The Poker Party Ch. 02

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I started to get everything together. First some chips and dip from one of the food bags. Then when I started to do a knee bend to get the beer from the cooler (a last vestige of modesty) John called out to me to be sure to, “bend from the waist like the slut you are. And use a tampon.”

Bending over, I felt my skirt ride up and knew my panties and ass was showing especially as Paul said something to Jimmy. All I heard was something about what a “fuckable ass Pissy has.”

Shortly after I inserted the tampon and pushed the Vaseline up in my ass and the string hanging down. I could feel the bulge and slickness in me as I continued to get things together.

Just as I started to bring the beers to the table there was a tremendous flash of lightning and shortly after a clap of thunder roared nearly making me fall.

“Sounds like rain’s coming,” Jack said as they played cards.

When I started to bend over the table to pass the beers out, Bill’s hand grabbed my ass and started to rub my cheek. He then suggested that they play the next hand to see who would “pop my cherry.”

As the cards were dealt, Bill made me stay there with his hand on my ass saying, “I’m sure you’ll want me to win since my balls are aching full of jizz.”

When he looked at his cards he said for me to take a look. I bent down to see his cards. He had two pair; Aces and Jacks.

“Wish me luck Pissy,” he said tossing in one card and then he unzipped his pants and let his semi hard cock head poke out saying to me, “kiss it for good luck.” He squeezed my ass hard so I would know to do it without question.

And, as I bent lower to his penis, kissing it, Bob and Jack said, “not so fast Bill.” Then they all laughed.

As the final cards were dealt I thought how Bill’s cock head was twice as thick as mine. He stuck his card in between my panty and ass held by the elastic band saying, “I won’t even look. Pissy will bring me good luck.” And then he smiled.

Rubbing my smooth exposed thigh above my stockings he waited as each one called out their hand.

Jack said he had two pair. Jimmy and John folded. Paul had three sevens. Bob happily said, “I think Pissy is going to get her cherry popped by Me.” And then he put down a full house Three Queens and two fives. “There,” he said, “give her up Bill.”

Bill put down his two Aces and two Jacks and said to me, ” come on Pissy, pull an Ace from your hole.”

Just as I reached behind me to my panties for the card, my fingers trembling, it started to rain. I felt it was like my tears. John warned me not to pout and to show how happy I was and slapped my ass to remind me. I grasped the card in my long red nailed fingers and brought it out. Bill’s cock was sticking out about two inches as I placed the card on the table and heard someone say,

“She did have an Ace in the hole.”

Bill laughed and started playing with the xslot crack in my ass. Bob moaned about his bad luck and as Bill grabbed my hand and told me to pull down my panties, someone said, “so we’ll deal you out for awhile Bill?”

“No way,” Bill stated. “Pissy is going to fuck the cum out of me as I play. Pissy I want you to sit on my cock and ride it till it comes. Face out as you fuck me so the other guys can see your happy face.” With that he undid his trousers and pulled them down and let his massive cock stick up. I pulled my sticky panties down feeling my drying cum pull as they moved to my knees.

“That’s far enough,” Bill said. Then he gently pulled on the string of the tampon laughing a bit as it slid out of me. He slipped a finger in my ass as he moved me over in between his legs saying, “gosh Pissy’s so hot her pussy is dripping. Here hon,” he said as he took my arm and help guide me down to his cock.

I could hear the rain on the roof as I felt his cock push against my hole, Bill coaxing me to ease down and it would feel, “sooooo GOOD!”

In his cock went filling my hole; thick and hot sliding up my Vaselined


Bill told me to start fucking him and then said to the other guys, “DEAL.”

I started to fuck him. Riding up and down on his pole. He told me I should play with myself as I fucked him. My panties down at my knees the card game continuing as I bobbed up and down on this monster thickness in me.

Looking out at the other guys as I did it, I was ashamed. They played cards, drank beer and laughed as I fucked Bill. Bill would touch my legs and feel me up from time to time. Also he would whisper how much cum he had to fill me.

Suddenly I felt his cock tighten even more in me. He put down his cards. His breathing became more rapid and he bucked against my movement.

Then, as he sighed and whispered again in my ear that his cum was going to shoot in and fill me. As he talked, I felt his hot cum start to wiggle up into me, flooding me. Someone said how my cheeks had flushed like every girl when she was filled with happiness.

Bill sighed, “AHHHHA,” and shot more cum as he twitched. Then he held my shoulders for me to stop and just sit there. I did, feeling his wet cum flooding inside me.

Reaching in my pocketbook he took out another tampon and handed it too me.

“Okay, Pissy, now lift up and slide that tampon in and then clean your man’s cock,” Bill said.

I started to lift myself up with his help and then pushed the tampon in and pulled the applicator out leaving the string and Bill’s cum up inside me. Then I pulled my sticky panties back up against me.

Bill turned to me and pointed to his glistening cock head. I licked him clean and another photo was taken. Over the next hour or so I sucked cock, licked balls, swallowed cum and had cum shot up my ass until I felt like xslot Giriş and smelt like a cum repository.

The rain continued getting heavier and while I sucking Jimmy he said, “Hey Pissy, even snort cum?”

I nodded no, to which he said that just when he was going to cum he would tap my head. I was to take his, “cock and put the head in one nostril.” After the first shot, I was to stick it in the other while sucking it up through my nose slowly.

His cock hardened noticeably as he talked and he said he would tap my head real soon.

TAP! TAP! My head felt it and then I took his hard cock and put it against my nose just as it shot a large and forceful gob of cum up my nostril. I moved it to the other and it shot again. I began to inhale it and forgot what to do with his cock as it started to spurt on my face and his cum slimed up my nostril and down into my throat.

When I got up off the floor, Jimmy said I might be getting a cold since my nose was running. Everyone laughed again. Jack said to clear the table of the empty bottles. Quite a stack had assembled while I had been servicing them. Most of them had six or more empty bottles in front of them. I had lost all the semblance of my manhood during that period. Cum soaked I cleared the table, wiggling my ass as I walked back to the kitchen. I had cum twice myself. The first time when I was told to standing there with Bob. And, once again when Bob made me cum again while he shot a load in my ass.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard Jack say he was going to go and take “a leak.” He got up and went to the door. Opening it, I could hear the rain streaming down outside. It was falling in torrents.

“Ah shit,” Jack muttered, “I’m not going out there.” And then he turned to me saying, “Pissy don’t we have something in the kitchen I can use as a piss pot?”

Looking around, the only thing I could find was small clear plastic

Tupperware tub. It was about 14 inches in diameter and about 6 inches deep. As I brought it to him he said, “Now I guess we may have named you better then we expected. Why don’t you just kneel down and hold the tub so you can watch.”

I answered a whimpering,” No.”

Bob grabbed my arm and pulled me over his knees and pulled my skirt up and spanked me until I was crying and saying “yes.”

Jack unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out and told me to look at it as he pissed.

Holding the plastic tub I saw his cock slit open and the hot steaming yellow pee started to splatter in it. The smell and some spray filling my sticky nostrils and cheeks. Another picture was taken of me. When Jack was finished he pulled me by my hair and told me to “lick his cock clean.”

Holding his sloshing pee in the tub I licked his pee hole and the last drop on my tongue.

After when I got up I asked what I was to do with the pee in the tub. Jack said, xslot Güncel Giriş “don’t worry your girly brain over that. It’s raining out and we’ll all be using it. Just bring it when we tell you and don’t spill any. Put it on the counter and when you’re not busy, lean you head down near it and look at it and smell it.”

The rest of the guys laughed and agreed what a good idea.

I went back to the counter and put the tub down.

Jack called out, “this is a good time for you to use that little girly mind and concentrate on the tub. Let me see you do that right away.”

I bent over and put my head down, but he coaxed to put my head even further until it was almost in the tub. Then they took another picture. I knew the shot only showed the tub and me. It would look like I was doing it of my own free will.

After about 10 minutes of my arms, elbows on the counter, holding my head near the pee, someone came up from behind me and slapped my ass once. I nearly fell into the tub but fortunately didn’t. Then when he began to talk, I knew it was Paul.

He said he wondered, “what I was thinking about?”

I was going to say something, but then he told me it had better be something sweet and girly. Pleasant was important to him.

So, I told him how much I liked the color and lied about how nice it smelled. Then I felt him pull my skirt up and my panties down. Pulling my tampon out.

“Pissy, I bet you can’t wait to feel another cock in you. And I think I’ve got a real load you can have. Does that make you happy?”

When I said, “yes,” he took his cock and rubbed it up and down my crack as my face remained near the tub. And so I didn’t go face into the tub of pee, I had to make sure I opened my hole as best I could for his cock and then move back and forth to offer no sudden slam.

Finally as he was holding my waist, he started to cream wads of hot cum up inside my already slick hole. Moaning as he finished.

Then he leaned down to my ear and whispered as his cock began to shrink inside me, “as you look at that I want you to think how nice it is that I gave you mine inside you.”

Suddenly, I could feel his pee start to flood inside me as he leaned a bit and sighed. A couple of times he shuddered but he just continued to pee. The warmth filled inside me.

Then when he was finishing he leaned over again and said, “here take this tampon and push it up as I pull out so you can have the thrill of my pee inside you for awhile.”

I held the tampon near my ass as he pulled out and then shoved it up. Not a drop fell out and then I could feel the tampon expand and fill my ass, holding all his pee and cum.

He slapped my ass and the pee sloshed in me as he said, “now come clean me up.”

Pulling my panties back up I could feel them a bit tighter on me. I knelt down and licked his acrid cock clean.

Later, John made me take the tub under the table, unzip him and hold his cock and tub and carefully aim his pee. He didn’t want to be disturbed at cards. It was difficult, but I managed somehow. When he was finished he grabbed some of my hair and wiped with that.

to be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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