The Perfect Evening

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Big Tits

Phil and Becky had been going out with each other now for five months, they had both confessed that they were virgins, it was something they were prepared to wait until the time was right to change.

They had both just finished there A-Level’s at college, the results had come through the post and they had both got excellent grades. So as a celebration Phil had arranged a perfect evening for them. He hired a limo to take them to the best restaurant in town for a very expensive meal. They both had a brilliant time, they drank wine with there meal and shared stories of there childhood, after they had finished there meal Phil told Becky for the first time ‘I love you’ she smiled at him and told him the same, they both shared a kiss as they got up and left for home. They got in the limo and drank some of the drinks on offer in the fridge it was a 20 minute drive back to Phil’s house, His parents were away for the weekend so they had the entire house to themselves.

They got out of the limo and entered the house, which Phil had lit with candles Becky smiled at him and said ‘I am impressed’

Phil smiled back and kissed her softly and led her up stairs into his bedroom, he opened the door and he let Becky enter the room first, the room was also lit with candles, Becky looked towards the bed and she saw it was covered with pink rose petals, he had remembered a discussion they had a few days ago about how Becky pictured her perfect evening, and so far he had got every detail correct.

Becky turned to him and she smiled and they shared a cuddle, Becky whispered into Phil’s ear ‘I love you, this is perfect, this is how I always pictured my first time’ Phil smiled again and they locked into a deep passionate kiss.

They both sat on the bed and began to lay back onto it, Phil began to run his hands all over Becky’s body he began to think to himself how lucky he was, Becky simply was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, every day he had to remind himself he was not dreaming, he admits he isn’t exactly the next Brad Pitt so he knew just how lucky he was to be with such a beautiful girl, he is feeling very nervous about what is about to happen, he loves Becky so much and he doesn’t want to disappoint her,

‘What if I do things wrong? What if I hurt her?’ these were just a few of the question going through his mind at the moment, he cares about this girl so much he just wants Kurtköy Escort everything to be perfect, he wants to make sure this will be a night that they will both never forget, what he didn’t know was Becky was feeling the same way. They just lay there kissing for about 15 minutes, both too nervous to make the first move. To Phil’s surprise it was Becky who made the first move…she run her hand down his chest and down over his stomach and down the front of his trousers, she could feel just how excited he was now and she couldn’t wait to get her lips around it.

She began to undo his trousers, it was then she broke the kiss and move down the bed to pull his trousers down, then she kissed back up the inside of his leg, not knowing just how much Phil enjoyed this until she could feel him wriggling around, she carried on kissing up his leg until she reached his boxer shorts, she pulled them down a little bit revealing his hard 8 inch erection, she looked up at him and smiled as she put her hand round it and began to stroke his dick up and down, Phil let out a very quiet moan as she began to do this, he had been imagining this moment for along time, but he never imagined it would feel half this good. Becky then pulled his boxer shorts all the way down and carried on stroking Phil hard cock for a few minutes before slowly lowering her lips toward the head of his dick, she let her tongue come out a little and she run it gently over the head of his dick which just teased Phil too much, he knew he could just come there right now, but he held it back knowing it was going to get better, Becky started to lick his dick up and down this made Phil moan once more, then Becky opened her mouth wide and began to take Phil’s dick in her mouth, trying to get as much in as she could, once she had she began to move her head up and down, sucking gently and running her tongue round the head of his dick Phil was in ecstasy right now he had never felt anything like this before Becky could tell he was enjoying it so she began to pickup the pace a bit and suck harder, Phil was moaning very load now he couldn’t believe this was happening he really was the luckiest guy alive, Becky lifted her head up, much to Phil’s disappointment,

‘Tell me when your ready, I wonna make sure I get it all, don’t wonna waste any of it’ Becky said with a cheeky grin on her face, all Phil could do was nod, and Becky went Maltepe Escort back down and carried on her work. After about 10 minutes Phil could not hold on any longer he told Becky he was about to cum and she started sucking as hard as she could, wanting to milk him of everything she could, Phil started moaning loud as he skirted his hot cum into Becky’s mouth, her trying not to let any of it dribble out as she swallowed it. Phil Started to soften and Becky let him slide out of her mouth and she smiled at him, she moved back up to kiss him

‘That was amazing!’ Phil said still in ecstasy from what was the best experience of his life ‘But now its your turn’ he said, as he began to kiss her once again but slowly undone her dress, and started to pull the straps down from over her shoulders, he lifted her up off the bed so that the dress could just slip down, they were kissing again, Phil stood there in just his shirt, and Becky in her Bra and thong kissing in this middle of the room, Phil’s hands ran down the back of her body slowly grabbing her firm sexy ass, he then moved them back up and unclipped her bra and he took the straps down and let it fall to the floor on it own, they moved back to the bed where Phil began to kiss down Becky’s neck and down to her perfect breasts, he began to kiss them giving each one equal treatment, then he began to run his tongue round and round her nipples making them quickly become very hard, so with this he began to suck on them, Becky letting small moans escape her mouth, he nibbled on her nipples gently, Becky let out a louder moan enjoying the treatment she was getting, as he was doing this Phil ran his hand up the inside of her leg and let his finger gently and slowly run over her pussy, feeling just how wet she was he knew just how much she was enjoying it, so he playfully let his finger slide inside her thong and run across the top of her pussy lips, making her squirm on the bed a little. He began to slowly take off her thong trying not to let her nipple leave his mouth but eventually he had to, so he kissed down her stomach and carried on taking her thong off, once he had taken it off he kissed her again and began to slowly slide a finger into her wet pussy, she let out a loud moan, this was like nothing she had imagined she had never felt anything like this before she didn’t think it could get any better than this, but she was wrong things Tuzla Escort where about to get even better.

He started to slide his finger in and out even faster, sliding a second finger in, making Becky moan louder, he then quickly stops and pulls his fingers out, Becky has a confused and disappointed look on her face, but Phil simply looked at her and smiled, and move his mouth down towards her wet pussy, she could feel him breathing which makes his her squirm around a little before he slides his tongue out and begins to lick her wet pussy, his technique he was using was driving Becky wild, she had never felt anything as good as this, she was close to orgasm right there and then, she put her hands on his head and pushes him down closer wrapping her legs around him just trying to keep control of herself.

After 10 minutes of this she burst out almost screaming

‘Fuck me fuck me now’

Phil not wanting to disappointing her quickly moves into position, he spreads her legs, and puts the head of his again very hard dick resting against the lips of her soaking wet pussy, he kisses her once more and whispers into her ear ‘I love you’ she smiles, breathing hard and tells him the same, with that he slowly starts to slide his dick into her pussy, he slowly slides it in bit by bit until he was hitting her hymen gently Phil warned her it may hurt but she simply replied ‘Please just do it, and then fuck me hard’ with that Phil slid his dick in once again this time impaling himself into her, Becky let out a little cry of pain but then started to moan once again once they got into a rhythm. They both settled into a nice steady rhythm that they are both enjoying, Becky is moaning with every thrust that he makes into her, he is slowly starting to pick up the pace, trying to push his dick in further and further with every thrust he makes.

They are both moaning loudly now, both enjoying there first experience, Phil can feel that feeling telling him he is almost ready, and he tells Becky, she tells him to go faster and harder which he does, he is now fucking her so hard, his balls now slapping off her with every thrust, Becky is beginning to scream as she nears her orgasm, Phil is trying to hold on so they can both enjoy there orgasms together.

‘Yes Phil, Oh my god im going to cum, YES! Oh baby im cumming, I’m cumming!!!’

Phil allows himself to start cumming too, and they both share their juices, both moaning as they enjoy the best feeling of there lives, he begins to slow down his pace, both of them breathing heavily, Phil lays down next to Becky, they share another passionate kiss and they cuddle up and both drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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