The Reunion

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If there was one thing I was enjoying about this night it was that I looked better than all the other bitches here. Which is ironic, considering that in high school I was considered the ‘ugly duckling’. I was the one that no boy wanted to date. The loner, the one with no friends, take your pick. Now, however, I was the one with the rocking hot body. The only one who didn’t gain fifty something pounds of baby weight, and probably the only one who wasn’t in some dead end marriage destined to fail in five years. Oh. I was also ‘that bitch’. But years of criticism build a person up for that, no?

Maybe I should have started with this: My name is Brenna Hewatt. I’m a thirty-something year old woman and I’m a dietician. The confidence is mostly fake and alcohol related, but for the moment it’s serving its purpose. Niceties were driving me up the wall and I’d come to learn that class reunions weren’t worth the hassle. As I said, the only thing I’d established was that I had the best body here. The body was something I’d worked hard for. I was allowed to be proud of it. In high school I had been very overweight. In my line of work right now I worked mostly with the overweight population, trying to help them as I’d helped myself. Seeing the transformations everyday really did serve a purpose in my life. Hard work, exercise, and eating well does pay off, folks.

Anyways, I was trying to stay out of the way. I had nothing to say to most of these people. Seeing my old crushes again really did nothing for my self-esteem. Especially since none of them even recognized me. Maybe it was because I was no longer ‘Big Brenna’. I cringed. Nothing was worse than that memory. My high school best friend, Abbie, was running late. I was just waiting on her to get here so I could finally have some fun. The two of us knew how to tear shit up. Maybe there would even be a chance to get laid? Or were all of the semi attractive ones taken? That was the real question.

“Oh my god! Big Brenna is that you?!” That squeaky voice still got on my nerves fifteen years later.

“It’s just Brenna.” I snapped. I looked the little blonde in the face. God, she hadn’t changed one bit. Kayla Madden, your typical head cheerleader. Tiny, busty, and seemingly perfect, glowing skin. Again, she hadn’t changed one damn bit.

“You look fantastic!” She chirped.

“Thanks. So do you, I guess.” This elicited a huge smile out of her.

“Thanks! So what’s your secret? How’d you lose all that weight?” The thick Southern accent made me glad I’d moved out of Georgia. She was the typical Southern Belle. All prim and proper, and a secret slut.

“How does anyone lose weight, Kayla?” I said dryly. I ran my hand down my body to smooth out my dress. It was riding up my legs, and Kayla was the last person in the room I wanted to flash.

“Well some people…” She let the sentence trail off and pretended to gag herself. I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah well, I actually worked for it.” For fucks sake, who did she think I was? “Now if you’ll excuse me…” I caught sight of Abbie walking through the door. My god, it was good to see her. I walked away from Kayla to meet Abbie across the room.

“Abbs!” I smiled and opened my arms. She ran up to me and embraced me. It was truly the best part about coming home. I hadn’t seen Abbie in almost a year, and she was the one lasting friendship I had. The only person who had stuck with me through the wildness that was my twenties and still managed to put up with me. This girl was like my sister and I’d do anything for her.

“My god, Bren, it’s been so long!” She pulled out of the hug and looked me over. “Now let’s tear this shit up!”

“I hope you mean the bar… because there is absolutely no ass to tear up here.” I laughed. It was an inside joke between us.

“Oh come on. Don’t tell me that Carter hasn’t shown up yet.” She teased. I gripped the glass in my hand a little tighter. Carter Ellis. Yes, he was one of the great men I met in high school (maybe I should say the best looking). Baseball player, looked fantastic in pants, and one of the few guys who hadn’t been a complete asshole to me.

“I haven’t seen him.” I said. Truth be told, I had forgot about him.

“I’m sure he’ll show soon. It’s not too late.” She put her hand on my shoulder and led me toward the bar.

“He’s probably taken.”

“One step at a time, hon. First let’s get that tequila sunrise and touch up your makeup. You look a little rough, babe.” She laughed. All I could do was smile. I’d been drinking enough; I was surprised that I wasn’t sporting ‘drunk face’ yet.

“Real fucking funny.” I laughed with her. The first stop was the bathroom. When I caught a look of myself in the mirror, I realized that she was right. My perfectly applied makeup had started to melt off in the sweltering heat. However, the perfectly constructed curl in my hair had held up. The golden brown curls fell around my face softly, framing my face. My lips popped with a bright red lipstick. It Maltepe Escort was a nice contrast to the infamous little black dress I was wearing. My objective tonight was to get with Carter. It had been a goal of mine since high school. I wanted to catch his attention. So I fixed my makeup, and crossed my fingers that he would be outside when we returned back to the ‘party’. “Abbs?”

“Yes love?”

“What if he doesn’t show up?” I felt like the insecure eighteen-year-old version of myself.

“He will. I have on good authority that he’s coming tonight.”

The last time I’d had any contact with Carter, it had almost ended in what I wanted. I remembered it well, he had come up to New York with Abbie and the only thing that had stopped it from happening was his girlfriend. The thing is this- Carter and I had always had a thing for each other. We hadn’t done anything about it in high school for obvious reasons. The star of the baseball team couldn’t date at the bottom of the social food chain. So we had settled for a flirtationship for all these years. Now it was the time where we remembered a pact we’d made at sixteen. If we were single, we’d give ‘us’ a shot at our first class reunion. This happened to be that reunion. Fifteen years later, I might have a chance with this man.

“Christ I’m so nervous. What if he’s still with her?”

“Then it’s something you’ll have to accept, Bren.”

Her words were simple and true enough, but they sent little anxiety butterflies through my body. Those anxiety butterflies made me feel a little sick, but I couldn’t give myself puke breath. I leaned up against the bathroom counter for a minute. Deep breaths, Brenna, deep breaths. It would be okay. It would be okay. No matter what the outcome of this was, it was going to be okay. Not being with Carter would be a good thing, right? You’d have to move back to Georgia, you know he wouldn’t move to New York. But would Georgia be such a bad compromise for someone you’ve held so dear for so long? I shook the thoughts out of my head. Odds were that he was taken. Who wouldn’t want to snag him up and keep him for themselves? A crazy woman, that’s who.

“Let’s get out of this damn bathroom.” I said. I did a quick double check in the mirror and walked out behind Abbie. One deep breath, and I exited the bathroom with a new kind of faux confidence.

And wouldn’t ya know. Carter had shown up. He was standing in front of me with this trademark giant grin of his. Now Abbie’s phone made sense. He was the ‘good authority’ she spoke of. I instantly melted. Even after all these years Carter still had the ability to turn my insides into mush. Everyone in our school had known about my crush on him. It was a surprise that he even talked to me after all that was said. But here he was, with that brilliant white smile of his, waiting on me.

“Damn girl!” He remarked. I smiled up at him. I hoped my teeth were as white as his. Oh the teenager in me was coming out tonight.

“Damn to yourself, Ellis.” And damn was definitely an accurate statement. He was still as athletic fifteen years after high school as he was in high school. Which naturally meant that he was probably still smaller than me. He stepped forward and pulled me into a tight hug. The scent of his cologne made its way to my nose, and it was as good as ever. I wrapped my arms around him and let myself enjoy this. Arms so strong and that felt so right… I couldn’t remember the last time a single set of arms felt this good. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been okay. How about you?” We were now beating around the bush. He was holding something back, I knew he was.

“Still a workaholic.” I laughed. “No social life outside of the crazy hospital rotations. Not sure why I decided to get an MD and go into this subfield.”

“I’m proud of you, though.” He said sincerely. He was still holding on to me a little too tight.

“What about you? You still working in the same place?”

“Still trying to provide for my family. Just had another little boy a year ago.” That made my heart sink. When Carter got divorced the first time, it had almost killed him. His ex put him through hell to get visitation to his kid. I couldn’t imagine that he had left a second baby mama.

“Congratulations! How come you didn’t tell me?” I know the disappointment was obvious in my voice.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Bren.” He said softly. “I know I can’t keep it from you now.”

“Are you at least happy with her?” I laid my head against his chest. So this was going to be a bust.

“No.” He said. “She left me and the baby right after he was born. For now it’s just me and my babies. But Bren, I don’t want anything serious right now. Too much has happened, and my kids have been through enough.”

“I understand that.” I said quietly. Disappointment welled up inside me. This hug was enough to satisfy some of my loneliness, but only for a moment. I let my hand fall down his side and rest on his hip. “Maybe we should…”

“Maybe Ümraniye Escort we should what? I like this right here.” He held my hand tight to his waist. “Bren, I don’t want anything serious. I do want you.”

His words kind of stung. Was that all I was to him? A cheap one night stand? A way to get rid of the pain of his baby mama abandoning him? I ripped my hand out of his and pulled away from him. I was offended.

“I’m not a pleasure device, Carter.” As quick as I pulled away from him, Carter grabbed my hand and pulled me back into him.

“I know you’re not. I don’t expect you to be. But I’d be an idiot to let you just walk away. Brenna, you’ve always been here for me. Through everything.”

“And now you’re just saying what you know I want to hear.” And sadly, it was working. This man was going to get in my pants tonight, and it’d be in the hotel room I’d booked upstairs.

“No, I’m telling you the truth.” He pulled me back against him and then laid his chin on top of my head. Even when I was in heels he was taller than me. Good god, he was good. “I’m not trying to use you. You know I’d never do that to you.”

“I don’t know, Carter.” I let myself rest against him again. The music in the background was appropriate for the contact, so I just rolled with it. His hand inched up my back and started to play with the strings that kept my dress together at the top. My breath started to come quicker.

“You do know.” Dammit. He was going to play me and I was going to let him. I wanted him to. He lowered his head and pressed his cheek to mine. “Brenna, I want you. I want you badly.” And that comment went straight to my vagina.

“Fuck you, Ellis. You know I have a room upstairs. Lets go.” I pulled myself out of his arms and took him by the hand. A wide smile spread across my face. Carter knew how to one up these encounters, didn’t he?

We’ll just skip the elevator ride. He held out all the way up to the room. There was a kiss fifteen years in the making coming on, and I just wanted to know if it was going to be as amazing as I’d imagined it to be. As soon as we got into the room, a small and cramped little space, Carter had me pressed up against the wall. His hands held me firmly at the waist. I grabbed his biceps and let him take the lead. There was only so much I could handle and right now Carter was exuding that special male sexuality that got my own hormones raging. He just oozed sex. Every single pore on his body oozed sex and it was… it was sexy. The heat in his green eyes when he looked at me. If I could capture that look and recreate it every time… I’m not sure what kind of higher function I would have left in my body, it was doing crazy things to me.

“Fuck it Carter, just kiss me already!” I said desperately. Patience was not my virtue. He leaned towards me, stopped just shy of my lips, and smiled.

“It’s not going to be that easy, hon.” He said softly. I closed my eyes and moaned. Fuck, he was a teaser. I took a step closer to him and put my hand on his stomach. That so, so toned stomach. “I know you want it.”

“Yes, yes I do.” I said. The breath was beginning to leave my body. He definitely knew what he was doing in this department. Every move he made was calculated. My body was so hyper aware of his. He leaned closer to me, close enough that his lips were grazing mine. I took the opportunity to grab the back of his head and pull him against me closer. His lips came crashing down over mine and it was like I was lost in him. My mind was instantly taken to places it had never been before, places of uncharted pleasure. It was so, so right. Carter’s lips against mine were so, so right. In an instant, Carter had me flush against him and he was working at untying my dress. I could feel his erection straining against his pants, fighting to be free of the fabric. I wanted to take my time with that. I felt when Carter got my dress loose. It fell to my ankles and my scant underclothing was visible. Tiny black thong and lacy black bra. I had come prepared.

Carter’s breath caught in his throat and he pulled back to look in me. He growled low in his throat and I took the opportunity to turn him around and press him up against the wall. Now his shirt was coming off. He all too happily obliged to it. When I finally had the offending object off his body, I could admire what a work of art he was. Perfectly sculpted abs. That V that most men can’t achieve? Well, Carter had it times ten. I started to kiss him at his neck and worked my way to his shoulders. I made sure to keep some kind of eye contact, which was a little hard because his head was leaned back against the wall. His hands came to rest on my shoulders, and his breathing was a little hard. It made me wonder what was to come. As I reached the top of his pants, he stopped me and pulled me back up.

“You can’t have all the fun!” He said lazily.

“Shut the fuck up and enjoy yourself, Ellis.” I said with a smile. He laughed.

“Yes, İstanbul Escort Ma’am.”

I worked my hands down his abs and tugged at his pants. I wanted to free his erection and give him a little taste of what I could do. I very carefully unzipped them, and let him loose. Good god, all I wanted was to have him in my mouth. Slowly, I worked my hand down his body and grabbed him. He jumped a little and moved his hips to meet me. My mouth followed. He moaned. The sound was so, so amazing. Slowly, I worked the length of him into my mouth. I wanted to immediately show off my ‘mad deep throating skills’, as they’d been called, but I found it was more fun to tease a little first. I bobbed my head in tune to his breathing, which was fast. He was watching me intently.

“Oh my god.” He moaned. His knees were starting to buckle. I moaned against him. The feel of him in my mouth was truly amazing. I reached down to play with the boys. “FUCK!” he shouted. And then I had him. His hand snaked into my hair and he yanked me up. Now THAT turned me on. Nothing was sexier to me than a man who liked to play it rough.

“Do you like it rough?” I just looked at him. “I’m talking to you!”

“Yes.” A firm hand came down and slapped my ass.

“I can’t hear you.” His face was centimeters from mine now.

“I said yes!” This time I said it a little louder than a whisper, and his lips were covering mine once again. He backed me up until we got to the bed and he pushed me down. He tugged at my panties until he had torn them, literally tore them, off me. His fingers teased me, and I arched my back to meet him. He finally touched my clit, which sent little shockwaves of pleasure through me.

“I bet you want my fingers in you, don’t you?” I grunted in response. Of fucking course I did. I was practically begging for it. “I can’t hear you!”

“Yes, dammit, yes!” I moaned. His fingers were still torturing me, I could do little more than squeak my responses. “Just fuck me already!”

“You’re gonna have to wait for that, my love.” He said seductively. His fingers made a harsh entrance into me, and it tore a scream from me. Holy shit he was good. “You like that?”

“Fuck yes.” I moaned. “Please don’t stop.”

He moved his fingers in and out of me as fast as he possibly could. He had me on the verge of an overwhelming orgasm. I wasn’t ready for that yet. Or was he going to make this a multiple orgasm, you’re going to be completely useless and sore for the next week or so, kinda night? Pleasure arced through my body as his mouth took residence where his fingers were. His tongue danced around my clit as he kissed me there the same way as he was kissing my mouth earlier. The feeling was exquisite.

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod.” I felt myself about to tip over that ledge when he stopped. “What the fuck?!”

“Hold still.” He poised himself on top of me and pushed inside me. I don’t even think words could accurately describe that feeling. Every inch of him fit perfectly inside me. I watched as his eyes widened when he pushed himself fully inside. I moved my hips forward to meet him in the middle, and the pleasure flowed through every inch of my body. A low moan rumbled out of both our mouths and Carter started moving faster inside me.

“Holy fuck I don’t know how long I can do this, Bren.” His words came out fast and choppy.

“Do you like it, sir?” He grabbed my wrists and kept me pinned against the bed.

“Yes, ma’am.” He moaned.

It truly felt like he was trying to move a path from my vagina to my belly button with his dick. He knew just how rough to give it. It wasn’t long until I felt him moving a little more erratic than he had been. He had this precarious pressure still built up inside me, I could feel myself about to come, and I saw his imminent orgasm written across his face. And by god, did I want to make it happen. He let go of one of my wrists and started to play with my clit as he thrust into me. My eyes rolled back into my head as the orgasm started to take hold. It was like a damn eighteen wheeler slammed into me as he thrust himself inside me that last time. A scream tore from my throat and I raked my nails down his back with my free hand. I was thoroughly spent and I just wanted more of him.

Carter pulled out of me and I reached up to help him finish. I slid my hands up and down that smooth, smooth skin and brought my mouth to the head of his cock. He pushed himself down into my throat and held me there as he came hot and thick into my mouth. I held him by his hips and kept him inside my mouth for a moment. He pulled me off a second later and brought his mouth down to mine. His kisses were once again hot and heavy, and everything, well almost everything, that I thought they would be.

“Dammit, Carter. Why have you held out on me this long?” I asked with a laugh.

“Honestly, love I couldn’t tell you.” He said and laid down beside me. He pulled me down onto him. I nestled my head on his chest and let his heartbeat soothe me.

“Are you going to stay here tonight or do you have to go home?”

“I have a babysitter until morning.” He pulled me closer. “I don’t feel like going anywhere tonight. I just want to be here with you for a while.” I smiled into his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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