The Organist Entertains Ch. 01

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Peter Noakes had been the organist and choirmaster at his local parish church, St Leonards, for nearly thirty years, and had been a member in its ranks since he was eight years old. His wife had also been a choir member until she had passed away three years before from cancer. Now aged fifty, he was a tall, bespectacled man with a mane of shiny dark hair whose time was spent between his day job as a landscape gardener and his duties at the church. There had been nobody else in his life since the death of his wife, apart from his two grown up children Alice and Joseph who were both at university.

There were sixteen other members in the choir aged between eight and seventy four, supplemented during the university holidays and at certain weekends by his own children. Seven of these were primary school children; five girls and two boys recruited from the local school.

By contrast, Reverend Maxine Power had been the vicar at St Leonards for just four months. This was her first posting as a vicar but she had already been successful in recruiting the younger children into the choir and reinstating a Sunday School for those under eight years old. There had been a definite rise in numbers in the congregation since she had replaced the previous incumbent who had retired.

She was unmarried, aged in her early thirties, a slim but plain looking brunette who in public always wore her shoulder length hair tied back with a gold hair clip. When she wasn’t wearing her black cassock she would usually be dressed in a black shirt with the traditional white collar and a plain black knee-length pencil skirt and black hosiery, together with an unflattering pair of flat black slip on shoes.

It was a sunny Saturday in early July. St Leonards had hosted three weddings at hourly intervals starting at twelve o’clock. It was now ten to three and the last service had ended, the register had been signed and the happy couple and their guests had processed into the churchyard for the photographs. The seven younger choir members plus two teenage girl altos had attended every wedding and were now in the empty church waiting to be paid. Peter went up to the vestry to collect the wages where Maxine was sorting out the various bits of legal paperwork from the register. She handed him an envelope.

“There’s ninety pounds in there,” she said to him. “I know we normally only pay them three pounds per wedding, but I didn’t have time to get any change from the bank this week so they can have a bit extra. There’s plenty in the kitty.”

“Yes,” said Peter. “We must have over ninety pounds spare in the choir funds from before the younger ones started.”

One of Maxine’s good qualities was her generosity and instead of banking any excess wedding money for the church, she allowed the choirmaster and bell ringers to have a bonus if there was any spare left over from previous weddings. Peter opened the envelope. There were nine ten pound notes inside. The children gathered round him in the vestry doorway eager to collect their pay.

“Okay”, he said, “You’ve all got a bit extra this week for good behaviour, so no pushing Lucy, and form an orderly line, all of you! Jodie, here’s yours…Rhiannon… Sophie… Louise… Ryan… Lucy… Josh… Annabelle… and Abigail.”

Each child collected their money as he called out their names culminating in the two older girls who had waited patiently at the back. He tore up the empty envelope and went back into the vestry to throw it away. The children had now left and the only people left inside was himself, Maxine and Fred the verger who was tidying away the leftover service sheets and hymn books.

“Phew,” said Peter mopping his brow. “I’m glad that’s over. I’m sweltering.” He had already taken off his cassock and surplice and just had on a short sleeved shirt and a pair of light blue cotton trousers but the sweat was pouring off him.

“Tell me about it,” said Maxine. “What say we go for a drink somewhere and cool off?”

“I’m tempted,” said Peter. “I’m not doing anything this afternoon so why not. Thank you, Maxine.”

“Call me Max,” she said. “All my friends do. Give me a minute to get this clobber off.”

Rev. Max Power! Peter couldn’t help but smile to himself at her title and name. She had removed her surplice as soon as she had entered the vestry but still wore the black cassock and the white collar around her neck. She started to unbutton the cassock and Peter expected the usual drab black shirt to be revealed. Instead he was pleasantly surprised to find she had a short-sleeved summer dress on underneath, pale yellow in colour. She hung the cassock on a hanger and placed it in a cupboard in the corner of the room then unfastened the black Rabat with the white collar attached to it and placed it on a shelf in the cupboard. Her dress was quite low cut and there was more than a hint of cleavage on display. Peter felt his cock jerk upright at the sight, more so when her dress slid back kocaeli escort exposing a great deal of thigh as she bent down and pulled her handbag and a pair of white wedge heeled sling-back sandals out of the cupboard. She wore no hosiery and kicked off the black shoes, replacing them with the sandals, unclipped the gold hair clip and put it in her handbag, gave her hair a quick brush and pulled a pair of large red framed sunglasses from within her bag and placed them on top of her head.

“Right, let’s go then,” she said. “Fred will lock up. See you tomorrow Fred.” She waved at him as they walked out and pulled her glasses down. The wedding party was still outside and they dodged the guests, trying not to get in the way of those taking photographs. Who would have guessed that the lady in the yellow dress and the red sunglasses was the same person who had officiated at the wedding service less than half an hour earlier?

They walked through the side gate from the churchyard into the rectory garden where Maxine’s car stood in front of the garage.

“Hop in,” she said. “We’ll go to the Rose & Crown at Stelling. There shouldn’t be anyone there who knows us.”

Maxine had an unusual car for a vicar. While most of her peers drove smart little hatchbacks or those with families had large people carriers, hers was a satin red cabriolet. She had left it parked with the roof closed, but soon they were speeding along the country lanes with it down. Peter couldn’t help but keep looking at his weekend boss as he referred to her to his friends. Her hair was billowing in the breeze, sunglasses in place, her dress sitting seductively midway between her thigh and her knee exposing her legs. A small gold cross on a gold chain sat around her neck, a gold signet ring on the ring finger on her right hand and a small gold watch with a black strap on her left wrist.

Stelling was only about ten miles from the parish and it didn’t take above twenty minutes to get there. There were very few people in the pub and nobody in the beer garden so they went and sat at a shady table with their drinks. Thankfully Peter had remembered his own sunglasses and he clipped them onto the front of his normal glasses. They chatted away about many things including his late wife and family, his work as a gardener and her previous position as a deacon in a parish in Liverpool. She sat opposite him, not with her feet directly under the table, but with them to the side. Every so often, she would cross her legs and he would innocently try and see if he could spot a glimpse of her undies, then she would uncross them again and stretch them out in his direction. Was she flirting with him? His cock seemed to think so as each time it jerked into life with anticipation, before receding again when nothing was seen.

An hour or so later and with a couple of non-alcoholic lagers each inside them, Maxine made the suggestion of heading back as she had to finish off the sermon for the next morning’s service. They got back into the car, but instead of heading home along the direct route by which they had come, she headed down the narrow lanes towards the coast. After about five minutes, they passed a few farm cottages and came to a gateway with a dirt track leading through it. She pulled in off the road and drove round to the right so the car was concealed from passing traffic before reversing up to the hedge. Roughly a hundred yards ahead beyond the fenced off cliff edge lay the English Channel with the French coastline clearly visible across the other side.

“I love it here,” said Maxine, switching off the engine and relaxing back into her seat. “I often come up here for inspiration for my sermons. The sea is like life you know. Sometimes it is calm and you can see what is going to happen, sometimes it is rough and unpredictable.”

“How true,” said Peter. He too had been through some rough, unpredictable times in the past few years.

They said nothing for a while, listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach below them and watching the tankers and container ships passing up and down. It was quite breezy and the wind was blowing Maxine’s hair across her face so that she had to keep pushing it aside. After a while, she turned to face Peter.

“You know, you’re a very kind, patient, gentle man,” she said to him. “I’ve been watching you with the younger ones. You have a way of putting them at ease, yet you’re firm when you have to be without being too demanding or upsetting them.”

Peter blushed at her compliments.

“They’re not too bad,” he said, “You wouldn’t think so now, but Annabelle could be disobedient when she was younger. There was another girl called Kylie who was a bit of a tearaway and she used to lead her on a bit, you know answering back and the like, but she got fed up with church life and left after a few months, then Abigail joined and Annabelle settled down and the cheekiness stopped. kocaeli escort bayan Young Lucy can be a bit of a handful occasionally, but nothing like Kylie. If you nip it in the bud, they usually toe the line.”

Maxine smiled at him. She leaned across and kissed him gently on the lips. As she did so, she twisted her body in the seat towards him and gave him an inadvertent flash of her panties. Peter’s cock leapt and started stiffening under his trousers. Maxine straightened up again in her seat, looking out towards the sea, but keeping a discreet eye on it from behind her glasses. Peter blushed again.

“What was that for?” he asked, his cock semi erect.

Maxine said nothing but turned to face him again, giving him an even bigger glimpse. She leaned across and started hungrily kissing his lips and trying to prise her tongue in his mouth, pulling him towards her. This time Peter reciprocated and soon their tongues were at the back of each other’s throats. His cock was now straining under his trousers and she was unzipping him with one hand while trying to hold him steady with the other. She managed to manipulate it through the opening in his boxers and it sprang out of its prison erect and ready for action. Her tongue went from his mouth and started licking the glans on the end, while she moved her hands along its shaft. Gradually her mouth encompassed his organ until it was completely encased.

Peter sat back in the passenger seat enjoying every second. The bulbous tip of his penis was now deep inside her mouth and she was sucking it hard. Every now and again she would withdraw it and lick the tip removing any spots of precum that that formed before resuming the deep sucking once more. Her head was across his lap and Peter had his left hand on his knee while his right was draped over her back. Tentatively he started pulling down the zip on the back of her dress. He paused as her white bra came into view and then continued until it was fully down. He couldn’t free her arms from its sleeves due to the cramped position she was sitting in but he did manage to undo her bra and massage her tits from underneath doing everything by touch as he couldn’t actually see them. Her nipples were already erect and the feelings made her suck even harder until she felt Peter’s cock twitch and spew forth its seed into her mouth. She relaxed her grip and licked the residues from his slowly receding member.

When she was happy that there was nothing left she sat upright. As she did so her dress sleeves and bra straps slid down her arms partly exposing her small but pert tits with their perfectly round pink areolas. Peter pulled her dress top down and her bra off so they were completely uncovered and started to suck each one in turn, while his hand went down between her legs. He pulled her dress hem up exposing a short, white lacy underskirt and her pure white panties and touched them. As expected, her panties were pretty damp. He was about to do some exploring of his own when her mobile rang. She rummaged in her handbag for it and put it to her ear.

“Hello, Maxine Power speaking…oh hello Agnes, how are you?” She spoke in her serious ‘vicar’ tone. There was a pause and Peter could hear snatches of the person speaking on the other end. He gathered it was bad news from Maxine’s reaction.

“Oh Agnes, I’m so sorry to hear that…I know it was expected, but it’s still a shock isn’t it? Well, look, give me about half an hour and I’ll come round and see you…Okay, you take care my love…Bye for now.” She hung up and turned to Peter.

“That was Agnes Carter. Her brother Sid passed away this afternoon. I’m going to go and visit her, but I’ll have to nip home and change first, I can’t really go in this dress.”

She pulled her bra back on and fastened it, checking to see that her breasts were fully encased, and then pulled her dress on fully and asked Peter to zip it back up. She stepped out of the car briefly and smoothed it down, after all it wouldn’t do to arrive back home with her underskirt and knickers on show. Peter tucked his cock away and zipped his trousers up. He now had a damp patch on his trouser front which turned the material round it a dark blue and hoped that nobody would notice it when he got back home.

The journey back was more subdued and they talked about Sid and his life in the parish. While Maxine had only known him for a few months, Peter had a whole array of anecdotes to relate, but this was not the time for that. Maxine dropped him off outside his house and luckily there was nobody around to witness his arrival. Just before she got there, she closed the car roof.

“I trust you enjoyed our little outing. I’m sorry it had to end this way but why don’t you come round to the vicarage tomorrow?” she said patting his knee. “We could have some lunch and maybe carry on where we left off!”

“You bet!” said Peter with a smile as he got out. He watched escort kocaeli as she drove off and around the corner before heading inside for a quick shower and a change of clothes.

* * * * *

The next morning, Peter was at the church just after ten o’clock ready to start playing the organ before the start of the service at ten thirty. Maxine was already there dressed in her black cassock and with her brown hair tied back with its familiar gold hair clip. She was at the pulpit sorting out her sermon notes as he walked by and she smiled at him. A few people were already milling about, including Fred the verger; David and Mary Stanlake, the church wardens; Helen Faraday, the newly appointed Sunday School teacher and Deborah Radcliffe, the only other female member of the choir, whose task it was to make sure that the younger ones were fully dressed in their choir robes ready for the service to begin. She also normally attended the weddings but had only returned from holiday the previous day. Maxine walked over to Peter who was putting the hymn numbers onto the hymn board.

“I trust you are still on for lunch later,” she said in a low voice. “I have a special starter to whet your appetite!”

“Sure am!” said Peter. He changed the subject as Abigail walked by to collect the processional cross which was in its fixture at the top of the choir stalls. “How’s Agnes?”

“Bearing up,” said Maxine. “I’m going round again in the morning to arrange the funeral. Stanlake’s are doing it so I need to liaise with David before we leave.” David Stanlake, as well as being the church warden, was also the local undertaker in the area. Maxine disappeared into the vestry and reappeared a few minutes later wearing her surplice and stole ready to greet her parishioners.

The service passed off without incident and was finished by half past eleven. The church was about three quarters full and after it had finished, Maxine stood at the door shaking the hands of the congregation as they left. About half of those present went home while the rest went over to the nearby Parish Hall for tea and coffee. Maxine went back to the vestry and took off her surplice and stole. David was there counting the takings from the collection and she had a chat with him about Sid’s forthcoming funeral, before walking across to the hall with him for a cup of coffee. Peter had finished playing and already had gone across himself. He was talking with Deborah when Maxine walked in, still wearing her black cassock. Also visible, he noticed, was a smart pair of black low-heel court shoes instead of the normal black flat ones.

Maxine got herself a cup of coffee from the serving hatch and spent the next twenty minutes or so chatting with some of the people who were still there. By twelve fifteen, there were only a handful of people left. Peter was talking to Abigail and her mother who were washing up the cups and saucers in the kitchen when Maxine came up. She chatted briefly before suggesting to Peter that he ‘popped over’ to the vicarage as there were some musical arrangements she needed to discuss with him. They bid farewell to those left and walked casually back across the road to the vicarage.

Once inside, she put the keys on a table in the lounge by her handbag, and then went to the answerphone to check for any messages, before doing the same on her mobile. As there were none, she went and sat next to Peter on the sofa. She put her arms around him and kissed him on the lips. He responded likewise, gently at first, then with more fervour until their tongues were thrashing about inside their mouths.

“How come,” said Peter, in between kisses, “That you…are still…wearing your cassock? You normally…leave…that in church.”

Maxine started to pull his suit jacket off then unfastened his tie and pulled it seductively from around his neck.

“I told you in church,” she said, “I have a special starter for you.”

She started unfastening the buttons down the front of her cassock. As it opened up, Peter was a little shocked and surprised to find that instead of the normal black shirt and skirt, there was just a short, black lace-hemmed slip. It sat a good four or five inches above her knee and its equally lacy bust and thin straps hugged her figure sexily. As she shrugged the cassock off, it also became clear that she was wearing sheer hold-up black stockings as Peter had tantalising glimpses as she stood up briefly and laid the cassock over the back of a nearby dining chair. She unfastened the Rabat with its white collar, removed it and laid it on top of the cassock before unfastening her hair and shaking it down.

“Is that all you’ve been wearing under your cassock during the service?” said Peter amazed. “Don’t you feel it’s unholy?”

“Not really,” said Maxine. “I’ve done it before when it’s been very hot. Besides, I know a few male priests who do it with very little underneath. The vicar at my last church did on occasions, especially at weddings. Mind you, he nearly gave the game away once. The bride had a sleeveless dress on and he got a boner from looking down at her from the altar rail. Personally, I prefer something feminine underneath. These clergy vestments can be a bit rough you know! Of course, I wouldn’t do it at a funeral, or at a children’s service.”

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