The Realtor Ch. 03

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Although it has been about a week since the closing on the house, the events of that day and evening have remained on my mind. It was a memorable evening.

Today is the first of my move in days and to say the least it is a hectic time as furniture and boxes are seemingly moving all over the place and I am constantly in motion keeping an eye on all the moving pieces making sure they end up in the right places. As the movers take a break for lunch it is good to be able to sit down for a few minutes. Fortunately the chairs for the terrace have already been placed and I enjoy the respite. I am startled as I hear a woman’s heels clicking across the terrace and come back to reality as I see Lillian approaching and say, “Hi beautiful.”

“I see you have been working very hard. I just wanted to stop by to see how things were going.

“You have made my day,” I say as I look at Lillian dressed as sexily and elegant as ever in a slender skirt cut nicely above her knees and that wonderful cleavage to feast my eyes on.

She sits in the chair facing me as we chat and I soon see a smile coming over her face. Not knowing what she is thinking I ask, “What’s so funny.”

“I have only seen you in a suit and dressy casual clothes, but given the nature of the work today I can understand you wearing something light” As she continues to look at me in my running shorts and a tank top she says, “And, I appreciate the fact that you are showing off for me today. Nice view!”

Ah yes, the small running shorts don’t hide much and Lillian was certainly enjoying the sight of my cock.

“I know moving is hard work and I know the house really won’t be settled enough to fix you own meals for a day or two more. How about coming over for dinner tomorrow night?”

I gladly accept.

“Good, see you at 7.”

Lillian has to leave, but first gives me a sweet kiss and as she walks out, Şerifali Escort leaves me with a beautiful vision of her swaying hips and ass. as only she can do.

Dressed casually, I arrive a minute or so after 7 and present Lillian with a bottle of fine Italian wine as she greets me. She gives me a warm kiss and takes my hand, leading me toward the kitchen saying she wants to introduce me to her husband. Normally I would be in a state of shock hearing that statement, but she is so relaxed and stunningly dressed that it doesn’t phase me.

She introduces me to Steve, as she stands next to him. We shake hands, but my eyes return to look at her beauty. She is wearing a silky blouse with several buttons left open allowing her lovely tits to be displayed in a very lacey push up bra. I can’t help but think that they are just waiting to be touched. Her skirt is skin tight and very short. Finally, her legs are encased in shiny stocking and she is wearing very high spike heels.

Steve, puts me at ease saying, “She likes to show off,” and continues that its OK to look as he understands.

“You are certainly a lucky guy to have such an elegant and beautiful wife.”

As Lillian returns to the kitchen to finish preparing some appetizers Steve asks, “What do you like most about her?”

“That is a tough question to answer, because there is so much to enjoy,” but I finally say it was her eyes and hair that really first caught my attention, but that it wasn’t long before I also noticed her wonderful tits.

He agreed with my observation.

We then came into the kitchen to open the wine and poured three glasses before moving to the den and relaxed on the sofa, Steve and I sitting on each end. Lillian soon joins us, serving the appetizers and I enjoy seeing her blouse open wide as she bends over offering me the plate.

Steve smiles knowingly as she does İstanbul Escort the same for him, giving him a kiss too.

Lillian sits between us and we toast each other and a new friendship. The conversation flows easily as we are obviously comfortable with each other. We are learning each others hobbies, favorite sports and the like and are smiling and laughing continuously. We move to the dining room and I enjoy watching the playful caress you give Lillian’s very shapely ass, which she obviously enjoys.

Steve and I are seated as Lillian brings in the remaining dishes and we notice that she has opened another button of her blouse, which we find very enjoyable. The friendly conversation continues and we savor the wine that complements the meal perfectly. Lillian says the desert is the best part and heads out to the kitchen to get it. Returning, her blouse is nearly fully open, showing off the lacey bra and magnificent tits. As she serves me she gives me a soft kiss and then moves on to serve Steve. Similarly, she kisses him, lingering longer and allows him to caress her tits.

As she goes to take her seat Steve says, Don’t you think our guest would like the same treatment I got?”

Lillian immediately apologizes and comes back to me and whispers in my ear, “I’d really like to feel your hands on her tits,” and gives me a long deep kiss.

I smile and say, “After that I am certainly ready for dessert.”

We finish quickly and with our wine head back to the sofa, Lillian is again between us with her blouse now wide open. With such spectacular tits so beautifully displayed, and her skirt now well up around her hips, it isn’t long before our conversation get very intimate.

“I’m getting hot and wet,” she says. (News flash, her hard nipples poking through the lace gave her away.) She delicately pushes the lacy cups of her bra down and offers her tits Ümraniye Escort to Steve. What and enjoyable sight.

After several long moments of watching them, Lillian asks, “Steve, Honey, can I give him the same treatment?”

“Of course darling, you should treat our guest nicely.

With Steve’s approval she comes over, straddling me and allows me to suck her tits, for what turns out to be a long time. She also tells me, “I want to feel your touch all over,”

I gladly comply with Lillian’s request and soon she is humping my erection and my hand is enjoying the wetness between her legs and even reaching under the tiny thong.

Breathless, Lillian pulls away and says, “I need to be taken care of. Would excuse you us for a while,” as she takes Steve’ hand and leads him off down the hall.

I savor some more of the wine and close my eyes to enjoy the visions in my mind. I really don’t know how long they were gone, when Lillian comes back out, dressed only in her open blouse and skirt, and Steve following a moment later.

She sits down close to me and whispers, “Thank you for being so understanding. I really needed that. I always feel so wonderful when I have been freshly fucked.” Lillian then kisses me deeply and reaches into my slacks pulling my hard cock out and proceeds to give me a very enjoyable hand job.

Steve disappears and soon returns with a soft towel, handing it to her to prevent a mess as her exquisite touch brings me to a pleasant orgasm. We all sit back finally relaxing.

“I thank both of you for a most enjoyable evening. I think we have a great start on a wonderful friendship.”

We say our goodbyes at the front door, but Lillian very quickly puts her heels on and walks to the car with me. As I open the door to get in, she comes to me and kisses me passionately and presses her body tightly against mine then whispers, “I just had to feel your cock one more time.”

As I leave I say, “I hope to see more of you soon.”

Lillian replies, “You will, much more.”

I drive off with a smile and an again hard cock that will receive attention as soon as I get home.


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