The Perfect Couple

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Prologue – I meet the perfect couple. The only problem is they are mother and son.

Part 1 Entrapment – I seduce both of them and promise to introduce them to the perfect mate.

Part 2 Consummation – Using complex bondage machinery I force them into intercourse

Part 3 Submission – I again force them to have sex together, but their resistance is weakening

Part 4 Surrender – Locked in a room together their passions take over.

Part 5 Impregnation – I refuse to free them until she is pregnant.

Part 6 Wedlock – Their life together afterwards.

I met them in the spring about 2 year’s back. They moved into the apartment building I owned. Normally I don’t meet with perspective renters but the manager s father had died so I was filling in. She was a very pretty brunette about 5 and a half feet tall, in her late 30’s with shoulder length wavy hair. She had a dynamite hourglass figure, large succulent breasts that seemed to bounce with ever step. Her skirt was not short but showed enough of her shapely legs to make any man’s mouth water. Her hips were wide and comfortable. He was tall and obviously into bodybuilding. He was quite a bit younger than her. I showed them around and as they talked among themselves I thought what a loving couple. They seemed so perfectly matched. The only problem is they were mother and son.

I am a very wealthy woman with nothing but time on my hands because I hire people to do everything. I am divorced and 45 years old. Tall, blonde and with a great figure. Large round breasts and a nice fuckable ass. I took care of my body with plenty of exercise, in and out of bed. My first thought was seduce the 18-year-old son. I enjoy a young man. But the mother was so gorgeous. Maybe I would do both. I got to know them on a personal level. Inviting them over to my place for dinner. He was a very shy quiet boy that didn’t have any girlfriends. I found out she was divorced and hadn’t dated for years. She was very friendly and outgoing but wasn’t interested in any of the guys who asked her out.

It seemed to me the 2 of them enjoyed each other’s company more than anyone else’s. Maybe they were lovers. I didn’t have a problem with incest but the more I got to know them I realized they had very high moral standards so that wasn’t possible. So an idea began in my head. Since they enjoyed each others company so much and both was in need of more than the usual mother/son relationship, maybe they should become lovers. But how? Obviously I couldn’t suggest it or even maneuver them into a compromising situation. But somehow I just had to. I knew then that they were meant for each other and I was going to do everything in my power to get them into bed together. More than that, to spend the rest of their lives together.


First thing I had to do was deal with the age difference. James had probably never had sex. How would he satisfy the needs of a 38-year-old woman? I would train him; I enjoyed seducing young men. I invited him to come over anytime and use my pool. Unfortunately he always brought his Mom.

One day I drove to his school and offered him a ride home. I was dressed to kill, skirt so short he could see the tops of my stockings. Tight blouse that clung to my large boobs and plunged deep into my ample cleavage. He tried not to stare but the bulge that grew rapidly in his pants told me this was going to be easy. I stopped at my place and asked him in. He innocently followed me into the house.

I suddenly turned around and pulled his face to me kissing him hard. My tongue went into his mouth and he almost fell over. I grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed room where I pushed him back on the bed and quickly shed my dress to reveal nothing but tits, ass, garter belt and stockings. He lay there in shock gazing up at my huge tits and wide hips. With a smile I leapt onto the bed beside him. I tore his pants off and his huge stiff manhood sprang out. “James” I gasped “you’re a big boy”

I wrapped my fingers around it and he exploded. I lunged at it to get it into my mouth. What I couldn’t get into my mouth splattered all over my boobs. I kept him hard with my hands and mouth. I love the taste of young men. So fresh and clean and sweet. “Ready for a bit more?” I asked lifting my face from his erection. I didn’t need to ask. I mounted him pressing my big boobs to his chest and my mouth to his. I guided his throbbing dick to the wet waiting lips of my pussy. There is nothing so sweet as taking a young man’s virginity. You are in total control. As I eased my hips slowly down over his young manhood I knew he was feeling a woman’s pussy for the first time. He was big about 10 inches but he slid easily into my well-used pussy. He felt good in there.

Using 30 years of sexual experience I began to ride my sweet young man to glory. He tried to thrust with me in his own inexperienced way. He soon got into the rhythm. He didn’t last long. Within 2 minutes he began to jerk violently and thick globs of spunk spewed up into me. Teenage boys seem to have so much cum escort taksim stored up. I lay atop him kissing him and then fucked him again. In less than an hour he shot 4 loads of semen into my pussy.

I looked at the clock. “Better get you home” I said disengaging from him and reaching for my dress. “Same time tomorrow?” I fucked him every afternoon until he graduated 3 weeks later.

I taught him everything he would need to know to satisfy his mother sexually. I trained him to eat pussy and how to fuck a woman up the ass. I also taught him control so he would screw me to at least 2 orgasms before he would unload inside me. Then I set him up. I asked him to come up to my summerhouse on July 2nd. Tell his Mom anything just come and we would have sex all day everyday. How could young stud refuse?

Now to get his mother there. I would often have lunch with her during these times I was training her son to be her lover. I invited her up to my summerhouse for a party July 1st. I told her I was inviting several men to the party and I had one in mind that was perfect for her. Her eyes lit up and she asked all kinds of questions as I described him. Of course I was describing her son but she would find that out later.

I suggested she say nothing to James. It was sometimes hard on boys to know their Mom is going to a party to meet men. She agreed and told James she was going to stay with an old friend. He didn’t say anything because this was perfect for him as well. Now he didn’t have to tell Mommy where he was going that weekend as well.

Marilyn arrived at my secluded summerhouse and I asked her to park in the garage, which I subsequently locked. We had some drinks and she immediately felt sleepy. I took her to the basement. She was almost unconscious by the time we got there. I took off her clothes and strapped her to the bed. This is where she would spend the next few days. When she awoke she saw me standing over her dressed in a black lacy corset and stockings. My pussy and boobs uncovered. She gasped and her eyes went wide.

“I’m sorry honey” I said “you are such a good friend but I want more from our relationship than just friendship and I couldn’t take a chance you would say no”

She started to protest but I leaned over and kissed her so hard I took her breath away. At first she strained at the restraints but my kiss quieted her. She realized she couldn’t escape and this was the first kiss she had had in a long time. The fact it was coming from a woman may have been unacceptable but she had no choice. I was going to have my way with her.

I kissed my way down her trembling body. Lavishing lots of attention on her hardening nipples. She said nothing only moaned softly. When I had kissed my way down to her pussy I found it very wet. I slid my tongue along her slick pussy lips and clit and suddenly she arced her back pushing her pussy at my mouth. She let out a cry and exploded. I stuck my tongue deep up her pussy and began to work her over good. By the time she had her 2nd orgasm she was in a state of delirium.

I now got up and straddled her head and lowered my pussy to her mouth. She gazed up eyes wide with fear and anticipation. I rubbed my pussy along her lips and she closed her eyes hesitating then I felt her tongue ease into me. I let out a cry and ground my hips onto her face exploding in a wonderful orgasm. She ate me to a second orgasm. Inexperienced but knowing like any woman all the right spots to hit.

Soon we were 69ing enjoying each other’s juices, which were flowing quite profusely. When I got out the strap on dildo her eyes just lit up. I eased into her wet pussy and fucked her hard. She thrust back getting pronged for the first time in years. “Oh yes Sherri fuck me” She screamed as she shook in orgasmic delight. I pressed my large boobs to hers and because we were both well endowed I had to crane my neck to kiss her. Her lips seemed to suck the breath out of me her hunger was so great. But then so was mine. I lifted my head and gasped for air as I got up on my hands so I could give it to her harder. Her large tits shook with each thrust. My boobs were soon bouncing as we pumped together. She came and came screaming and gasping until I pounded her into unconsciousness.

She awoke at dawn still tied to the bed. Gazing up at me she smiled “Are you gonna let me go”

“When I’m done with you?” I said smiling.

“OK” she giggled “So are you the ‘perfect man’ you promised me?”

“No he’s coming later, but first I have to have my way with you”

“Ok” she said sweetly licking her lips in invitation. I lowered my mouth to hers to begin the days loving. I ate her out then took the strap on to her for 3 hours. I screwed her until she passed out and I collapsed on top of her. I staggered upstairs and washed up.

James arrived at 4 and I was ready for him. Dressed in a corset and stockings and not much else. I lead him to my bedroom. “let’s take off those clothes” I said reaching for his trousers zipper “and let the fucking begin”

Thanks escort etiler to his mother I was wet and ready and he slid into me like a hot knife into butter and soon we were both making cream. He screwed me for 3 hours straight. We stopped only long enough to eat then went back at it. We humped in every position until the wee hours. His mother was fast asleep in a locked room in the basement, oblivious to it all. In the morning I awoke James with a blowjob then we fucked. He fell back asleep and I went downstairs feeling his semen trickle down my thighs. I clamped my legs tight to keep it inside. Making breakfast for his mother and I, I left him a note saying I’d be back by 3 and to enjoy himself.

I went downstairs locking the door behind me. Marilyn looked so sweet, tied to the bed, hair amuss and a sleepy smile on her face. “Are you hungry for breakfast or are you hungry for pussy?” I said putting the tray on the table. “Pussy” she replied with a grin.

“I have a special taste treat for you this morning” I said getting up on the bed and straddling her face. “I fucked the gardener and he left a huge wad of spunk up my puss”

Her eyes widened in shock, then in anticipation. I pressed my pussy lips to her mouth and her tongue eagerly darted up my moist canal. My juices were already flowing so it didn’t take long for the semen to flow out into her willing and eager mouth. I felt a most intense orgasm begin to well up inside of me as I reflected on the fact I was making a mother eat her sons cum. If she only knew, but soon she would be swallowing her son’s semen as eagerly as she was eating my pussy. As I screamed out in ecstasy, I was glad I had made the basement soundproof. At 3 I staggered upstairs exhausted.

He was sitting on the porch with a beer. I joined him and had a drink with him. Then I led him to the pool for some skinny-dipping and sex. We screwed in the hot tub under the stars. It was so nice. It was going to be hard to give him up but I knew it was for the best.

The next day followed a similar pattern as the day before as did the day after. I was getting very tired trying to satisfy 2 very horny lovers. Their voracious sexual appetite, convinced me more than ever, they were made for each other (even if one had originally made the other). I realized it was time move to the second phase of my plan.

After James fucked me silly that night I lay on top of him kissing him. “I have someone for you to meet, she’s a good friend of mine” I said, “She’ll be here in a few days”

“Why do you want me to meet her?”

“Because I think you two will be perfect for each other”

He looked puzzled. “I thought…”

“Listen honey I’m 27 years older than you. This is fun but you need someone younger. Someone to be the love of your life. I’m just the lustful lover of your youth. My friend is perfect for you. She’s gorgeous…she’s got nice boobs too” I chuckled as I began to describe in detail her personality.

“What’s her name?”


“The same name as my mother”

“What a coincidence”

He fell asleep that night a little quicker than normal thanks to the drink I mixed him. I managed to drag him downstairs to the ‘room of love’. This is where he and his mother would become lovers. I had set it up with all kind of bondage devices so there would be no chance of resistance. I won’t bore you with the details but I could strap either one of them to the bed chair or wall. I also had a whip that I would use to punish disobedience.

I placed a body harness on him that would allow me to lift him with a hydraulic lift that ran on a rail into the next room where his mother now lay. She too would be fitted with a harness. I strapped him down to the bed and began my preparations.

He awoke at dawn strapped into his harness and tied to the bed. He looked up at me in shock. I had placed a gag in his mouth so his mother wouldn’t hear him. I had done the same to her as well. I was dressed in black leather and had the whip in my hand. “Forgot to tell you my sweet” I growled. “That before you get the woman of your dreams a little more training is required…it’s called obedience training. You will learn to love her but you must always obey me…is that clear”

He just stared up at me. I snapped my whip against his bare thigh. He quickly nodded. “Any disobedience in the next few days will be punished. If I say jump you jump, if I say fuck you fuck…clear?” He nodded unsure why any of this was necessary. I didn’t have sex with him that day and didn’t allow him to masturbate. By tomorrow when he met the woman of his dreams he would be very horny. I let him walk around with a lease tied to his neck and his hand cuffed in front of him. I asked him to perform various tasks and he learned to obey quickly.

After I tied him to the bed I went to his mother’s room and went through the same with her. She had been tied up for a week so this was just part of the game. A few smacks on her large bare bottom and she realized I meant business. After escort beşiktaş a few hours I tied her back up to the bed and went upstairs to get some needed rest. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


“Today you meet your prince charming,” I said lovingly stroking Marilyn’s pussy getting her wet and ready for her son. She groaned into her gag. I had already made up her face to look like a cheap whore. Lots of eyeshadow and lipstick. Then I had replaced the gag. “I will remove the gag after you have met. He’s in the next room…want to meet him?”

The look in her eyes said ‘meet him like this’. “It’s a little strange I admit,” I said plainly. “All will make sense shortly.” I attached her harness to the lift and she rose off the bed. I then tied her legs up so she appeared to be squatting in mid-air with her legs spread wide apart.

I had already tied her son to a chair and got him erect with a few skillful strokes of my hand. Then I had placed a ring at the base of his penis to keep him stiff until orgasm. I now moved Marilyn over to the door. I stood in the doorway where I could see both of them but they could not see each other. “Are you two ready to meet?” They both nodded muffled affirmative heard through their respective gags.

I then pulled Marilyn into view and stood back. “James this is Marilyn, Marilyn this is James. I just know the 2 of you are going to hit it off.”

Marilyn’s eyes widened and she screamed into her gag. “I told you he was cute and look at the size of his cock” I whispered in her ear. I thought to myself, the last time she had something that large in her pussy was when she was giving birth to him. “I’ve spent the last month training him to be the most wonderful lover for you.”

She was now trying to escape from her harness but it held her fast. “You’re not going to get away, so don’t try. Now let’s get started.” I went over to James and made a few adjustments to his chair. “Didn’t I tell you she was drop dead gorgeous” I said kissing his cheek. He just moaned struggling to escape but there was no escape from what was meant to be. His eyes were glued to his mother. Made up to look like a slut, dangling from the ceiling completely naked and legs spread invitingly wide. I now removed his gag. “You are forbidden from speaking to one another.” I said snapping me whip to emphasize the point. “Who needs words when you’re making love anyway.” I laughed.

I walked over to her and removed her gag. She immediately began screaming for help. “The room is soundproof so you may as well be quiet. Of course once you get that monster up your pussy you may moan with pleasure” I laughed and she just glared at me.

I started pulling her over to her son. “Please don’t do this please” she sobbed.

“This is for you own good so stop complaining.”

I pulled Marilyn over until she was hovering over her son. I moved her close so his head was pressed into her cleavage. “I told you she had nice boobs” I whispered in his ear. Marilyn gasped and she closed her eyes as her son’s head was buried between her breasts. “Why are you doing this” she sobbed.

“I told you I would find you the perfect man for you and I have.” I replied matter of factly. “Now I will convince you of that”

I pulled his hands up and strapped his wrists to her belt. His palms and fingers I then pressed to her firm round ass. She shuddered and took a deep breath heaving her ample bosom into her son’s face. He tried to curl his fingers up so they didn’t touch his mother’s smooth naked flesh. “Keep them there” I ordered.

His fingers lay back down. Soon they would be squeezing her ass firmly. But first I had to join them in a way a mother and son should never be joined but in a way I knew was so right for them.

His penis was erect and pointed upwards to his mother pussy only an inch above. I pushed the button and slowly lowered her until they could both feel the tip of his young penis touch the now moist lips of his mother’s pussy. “No please, please don’t do this I beg of you” she sobbed.

“This is for your own good” I said “You will thank me for this in time”

I let them contemplate what was about to happen. “In a moment you will cease to be mother and son” I said, “You will be lovers. You may feel this is wrong but soon, very soon it won’t really matter because it will be done. So you may as well enjoy it…I know I certainly will.” At that I pulled his face from his Mothers boobs and pressed my lips to his and kissed him deeply “This is the moment I prepared you for my love” I sighed. “It’s hard to give you up to another woman, but I only want what is best for you”

I then kissed Marilyn hard and long. “Enjoy this young man as much as I have. He is one hell of a good fuck. Forget your inhibitions and fears…this is meant to be” I kissed her trembling lips again and gazed into her misty wide eyes. I pressed the button and she slowly began to lower. “No-ooooh,” she groaned as her sons massive prick parted her slick pussy lips and eased into her. I let the penetration proceed slowly and deliciously. Marilyn would feel every long hard inch slide into her and that would make her pussy lubricate. Once that happened the rest would come naturally I hoped. Both were now gasping as his huge penis returned to the point of its origin. His mothers warm loving womb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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