The Phoenix Ch. 01: A New Life

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Our story takes place in a futuristic world where massive spaceships capable of supporting life for millions of individuals roam the galaxy. One of those ships is ‘The Phoenix’, a gargantuan ship home to a hundred million people. It was once a republic governed by democracy but in a bloody coup came under control of a single person, a dictator nicknamed by his subjects as ‘The All Seer’, a name he earned after putting up cameras in every single public place; including bathrooms. The life even for a dictator can be tedious however and for his enjoyment he regularly arranges sex competitions, competitions where the rewards are high and the risks are just as high. We will follow one such competitor as he risks more than he can afford to lose for the opportunity of winning the ultimate prize.

This is a long form erotic novella, if you’re looking for a quick jerk it might not be the best read as skipping ahead will leave you wondering what’s going on. Now, with that disclaimer out of the way I wish you a happy and perverted reading.

Chapter 01: A new Life

Ricky woke up feeling anxious, today was the first day of the competition and he didn’t quite know what to expect. He had slept alone in a hotel for the very first time and hadn’t slept well. Maybe it was because of what happened yesterday. When his father had not been able to convince him to abort his bid to join the sex competition he had resorted to disowning him. His father’s last words to him still rung in his ears, “I won’t forgive you for this Ricky, not for this! You’re not my son anymore!” he had barked red-faced with anger.

Mom hadn’t been quite as cruel but she was not happy with what he was doing either and hadn’t even hugged him goodbye when he left. Ricky suspected their strong reaction was mostly due to the fact that the competition would be televised for all to see and not so much personal concern for him. They didn’t want him to embarrass them but he didn’t give a damn how many people would see him having sex naked on TV, he had always enjoyed watching the show and wishing he was in it.

When the same year he turned eighteen the show also coincidentally announced that it sought eighteen year old men to apply, Ricky jumped at the opportunity and immediately sent in his application. While he had sent in an application he by no means expected to get chosen however so he was still taken by complete surprise when he learnt that he had been.

The show was not without its risks but he had put his fears aside and signed the contract. The allure of winning the prize was forthmost on his mind, the prize wasn’t just money or fame or something materialistic; it was an elixir of youth. Science had progressed so far that they were now able to halt the aging process completely, but out of fear of overpopulation ‘The All Seer’ had restricted the availability of the elixir to only a select few people. At first only the most highly accomplished scientists and businessmen along with his most loyal military commanders had been allowed to consume it, but recently ‘The All Seer’ had begun awarding it as a prize to the most accomplished sportsmen and artists, and the last two years the winners of his sex competition had also been granted the potion.

The number of applicants had of course skyrocketed as a result and Ricky never seriously thought he’d get on the show until he found out that he had. He knew this was his only chance at getting his hands on that elixir as he was never going to be an athlete or an artist of the kind of caliber required to be awarded the elixir of youth. And he was certainly not going to rise to the top as a businessman, scientist or in the military. This was his only chance to potentially attain eternal life, and he was going to take it!

Ricky looked at the clock next to the bed and calmed down a bit, it was four hours until the competition would start so he had plenty of time. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and went to the bathroom to pee. Before taking a leak he splashed some water in his face and ruffled his shoulder long wavy brown hair. Ricky concluded he was going to have to fix himself up quite a bit as he looked dead tired. His dark blue eyes were strained and some pimples had popped up over night on his fair, slightly reddened cheeks. He ran his fingers over his thin and pronounced jawline to assess if there was anything to shave but it didn’t feel like there was, he didn’t have a lot of facial hair growth but then again he was only eighteen so perhaps that would come with age. He laughed to himself as he realized that if he won the prize he’d never find out, he’d be eighteen forever. His smile faded away and turned into a determined grimace, he was going to win that prize, whatever it took!

Ricky made his way to the toilet, pulled down his trousers and took aim at the opened toilet with his long cock. He figured the fact his penis was so large had heavily factored into how he got chosen, he didn’t look bad but he was not a supermodel, his cock however was quite the specimen. At Escort bayan 11 inches in length and 9 inches in girth it was nothing short of spectacular and he had highlighted as much in the nude photos he sent to the show. He figured they must’ve been very impressed as they picked him.

Little did they know he wasn’t very experienced in using it however. He had only been with one girl and it had been a total disaster. He couldn’t put it in her pussy because of its size and when she resorted to blowing him he had ejaculated almost immediately, shooting large amounts of sperm down her unsuspecting throat. She had proceeded to barf all over the bed before running away as soon as she could. He had never heard from her again or had sex since.

Ricky hoped his lack of experience wouldn’t hurt his chances too much however, he had after all practiced holding his load in extensively since then and hopefully he would be able to do so when it came down to the competition as well.

He spent the next few hours getting ready and when it was less than an hour left he grabbed his bags, locked the door behind him, handed the receptionist the keys and set about on his brand new adventure.

Traveling to the location had been easy, he was able to take ‘The Worm’ to within a few hundred yards of where he was going and simply walked the rest of the distance. ‘The Worm’ was a long, round train that traveled inside major walls of the ship, its route crisscrossed the whole ship and frequently took sharp, 90 degree turns which enabled it to travel up and down and not just sideways. If you weren’t tied to your seat one of those turns would kill you instantly as it traveled close to the speed of sound. Fortunately all passengers were closely tied up and to prevent head trauma passengers’ heads were firmly tied to their seats as well. There had been accidents with malfunctioning equipment that lead to causalities but they were so few and far between that no one really even considered it a risk.

To remember the exact address Ricky had brought his computer pad with him, ’21, CD, Richmond Avenue,
12′ it read on the little screen. He kept glancing down at his pad as he made his way through the streets but when he arrived at the exact location there was no need to double check if it was right. On the front of the building, right above the revolving doors, a large neon sign said ‘Sexpedition HQ’.

He walked in through the revolving doors and was immediately greeted by the sight of an attractive looking red-haired receptionist sitting behind a desk; he didn’t see anybody else in the waiting room so he made his way to her.

The receptionist smiled sweetly at him as he approached her, “You’re one of the contestants aren’t you?” she asked before he could say anything.

“Yeah, how did you know?” he asked as he put down his bags.

The receptionist drummed her long red nails rhythmically on the counter, “Well you’re young, you look lost, and a bit nervous.” she said and tilted her head, smiling playfully at him as she did so.

Ricky balked at her claim he was nervous, “I’m not nervous.” he asserted, “I’m just…excited.”

“Sure you are.” the receptionist said and smirked, “So what’s your name then hunny?”

Ricky didn’t like being called ‘hunny’ so patronizingly but responded anyway, “Ricky, Ricky Stratton.”

She typed his name into the computer and checked him in.

“You can go through that door over there.” she said and pointed at a door to his left, “Someone will come pick you up soon enough.” she added and gave him a parting smile.

“Okay.” Ricky said hesitantly and picked up his bags.

“Good luck!” the receptionist called after him as he made his way through the door.

“Thanks!” he replied as the door shut behind him.

He found himself in a long straight hallway, he saw a door at the end of the hall and headed towards it. The room it lead into was another waiting room by the looks of it, he saw no one else and in this room there was not even a receptionist, just a couple of couches and a few closed doors. Ricky sat down in the couch closest to him and waited, it took about five minutes before someone showed up; it was an extremely tall and muscular black-bearded man who did not look pleasant.

“Mr. Stratton.” he said with a coarse voice.

“Yes.” Ricky replied quickly and jolted up from his seat; he had no intention of getting on this man’s bad side.

“This way.” the man said abruptly and pointed with his right hand towards the door he came from.

Ricky grabbed his bags but before he could lift them up the tall bearded man interrupted his motion with his deep coarse voice, “Leave your bags, they will be taken cared off.” he said and Ricky let go of his bags.

He had to jog to keep up with the man’s long strides as they made their way through the next hallway, Ricky was about average height and weight and as such was not used to feel tiny, but the man in front of him must’ve been close to seven feet tall and twice as heavy Bayan escort as him. He made him feel like a small child.

Suddenly the man stopped walking and knocked on a door to his left, a calm female voice replied, “Come in.”

The massive man opened the door and ushered Ricky in as he stayed outside, he barely made it in before the man closed the door behind him.

“I hope Gerald didn’t scare you.” said a sweet looking blonde woman in her mid forties sitting behind a desk.

The room he had walked into was small and there were only two people in it, him and this friendly looking middle aged woman.

Before Ricky could answer the woman added, “He’s a little jaded at the moment, lots of things to do and many places to be in.” she said and smiled pleasantly.

“Oh, no worries, he didn’t scare me.” Ricky responded quickly, “I understand things might be a little hectic right now.”

“It always is at the start of a new season. But it gets better when the season starts.” she said and smiled kindly, “You can take a seat if you want.” the woman said and pointed to a chair at the other end of the desk.

“Of course.” he said and sat down across from her at the desk.

Ricky felt himself relax, he much preferred this woman to ‘Gerald’.

“So, I take it you’ve read the contract you signed?” she said and smiled.

“Yes. I know what I’m in for, if that’s what you’re asking?” he said and returned her smile.

“That’s exactly what I’m asking.” the woman said and began fiddling with her computer, “I just need to make sure you understand some of the more significant consequences of the contract before I can clear you to participate in the competition. Okay?”

“Okay.” Ricky said and leaned back in the chair.

“When we’re done here Gerald will take you to the competition, so this will be your last chance to change your mind if you want to.”

“I’m not gonna change my mind.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear.” she said and smiled politely, “But I still have to read some of terms of agreement out loud.”

“Of course.” Ricky replied.

With her eyes on the computer screen the woman started reading out loud, “Do you consent to having all your freedoms temporarily suspended for the duration of the competition?” she asked in a formal tone of voice.

“Yes.” Ricky replied quickly.

“Do you understand that the duration in question is up to seventeen weeks?”


“Do you understand that failing to win the competition will result in a to you unknown punishment that may include extreme physical harm and/or extreme psychological harm?”

“Yes…yes I do.” Ricky said with some hesitation in his voice, the woman briefly glanced up at him before returning her eyes to the screen as she continued reading the next question out loud.

“Do you understand that attempting to abort the competition is not allowed and will result in the same punishment as failing to win it?”


“Do you understand that the competition will be broadcasted live for everyone to see?”


“Do you acknowledge that Sexpedition Entertainment® has properly informed you of the terms of the competition?”


“Okay.” the woman said with a smile as she stood up from her chair, “Welcome aboard the show, Ricky!” she said and stretched out her hand.

He stood up and shook her hand, “Thanks!” he said and smiled back.

“Gerald!” the woman called out and the tall black-bearded man immediately opened the door.

“Would you mind escorting Mr. Stratton to the competition?”

“Follow me!” Gerald said without as much as looking at either of them.

Ricky jogged along as he followed Gerald through a myriad of hallways. They eventually ended up walking through a wide hallway where there was a massive, reinforced door. Gerald tapped a couple of tangents on a wall mounted keypad and the huge door swung open. Ricky took for given that he was supposed to walk through the door but Gerald stuck out his massive arm and prevented him from doing so.

The seven feet tall man locked eyes with Ricky as he began to speak, “This is where it begins kid, if you put up a fuzz and refuse to do what they tell you in there, you lose, and trust me you don’t want to lose. Understood?”

Ricky felt a little annoyed, he knew what he was getting himself into and didn’t want to be babied, “I understand perfectly well thank you very much.” he said and pulled the man’s arm off him.

He heard a harsh, almost cruel laugh behind him as he walked through the opened door, “You’ve got no idea what you’re in for kid! It’s not like previous installations, they’ve changed things!”

Ricky turned around and saw the huge bearded man looking dangerously at him as the door began to close between them, “What exactly have they changed?” he asked.

“You’ll see soon enough.” he said and flashed Ricky a yellow smile.

The door closed between them and Ricky felt a shiver run along his spine, ‘What were these ‘changes’?’ Escort he wondered. He tried to shrug off the feeling of unease as best he could, Gerald was obviously trying to scare him he reasoned. ‘He probably gets a kick out of scaring people.’ Ricky concluded and surveyed the room he was in. It was large square room with very high ceiling and several doors leading out of it.

He felt a bit lost; he had not been told where to go or what to do once he got inside. Fortunately Ricky didn’t have to wonder where to go for too long before a door swung open and a tall, skinny black-haired woman in her late thirties walked out, she wore tall high heels that clacked loudly with every step she took. He reduced the distance she had to walk by meeting her halfway; he stretched out his hand but she didn’t shake it.

“Welcome to Sexpedition.” she said quickly and kept her hands behind her back.

“Thanks very much I…”

The woman paid no attention to his response and simply cut him off, “Pleasure to meet you, now go through that door over there and take off your clothes.” she said emotionlessly and pointed at one of the doors to his left.

Momentarily shocked, Ricky couldn’t find any words and simply stared at her for a second. She made a face like she was annoyed he didn’t do what she asked of him.

“Very little time to chat unfortunately, we’re live in twenty minutes.” she said and looked at him impatiently.

“Okay…I understand.” Ricky said as he started to regain his composure.

“Excellent.” the woman said and turned around, her high heels clacked loudly as she hurried back towards the door she came from.

Ricky walked towards the door he had been directed to and felt a knot form in his stomach, ‘Why had she been so cold towards him? She almost made Gerald seem pleasant in comparison. And would they really be live that soon?’

As he approached the door he could hear several different voices talking, he walked in and saw to his surprise a dozen other young men his own age, all completely naked, sitting on wooden chairs. When he walked in they all got quiet and looked at him. He felt like the new kid at school all of a sudden.

“Uhm, hi!” he said awkwardly.

He was met by several polite ‘Hello’s’ but no one said anything further to him.

“So…do we just sit here and wait?” Ricky asked as he scratched his head.

“Yeah, until someone comes and picks us up I guess.” a tall blonde guy said and shrugged his shoulders, “She told you to get naked right?” he asked inquiringly.

“Yeah, she did.” Ricky replied and began uncomfortably to remove his clothes until he was as naked as the rest of them.

He sat down on a chair and kept a low profile, he was not in the mood to chat and especially not with his competitors. He couldn’t have been the only one who felt that way as most of the guys were silent, there were some however who never seemed to shut up and Ricky was forced to listen to their endless stream of words. A short brown-haired guy a couple of feet away from him was bragging about his sexual conquests, they seemed so outlandish Ricky thought they must be lies. He seriously doubted the guy had ever been in an eightsome, and even less so an eightsome with seven women.

Some of the guys were speculating about potential changes this year and Ricky couldn’t help but to pay extra attention to their conversation.

“I’ve heard they’re going to do revolving partners this time, no set partners at all, every guy has sex with every girl once.” a stocky brown-haired guy said.

“That’s not what I’ve heard.” a tall lanky red-haired guy said, “I know a guy who knows someone in the production crew and he said there would be partners but that partners could be traded.”

“Traded? That sounds weird, how would they even do that?” the stocky brown-haired guy asked skeptically.

“I don’t know, it’s just what I’ve heard.” the red-haired guy replied defensively and crossed his arms.

“I’ve heard they’re going to have female on female and male on male action this season.” a heavily freckled brown-haired guy said.

The whole room grew silent and everyone looked at him angrily.

He quickly backtracked, “That’s just what I’ve heard…j-just a rumour that’s all.” he said nervously and folded his eyes.

“They better not fucking do that!” the stocky brown-haired guy said loudly, “If they do that we riot okay? Everybody in on that?” he asked and looked around the room.

Many guys agreed passionately and Ricky found himself lending his voice to the chorus. He didn’t know what to do if that happened as he hadn’t even considered gay sex to be possibility on the show. The contract didn’t reveal anything about what they were going to do in the competition so he guessed that technically they could be asked to have sex with other males, but it had never been a feature on the show before so it would truly come out of nowhere. Ricky waited with a growing feeling of unease as the rest of the male contestants showed up, it wasn’t long before there were no chairs left which Ricky figured meant that everybody on the male side had showed up; he counted to sixteen of them. A few minutes after the last one had turned up the tall black-haired woman he had recently met appeared in the doorway.

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