The Religious Rite

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Reverend Jeremy was against it but Mr. Bain was the richest man in the county and if there was one thing Reverend Jeremy loved as much as God, it was money. Money after all was necessary to further the word of God and beat the Devil. Donations from Mr. Bain could certainly do that as well as help pay for that summerhouse the Reverend had his eye on. Mr. Bain insisted that Halloween had nothing to religion anymore; he was having a costume party on October 31 and wanted the Reverend and his family to come.

Mr. Bain had also invited several local and statewide politicians to his estate and networking with these people could only help Reverend Jeremy in his campaign to wipe out pornography from the Internet. Reverend Jeremy had hopes his “Get the Devil out of the Net” campaign would bring him to national prominence, maybe get him his own Sunday morning preaching show. After all that was where the big money was.

Without offending Mr. Bain, the Reverend explained that neither his wife, son nor daughter ever went out on Halloween and hadn’t any costumes. But Mr. Bain was not so easily put off, he told the Reverend that he had anticipated that and picked out four costumes especially for each of them. He also added that they must wear the appointed costume so that he will know who they are, after all they don’t remove masks until midnight.

The costumes arrived the afternoon of the party and the reverend handed them out to each of the family. For his wife Doris, there was some old style English costume the tag on it said “Lady Chatterley”. Doris was a very fit woman of 38, she had met Jeremy when she was 18 and they married two months later. Neither of them ever dated anyone else. Both of them were brought up in very strict Baptist households, both Jeremy and Doris learned about sex on their wedding night. Doris never got any enjoyment from the act, doing it only as necessary for procreation.

Reverend Jeremy handed out the next costume to Mary, his 18-year-old daughter, a pink and blue outfit, which Mary said “mines a Genie costume, like that TV show on Nick, “I Dream of Jeannie”. Reverend Jeremy didn’t watch much TV but remarked that the tab said it was a “Harem Girl” costume. Mary lifted the costume imagining how to wear it. She was a beautiful girl who went to an all girls’ school nearby. She enjoyed that fact that her dad was the town’s preacher and walked around the school like she owned it. She looked down at the other girls who talked about MTV or boys. She got straight A’s and would lecture the other girls how her superiority.

The next costume went to Mathias, Reverend Jeremy’s 20-year-old son. He was in his second year of college and was the cause of much turmoil in the household. Mathias didn’t want to be a preacher like his father. He was into computers and enjoyed intricate world of programming. He did help his father with his campaign against porno sites on the Internet. One day while surfing he found a web site called “Literotica” they purposed to be a creative outlet for erotic writing, but Mathias knew they were another tool of the Devil. He and his father started a letter writing campaign from the congregation trying to pressure them to close down.
Mathias took his costume, it came with a real metal sword and a cape, and he thought maybe it was Zorro but the tag label said “Don Juan”. Mathias had a vague idea of who Don Juan was, “some kind of ladies man” he thought. This was amusing since Mathias never really gave woman a second thought, they were illogical, and he preferred the logic of programming.

Finally Reverend Jeremy took out his costume. It was a leather tunic and billowing trousers. The shirt had laces instead of buttons a hat with a plume in it. It also came with a real leather whip attached to the thick black belt. The label was in French and istanbul escort he didn’t understand it, part of the writing said “Marquis De Sade”.

That night the Reverend’s family dressed in their costumes, arrived at the Estate of Mr. Bain. The valet took the car and the butler announced their arrival at the door. As the crossed the large hall they saw maybe a hundred people in various costumes. Mr. Bain arrived and startled the reverend immediately. He was dressed in a Tuxedo with a black shirt and red bow tie but his face was looked sunburned. He had a black goatee and four-inch horns sticking out from his head.

“What’s the matter Reverend Jeremy?” he said “You look like you just saw the Devil”.

Several people laughed at this joke and Mr. Bain shrugged them off saying, “bad joke sorry, but I am glad you and your lovely family could make it. How are the costumes? You feeling good in them?”

Reverend Jeremy thought this last remark was strange but in fact he did feel strange in this costume. Not just ridiculous, as he did when he first put it on, but he felt…anxious. He felt like he should be acting the part of a French man and the reverend answered “Je suis tres bien, thank you for the costumes and the invitation”.

Doris was surprised; she knew Jeremy didn’t speak a lick of French. She exchanged niceties with Mr. Bain and she caught her self-looking at her image in the hall mirror. This English out fit certainly boosted her breasts and for the first time in her life she felt proud of them and arched her body.

Reverend Jeremy went off with Mr. Bain for introductions to the Mayor, the State Senator and others. All the while he sprinkled his conversation with French words.

One hour later, Mary came out from the library in which she was enthralled by the collection of books and searched for the rest of her family. She saw Mathias leaning on the mantle of the fireplace talking to two women dressed in 17th century costumes. She watched as he laughed with them and saw him take his hand and caress the ear lobe of one of the woman as his other hand pinched the chin of the other. His left hand then slowly moved down her throat to her chest where he lingered for a second on her nipple while bringing his hand to his side. Mary was aghast at such behavior, especially coming from her geek of a brother. Both woman then took his arm and they walked away laughing heading to the garden.
Mary went to find her father and tell him what happened. She finally found him talking with the Mayor and his wife. They were laughing and suddenly her father slapped the ass of the Mayor’s wife hard. All three broke out in laughter again. The Reverend took a cherry from the Mayors drink and dropped it in the Mayor’s wife’s cleavage. The Reverend then yanked her hair thrusting her head back and he buried his face into the bosom picking out the cherry. The Mayor cheered on.

Mary never witnessed such behavior from anyone never less her own father. She turned to find her mother and saw her going into the kitchen. Mary hastened to the large kitchen door and peered through the small window. Her mother was sitting on the stainless steel table oblivious to the kitchen staff. Her costume was hiked up to her waist and man dressed as a were wolf was between her legs. Mary watched as the man’s pants dropped to the floor and his bare ass was exposed. He and her mother were locked at the lips she witnessed the man’s hips thrusting in and out. Mary was about to barge in and break them apart when a voice behind her called out “There you are”.

Mary turned to face a man dressed in robes like a Sheik. “Here” the man said pointing to his feet. Mary raced to the man and went to her knees kissing his feet.

“Master…I am sorry” Mary suddenly forgot about the kitchen and realized istanbul escort bayan her role.
“Enough….come with me you daughter of a camel”

The Sheik was actually Lamar Washington, the janitor at Mary’s private school. He hated the bitch but admired her body. A few times she caught him leering at her and she had given him the look of disgust. They walked out into the garden and to a secluded area hidden by tall square cut bushes that formed a small maze. Mary groveled at his feet.
“On your knees you pitiful servant girl and do your duty”

Mary reached into the robes and pulled out his large black cock. She looked up at the sheik with her baby blue innocent eyes and took it in her mouth. Lamar watched as the young girl sucked his cock with vigor. He was enjoying the feel of her mouth but he wanted something else. He told her to pull down her pants and panties and he crept behind her reaching inside his robe for a small tube to prepare her ass for him.

Mathias had looked down at the two naked women he had just fucked. He smiled, they were spent but his cock was still hard even after cumming three times. He picked up his pants no even putting them on he went in search for more women. He heard some sounds from behind a row of bushes and headed toward them. There he saw a large older black man fucking a girl in the ass. The man motioned him over and Mathias standing in front of the young harem girl. She looked up at the cock in front of her and placed it in her mouth. Mathias looked at the girl, in his mind she seemed familiar but all he cared about now his cumming again. He grabbed her head in his hands and started fucking her mouth. Lamar continued thrusting his cock into her ass and he felt the spasms of cum erupting he pulled her ass into him.

He fell back spent and laughing “you can have her cherry now, I am done”

Mathias pulled his cock from her mouth “lay on her back”.

“Yes master, for you”

Mary lay on her back her virginal pussy exposed to the man in front of her. He looked familiar to her as well and as his cock entered her wet pussy she cried out “Yes fuck me my master, fuck me” Mathias felt the tautness of her hymen and as the expert coxsman Don Juan took her gently, at first.

Mathias no shoved his cock into her building up speed. He fucked her and as he did so he took off her blouse to expose her breasts. He leaned in to kiss them and Mary pulled his shirt off. They locked into a kiss with her thrusting her tongue in his mouth matching the motion of his cock in her cunt. Just as they were both about to cum Mathias lifted off her chest to look into her eyes, they were naked now and the effects of the costume started wearing off. His eyes focused on her face as if a blindfold was suddenly snapped off.

“Oh my gosh…Mary…sis what…the UHHHHHH”

“Oh no Mathias get off meee…ughhhhhhhh”

Both siblings came in waves of spasms. Mathias rolled off his sister staring up into the sky wondering what happened.

Mary sat up realizing she was naked outside with people all around she started fumbling for the clothes and started getting dressed all the time yelling at Mathias.

“How could you? How could you rape your own sister? You are sick! Surely the Devil has taken his grip on you and…and..”

Mathias sat up to see his sister fully dressed again; she had stopped yelling at him and had a blank stare.

“Sis you okay? Look I am sorry, I don’t know…”

“Yes master, what ever you wish”

“Ugh? You okay?”

“Yes master. Would you like me to take care of that for you?”

Mary was pointing to Mathias’ cock, which was once again erect. He looked at her as she kneeled over him and gently stroked it.

“Sis what heck are you doing? Don’t…Stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t escort istanbul stop”

Mathias quickly figured out that it was the costume that took effect of his sister. It was the costume that was now forcing her to suck his cock. He decided to let her continue since she will have no memory of this and it felt so good. Finally he exploded into her mouth. It was then he felt a touch guilty but in her costume she had showed no remorse. He got thought that the costumes must have had the same effect on his parents. He didn’t want to put the costume back on, but then again he couldn’t walk around the house naked. He decided he had to take a chance and only put on the pants to the costume. He took Mary by the hand and they went off searching for them.

Walking into the parlor he saw Mr. Bain. He walked up to him suspecting that maybe he had something to do with the costumes.

“Well young Mathias, where is the rest of your costume? You know we don’t unmask until midnight”.

“Yeah, look here Mr. Bain, I don’t know if you had anything to do with these costumes but I want my mom and dad NOW!”

“I don’t have any idea what you are talking about but I saw your mother and the Reverend go upstairs, second door to the right.”

Mathias with is sister in tow ran up the stairs and entered the door. The first thing Mathias saw was his nearly naked mother her hand tied and hanging from the ceiling about six inches from the floor. Her breasts and pussy was exposed, the dress hanging just from her shoulders. His father stood behind her with the whip in hand.

“This miserable wrench has fucking half the men in this house, but only I can show her real pleasure.” His father said cracking the whip against his wife’s back.

“Dad stop” Cried Mathias but he was stopped in his tracks as his mother moaned.

“No don’t stop, just fuck me, my pussy aches. Do what you will just fuck me”

Mathias pushed his father out of the way and took his sword cutting the ropes holding his mother. He then cut her ropes and she put her hands around his neck kissing him.

“Thank you sir, now please fuck me”

Mathias pushed his mother away but she fell back into his arms and started stroking his cock.


“I need to be fucked, come on give me that cock”
Mathias stripped the dress off her and pushed her away. Soon Doris looked at her son and her own nakedness and ran to the joining bathroom. Mathias ran to the door, it’s okay mom nothing happened. He then heard some moans and he turned around to see his father fucking Mary from behind. The Reverend pulled her long mane of hair back as he plunged is cock into his daughter’s pussy.

“Yes master yes…fuck me, hurt me”

“I will do that you whore” and the Reverend slapped her ass with a riding crop as he fucked her. Mathias went behind his father and pulled the tunic and shirt off his torso. He then pulled him off his daughter as a stream of cum arched through the air. He lifted his father up and threw him a robe he found by the floor. The bathroom opened and his mother also wrapped in a robe came out rushing to his dad.

“Jeremy what has happened? What are we doing here?

The Reverend was at a loss for words and looked to his son. Mathias took his father aside and explained that he believed the costumes to take control of the person wearing them. The Reverend looked at his wife comforting his daughter and he gathered up the costumes. He marched the family down the stairs and out of the house. The Reverend and Mathias had the costumes bunched in their arms and they approached Mr. Bain who was at the door seeing them out.

“Good night Reverend, hope you and your family had a good time”

“Mr. Bain…I…”

“Yes Reverend, you and your son may keep the costumes”.

The Reverend and his son smiled at each other quickly and embarrassed they hurriedly went out of the house and to their car.

Mr. Bain turned to two of his guests and smiled.

“You see Laurel, everything turns out for the best. Now you and Manu go and enjoy yourselves and give the Devil his due. Ha Ha Ha”

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