The Older Sister Ch. 03

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Having spent the night together, Jake and Elena woke slowly, with sibling teasing leading to a play fight. Elena was wearing underwear and a short black negligee, but her brother was naked, and she loved how his erect cock bounced as they struggled with each other for supremacy. She knew he was letting her win, but she still loved sitting on her brother, using her full weight to hold him in a tight schoolgirl pin.

They had played like this when they were younger. Back then, Elena could really trap her brother, and she could remember sitting on him with a cruel smile on her face as his slim body struggled hopelessly beneath her. She would never admit it, but some of her earliest sexual feelings had been when her brother had been confined between her legs.

Now that she was a grown woman, she could indulge in so much more. Jake no longer tried to escape, and seemed content to languish, snuggled down deep in his sister’s wrestling hold. He was even kissing his captor’s thighs.

Elena’s blonde hair dropped down as she looked at him, “You know you used to try to escape,” she smiled.

“And how did that work out for me?” he asked.

“Not great.”

Elena eased forward until her black silk underwear was resting on her brother’s mouth, her body kneading against his, “I never did this when we were younger,” she smiled shyly.


An hour later and they were still in bed, with Elena giving her brother a full body massaged. She hadn’t tired of sitting on him and was resting her full weight on his chest as she played with his balls.

“What are you doing El?” Jake asked, pushing his giggling sister to one side and sitting up to find that his testicles were now encircled by a large gold padlock.

“Just claiming what’s mine,” Elena replied sweetly as she arched her back and stretched out innocently on the bed.

Jake’s attention returned to his locked-up testicles. He had felt her cup his balls, but he had no idea that her fingers were squeezing shut a high security combination lock. His cock was now embarrassingly erect as he tried to pull his scrunched-up balls out of the small shackle.

Elena had always fantasised about laying claim to a man’s genitals and her increasingly intimate relationship with her gorgeous brother was the perfect opportunity to try, “Do you like it?” she asked hopefully.

“Do you know the number?” he asked as he eased his balls away from the heavy padlock and gingerly turned the first of six dials.

“I’m the only person in the world who does…”

Jake felt his cock harden as he watched his sister. Her beautiful lingerie clad body looked so sexual yet so innocent with her legs open and her hips thrusting gently forward.

“Guess I’ll have to keep you close.”

Elena melted as her naked brother straddled her prone body and pinned her hands to the bed. She cried out as his fingers ran over her taut stomach, his touch sending thrills of excitement through her negligee clad body.

She smiled as her brother’s padlocked balls dangled comically above her, “Works better than Viagra!” she giggled as she stole a look and reached out to stroke her brother’s erect cock.

The padlock pulled at his balls and felt strangely claustrophobic, yet it only seemed to heighten the feel of her fingers. He brushed his lips against his sister’s cheek and then briefly touched her open lips.

“What if you forget the number?” he asked, a reasonable question given the dreamy, faraway look in his sister’s big blue eyes.

“Then you’ll have to spend the rest of the year turning dials.”

Jake could feel his erect cock pushing up between his sister’s legs and he rolled away from her to relieve the pressure. Elena rolled over on to her front to reveal her round butt that was threatening to break free from her tight black silk panties, “Kiss my ass…” she whispered, “It’ll help me remember.”

Jake buried his face between his sister’s cheeks, “Fuck, I can make you do anything,” Elena moaned to herself.

Why did her brother’s face feel so good between her cheeks? She rolled over, half sitting on his head as she hurriedly pulled off her underwear.

Two weeks ago, she wouldn’t have let her brother even see her underwear. Okay, maybe a deliberate fleeting glimpse as she walked from the bathroom to her bedroom, but nothing more. She would then lock herself in her room and daydream about him mecidiyeköy escort and how his touch might feel.

Things had changed so quickly. Now it felt right to have him between her legs, blatantly sexual, but also caring in a sisterly way. No harm could come to him while he was kissing her clit. Now when she slid down her pants, she knew he would worship her feet, teasing her playfully until he reached her vagina. Her brother’s natural devotion to her was now amplified by an enormous lock on his balls.

She climaxed and clinched her thighs tightly around his neck, rubbing her scent against him as she came down from her high. Jake didn’t protest, he never did.

She slipped away and quickly pulled her underwear back between her legs as Jake’s attention returned to his balls that looked ridiculous, clinched beneath his seemingly huge cock.

“That’s so cute,” she giggled, seizing the lock, “I can lead you around by the balls, or lock you to my bed.”

She pulled the lock up slightly, drawing her brother on to tip toes and then she crotched down on to her athletic haunches, catching his erect cock in her mouth as she dropped.

“No El,” he protested, but his sister’s lips would not release him and within seconds he had climaxed.

Elena stood up but continued to hold the padlock as she looked around for something to chain her brother’s balls to, but with nothing obvious, she led him by the balls as she walked to the kitchen.

“Mmm,” she moaned in delight as Jake wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. His hands then moved to her breasts as he pushed her body against her.

“Oh fuck, that’s nice,” she moaned, flicking her head back and covering Jake with blonde hair.

He crouched down behind her and ran his lips around her high cut lace pants. Having his sister in control of his balls was maddingly frustrating, but at least it gave him another reason to worship her.

“What’s the number?” he moaned, his face buried into his sister’s butt.

“You won’t find it in my pants,” she breathed, “but fuck that feels nice…”

Jake turned the tight silk inside out and grabbed her cheeks and squeezed. His sister’s butt seemed to live in figure-hugging jeans, and this might be his only chance to worship it before it was wrapped up for the day.


It was the day of their cousin’s wedding and Elena had dressed in a lacy blue dress that managed to be both respectable and erotic. It was suggestive around her breasts, tight around her narrow waist and hips and ended in intricate lace lattice above the knee.

Jake had dressed in a dark suit and white shirt that showed off his physique. Elena loved her brother in a suit, even more so now that they shared a sexual intimacy, and she insisted on tying his tie.

“Maybe I should padlock you for the wedding?” she breathed in his ear, while overtightening the silk around his neck, “Our secret?”

“With your lock swinging between my legs I can barely walk, let alone dance,” he replied as he forcefully backed his sister against the wall, making her jump with aroused excitement.

“I’ve written the combination number on my thigh,” Elena trembled, teasingly dodging her brother’s lips, “You’ll just have to take a look.”

She kissed her brother’s lips, twisted on her heels and pushed him against the wall. Aroused like hell, she unbuckled his belt and stripped off her brother’s trousers. She watched his dreamy brown eyes as she grabbed his balls and squeezed.

Jake stood motionless, gazing into his sister’s blue eyes as she slid the padlock into place. He felt it getting tighter and tighter until it clicked.

Elena moaned in pleasure as she soaked in the sexual energy between them. She could almost feel the ink on her soft skin. Six small numbers written in pen on her inner thigh just below her panty line, “You know what you have to do.”

Jake dropped to his knees and stooped his head as he tried to look up between his sister’s legs.

“No, way,” she giggled as she skipped away.

Jake followed her, pinning her against another wall as they kissed. Again she ran off, this time to the sofa, where she sat with her long toned legs resolutely crossed. She trembled as her brother pushed his hands inside her tight dress and tried in vain to separate her legs.

“You know the numbers will wash off nişantaşı escort tonight when I shower,” Elena smiled as she unzipped her brother’s fly, grabbed the padlock and pulled him down on the sofa with her.

“I’m not a dog with a lead…” Jake tried to protest until his sister grip on his cock became too nice and he collapsed back under her spell.


Jake spent the wedding ceremony sitting next to his sister with a constant erection that she had discreetly touched during the vows. She hitched up her blue lace dress before sitting down and had discretely placed her brother’s hand against her exposed thigh.

Jake let go of his order of service and discretely knelt down to retrieve it. He ducked his head down as if searching under the pew as he peered surreptitiously between his sister’s thighs. Fuck, her legs had been open with his hand inside a moment before but were now frustrating closed.

“How the hell can I see it?” he whispered frustratedly.

Elena smiled as she focused on the service, her legs reopening as far as the dress would allow. She heard her brother’s order of service fall to the floor again and this time she crossed her toned thighs just as Jake hit the floor. She was now almost in fits of giggles.

At the reception, Jake sat quietly as he watched his sister dance. He knew he couldn’t join her on the dancefloor as the heavy swinging padlock could rip him apart. Elena seemed to have no such restrictions and despite the tight blue lacy dress, she seemed to dance as freely as if she was naked. Jake was mesmerised.

“You look weighed down,” Elena giggled as she playfully sat down on her brother’s lap. Her wide smiling lips opened further as she felt him beneath her, “Wow!” she whispered, “Want me to unlock you? Only catch is that you have to sign away your freedom to me.”

“No, I’m good.” Jake smiled, quickly withdrawing his hand that had subconsciously ventured up his sister’s leg. He wanted to hug her, and if he couldn’t do that, he wanted to be held by her padlock.

“Okay darling!” she whispered, rolling her hips like a gymnast as she glided to her feet.


It was gone midnight when Jake helped his intoxicated sister into the back of the Uber. Finally free of the intrusive relatives, she snuggled up to him and buried her head against his chest.

“I loved that I owned you all night,” she mouthed with an inadvertent hiccup.

“Is the number really on your thigh?”

She eased up her hem of her dress and opened her legs as far as the tiny dress would allow. She placed her brother’s hand between her legs and let him briefly touch the spot where she had written the code.

“How was I ever going to see that?” Jake panted, his erection aching again.

“You’ll see it soon enough…” she moaned into his chest as her brother’s fingers played with her labia , “…your turn to own me now.”

By the time they arrived home Elena was almost asleep, and Jake had to carry his sister to her bedroom where she flopped fully dressed on to her bed. Jake pulled back her hair and gazed at her sleeping eyes. He unzipped his sister’s dress and very slowly, eased the tight silk and lace from her curves.

Naked, other than for matching black bra and pants, his sister looked innocent and vulnerable, her tanned sun resting peacefully on the white sheets. He lifted her top leg and glanced briefly at his sister’s neat writing, six numbers that were almost obscured by the folds of her body. He quickly let her leg drop back to hide the numbers. Without looking at the numbers, he closed his eyes, licked her inner thigh and kissed. When he looked again, the numbers had been replaced by an unreadable smear of ink.

“Lock me up,” she Elena whispered through half closed eyes.

She was stretched out on her back, breathing deeply, and didn’t seem to notice as her brother pushed a chain beneath her and padlocked it around her slim waist. He then brought the glistening chain up between her legs, pulled it tightly between her cheeks and locked it back on to the chain that circled her waist.

“Tighter…” she breathed.

Jake looked up in surprise, he had assumed she was asleep. He pulled the chain until it pressed hard against his sister’s body, forcing her lingerie between the lips of her vagina.

“Are you sure,” he asked, “once I take the key…”

A şişli escort shiver of energy twitched through her body as her brother locked the spare end of the heavy silver chain to her metal bedframe, smiling at the prospect of losing her freedom.

The tight chains were already leaving an imprint on his sister’s body and Jake tried to locked chains away from her body.

“Stay with me,” Elena murmured.

With his shirt partly unbuttoned, Jake stood teasingly out of her reach. A little annoyed that he hadn’t obeyed her, Elena opened her eyes and rolled up from the bed only to be tugged back as the chain pulled sensuously between her legs. She stopped with a moan and reached down between her legs with a trembling grin on her face.

Lightheaded from the champagne, she then hopped from foot to foot trying to escape the chain that encircled her narrow waist. She then tugged pointlessly at the padlocks and looked up in frustration at her younger brother, “Come here!” she half giggled half cried as she tried to reach him.

“On you knees,” Jake replied. Amazingly his headstrong sister obeyed.

He slowly undressed and stood in front of the kneeling woman with the lock dangling beneath his penis. He stepped forward and lovingly stroked his sister’s soft hair as she sucked on his cock.

“Wow, I might leave you chained forever,” he whispered, returning her to her bed and lying down on top of her.

“What would it be like?” she breathed, hungrily pushing up against her brother’s body.

Jake avoided the inevitable question by kissing his sister’s lips, “Still want to spend the night in chains?” he asked, “I feel as if I’ve put the dancer away for the night.”

“You’re padlocked too,” she murmured, “Too modest to look inside your sister’s dress?”

“Think I rubbed them out with my kisses.”

“Then you’re fucked,” she trembled as she reached for a padlock that was hanging from her ornate bedhead, “Let’s lock ourselves together…”

Both brother and sister were breathing quickly as Elena carefully eased the padlock through both the lock on Jake’s balls and a link of her crotch chain. She clicked it shut and threw the keys across the room.

“Oh my god, we are locked like this for the night,” Elena moaned.

Their bodies were pinned tightly together with Jake’s cock pushing up between his sister’s legs where the chain pushed against her moisture soaked panties.

“Oh fuck this is too nice,” he moaned, trying to pull his cock back out from between his sister’s legs so that they could make love.

Again, Jake tried to lift up to position himself, but Elena had locked his balls so deeply between her legs that they permanently touching. He pushed his erect cock as far forward as he could but still couldn’t get passed the crotch chain that was rubbing against his sister’s vagina.

With penetration impossible, they continued to kiss until Jake climaxed, followed shortly after by his sister. They lay together enjoying their closeness and longingly thinking about what the heat of the moment had almost made them do.

“Looks like we accidentally put ourselves in chastity,” Jake panted.

“Mmm… we’re locked to the bed and keys are way over there.” Elena swiped back her tangled hair and looked past her gorgeous brother whose balls were now permanently attached between her legs, “Which means we’re locked together until I tell you the combination for the padlock.

“And when will that be?”

Jake ran his hands along the chains that encircled his sister’s body, thankful that after a night of dancing her hips were now still. As always, she could read his mind and gently thrust her hips to the side, tugging gently on his balls.

“One flick of your sister’s hips and you’re… in pain,” she smiled, “You’d better wrap me tightly in your arms.”

Jake was quick to obey with one hand pinning his sister’s butt against his body. His erect cock was still frustratingly pinned between her thighs, and her writhing body and aroused scent forced him to climax again.

Gorgeously trapped between her brother, Elena closed her eyes and gently pushed against him, slowly bringing herself to orgasm. It felt wonderful to know that her brother couldn’t leave her, and she would be lying in his arms when she awoke.

She ran her fingers along the chain. Her narrow waist and curvy hips would be working the chain all night. She then reached further, partly to arouse herself, but also to make sure that the combination to Jake’s padlock was gone for good. Maybe if she thought of random numbers, she could forget the combination for good.

Feeling completely loved and safe, she buried her face against her brother and fell asleep.

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