The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 02

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Chapter 3: Changing Perspectives


For the next two hours, I could barely sleep. Every time I’d drift off, I’d picture my father’s penis—no, dick—sliding in and out of Anna’s wet … pussy. Or I’d wake up with my hands between my legs, rubbing myself furiously while remembering the way Anna had licked between my legs. I even tried inserting my finger inside of myself, like Anna had done right before I’d exploded, but even then I couldn’t sleep.

Despite my orgasms, my mind still raced. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined being intimate with my father—or with another woman. The Sexual Education class I’d taken at boarding school last semester had only gone over the act of intercourse. The teachers never said anything about slapping tits, eating pussy, or sucking cock. They hadn’t even used those terms, much less discussed who we’d be having relations with! I always just assumed I would only have sex with my husband. We were often told that we’d be married at the age of twenty, to the man our fathers picked for us. After tonight, my presumptions changed; my whole view on the world changed. Sex was raw and … amazing.

But to be stripped naked in front of my father felt so dirty, and not necessarily in a bad way. I kept remembering the way he’d looked at me as my dress fell to the floor. There was a hunger in his eyes that wasn’t there when he looked at Anna. I felt powerful and sensual. When he brushed his knuckles across my skin, my nipples tightened involuntarily. Even now, my nipples hardened at the thought. The dirty, twisted wrongness made my body ache for more of his touch, even if my mind hadn’t caught up.

Surely the time I’d spent with Daddy and Anna was a one-time experience. A birthday treat, as he had said earlier. It wasn’t as if Daddy had actually done anything to me. He’d been with Anna the whole time. Besides a few caresses and a kiss, Daddy hadn’t done anything wrong, right? Even if his caresses had been on my tits and his kiss had been with his tongue…

Dang it, I wished the teachers had talked more about this in Sex Ed. Was it normal for a girl to lust after her father? Was it acceptable to be with another woman? What were the rules and how far was too far? My father had to know the answers. He was on The Order’s council after all. What he’d done had to be normal behavior.

Which could also be the reason he hadn’t done anything else with me. Maybe it was okay to touch your daughter’s breasts and kiss her with your tongue, but that was all. But if that was so, why did I secretly want more?

Over and over again, I would relive the night in my mind. I’d imagine the way my father had touched my nipples and the way he’d kissed me with his tongue. The spot between my legs ached at the thought of Anna’s tongue flicking back and forth. I never knew it was possible to feel so… so dirty and so good at the same time.

More than anything, I kept remembering the time I had leaned forward as Anna licked my cunt and saw my father’s cock pounding in and out of Anna’s tiny hole. It was so big, not just long, but bigger around than my wrist. And when he orgasmed, he’d thrust my head down so that it touched my face as it sprayed warm semen all over me. And afterward, he’d used the tip of his penis to rub the sticky seed across my cheeks, chin, and lips.

Why was I getting turned on by the memory? Deep down, it had to be wrong for a father to cum in his daughter’s face, but my body didn’t care. He’d rubbed his penis across my lips and had even made me swallow a glob of semen that had landed on my breast. I was torn between wanting it to happen again, and fearing that it would.

Despite myself, I thought more and more of my father’s cock and of the way he’d touched me. I wondered how it would feel for him to suck my nipples and my pussy. I wondered what it would be like to feel his cock sliding in and out of me. In my dreams, my mouth was wrapped around his swollen dick, and I was cleaning my own juices off of him.

How had Daddy’s cock made Anna feel? She seemed to like it—a lot. I’d planned to ask Anna what it felt like, but Daddy hadn’t finished with her by the time I’d gone to bed. In fact, Uncle Peter had slipped into Daddy’s office once I’d left and closed the door behind him.

The clock read 2:14 when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I bolted up right, yanking my fingers away from my wet pussy where I’d been pleasuring myself. Another knock had me hurrying across my darkened room to my closet door for a robe that hung from a hook. It was new, like the rest of my wardrobe; something my parents had bought me for my eighteenth birthday. They said it was time to dress like an adult, so they threw out all my old clothes, and bought me more ladylike things.

I hadn’t had time to look through them because my party had started as soon as I’d arrived home, but I remembered my mother telling me where to find the essentials such as underwear, nightgowns, and robes. It was a good thing she’d mentioned the robe, because as soon as I’d gaziantep escort opened the drawer with my nightgowns, my jaw fell open. The scraps of fabric were like nothing I’d seen before. There were gowns that looked like short slips made of satin, lace, spandex, and mesh, some sheer garments that looked like stockings…for your whole body, and things that looked like they were made of a few strips of fabric that in no way could cover you. There were also several things that looked like fancy bras and corsets, but without the beast cup. My tits would be pushed up high, but on full display. Before bed, I spent at least a half hour trying on the different “nightgowns”, feeling sexy in all of them.

The one I had chosen for bed was white satin and lace and was the most modest of my choices. It looked like a slip but was so short that the bottom of my butt cheeks were exposed, and the thin strips of fabric that were supposed to cover my breasts, covered only the middle of each breast. As I tossed and turned in bed, my tits slid from under the fabric and my nipples peaked out the sides. I didn’t care; I felt sexy, like Anna had in her blue dress. The tiny white thong that went with it was so small, I forgot I wore anything at all.

Opening my bedroom door, I was happy for the white robe that fell just a few inches beneath my rear. Uncle Peter stood before me, still wearing the clothes he’d worn to the party. He looked me over, then cleared his throat.

“Sleeping while your father and I finish up your party?” He asked, his tone impatient.

“Daddy told me to get ready for bed,” I stammered, pulling my robe tighter as my uncle’s eyes lingered on my breasts.

“Did he now? And are you ready for bed? Because after your father finally got the last guest to leave, he’s in a foul mood. He’s expecting you to follow the rules, Lyla. You don’t want to disappoint him, do you?”

“I—I am following the rules. I’m in bed, trying to sleep, just like he told me to do.”

Uncle Peter scoffed. “Your first day back and you’re already messing up. You’re eighteen now, Lyla. A grown woman. You need to start acting like one.”

“What do you mean? I thought I was—”

“You’re mother is out of town, which makes you the lady of the house. Do you honestly expect a man of your father’s standing to sleep alone? You are now in charge of warming his bed,” Uncle Peter said impatiently. “No Order man should have to sleep alone in a cold bed. It’s your responsibility to sleep beside him and keep him comfortable.”

“I—I didn’t know that rule. No one ever told me I was supposed to spend the night in his bed when mother left.” It didn’t exactly make sense to me. If Daddy was cold, why didn’t he just use an extra blanket?

“You didn’t know you are responsible of keeping the men in your home comfortable?” Uncle Peter asked, sarcastically.

“Well, yes, I know I’m supposed to keep them comfortable but… I thought that applied to taking care of things around the house. Cleaning, cooking, keeping his wet bar filled—not keeping his bed warm.”

“You have servants for that. You’re job is about more than petty housework, Lyla. And if you don’t want to get in trouble, you’d better get to your father’s room before he finishes his shower. He’s already mad about the party. You don’t want him to punish you on your first night, do you?”

“No, I’ll—” my eyes widened as I remembered what I wore underneath my robe. I couldn’t sleep next to Daddy in something that didn’t cover me. But the tiny gown I wore was the most concealing of all the nightclothes I now owned.

“You look wonderful, Lyla,” Uncle Peter said looking back to my chest. His voice had softened as if he could read my thoughts. “You’re father will be pleased.”

I looked down, wondering how he could possibly say such things….until I realized the robe I wore was a see-through white mesh that revealed every inch of what lay underneath. In the darkness of my bedroom, I hadn’t noticed it was sheer. The tight hold I had on my robe had bunched the fabric of my nightgown so that not only were my breasts pushed together but my right nipple was completely exposed, gleaming through the translucent material.

Horrified, I tried to cover myself with my hands, but Uncle Peter reached out and stopped me.

“Lyla, I told you earlier that you have to be comfortable with your body. Never cover yourself in front of a man. It’s an insult that could get you disciplined.” He grabbed my wrists and pulled them to my sides. The robe fell open and he gazed hungrily at my body.

The gown didn’t budge and my exposed nipple stuck straight out, hardening before his eyes. His grip on my wrists tightened and his breathing became heavy. When I glanced down, trying to look away from his lust filled gaze, I saw a bulge rising in his pants. My uncle was growing an erection at the sight of me. For some reason, it scared me. Uncle Peter seemed so nice sometimes, and so harsh other times. Even now, his grip on gaziantep escort bayan my wrists was painful. He made me nervous and uncomfortable, and even a little scared.

Suddenly, he dropped my arms, “Come on, I’ll walk you to your father’s room. He should be finishing his shower shortly. He’ll be angry if he gets out and you aren’t there.”

When we reached my parent’s bedroom, Uncle Peter instructed me to leave my robe on a chair and crawl into Daddy’s big, king sized bed to wait for him. When I had done as he’d asked–and he’d caught a glimpse of my rear as I climbed into bed–he left, shutting the door behind him.

I could hear the shower running through the closed bathroom door and wondered if I was supposed to stay awake and wait for him, or go to sleep now. Not that I could sleep. My mind was going a mile a minute, thinking about what it would be like to sleep beside him. I’d have to sleep on my side and keep my back to him in case my breasts slid out from my gown again. It was going to be a long night.

By the time Daddy emerged from the bathroom, I was resting comfortably under the covers, hidden from his view by the thick blankets. For a moment, I thought about pretending to be asleep but quickly decided against it. My father rubbed a towel over his blond hair, drying it off as best he could as he walked from the steamy room. He was naked and the faint lamp light cast soft shadows across his skin. When he saw me, he smiled and moved toward the bed, tossing the towel carelessly back into the bathroom.

A shiver snaked its way up my spine as he slipped into bed next to me. Would he touch me? Would he make me touch him? An hour ago, I’d been reliving our night together and fantasizing about spending more time with him. I’d wanted him to taste between my legs. I’d wanted to take him into my mouth. I imagined him pushing his cock into my pussy the way he’d thrust it into Anna’s. But now, as I lay mostly naked beside him, I was afraid I’d get my wish.

Before I could worry much more, Anna walked into the room from the hallway. She strode into the room dressed in purple thong and matching bra—only, the kind of bra that I’d seen in my drawer. One without the breast cup. A band of material was fastened under her tits and around her back, but her large chest was propped up on display, her dark nipples hard little centerpieces.

Her perfect smile caught the light as she giggled at my father and spun around in a circle.

“Well, Max? What do you think?” she asked, showing off the look by shaking her chest back and forth. “I wore one of your favorites…”

“You look amazing, as always,” my father said, beckoning her forward. “Now turn off the light and come to bed, baby. I’m exhausted.” Daddy scooted closer to me, into the center of the bed, and after turning off the light, Anna slipped in on the other side of him.

Daddy was laying on his back, the covers pulled up to his waist and his erection tenting the blankets. Anna turn to lay against him, draping her leg over his. Her hand snuck beneath the blankets and I could see her grab his cock before starting to move her fist up and down. My father let out a groan and his hand reached out and grabbed my leg. His fingers dug into the sensitive skin on my thigh and I inhaled sharply.

Daddy turned to me, and I could see the lust in his eyes. He moved his hand and pushed it under my back, then pulled me up and to him so that my chest was in his face. The movement pulled the blankets away and twisted my gown. Again, my breast slipped free. He didn’t waste any time. His lips clamped down on my nipple and he sucked, gently at first, before I felt his teeth scrape the sensitive bud. I heard myself moan and Daddy pulled me tighter against him, sucking harder at my chest.

Vaguely, I noticed Anna moving down my father’s body, pushing the blankets to the side as she slid past his waist. He growled something around my nipple and his fingers dug into my skin. Anna was swirling her tongue around the tip of my father’s cock like it was an ice-cream cone. My mouth parted as I watched her lick his dick, and my daddy’s teeth sank harder into my nipple. I hissed in pain, and his free hand came around and smacked into my other tit.

“Do you like that, Lyla?” he asked, his words muffled against my breast. “Do you like Daddy’s mouth on your tit?”

“Mmm,” I replied, feeling myself grow wet between my legs. His crude words drove a tingle down from my belly button to my core.

Smack! He slapped my breast again, harder than before. My skin stung as he said, “That’s no way to speak to a man. Tell me what you like, baby.”

“I like…I like your…” saying the words was embarrassing. “I like your…”

Smack! His palm came down again, even harder. I looked down to see a red, handprint shaped mark across my breast.

“Say it, Lyla. Tell me what you like.”

“I like your mouth on my breast,” I spit out.

“Do you like it when Daddy sucks your tittie, escort gaziantep Baby?” He said, biting the hard tip as he waited for my reply.

“Yes,” I answered, then felt his tongue swirl circles around my nipple. “I like when you lick my nipples.”

“I like licking your nipples too,” he said. “Now it’s time for you to help Anna lick me, okay Baby?” Before I had a chance to answer, he grabbed my hair and pushed me down so that I was next to Anna, staring at my father’s dick. “Lyla, get between Daddy’s legs,” he said, spreading his legs for me. Anna still knelt at his side, her mouth working my father’s cock. Unsure and nervous of what I was supposed to do, I slowly crawled between his legs. “Good girl. Now bend down and lick your daddy’s balls.”

Surprised, I stared wide-eyed at the round sack between his legs. It was drawn up tight against him and, instinctively, I pulled away, unsure of what was happening. I’d wanted to taste between his legs earlier, but now, I wished I could take back my fantasies. I didn’t want to lick him and I was afraid of what else he would want me to do.

“Lyla,” my father said, his voice sharp. “Bend down and lick Daddy’s balls.”

Afraid to disobey, I bent down until his sack was just inches from my face.


I felt her tongue flick the skin of my sack and I almost came. My innocent, naïve daughter was kneeling between my legs, licking my nuts while my twenty-two year old mistress sucked my cock. I wished I had thought to put a camera on us. Maybe tomorrow, I told myself. For now, I felt my orgasm build as I watched my two little sluts suck me off.

The Viagra I’d taken earlier was really keeping me hard. It would be fun to spoon Lyla all night. She wouldn’t be able to sleep with a stiff cock nestled between her ass cheeks. It would be good for her training. She’d be forced to think about my dick and the more she thought about it, the more she’d want it.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good girl, Lyla. Suck Daddy’s nutsack, baby,” I moaned, rocking my cock faster into Anna’s mouth.

A few minutes later, I felt my orgasm hit. I pushed Anna up and aimed my dick at her tits. This was a fantasy I’d had for a while now, and tonight was the perfect time to act on it. As the white ropes hit her rack, she rubbed the cum into her cleavage and around her nipples. I pushed her down next to me and looked to my daughter.

“Lyla, do you remember the lesson I taught you earlier about cum?” I asked, looking from her to Anna’s cum covered jugs.

“Yes,” she said, her eyes flicking up to Anna. “You said that it should never go to waste.”

“That’s right,” I said. “So now you have to lick all that cum off of Anna’s tits.”

She looked at me, then at Anna.

“Don’t you like licking Anna’s titties, Baby? You liked them before.”

“Yes, Dad,” she said hesitantly.

“Then go on, lick them again. Clean all Daddy’s spunk off her. You remember tasting my cum earlier.”

Once again, Lyla bent forward and licked her tongue along Anna’s right breast, cleverly avoiding the white cream that snaked across Anna’s large tits. I lay back, content to watch my daughter struggle with licking my jizz from Anna’s chest. It was an amazing sight, being a tit-man as I am.

Unable to avoid it any longer, Lyla finally flicked her tongue across Anna’s cum covered nipple. Anna moaned and arched her body, prodding Lyla on. My daughter licked again, this time swirling her tongue and spreading my seed across the other girl’s skin. Anna purred low in her throat then grabbed Lyla behind her head and smashed my little girl’s face into her tits, moving it back and forth, smearing my cream across her pale skin.

My cock twitched at the sight and I reached down to stroke myself. Anna was a sex kitten, always horny and ready to go. She pulled Lyla’s head up and licked her tongue across her cheeks, lapping up the remaining cum before kissing Lyla hard on her mouth. Her tongue dove between my daughter’s lips and Lyla hesitated only a moment before relaxing and allowing Anna access to her mouth. After a few more moments, Lyla began to kiss back, her tongue darting out and dancing in tune to Anna’s.

I laughed, proud of my daughter’s progress. “Now Anna, I only asked for Lyla to lick my cum from your rack, not for you to suck face.”

Anna pulled away, smiling sheepishly at me. “Sorry, Max. You’re daughter’s just so sexy, I couldn’t help myself.”

“She is, isn’t she,” I replied, reaching out and tweaking Lyla’s exposed nipple. She jumped, then adjusted her gown, effectively hiding her nipples from sight. “But it’s time for bed girls. We have a busy day ahead of us.”

I pulled the blankets up and lay down, while the girls did the same on either side of me. I turned on my side, facing Lyla. She had also turned on her side, facing away from me, giving me the perfect access to spoon her small body. My cock had grown semi hard while watching the two of them and I pulled her against me, positioning the head between her legs and against her soft core. Her thong was wet and I flexed my hardon, pushing the material up her hole.

She froze while her muscles clenched around the tip of my dick. I laughed to myself. I wouldn’t take her tonight, but I wanted her to feel my member against pussy. While she was still frozen in fear, I slipped my hand into her gown and cupped her breast.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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