The Princess and the Villain

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— Felix —

At 4 p.m., the phone rang. Felix glanced at the caller ID, reading “Home.” He sighed, and answered the call.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Are you busy tonight?” came his dad’s voice through the speaker.

“I was just studying, and getting some work done, so I could meet up with friends later, why?” Normally, Valentine’s Day was a special occasion, but he had split up with his last girlfriend over the summer, and been far too busy with school to date. A bunch of his friends, who were also single, decided to get together in a bar, and celebrate their life of bachelordom, rather than sit at home alone.

“What do you know of a sorority called, uh,” he started, and Felix heard the rustling of paper on the other end, “Mew…Gamma…Tau.”

M?? was infamous at Hearston College for being the wildest sorority on campus. All the students knew about the crazy parties. Felix’s last girlfriend, Cynthia, had actually been a member of M??. They had dated for a few months the previous year, and he acquired intimate knowledge of some of their events. They were a big fan of costume parties, as well as some seriously raunchy behavior.

At the first party Cynthia had taken him to, they had set up a fake restaurant in their sorority house. The newest members of M?? served as waitresses, except they hadn’t worn any clothes at all, save for a thin g-string. Felix had spent the entire evening with a raging hardon, which Cynthia found terribly amusing. His last party involved a couple having sex together on a stage, while all the guests watched and cheered. Cynthia had dragged him out of there, and up the stairs, mid performance, and fucked his brains out.

That had actually been part of the reason they broke up. Felix had asked her about some of the things he heard about M??, but Cynthia adamantly refused to tell him any details. It’s not that he thought she didn’t have a right to do something kinky, especially before they had dated, but he wasn’t ok that she didn’t trust him enough to keep a secret.

“I know a little bit about them. Why?”

“Miriam told us she was interested in joining them. Apparently one of her friends is a member, and convinced her to join. She said she was about to be a pledge now, or something about pledging.”

“Uh, I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Dad.” Felix had always been protective of Miriam, his little sister, something he had picked up from his parents.

“That’s what Mom and I said, but Miriam said they were really nice, and wouldn’t hear otherwise.”

“I can try talking to her the next time I see her, if you want.”

“We were hoping you could, but that’s not why I called. Apparently they’re having a big Valentine’s Day party tonight. We tried telling her not to go before she talked to you, but you know how she is.” Felix knew very well. If his parents told Miriam to do something, it was more likely she’d do the exact opposite.

“Ah, I better call her right now, then.”

“Thanks, Felix.”

Felix hung up, and called his sister. She had only started attending Hearston College that year. The campus wasn’t very big, area wise, but their majors were different, and he had only run into her a handful of times. He definitely did not want his little sister tangled up with the likes of M??. The phone kept ringing, but nobody answered. He worried what the sorority had in store for a pledge party. Cynthia hadn’t so much as hinted at their internal events, but from everything else she had told him, he knew it would be bad.

After six rings, the mailbox picked up. Felix cursed, and called his father again.

“Dad, I can’t reach her.”


“What do you want to do now?”

“Is it really that bad? I mean, it’s just a party.”

“Probably not,” Felix lied. “But you never know.” Their parents had always been incredibly strict when it concerned anything remotely related to sex. If he told his dad about what kind of sorority M?? was, he’d drive over there personally, shotgun in hand.

“Oh. Is there a chance you could go to the party, and keep an eye on her? Just to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.”

Felix considered it for a while. The party would presumably be at the sorority house, but he had no idea if he could get in uninvited. After finding out his sister was going to pledge for M??, he was genuinely concerned about her being taken advantage of, though. He’d have to cancel his plans for the night, and find out more about the party.

“Yeah. Did she tell you any details about the party? Anything would help.”

“You remember that costume she wore on halloween two years ago?”

“You mean the Frozen one? Elsa?”

“Yeah, that one. She had Mom get it out of the attic.”

“Alright.” It sounded like another costume party to him. Maybe he could dress up to be unrecognizable, that would make a lot of things easier. “Anything else?”

“Nope. Nothing I can think of.”

“Ok. I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

“Thanks, Felix. Really, we appreciate it.”

“No problem.”

They gaziantep bayan eskort said their goodbyes, and Felix hung up. He sighed, closed the open textbooks, and put away his notebook. The M?? website proved to be useless. There were no official events scheduled for Valentine’s Day. That meant it would be an invite-only kind of thing, and he really didn’t want to have to call Cynthia for details. Their breakup had been kind of messy, and she wouldn’t be very cooperative. Quite the opposite.

Felix tried calling Miriam again, but only reached her mailbox. He left a quick message, telling her to call him, but he doubted she’d hear it in time. Next, he called his friend Alex, who was an enormous party animal. If there was a party at Hearston, he’d be the first to hear about it.

“Hey, Alex.”

“If this is about the paper, I told you I’ll get it to you by Wednesday,” Alex replied, gruffly.

“It’s not.”

“It’s not? Well then, what’s up?” Alex said, instantly more cheerful.

“You know M??, right?”

“Of course,” he scoffed. “Who doesn’t?”

“Do you know what they’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day?”

“You looking for some fun? I know a few chicks who are looking for a date tonight, if you know what I mean. Just say the word, and I’ll hook you up.”

“Uh, no thanks. I need to get in touch with someone who’s going, but she won’t pick up her phone.”

“It’s not Cynthia, is it? It’s probably for the best if you don’t talk to that bitch again.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t know anything. Didn’t even know they were supposed to have a party planned for tonight.”


“Listen, I can ask a few guys who might know.”

“Really? I’d appreciate it.”

“No worries, bro. I’ll call you back when I find out anything.”

“Alright. Thanks, man.”

After ending the call, he put on his shoes, and left his room. Felix lived in Dormitory A, while Miriam lived in C, which was located about five minutes away on foot. He covered the distance in record pace. After several loud knocks, Miriam’s roommate opened the door.

“What do you want?” she asked grumpily. Sky had always disliked him for some unknown reason.

“Hello to you, too, Sky. Is my sister here?”

“Nah, she went home for the weekend.”


“That all?”

He considered for a brief second asking her about the party, but if she didn’t even know where Miriam was, it would be unlikely she knew anything about it. “Yeah, guess so. Have a nice”—Sky slammed the door in his face—”day,” he finished, staring at the wood with the numbers 317 imprinted on it.

Next, he decided to check out the sorority house. It was located right off campus, within walking distance. He had just turned a corner, and the house came into view, when his phone rang. It was Alex.

“That was fast.”

“When I tell you I’m gonna do something, you can count on it. You’re gonna get that paper by Wednesday, don’t worry.”

“Forget about the paper. Hell, if you got the info, I might just write the damn thing for you. “




“So, tell me about the party?”

“Oh, right. Starts at eight at their house. You know where that is, right?”

“Yeah.” Felix was actually looking at it that very moment.

“Ok, so the theme is ‘Princesses and Villains.’ It’s some sort of singles mixer. At least only singles were invited. Kinda ironic on Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Or maybe it works. I don’t know.”

That seemed to corroborate with Miriam having taken the Elsa costume. “Cool, that’s some good info. Thanks, man.”

“Oh wait, he said there’s one more thing. Everyone is supposed to wear a mask with the costume. He said a venetian mask, specifically. I don’t know what that means, but that’s what he said. Said they were big on anonymity.”

“Never heard of them. But seriously, thanks, again.”

“So you’re gonna write that paper?”

“I’ll let you know tomorrow, ok?”

“Sounds good. Take care, bro.”

Felix hung up, and started walking back to his dorm room. He had no idea where he would be able to wrangle up a costume on such short notice, or what a Venetian mask was, but he knew he had to at least try, for his sister’s sake. They hadn’t always gotten along very well growing up, but after they stopped living together at home, their relationship had improved a lot, and he definitely did not want to see her grow up to become someone like Cynthia.

— Miriam —

Miriam looked at herself in the mirror in her friend Beth’s room. She liked what she saw. Standing behind her, Beth was in the process of tying her long, blonde hair into a braid, to match the turquoise Elsa dress she wore. The front of her dress had been altered to expose far more cleavage than a Disney princess would usually show, and pushed up her tits nicely. Her lips were a rich, sinful red, transforming her appearance from her usual lackluster self into a total sex bomb.

Over gaziantep eskort bayan the last couple of months, Beth had gushed to her about how great M?? was. Not just the wild, crazy parties, but also the great, tight knit community. Miriam liked her parents, but they had been incredibly overbearing growing up, partly because they tried to instill their conservative values in her. It had caused a lot of fights and arguments.

Her brother had been the same way, almost like a third parent, until he moved out to go to college. Things had changed then, outside of the influence of their parents. Miriam had wanted to go to a college in another part of the country, but her parents disagreed. They wanted her to stay close, although they did finally consent to let her live on campus instead of at home.

Miriam relished the freedom she now had. Freedom to dress how she wanted, eat what she wanted, and spend her time how she wanted. That was why the idea of M?? appealed to her so much. A place where she was free to explore her own sexuality, without judgement. She’d lost her virginity a long time ago—unbeknownst to her family, of course—and had dated a few guys, but that only with her parents’ approval.

“There, it’s done,” said Beth behind her. Miriam had met the twenty-two year old woman at a frat party, and they’d immediately bonded. A few days later, Beth had started telling her about M??, and Miriam had been very interested in the sorority. Beth was actually the one who sponsored her bid to join them.

Miriam admired her new braid in the mirror, and draped it over her shoulder, just the way Elsa did. “Looks great, thank you so much.”

“No problem, hun. Now let’s take a look at you.” Miriam stood up, and twirled around for her. “Mmm, delicious,” she commented. “Just one thing left to check.” Beth grabbed the hem of Miriam’s dress, lifted it up slightly, and reached under it. She placed her hand on Miriam’s vulva, and ran a finger through the moist lips.

A shudder ran through Miriam’s body, and she moaned slightly. “Satisfied? No panties, just like you asked.”

“Mmmhm. And you followed the other instructions?” Beth’s fingers continued playing with her pussy, and juices flowed freely.

“Yeah, but it was really hard. A month without masturbating is much harder than I thought it would be. I still don’t see how it was necessary.”

“How do you feel now?”

“Incredibly. Fucking. Horny.” Miriam closed her eyes, as Beth continued pleasuring her. She normally wasn’t into women, but her month-long celibacy had driven her beyond the point of caring.

“We call this the ‘kickstarter,'” Beth said, pulled away her hand, and dropped the dress. Miriam didn’t want her to stop, and wanted something to fill the sudden emptiness between her legs. Beth dabbed her wet finger behind Miriam’s ears, and then smeared the rest of the juices on Miriam’s cleavage. The scent of her own sex filled Miriam’s nostrils. “There, that’s gonna be all the perfume you need this evening.”

“And that works?” She pushed down her desires. It wouldn’t be long now until they were satisfied.

“Fuck yes, drives the guys crazy.”

“What about the mask?”

“Oh, yeah.” Beth rummaged around in the large bag she’d brought, and pulled out a beautiful gold patterned mask, covered in elaborate flourishes and intricate designs. Miriam accepted it gingerly, and placed the piece on her face. It covered her forehead, and the bridge of her nose. She looked at herself in the mirror, and almost didn’t recognize herself. With the rouge on her cheeks, and red lipstick, she looked like a completely different woman. An incredibly sexy woman, she thought. Beth tied the mask’s strap behind her head, and secured it into place.


— Felix —

Felix looked at himself in the mirror. It definitely wasn’t the best costume, but it was the best he was able to come up with on short notice. Fortunately, he was friends with someone from the theater department, and she’d lent him the coat and mask.

The easiest costume he could come up with had been a generic Dracula, since he already had most of the clothing. All it took were nice, black suit pants, and solid white dress shirt. He would have liked a dress shirt with some ruffles, but he didn’t own one of those. The cloak was a rich velvet, black on the outside, crimson on the inside. It was a bit too short, but would work for his purposes.

The most important piece was the mask, anyway. The theater department, to his surprise, had had a decent selection of masks for him to choose from. He had picked one fairly simple in design, but covering a large area of his face. Forehead, nose, and cheeks were hidden behind the white plastic with painted gold flourishes. A simple elastic band held it in place.

Half an hour later, Felix walked up to the door, put on his mask, and rang the doorbell of the M?? sorority house. He had waited around the corner, watching the house, until a tall guy in eskort gaziantep bayan all black, wearing a Darth Vader costume, albeit with a different mask, walked up. The door had opened, and he was invited inside.

The door opened for him, too, and Snow White greeted him.

“And who are you supposed to be?” she asked, derisively. Felix couldn’t tell who she was behind her mask, and had no idea if she would recognize him.

“I’m Count Dracula, of course,” he replied, faking a deeper voice.

“Where are your fangs then, fang boy?”

“They only come out when I’m about to suck your blood.”

Snow White snorted in response, but stepped back to let him in. Felix was familiar with the layout of the house, having been there several times before. He beelined towards the large living room where they usually held their events. It was decorated in pink and white, with at least a dozen small tables scattered around the room. Each table had two chairs, and a vase containing a single red rose.

Apart from the Darth Vader, there was also a Joker, and a Hannibal Lecter sitting on one of the couches. Felix sidled over, and sat down next to them. Darth Vader nodded at him, and he nodded back, but nobody said anything.

One by one, more villains showed up. Some of the characters he recognized, and some he didn’t.

— Cynthia —

“What the fuck is he doing here?” hissed Cynthia to Heather, the head of M??. She had recognized Felix through the security feed when he walked up to the house. Even though it had been a few months, seeing him was still like a stab in the guts.

“No idea. He’s not on the list, and I certainly didn’t invite him,” replied Heather, who wore a Red Queen outfit. They were watching a video feed of the dining room on the monitor. Felix kept glancing around, as if he was trying to look for something. Or someone.

“Why do you think he’s here?”

“Maybe he wants another taste of your sweet cunt,” giggled Heather. Cynthia’s temper flared up again.

“That fucking bastard can rot in hell,” Cynthia said hotly.

“You wanna kick him out?”

“No,” she said savagely, “I want that prick to pay.”

“Do you have something specific in mind?”

A huge, wicked grin broke out on Heather’s face, as Cynthia detailed the plan to her friend.

— Miriam —

Miriam waited dutifully in Beth’s room. She had been instructed to wait there, until she was called. It was hard for her to sit still, horny out of her own mind, so she was pacing back and forth. If they hadn’t been so adamant about her not masturbating, she’d be on the bed, fingering herself into oblivion. She realized why Beth had called it a kickstarter. Her inner engine was going at full speed.

The door burst open, and Beth entered, followed by Heather, the sorority’s fierce leader, and a chick she didn’t know.

“Is it time?” Miriam asked, hopeful that her torment was finally coming to an end.

“Not quite yet,” said Heather. “Change of plans.”

“Change? What change?”

“Take off your clothes.”

Miriam knew better than to question the command. Beth had often talked about Heather, and that she was used to people following her orders. When she told you to do something, you did it, or you wouldn’t be part of the sorority much longer. Miriam hurriedly loosened the knots in the back, and pulled the dress over her head.

“Mmm, nice,” commented the unknown woman. “Have you kickstarted her yet, Beth?”

“Yeah,” confirmed Beth. “She’s a real gusher, too.”

“Ooh, can I try?”

“Go for it.”

Miriam didn’t like at all how the woman talked about her, as if she wasn’t standing right there. Like she was a plaything. Beth seemed to defer to her, though, and she knew better than to object. Not if she wanted to join M??.

Heather grabbed the Elsa costume off the floor, and pulled a pink bundle of fabric out of her bag. Beth stepped behind her, and started unweaving her braid. The third woman moved in front of her, ran her fingers along Miriam’s crotch, slipped a finger into her, then pulled it out again, and ran circles around her clit. Miriam gasped involuntarily, and breathed harder. She concentrated on the sensations the fingers elicited in her body, willing the woman to keep going, and push her over the edge into paradise.

The woman was really good at it, and the onset of an orgasm formed deep inside her. “Careful, Cynthia, she’s gonna pop any second.”

“She’s cute,” commented the woman, whose name was apparently Cynthia, and withdrew her hand. Miriam wanted to howl in frustration, and blinked away a tear. Cynthia licked her finger, and muttered, “Not too bad.” She wiped her hand on Miriam’s chest, just like Beth had done earlier. When she was finished, she pinched Miriam’s hard nipples, sending shockwaves through her body.

Beth had finished undoing her braid, and used a hair brush to straighten it out.

“Can you finish up here, Beth? We’re gonna take this over to Clarissa,” said Heather, waving the dress around.

“Of course,” confirmed Beth. Heather and Cynthia left, but not before Cynthia gave Miriam a hard slap on her butt cheek.

“Ow!” protested Miriam, but Cynthia just laughed. “I don’t like her,” Miriam said to Beth, after the other two women left.

“She has a bit of a mean streak, but she’s Heather’s right hand gal. And you couldn’t ask for someone more loyal.”

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