The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Ch.5

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Jack got into Emilia Clarke’s bed and lay behind her.

His heart pounded as his hands slipped around Emilia Clarke’s little tummy.

“Emilia? Sweety?” asked Jack, quietly.

His hands roamed all over his step-daughter’s stomach, gently massaging her soft skin.

“Honey?” said Jack, louder this time.

He gave Emilia Clarke a little pinch, then another. Satisfied that his step-daughter was out cold, he slid his palm under her panties and felt her mound in his hand.

Jack squished his step-daughter’s soft flesh. He leaned closer, breathing down the back of her neck, his crotch pressed against his step-daughter’s ass. His raging erection firmly pressed between Emilia Clarke’s butt cheeks.

Jack slid his hand out and brought it behind her ass, cupping her round cheeks and squeezing them.

“What am I doing?” thought Jack as he gave Emilia Clarke’s neck a lick.

“I got her right here, why aren’t I balls deep in her cunt?” said Jack, chuckling to himself. He gently pushed Emilia Clarke onto her stomach, and got on top of her.

“Gordan, you lucky bastard,” said Jack as he tugged down his step-daughter’s panties. He had seen her bare ass many times in his webcam recordings, but nothing beat this.

He pulled up Emilia Clarke’s hips, and tucked her pillows under her stomach.

“God damn,” said Jack, lowering himself and kissing Emilia’s round little ass. Then he reminded himself that Gordan fucked Emilia Clarke just this morning.

“Gross, my fault for raising a little slut, I guess,” laughed Jack as he kicked off his boxers. His cock stood straight, pointing at his step-daughter’s raised ass.

He couldn’t believe it, but his cock was disappearing into his step-daughter’s pussy. Her little cunt clenched around his cock as it pushed inside, and clung on as he pulled out. It was as tight as he imagined, and as amazing as he imagined.

“Gordan, no…” cried Emilia in her sleep. Jack’s heart dropped, and his cock almost shriveled. Once he was sure that Emilia Clarke was still asleep, he resumed pushing into his step-daughter.

Emilia Clarke’s pussy got wetter and wetter as Jack fucked her limp body. Jack bit his lips. This was all too much for him, and he didn’t want to cum so soon.

He pulled his cock out of his step-daughter and parted Emilia’s butt cheeks. He scooted closer, pressing his cock at it.

“Yeah… take it, take this cock…” he muttered as he pushed his cock into Emilia Clarke. She squirmed in her deep sleep as Jack’s entire cock pushed inside.

“Gordan… please… stop…” whined Emilia as Jack fucked her little asshole. This time, Jack didn’t stop but continued to fuck his step-daughter’s ass. He was sure that she wasn’t going to wake up.


For Jack, it was actually better for her to talk in her sleep like this.

“Shut up and take it, honey,” said Jack sweetly as he shoved his cock in all the way.

He was too close now. Jack couldn’t decide where he wanted to cum. Should he cum deep inside his step-daughter’s ass, or in her little cunt? Maybe all over her ass… He’d have to clean up after.

Then he thought, if Gordan could get my daughter to clean his dick, I deserve to get my dick cleaned by her too.

He got off of the bed and pulled Emilia Clarke’s head off of the edge, making it hang. He pressed his thumb inside Emilia Clarke’s mouth and forced her mouth open.

“Clean daddy’s dick too baby,” he said as he pushed his cock inside. He held his step-daughter’s head at an angle to dodge her teeth.

Jack grunted when his cock pressed the back of Emilia Clarke’s throat. His legs jerked.

“Whew, that was close,” he thought to himself. He didn’t want to cum so soon.

He pushed his cock harder at the back of Emilia’s throat. He felt his cock slip and push inside her throat.

“Oh, fuck,” said Jack, his legs jerking again. So damn close again. He grinned to himself as he felt his balls slap against Emilia’s forehead.

Jack felt Emilia Clarke spasm under him, choking on his cock. He pulled his cock out lightly, letting her catch her breath before pushing back in.

“Soon, baby, soon, just swallow daddy’s big cock for now,” he said as he slowly fucked in and out of Emilia’s throat.

He pushed more and more of his cock down his step-daughter’s mouth. Soon Emilia Clarke’s bottom lip was touching his pubes as he fucked her face.

“Fuck, fuck,” said Jack as his legs jerked again. He couldn’t hold on much longer.

He thrust his cock all the way inside Emilia Clarke’s mouth, biting his lips as he struggled to hold on longer. He fucked her face as hard as he could. He held Emilia’s head tight despite her choking and gagging. Several seconds later, his balls were pumping his hot load down his daughter’s mouth.

“Holy shit,” said Jack, shivering. He slowly pulled his cock out of his step-daughter’s mouth, letting it fall onto her used face. Jack took the chance and smeared his cum covered cock on Emilia Clarke’s face.

“There you go baby, so pretty,” said Jack as he painted his step-daughter with his cock.

“Now it’s time for daddy to clean you up,” he said, going to the bathroom for a rag, his legs jerking every few steps.


“Good morning,” said Jack to his step-daughter as she joined gerçek porno him at the table.

“Did you sleep okay?” asked Jack, pushing Emilia Clarke’s food to front of her.

“Uhh, yeah, those sleeping pills knocked me out,” said Emilia, smiling. She bent forward and kissed her step-daddy’s cheek, then sat back down.

Emilia Clarke ran her tongue in her mouth before digging into her food. Her ass and pussy were extra sore, and her mouth tasted like cum. She blamed Gordan for her pain. Maybe cum is so stinky that it sits in your mouth, she thought.

Jack chuckled to himself. She’d never find out that her daddy was balls deep inside all her holes last night.

Once he finished his meal, Jack snatched Emilia’s panties and made an excuse to go to his bedroom. He watched the recording of Emilia Clarke’s bedroom as he stroked his cock. He watched Gordan take his daughter, and then watched himself take his daughter.

“I should fuck her ass harder next time,” he said as he stroked his cock. Moments later, he came inside Emilia’s panties.

Emilia Clarke was back in her room too, on the phone with her friend Jennifer Lawrence.

“Sorry Jennifer, I was really tired yesterday, I didn’t want to even see my phone.” said Emilia Clarke.

“Yeah, I was too, you slut. I was there sucking cocks with you, but at least I called after.” said Jennifer Lawrence.

“Sorry boo,” said Emilia Clarke, smooching into the phone several times. “Forgive me please?”

“Fiiine,” said Jennifer Lawrence.

“Wanna hang out today?” said Emilia Clarke sweetly.

Once they made plans, Emilia got ready.

“Daddy, can you give me a ride to Jennifer Lawrence’s on the way to work?” Emilia Clarke said to the door.

“Uhh, yeah, just hurry,” said Jack, closing the videos of his sweet daughter on his computer.

Jack checked the porn site he frequented. He had another message from DUTYWING88, the guy Jack gave Emilia Clarke’s e-mail address to send the cumtribute to her.

“I sent her a picture of her with my cum on it”

Jack grinned. I got to fuck her ass last night, he thought.

“You should just rape her,” messaged back Jack on a whim. It’d never happen, he thought.

Little did he know, “DUTYWING88” has traced where she lives and was already planning it.

Jack checked out his step-daughter as they made their way out the door. Emilia Clarke was wearing bright green shorts, and a loose shirt that draped over her sexy body. His cock stirred in his pants.

And when he was dropping her off, he saw Jennifer Lawrence. She was in just her tank top, and bikini bottoms. Jennifer Lawrence waved at Jack before turning around, purposely wiggling her little butt as she went inside with Emilia Clarke.

“That hot little slut,” said Jack as he drove away.

“You slut,” said Emilia Clarke as the door closed behind them, “Why are you in just your panties?”

“Idunno, didn’t want to put pants on yet,” said Jennifer Lawrence, grinning.

“Is Drew not home?” said Emilia Clarke, looking around.

“Nope, he’s sleeping over at Scott’s house.” said Jennifer Lawrence, hugging her best friend. Jennifer Lawrence’s hands slipped down and grabbed Emilia Clarke’s little booty. She then puckered her lips toward Emilia Clarke.

“Whoa whoa, we aren’t lesbos,” said Emilia Clarke, backing off. Jennifer Lawrence giggled and hugged her again.

Then they spent a few hours talking to each other. Emilia Clarke didn’t bring up the mailman or Gordan.

“So they’re all your associated with Oakhill” said Jennifer Lawrence, comforting her friend.

“Yeah, and one of them is John Oakhill himself” said Emilia Clarke, puppy-eyed.

“That sucks baby, I’m sorry, I try to not associate myself with Oakhill. Why I haven’t been in a Disney movie.” said Jennifer Lawrence.

Then Jennifer Lawrence got a phone call.

“Hey Drew, what do you want?” said Jennifer Lawrence, glancing over at Emilia Clarke.

“I’m busy, I’m hanging out here with Emilia Clarke,” she said, sighing and waving her hands all over the air. Emilia Clarke giggled at her friend.

“Really Drew. I can’t let you stay here if you’re going to be irresponsible” Jennifer Lawrence shouted at the phone, her eyes wide.

“Ugh, FINE, where are you at? Why are you there? Jesus, that’s like forty minutes away! Where is Scott?” shouted Jennifer Lawrence into the phone.

“I’ll go,” said Jennifer Lawrence before hanging up.

“Drew is stuck out of town without a ride,” said Jennifer Lawrence, getting up.

“Want me to come along and keep you company?” said Emilia Clarke, getting up too.

“No, it’d just be awkward with you and him. I need to beat up that asshole for what he did to you,” said Jennifer Lawrence, smashing her fist into her palm. Emilia Clarke giggled again. She loved her friend.

“Want me to give you a ride home?” said Jennifer Lawrence, pulling up a pair of shorts.

“Nah, I’ll walk,” said Emilia Clarke.

Emilia Clarke watched Jennifer Lawrence pull out of the drive way. She waved at Jennifer Lawrence, and then started to make her way back to her house.


Emilia Clarke turned her head and saw nobody.

“Psssst, Emilia Clarke!”

She saw Drew in the back seat of a car.

“Drew, gay porno Jennifer Lawrence just left to pick you up!” said Emilia Clarke, walking across the street toward the car.

Drew stepped out, and so did Scott from the passenger seat. Then fat man stepped from the driver’s seat. Although he had quite a belly, his legs and arms were thick. His muscles made him appear stocky, even though he was tall.

“Wow it is her” said the man, pointing at Emilia Clarke.

“Yeah, that’s her,” said Scott, following behind the man.

“I’m Scott’s brother,” introduced the man.

“Uhhh hey,” said Emilia Clarke, stepping backwards.

“You can call me Jason,” he said, walking faster to Emilia Clarke.

“Hey Jason…” said Emilia Clarke, stopping.

“You two, stay in the fucking car,” said Jason. Drew and Scott scurried inside.

Jason stood in front of Emilia Clarke, and pulled out his phone. He showed her the screen, which had a picture of Emilia Clarke sucking Drew’s cock.

“This is you, isn’t it?” said Jason.

“… Yes,” said Emilia Clarke, her head dropping.

“I’m sorry about my brother and Drew,” said Jason, hugging Emilia Clarke, “I made them delete these pictures from their phones.”

“T-thank you,” said Emilia Clarke meekly.

“Come with me,” said Jason, escorting Emilia Clarke to his car. Emilia Clarke followed.

“You two, sit in the front, now!” shouted Jason. Drew hopped forward into the driver’s seat.

Now Jason and Emilia Clarke were both in the back.

“Uhm, thanks for taking care of it, Jason,” said Emilia Clarke, confused.

“You should be,” said Jason, unzipping his pants. He pulled out his cock and looked at Emilia Clarke.

“No…” Emilia cried, her hand reaching for the handle. Drew quickly locked the doors.

“What? You didn’t think it was going to be free, did you? Suck me like you sucked theirs,” said Jason, his hand creeping up Emilia Clarke’s back. He pulled her slightly, urging her.

“You know what I can do with these pictures. Your fans, your family, your friends… All of them will see these, I wonder what work you’ll be able to get then.” said Jason, his hand now at the back of her neck.

“Suck,” said Jason, gripping Emilia’s neck and pulling her head down.

Emilia Clarke looked over at Drew and Scott helplessly. Although they were so mean to her the day before, she sought their help.

Then she parted her lips, letting Jason’s cock inside.

“Good,” said Jason, leaning back into the seat. He tossed Drew the car keys, and told him to drive.

“You’re a good cocksucker,” said Jason, looking down at Emilia. She looked up at Jason. His pimply skin and his double chin disgusted her. His dick tasted like bitter sweat. She gagged at the thought.

“Heh,” said Jason, now placing his hand on the back of Emilia’s head, pushing her head down as Drew drove around.

“You’re prettier in person” said Jason, making Emilia Clarke look up.

“Thanks,” said Emilia Clarke, looking up at Jason then looking back down.

“You look good sucking my cock,” said Jason as he let go of Emilia’s head. She continued sucking.

“You know where she lives?” said Jason to Drew.

“Yeah, I do,” said Drew, looking back and grinning at Emilia Clarke.

“Anyone home at your house?” said Jason, stroking Emilia’s hair.

“N-no,” said Emilia Clarke, wrapping her pretty pink lips around the stranger’s cock.

Drew pulled into Emilia’s driveway.

“We’re here,” said Jason. “You can quit polishing my dick.”

Emilia Clarke got up and looked around. She then followed Drew, Scott and Jason to her door, and opened it for them.

“You two, sit on the stairs and don’t fucking move. Or I’m going to beat the shit out of both of you,” said Jason, pulling Emilia Clarke’s arm up the stairs.

“Take me to your bedroom,” said Jason. Emilia led the way.

“Slut,” said Jason as he inspected Emilia Clarke’s room.


Jason sat down on Emilia’s bed as she stripped for him. Once she was bare naked, he stood up, taking his time to undo his belt.

“You ever take it in the ass?” He asked as his pants dropped.

Emilia Clarke nodded.

“So you aren’t a liar,” said Jason, kicking his pants away.

“Lay on the bed,” Jason spat onto his hand.

Emilia Clarke laid her back against her bed and waited. Jason pulled her by her feet and placed them on his shoulders. Her little butt hung at the edge of the bed, in display for her assailant.

She shut her eyes tight as she felt him enter her ass. It felt like she was being split in half by him.

“Not even a sound, you’re such a champ,” commented Jason as he pushed his cock inside.

He smacked her ass hard, making her yelp.

Jason took long, slow strokes, as if he was savoring Emilia’s ass with his cock. Emilia Clarke bit her lips and planted her face into the bed. It was painful.

Jason’s hands roamed up Emilia’s back, and grabbed her neck. He pressed her head deeper into the bed as he fucked her.

“Turn around,” commanded Jason. Emilia Clarke meekly got up, rubbing her little used ass as she faced him.

“Not like this, lay with your head here,” commanded Jason, pointing at his cock.

Confused, Emilia Clarke switched positions, evli porno hanging her head off the bed. She then felt panic as Jason’s thick legs surrounded her head, and his cock poked at her lips.

Emilia Clarke unwillingly opened her mouth.

“Good, you’re a good girl,” said Jason, pushing his cock inside Emilia’s mouth. She gagged immediately.

“Take it,” said Jason, pushing his cock inside deeper into Emilia Clarke. Jason’s sweaty balls slid against Emilia’s forehead as he pushed his cock in.

Emilia Clarke wrapped her hands tightly around Jason’s legs as he fucked her mouth upside down.

“Turn,” said Jason, gasping. Emilia Clarke turned around yet again, presenting her ass to Jason. This time, Jason stuffed his whole cock into Emilia Clarke at once.

Jason hammered at Emilia’s little ass. She couldn’t hold in the pain anymore. She reached out her arms and pressed against Jason’s chest, begging him to go easy.

“TURN,” shouted Jason, pulling Emilia Clarke over by her hair. His cock shoved into Emilia Clarke’s throat again.

“Taste your asshole, you slut,” said Jason as he fucked her mouth.

He pounded into her face, sandwiching Emilia Clarke’s head between the edge of the bed and his pelvis.

“Suck my nuts,” said Jason, dipping his balls into Emilia Clarke’s used mouth. She complied.

Jason slapped Emilia Clarke’s full, round tits as Emilia Clarke suckled his balls into her mouth.

Then he took a step closer.

“Rim me.”

Emilia Clarke didn’t know what it meant. She continued to run her soft tongue around Jason’s balls.

“Rim my ass you slut!” said Jason, slapping Emilia’s tits.

“I-I don’t know what that means!” said Emilia Clarke in a hurry. Her tits stung.

Jason pushed Emilia Clarke higher up, pulling her head back onto the bed. He sat down on her saliva-covered face.

“Lick my asshole,” said Jason, stroking his cock.

He sat down harder as Emilia Clarke fought against him.

Finally, he got what he wanted. He felt Emilia Clarke’s little tongue flicker at his ass.

“Good, good,” said Jason, sitting down all the way on Emilia Clarke’s face.

“I’m gonna cum,” he screamed. Jason bounced on Emilia Clarke’s head as he jerked his cock fast. He then started cumming, his cock aimed at Emilia Clarke’s tits.

“Ahhh, fuck,” said Jason, his legs shaking. He got up from Emilia Clarke’s face, and fell onto his ass on the floor.

Emilia Clarke, teary eyed, sobbed out loud.

“Jesus Jason,” said Scott, standing by the door.

“That’s called a fucking rim job,” said Jason, his face close against Emilia’s.

“Is it our turn now?” said Drew, looking at Jason.

Jason gasped for breath on the floor, a huge grin hanging from his lips. He then looked over at Drew and Scott, screaming at them to get out. Emilia Clarke continued sobbing.

Jason took out his phone and threw it to Emilia Clarke.

“I’m not a stingy bitch. I know I can fuck you more with these pictures, but I ain’t a bitch. Delete them yourself,” said Jason, getting up.

Emilia Clarke, in between sobs, vision blurry from tears, deleted the pictures of her sucking and getting fucked by Drew and Scott.

“Clean up and get some rest,” said Jason. He almost sounded sympathetic.

Emilia Clarke cried more as she heard the doors slam, then the car pull away.

Then she heard the door slam again.

Emilia Clarke wiped her face with her blanket. Someone was walking toward her room.

“I knew it, I knew it, I fucking KNEW it!”

It was Gordan, standing at her door.

“No, GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” screamed Emilia Clarke, curling up onto the bed.

“Shut up, you slut, you just can’t get enough of cocks, you dumb slut,” screamed Gordan, stomping toward Emilia Clarke.

He climbed on top of her, pinning her down underneath. He then pulled the blanket away, revealing Emilia ‘s naked body.

“Look at you, you disgusting Hollywood whore,” said Gordan, pulling Emilia Clarke by her hair and slamming her head down into the bed.

“Stop, Gordan, PLEASE, I can’t do this,” cried Emilia Clarke.

Her sore little ass was being stretched again.

Gordan began pounding Emilia Clarke’s ass.

“No, please, no…” sobbed Emilia Clarke as her bed shook.

Gordan, face flushed red, gripped Emilia Clarke’s hips down and squatted over her ass, making sure his entire cock was getting inside Emilia Clarke.

“Shut up, you tit,” said Gordan, his hand sliding under Emilia Clarke and squeezing her mound.

“Stop that,” said Emilia Clarke, her face pressed into the bed.

Gordan’s fingers probed inside her wet cunt.

“Slut, you like this!” said Gordan, laughing.

Gordan’s fingers expertly rubbed Emilia Clarke’s clit. Whether her mind liked it or not, her body was enjoying the touch.

Emilia Clarke moaned out loud, bucking her hips. She then cried harder, embarrassed. Gordan then moved his hand and supported himself with both elbows, thrusting into Emilia Clarke hard.

She then felt the familiar feeling of Gordan’s cock twitching inside her ass, leaving another load in her. She wished she never seduced Gordan.

Gordan crawled up to Emilia Clarke and held a handful of her hair, cleaning his cock.

“I gotta have a talk with your step-dad about all these men going in and out of your house, I know you’re a grown adult but you’re really just a dumb slut.” chuckled Gordan.

Emilia Clarke heard the door slam the third time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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