The Photographer Pt. 02

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Author Note: Thanks to all for the great feedback on the first part of this story. Here is the second part and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Chapter 1

Justin Cavalier was a little nervous. Two days ago, he had been in a precarious position with Sophie. His confidant and best friend’s wife. It wasn’t what he had planned nor thought about during the lead up to the photo shoot. It just happened. Twice. Sophie had somehow convinced him to do it all over again, but this time, they went a little bit further. That was the sticking point for him, with her comment burned into the forefront of his mind. He replayed that scene over and over in his head all the time, unable to get any respite from it. Like the first time, he had ejaculated all over her womanhood but the second time, Sophie moved forward and took the tip of his cock inside her. She had expressed that she wanted it all the way in, but he pulled back so the head was just resting on her labia. He loved the feeling in the moment, but it was what she said after that changed everything. That comment was stuck in his brain. Sophie had said, ‘It’s not fucking you know…’ Guilt had started to infiltrate his thoughts, the concern that he had cheated on his wife Bethany, given that he still felt loyalty to his wife, even after all this time. Some of it still felt raw, as though he was doing something wrong, even if part of him was ready to move on from her. But he just wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing or going about it the right way. Not only that, but he was concerned about what Hank, her husband, would think about it. After all, he had just basically committed adultery with Hank’s wife. Time would definitely tell in this case.

The dirty dozen were a close-knit group of friends. They were intimate with each other, knowing things that even their respective families didn’t know. But on this occasion, Justin was loathe to let on that anything had happened between him and Sophie, even if she was fine with it and said Hank wouldn’t care. He wasn’t sure how it would be taken and was a little nervous about it all. Especially given Justin was shooting Hank today, as well as Julia’s husband David. Justin would have to pull on all his experience to keep it thoroughly professional.

“Miriam, are you able to get that light?” Justin asked pointing at the stand to her side. They had already discussed what was needed today and how it was going to work, so Miriam knew exactly what he wanted. “Thanks.”

Justin picked up the camera just as Hank and David strolled out in towels wrapped around their waists. It wasn’t the usual get up, with everyone up until this point opting for robes, but he knew Hank would want to show off. Now it seemed David did too.

“This is going to be interesting,” Miriam said with a smirk.

Justin noticed she was eyeing them up and down, the toned body of Hank a treat for most women. David wasn’t looking too shabby either. David was a head height taller than Hank, his blonde locks styled professionally. His hair was slick back, giving him the Hollywood look, which only enhanced his chiselled features and bright white smile. There was never any doubt in what attracted Julia to him, he was a very handsome man.

“Don’t I know it,” Justin said causing Miriam to laugh. “Ok boys, let’s get this show on the road.”

“Like this?” Hank said dropping his towel and standing there posing like a Greek god. He was hamming it up but also exerting himself which he often did when it came to the looks department. Justin always knew he was a little self-absorbed.

“Oh my god,” Miriam said covering her mouth with her hand in embarrassment.

“No, I think he means like this,” David said dropping his towel and looking like Michelangelo’s statue of David.

“Christ. Knock it off fellas. This is serious,” Justin said trying to get them into position on the stage. Both David and Hank laughed, giving each other high fives, before moving onto the set.

“Maybe not as interesting as I first thought,” Miriam said raising an eyebrow and then looking at Justin with a cheeky look. She held up her pinkie finger and wiggled it, indicating what she thought of their respective manhood’s. “Giddy up, little boy.”

She snickered which caused Justin to almost burst out laughing. It wasn’t her usual phrase, but it suited this moment perfectly.

“Don’t be cheeky,” Justin said trying not to smirk, before directing the two men to stand in the right positions. “Miri, can you make sure they are on point?”

“Sure,” Miriam said her grin wide. “Ok boys. Stand here and here. We would like you to move in and out of the shadows, so we can highlight your physiques.”

“Thanks Miriam,” Hank said manhandling David into a spot across from him. David then grabbed Hank and tried to wrestle with him, the two men fooling around as though they were in the playground.

“Shit fellas! Just stand still while gaziantep bayan escort ilanları I take a few test shots, please!?” Justin said bringing the camera up. It was going to be a long session if he couldn’t get the two men to behave.

Both Hank and David cooled it off for a moment, standing in their spots and posing for the camera. Justin snapped away, moving around in front of them and then moved next to Miriam to look at the test photos.

“Take a minute guys. Just checking these photos and then I’ll get you to do some serious poses,” Justin said not looking up at them. He and Miriam scanned the photos, happy with how they looked and moved back into position.

Hank and David were play fighting again, moving around the lighting on set. Justin shook his head and looked at Miriam who seemed to be embarrassed by how juvenile the two men were being. Justin knew they were mischievous, but Hank was definitely more excited than normal with David around.

“Justin, what do you think about a photo with this?” Hank asked suddenly sporting an erection. Miriam closed her eyes and turned away; it wasn’t what she was expecting. It’s not that she was a prude by any measure, it was just not that exciting to look at and she didn’t want to seem belittling in any way. Justin shook his head.

“Hank, geez, can you knock off the hard-on?” Justin asked feeling a little uncomfortable around his best friend. It wasn’t the first time he had seen it, there had been many wild parties over the years, but being this brash without alcohol was a little concerning. “I think maybe I need to shoot you and David separately.”

“It’s all good Justin. We’ll work on it. There’s just something about being naked around, ah, Miriam that is, well, you know,” Hank said with a nervous smile. Justin wasn’t used to seeing his friend this way, and knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Justin, we’re good. Let’s just get these shots done and we can call it a day,” David said with a nod. He too had an erection which was getting in the way of the artistic shots Justin was going for. He was more impressive than Hank, but it was still uncalled for given the aesthetic Justin wanted for the book.

“Ok, maybe we can hide them in the shadows a bit more,” Justin said as David and Hank moved into other positions close by each other. He wanted to get on with this and get the job done quickly. Justin didn’t want any more surprises. “Miri, can you flick that switch?”

“Absolutely,” Miriam said walking over to the lighting panel and turning off the overhead light. She tried her best to remain professional, but this was challenging given that the studio had never done anything like this before. “I didn’t know they were so happy to see me.”

“Me either,” Justin said as Miriam moved beside him and laughed. “What?”

“Well, somehow, I don’t think it’s me they’re happy to see,” Miriam said with a smirk and a wink. Suddenly Justin saw it. Hank and David had been touching each other all session and now it seemed to be making a bit more sense.

“Nah, they’re just horsing around,” Justin said which caused Miriam to nudge him slightly.

“Blind as a bat,” Miriam said under her breath. She smiled and shook her head.

“I heard that,” Justin said as Miriam put a comforting hand on his shoulder and moved back a little to give Justin room to move. “Ok fellas. Flex for me and then we can get this done.”

“Make sure you get my butt, it’ll make the book,” Hank said flexing his buttocks and turning around.

“I’ll get it, just flex and pose so that I can get the lines and angles. The public will love it, trust me,” Justin said bringing the camera up and snapping away again. Hank and David moved around the set, flexing and trying poses as Justin sparred with them.

“Did Sophie’s session go well?” Hank asked which caused Justin to freeze for a moment. He was hoping he would be able to get through this session without any questions. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen. He looked over at Miriam who had a smirk written all over her face that she was trying to hide, and which made Justin curious as to what that was about. She gave him a look of wonder but before Justin could ask her anything, she shrugged her shoulders and laughed. Obviously, she knew something he didn’t, but he couldn’t focus on that now, he needed to make sure Hank didn’t suspect anything.

“Ah, yeah. The photos turned out great,” Justin replied trying to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. The last thing he needed was for Hank to be suspicious.

“She said she had a ball of a time. Was a little nervous, but she said she drove it home at the end,” Hank said flexing and posing at Justin took photos. “Was happy to take one for the team.”

“She did indeed. Soph’s a real trooper. Showed incredible fortitude,” Justin said wanting this discussion to be over with. He wasn’t sure gaziantep escort bayan ilanları what more he could say without talking about him and Sophie masturbating. It just wouldn’t be right. Justin felt his stomach constrict and his heart rate rise, hoping he hadn’t let anything out of the bag. He noticed Miriam was trying hard not to laugh, her face turning red as she suppressed whatever it was going on with her.

“She is that. Soph said she was stuffed after the session, I can now see why,” Hank said moving in front of the camera and holding as Justin moved and captured them both. “I’m feeling it.”

“You’re just soft,” David said ribbing his posing partner.

“I wasn’t before,” Hank said causing them both to laugh. Justin and Miriam both rolled their eyes and continued on like nothing happened.

At least for Justin the subject had moved away from his session with Sophie, so that was a good thing. Miriam moved closer to Justin and leaned into to whisper into his ear.

“I’d love to see Sophie’s photos,” Miriam said quietly. “How they turned out.”

Justin looked at her, trying to keep calm. Was there some game she was playing or was she just being genuine about wanting to see the photos? He couldn’t let that get to him, so he decided to keep it all above board. Not let on that anything happened and act as though everything was fine.

“How about we look at them after this session? Then I can get you to edit them if you like, what do you think?” Justin asked wanting to train Miriam further and help develop a style for the studio. One that had a consistent look and feel, that they’d be known for. And, so he could gauge her reaction.

“You mean it? You’re serious right?” Miriam replied excitedly. Thankfully it just seemed she was keen to take on a larger role, which allowed Justin to calm down. Perhaps there wasn’t anything behind her wanting to see the photos. She was just genuinely interested as she had been in the whole project so far.

“I am indeed,” Justin said smiling. “Let’s finish with these two and then we can get to work, okay?”

“Done!” Miriam said excitedly. “Giddy up, big boy!” She suddenly appeared to have a new-found energy, a bounce in her step. Justin was happy the he was able to move on and get back to focusing on the book. There was still a quiet voice in his head creating doubt that the situation with Sophie wasn’t quite resolved. But with Margy arriving tomorrow it could wait, his excitement to see his sister in law drowning out any niggling voices. This was his time to be happy. Or so he hoped anyway.

Chapter 2

Justin pottered around the house making sure it was clean and tidy. It had been some time since he had a guest come and stay. He double checked everything since he felt so out of practice. Running his eyes over the bedroom, he then darted to the bathroom and then the lounge, feeling anxious that he wasn’t ready. However, it would have to wait since his guest had arrived. The doorbell announcing the moment. Justin took a deep breath and headed for the front door, excited to see Margy, and catch up on life. He opened the door and felt a little dumbfounded, her smile the first thing he noticed.

Justin’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her. Margy was a slightly older and heavier version of his late wife Bethany. They could have been twins, with the same facial features and mannerisms. However, Bethany always would say that her sister won the boob lottery, having massive breasts that made her appear heavier than she really was. Petite and curvy was what Margy would always say and she had a boisterous personality to match. Margy was the eldest of four, with Liam next, then Bethany and then Sarah, the youngest sister. They all had similar facial features, taking after their mother, but Sarah was the wild card, looking the most different. Not that is mattered, because right now it was all about Margy. She wheeled her suitcase into the house and let it stand near the front door as they greeted each other.

“Hi!” Margy said enthusiastically hugging Justin. She always smothered him with her hugs and held onto him tight. It had always been that way between them. She kissed him on the lips and made sure to hold on that little bit longer.

“Hi,” Justin said feeling at home for a split second. It was like his wife had returned for that brief moment. Truth be told he enjoyed having Margy around and made him remember the good times. “It’s good to see you.”

“You too, Justin,” Margy said wrapping her arm around his waist as they walked into the lounge room. Justin wrapped his arm around her as well and simply enjoyed being in her company. It had been a long time since Margy had come back to her home town, well in this case, city as it were. With over a million people living here, it was probably a little too big to call a town. “What’s it been? About six months since you visited me?”

It was escort gaziantep ilanları obvious that she had not forgotten that trip.

“Ah, yeah. If I recall, Bill and I got shit faced drunk,” Justin replied still unable to recall the night, but knowing full well he was a burden on Margy. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. It was kind of nice to be hugged to death, and… you trying to kiss me with that beer breath,” Margy said with a giggle, which turned into laughter. “You wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Even though Justin couldn’t remember, he could see the twinkle in her eyes. Perhaps it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Still he felt like something bad had happened, given he was a little sore the next day, but then again, anything could have happened. That, coupled with the fact that Margy seemed to let it go, allowed him to believe he could do the same. So, he did just that.

“So, what brings you to our fine city?” Justin asked motioning for Margy to sit down on the couch. “Bill couldn’t make it?”

There was the slightest of hesitations before she answered.

“Just in town for a bit of a break and some shopping, that sort of thing. Thought I would see my favourite brother-in-law…No, not this time. Bill didn’t want to come,” Margy said seeming a little aloof. She seemed to gloss over the questions quickly. “Now, it’s ok that I stay here this week?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Justin said genuinely. It was going to be good to catch up with his sister in law, it felt like old times, which warmed his heart.

“Good. In that case, I’m springing for dinner tonight, my treat as a thank you for your hospitality,” Margy said patting Justin on his knee. Her mannerisms were so like Bethany’s it wasn’t funny. It made him feel good.

“Ok, but you don’t have to do that,” Justin said politely. She gave him the look he knew all too well and didn’t push it any further. Bethany used to do the same thing, giving him a look that meant he would be in big trouble if he continued down the route he was going. He got the message loud and clear. “How’s Mia?”

“She’s great. Off to college soon, my little girl,” Margy said proudly. Mia had finished school and was now ready for the wide world of college and everything it entailed. He hadn’t seen his niece in a year, but was always fond of her. She was good fun to be around. No doubt a family trait that was passed down Margy’s and Bethany’s side of the family. “How are you doing? And tell me the truth.”

“I’m ok, I guess,” Justin said with a shrug. He knew he wouldn’t be able to lie to Margy, it just wasn’t possible. Much like Bethany, they just had some characteristic about them that made you want to tell the truth.

“Bit lonely huh?” Margy asked again touching his knee. Her hand was warm and welcoming.

“Yeah. I guess I never expected to be alone at thirty-nine. I’ll be forty next year and with my prospects, here by myself,” Justin said which seemed to all come out in one big jumble. Before his head had kicked in, he realised he just spilled his guts to her.

“Well you’re not alone now, I’m here,” Margy said with a light-hearted chuckle which seemed to lift the mood.

“Thank you,” Justin said with a nod whilst she took hold his hand lovingly and grasped it. “You sure about that?”

“Oh yes,” Margy said smiling. She seemed peaceful and content, but a small change in her eyes suggested something more. Something that Justin hadn’t noticed earlier but doubted his observation. Time would tell, but for now he was happy to have her here. He felt a sense of normality again, similar to what it was like when his wife was still alive. “Are you alright if I make myself at home? I mean, I’ll probably need to use your washer and…”

“Margy, of course. My house is your house. Just put your stuff anywhere and make yourself comfortable,” Justin said relieved at last. He relaxed into the couch beside her.

“Great,” Margy said but was cut off when the doorbell rang. It ended their conversation and struck Justin as strange considering her wasn’t expecting anyone else today. He looked at Margy and then at the door.

“I’ll be right back,” Justin said standing up. Margy looked at him and nodded. He went to the door and paused looking back at his guest.

“I’ll just unpack while you get that,” Margy said standing up to collect her luggage. “We’ve got plenty of time to catch up.”

Justin nodded, accepted her decision, then opened the door as Margy wheeled her bag down to the spare room and looked back at Justin. He smiled and caught her eye, reciprocating his smile.

“Sophie,” Justin said seeing his close friend standing there. It was a bit of surprise, not an unwelcome one, but he simply didn’t think he’d being seeing her. “I, ah, wasn’t expecting you.”

“I’m sorry Justin, I just felt bad about the other day and wanted to,” Sophie said pausing suddenly as though she was about to cry. She tried to compose herself and turn away slightly to not show Justin, but it didn’t help.

“Hey, it’s ok,” Justin said hugging Sophie tightly, her arms wrapping around him. She cried into his shoulder silently and gripped him tightly. “Can I get you anything?”

Sophie shook her head in his shoulder and then pulled back, wiping the tears away and doing her best to smile. She loved that he cared, but felt completely out of place given everything that was going on in her mind.

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