The Other Side of Grief Pt. 03

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Once they were inside the house and Jake had turned off the outside lights, he set the glasses and empty bottle of Jack Daniels down on the kitchen counter and turned to face David. They were two men, 34 and 40, brought together by unspeakable grief. And moments ago, on a warm summer night, they had kissed for the first time.

David looked at Jake with a mixture of arousal and terror. The last time he was intimate with someone new was when he met Stephanie at college more than 20 years ago. They were both virgins. David was an engineer by training and managed projects for the airport commission for a living. He was thoughtful, analytical, and a bit emotionally detached. He appreciated organization and logic. Stephanie was more of the free spirit; she taught him how to come out of his shell, be playful, and discover joy. They’d had a tender, passionate sex life; Stephanie was the only person David had ever truly opened his heart to. When she died, he’d wondered if he’d ever laugh again.

Jake had played football in high school and college; he was born with the build of a line backer. He was 6’2, weighed in at 250lbs, and while he wasn’t as in as good of shape as he was during his football playing days, he was still muscular and thick. He had his share of lovers when he was younger and was known to party quite a bit during the off season. But he wasn’t good enough to play pro-ball, got a degree in environmental science, and met Susie at work conference on protecting rivers. They started off as fuck-buddies; their sexual attraction was passionate and intense. But over their first year together, a relationship slowly blossomed, they fell in love and began a life together. Susie’s pregnancy with Scout hadn’t been planned, but she was certainly wanted. While Jake had had his share of lovers and had a core of close friends, Susie’s death a week after Scout was born had shattered his world.

So at 11:17pm on July 3rd, two brokenhearted men stood face to face in the shadow of grief, having shared their first kiss.

David found himself tearing up, denizli escort overcome with the emotion of it all. “I’m sorry, Jake. I got carried away out there. I don’t know what happened. I guess it was,” he stammered and tried to catch his breath.

Jake pulled him into a hug. “David,” he said quietly, “stop apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong. I like you. I liked it when we kissed.” He lifted David’s face up and smiled. “Too much talking,” he said as he kissed David again. If their kiss outside had been tender, this one was full of passion and longing. Jake moved his mouth to nibble on David’s ear, causing David to tremble and Jake’s erection to get even harder. He sucked a bit on David’s neck, causing the smaller man to moan aloud.

“I found your hot spot,” Jake moaned into David, tracing his neck with his tongue.

“Don’t stop,” David moaned as Jake rubbed his hands down David’s back, kneading his ass. They were both grinding into each other, David leaking precum through his shorts, Jake feeling the wet spot and grinding even harder.

They kept making out like that, standing in the kitchen, when David uttered with some embarrassment, “If we don’t stop, I’m gonna cum in my pants.”

Jake pulled back with a big grin, “Fuck yeah man!” They were such a mismatch in so many ways: Jake a big, foul mouthed ex-college football player, who was big and bearded and hairy and went with the flow of what felt good; and David, a 40 year old nerdy project manager with a swimmer’s build, who liked plans and organization and systems and who rarely did anything spontaneously.

Yet here they were, two men who had forged a tender, vulnerable, caring bond in their grief. David was hungry for Jake and what he offered. So he did what he rarely did and just let go.

Jake rubbed his hand upon a down David’s shorts, over his cock and David moaned loudly. But when Jake got down on his knees, unzipped David’s shorts and pulled his cock out, David gasped.

Jake marveled and David’s cock. diyarbakır escort Sure, he’d seen many in the showers at the gym over the years, but this was the first one besides his own he’d ever touched. It was a nice sized dick, about seven inches long, medium thick, with a nice mushroom head that was shiny and sticky with pre-cum. He hadn’t really thought much about dicks before, but this one was attached to David. And Jake wanted David to feel good. So he seductively looked up at David as he slowly stroked his cock and watched David’s eyes roll back in his head as his breathing quickened.

Jake realized how much he was enjoying seeing David experience such pleasure and without thinking much about it, he opened his mouth and started sucking on David’s cock.

Poor David almost had a heart attack he felt so good! “Jake, Jake, Jake!” He called out. “I’m not gonna last very long if you keep doing that.”

Jake smiled. “Good,” he said with a mouthful and kept sucking. David started breathing much heavier and ran his hands through Jake’s hair. “I’m gonna, Jake… I mean… I’m gonna cum!” He cried out as spurt after spurt of cum landed on Jake’s tongue.

As his orgasm subsided, David slid down to the ground and caught his breath. He looked over at Jake who was smiling and trying to reach the drops on the end of his beard with his tongue.

“You taste good, David,” Jake said with a smile.

“Fair is fair,” David responded as he found himself unzipping Jake’s shorts and pulling out his cock. It was slightly longer than David’s—maybe 7 ½ or eight inches—but it was significantly thicker. David had heard of guys joking they had “beer can” dicks, but Jake’s was no joke. He looked at it as he started to stroke it and then—out of character—he just went with what felt good and bent over and took Jake’s cock into his mouth.

“Fuck!” Jake hissed with David’s warm mouth on his cock. Jake moaned as he ran his hands through David’s hair. “That feels so fucking good!” David found the antalya escort encouragement a turn on and while he was still agnostic on sucking dick, he liked pleasing Jake. And Jake’s moaning quickly grew louder and he started to grunt. “I’m gonna cum soon David!” he offered.

David just kept going. In for a penny, in for a pound. Somehow, David had the instinct to reach up and tweak Jake’s left nipple as he sucked—maybe because that’s what he did with Stephanie? He didn’t think about it too much. But the pleasure of Jake’s nipple’s being worked while David sucked his cock was too much and Jake grunted and then whimpered as he came.

“Salty,” David said without guile as he licked his lips and sat up. Jake laughed as he caught his breath. “That was fun!” he proclaimed, his cheeks red from the afterglow of his orgasm.

David rested his head on Jake’s chest and mindlessly let his hands roam his body. They stayed that way for a few minutes and then Jake needed to get up to pee. “Pardon me, Sir, but I need to hit the head,” he said as he kissed David’s nose. Jake got up and went to the bathroom.

David stood up and was marveling at the fact that all he felt was content and happy.

When Jake returned, he was smiling and brought David into a kiss. “Stay,” he whispered into David’s ear.

David hugged Jake tighter. Spending the night felt like a big step. But the kids were away for the week. He didn’t have anywhere to be on Sunday morning. And he really, really liked being with Jake. Fuck it.

He nodded and smiled. “Yeah. I’d like that,” he said.

“Yeah?” Jake said beaming.

“Yeah,” David replied with an equally radiant smile.

Jake lifted him into the air and whooped a little too loudly and he spun them around.

“Shhhh!” David admonished with a laugh. “We don’t want to wake up Scout!”

Jake put David down and kissed him hard. “You make me so damn happy,” he said with tears in his eyes. And they both understood the heartbreak the other man held inside.

David brushed a lock of hair out of Jake’s eye and wiped the tear that fell from the bigger man’s face. He leaned up and kissed Jake on the nose, and then gently tweaked one of his nipples, causing Jake to gasp. “Damn!” he said.

“I think we’re going to have some fun,” David responded as Jake took him by the hand and they headed into Jake’s bedroom for the night.

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