any cellulite. Long brown dark brown hair framed my pretty face, on which my large brown eyes are clearly my best feature.

It was Wednesday and I was in Chicago on business. I had already been at the hotel for two nights and I had another two before I could get home to my family. I had been in a seminar all day and I needed to get something to eat so I went down to the hotel bar and ordered a sandwich and a glass of merlot. As I waited for my food an attractive woman in her early twenties sat down on the bar stool to my left. She was well dressed in a green silk dress that accentuated her generous curves and ended just above her knee. Her red hair was strikingly short, but still stylish and she had the brightest green eyes I had ever seen. It was obvious to me that she was a working girl and I assumed that she was sitting down next to me so as not to attract attention until she found a prospective client.

The woman introduced herself as Sabrina, Bree for short. I turned to face her and smiled while introducing myself as Carole. Bree asked if I was here on business and I replied that I was here all week attending seminars and then a trade show on Friday. We continued to chat about traveling, hotel food and our families. I told her my husband Drew was at home with our daughter Brianna and I was looking forward to getting home because I hate sleeping alone. She replied that she knew the feeling and I thought to myself “I am sure you do.”

When my food came I ordered a second glass of wine and Bree and I continued to talk as I ate. I looked around the room and noticed that the bar was getting quite crowded. “Perhaps I was wrong,” I thought, “maybe she isn’t a prostitute. After all she is passing up quite a few eligible clients if she is.” I ordered a third glass of wine, something I rarely do, and excused my self to go to the ladies room. When I returned Bree was still sitting on the stool where I had left her and her face seemed to light up when she saw me. After I had eaten my sandwich and finished my third glass of wine I stood and told Bree that I really had to get some rest. As I stood her hand touched mine and she asked me if I wanted some company. At first what she was asking didn’t register, but slowly my slightly drunk mind realized that she was propositioning me. I was shocked. A woman had never hit on me before, at least not that I was aware of. I had certainly never considered such a thing but still I blushed furiously. I informed her that I was not gay and quickly walked to the elevator.

When I got to my room I was still a little shaken but as I sat on my bed I was more than a little intrigued. I had to admit that I was lonely suadiye escort and certainly horny. I stripped off my clothes and climbed into bed naked. I closed my eyes and tried to come up with an appealing fantasy. Inevitably my mind went back to the pretty Bree sitting at the bar. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her and what would she do to me. I was shocked at what I was fantasizing about, but still my mind continued to play out the enticing scenario. My fingers slipped easily past my swollen labia and into the slick wet folds of my pussy. I could not remember ever being this wet when I masturbated.

In my minds eye, the fingers caressing my pussy belonged to Bree. I slowly inserted two fingers inside while my thumb started to rub my now swollen clit. My left hand moved upward and began to squeeze and caress my right breast causing the nipple to crinkle up to a taught sensitive nub. I let out a soft moan as I felt the waves of pleasure overtake my body. My legs began to quake as my thumb continued to furiously rub my swollen clit. I pinched my nipples and pumped three fingers in my tight hole while my thumb attacked my clit. The waves of pleasure shook my body with an intensity that I could not remember ever experiencing and I let out a squeal before I managed to put my fist in my mouth to stifle the sound.

As my orgasm subsided I brought my right hand to my mouth and with my eyes closed tightly I licked my fingers clean. I had never done that before and the taste was surprisingly good. I moved my hand back between my legs, being careful not to touch my hypersensitive clit, and brought more of my tasty juices to my mouth. I found I could not get enough and slowly the fire in my loins began to grow again.

I climbed out of bed with a new resolve and quickly slipped my recently discarded black dress over my head, not bothering to put on panties and a bra. I went into the bathroom and did my best to fix the mess I had made of my hair. I slipped on a pair of black heals and headed out the door and down the hall toward the elevator. I brought my hand back to my mouth and inhaled my scent as I slowly licked my fingers. In the elevator I lifted the hem of my dress up and slid my fingers over my wet pussy. I brought the fresh juices to my mouth and sucked my fingers like a small cock as the elevator descended. Just before the light from the lobby penetrated the solitude of the elevator I took my fingers out of my mouth and straightened my dress.

I peered into the bar, which had begun to empty, and saw Bree sitting at a table with a few men in rumpled business suits. I walked up to the bar and ordered a glass of wine before spinning on the stool to look over at Bree across the room. She looked up and when she saw me her face lit up, just as it had before when I had returned from the bathroom hours earlier. The bar tender placed the glass of wine in front of me, and I told him to bill it to my room. Then I turned back to face Bree.

Mustering all the courage I could I slid the hem of my skirt up almost to the top of my thighs and while the pretty redhead watched I slowly traced my finger along my swollen pussy lips. Her smile got even wider and I saw her lean yakacık escort over to the guy sitting next to her and whisper something to him. Then she got up from the table and walked past me on the way toward the ladies room. I stood and followed her, not knowing what I was doing but hoping that something would happen to help put out the raging fire burning inside me. I was just a few steps behind her.

As I entered the bathroom she turned to face me and I felt her soft lips on mine. She kissed me softly on the lips before her mouth trailed to my ear and she warmly blew in it while whispering that she was hoping to see me again. Her body pressed against mine, and the gentle touch was like a warm liquid had washed over me. Her mouth pressed against mine and my lips parted, our tongues met in a furious dance of passion and desire. She pulled my dress up past my hips and her fingers caressed my skin sending a shiver through my body. She broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go to your room.”

“What about your client,” I asked.

“He can wait, unless you want to do him with me,” she grinned.

“Uh, I don’t think so.”

“I was only kidding, besides I want you all to myself,” she said as she grabbed her shoulder bag and led me out the door by the hand. I quickly pulled my dress back into place as we walked past the front desk.

Inside the elevator we continued to kiss like a couple of teenagers experiencing sex for the first time, which in a sense I was. Bree pressed the top of my dress down past my large breasts and began planting little butterfly kisses all over my neck and chest before reaching my aching nipples. When the elevator doors opened she pulled me out into the hall, not giving me time to straighten myself up. When I tried to move my hands up to cover myself she grabbed my wrists and held my arms to my side while pressing her body against mine and kissing me deeply.

“Which way to your room, lover,” she whispered. I nodded toward the right and she let go of one arm and led me down the hall topless, her free hand reaching over to tweak my taught nipples. When we got to my room she lifted the hem of my dress over my wide hips and reached around my waist, her fingers sliding along the outside of my very wet pussy as I fumbled with the card key. When the door opened Bree pushed me inside and pressed her body against mine, kissing me hard. Her tongue pressed deep into my mouth and my body responded to her aggressive touch. Her hands were rubbing all over my exposed flesh, from my cheeks and face down to my ass, kneading it like dough. My hips began to gyrate against her, and she sensed I needed something more so she thrust her leg between my thighs and against my needy pussy. I rubbed myself against her while our tongues danced the forbidden dance until my body shuddered with my first orgasm in the arms of another woman.

Bree was not done though, not even close. She turned around and asked me to unzip her dress, which I did with trembling hands. As the dress dropped to the floor I gasped at her beauty. Her body was magnificent. Her breasts were large and firm like you would expect on a twenty-something hooker. Her waist was narrow şerifali escort with a flat muscular tummy. She had an ass that could only be described as perfect, and hips that were made for something other than childbirth. Her pussy was nearly bare, except for a small tuff of red fur above her clit.

“I have to taste you,” I said as I slid to my knees. My tongue touched her pussy and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She tasted like the sweetest honey with just a hint of lemon, and as I licked her I was rewarded with more of her sweet nectar. I attacked her pussy like a woman on a mission, and I was on a mission to make this lovely woman cum. Nothing else mattered at that moment. The entire universe had disappeared and all that existed was Bree and I. In just a few short minutes she let out a guttural moan and released a flood of juices into my mouth. I had never heard of a woman releasing so much fluid when she came, but that is exactly what she did and I gulped it down like a thirst crazed nympho.

Bree’s legs were obviously weak after she came and we both collapsed on the bed. We continued to kiss and fondle each other for an hour, not even speaking just enjoying the feeling of our warm bodies touching each other. I felt the fire inside me begin to heat up and Bree sensed it. She kissed her way down my body stopping to lovingly suckle my sensitive nipples. Her tongue slid down my tummy slipping inside my navel before traveling onward toward my waiting sex. I spread my legs wide and allowed her access to all that I had to offer. She accepted my invitation and licked me from my puckered asshole to the swollen nub of my clit. I shuddered as she went back and did it again, this time pushing her tongue inside the tight hole. A soft moan escaped my lips as her fingers parted my lips and she sucked my clit into her mouth like a little cock, rubbing her tongue on the underside as she did. The room began to spin as Bree took me to new heights of pleasure until the room went black. I awoke a few moments later with Bree next to me. She was spooning against my body and I knew that this was something that I was going to have to do again.

I awoke the next morning with Bree’s tongue sliding deliciously across my pussy lips. I looked down at her and she gazed up at me with those magnificent green eyes. My fingers caressed her scalp and ran through her short hair as she slowly stoked the fire. I left my right hand on her head as my left traveled up to my breasts and I squeezed them with desire. Her tempo increased and my breathing began to get labored. I was gasping for air as my passion increased. I felt the waves rush over me like a typhoon centered in my pussy and moving outward with an intensity that overwhelmed me. As I came down I saw Bree standing next to the bed fastening the straps of a harness around her waist.

From the front of the harness hung a large realistic looking cock. I smiled and spread my legs letting her know that I was ready and willing for her to fuck me like I knew only she could. Bree climbed onto the bed and pressed the large fake cock to my wet hole. It slid in easily and soon our hips were thrusting together while our lips locked together in a torrid passionate kiss. My hands caressed her soft skin, pulling her firm ass to me. Then I released her so she could piston the big cock into my wet pussy. I came again with her cock inside me and I felt like a complete woman for the first time in my life.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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