The Right Equipment Ch. 1 , 2

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This is a story that follows eight women who all make purchases of sexual toys at a private buying party. The first two parts capture the interaction of the group as a whole. The last eight parts describe how these women use the toys once they get them home, so to speak. If you don’t like a lot of background (literary foreplay) you can of course skip directly to Parts 3-11.

* * * * *

Chapter One: The Admission

“Okay, honestly, who has ever used a sex toy?”

“You mean like a dildo,” one of the girls asked.

“You know what I mean,” Karen responded. “Honestly, and this goes no farther than this table, everyone raise their hand who has ever used a sex toy.”

Having asked the question, no one was surprised when Karen raised hers. However, after that, there was a very nervous pause as the rest of the girls seated at the table looked to see who would admit to using a “marital aid.”

Slowly, a few hand rose, close to the body and none of them above shoulder height. In the end, all eight of the girls had raised their hands. Eight very attractive girls who would have been mortified if anyone knew what they were talking about. Most of them married and all of them leaning to conservative lifestyles and appearances; “sanitized suburbia” if you will.

“It’s only because my husband begged me to,” said Catherine.

“Me too,” the other four married women—Allison, Ann, Jan and Jenny— said.

“Is that your excuse? The devil made me do it,” Karen retorted in a questioning tone that mocked the girls’ defensiveness. “And I just had to do what he wanted. And I suppose next you’ll tell me you didn’t like it at all,” she continued.

The two unmarried women, Dierdre and Chantelle, laughed uncontrollably as Karen simulated rubbing a vibrator against her clit moaning, “Oh I don’t like this. Oh, this isn’t any fun at all. Oh, please stop.”

It’s amazing what a few drinks can do. Four hours into an infrequent “girls night out,” these eight friends—who had all known each other since high school—were definitely coming out of their shells.

After separating to go to different colleges, the friends had all returned to their hometown to find jobs, get married and settle down. Five of the eight were schoolteachers and several had children. None of them, except Karen, had ever admitted to using a sex toy before tonight.

“Okay, who currently has a sexual toy in their possession that they have used without the presence of another person in the room,” Karen asked, raising her hand.

If the last question was uncomfortable, this question proved downright embarrassing….It was the same as asking Do you like to play with yourself? Please admit your deviant behavior in front of your closest friends whom you see on a regular basis……

And then, slowly, all hands were raised, except for Allison’s. All of the girls, having revealed themselves, looked accusingly at Allison.

“It’s true. We just moved and I threw them out as a precaution.”

“Them,” Karen asked with a smirk on her face. “As in more than one? As in I need more than one even though I don’t like it and only do it because Randi begs me to?” All of the girls laughed.

“Screw you,” Allison replied with venom to one of her best friends in the world.

“So we all have and use sex toys yet we all figured that the others would be freaked out if anyone else found out,” Karen continued, ignoring Allison’s anger. “Well, except for me. Since I am the wild one in the bunch, you all have admitted to me what you like. It’s so nice being the one everyone feels free talking with about sex. I am sure you’d all be surprised what others in this group really like.”

Each of the girls blushed, remembering conversations with Karen where they had shared wild sexual experiences, confessed having affairs and admitting to wild sexual fantasies escort and interests. Each of them hoped that they would not be revealed but were equally excited to discover the truth about the others at the table.

“It’s so damn uncomfortable buying them though,” said Allison with a nervous laugh trying to break the tension. “I usually make Randi do it but I don’t want to admit to him that I want one now or that I use one when he’s not there.”

All of the girls nodded their head, reflecting on the uncomfortable feelings associated with buying these illicit products.

“You could always have a sex toy party,” Karen said. “Kind of like a Tupperware party for the sexually active.”

“You’re joking, right,” said Allison. “There’s no such thing, right?”

“Wrong,” Karen. “And, in honor of Allison’s new home and the fact that she is in need of new accoutrements (she smiled as she said this) I think we should have a sex toy party at Allison’s house for our next girls night. All those who don’t like this idea, keep your mouths shut. Otherwise, your silence will indicate your approval of the idea.”

Not a word was said for the next five seconds.

“What time should we be at your house,” Dierdre finally said.

“I guess about 7 o’clock,” Allison said in a quiet voice, excited by the thought of what would happen in a week.

Chapter Two: The Party

“I bet you no one comes Karen,” Allison said, standing in the front door of her house.

“And what would you like to bet,” Karen replied with a mischievous grin.

“You know what I mean,” Allison responded, frustrated by Karen’s complete calm. “I don’t think this was a good idea. It might have been okay to talk about it but I think ….well, I just think this wasn’t a good idea.”

“And I think you’re too uptight sometimes,” Karen said. “If it looks like people are getting uncomfortable, we can always pack it in and go out drinking. Agreed?”

Allison didn’t respond. Instead, she looked into the living room where Mary was setting up. Mary was a representative from a local adult boutique. Unknown to Allison, these private parties were apparently very popular. However, she still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of evaluating and buying sex toys in front of her friends. In fact, the very idea was mortifying, despite the fact that she knew all of them used them.

What also disturbed Allison was how normal Mary looked. She was attractive but neither looked nor dressed like what she imagined a person in her business would dress like. In fact, anyone seeing her would assume she was one of her neighbors if they didn’t know better. It bothered her that she looked so, well, normal. Her thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of a horn.

Allison and Karen saw two cars pull up, carrying Ann, Jenny, Catherine and Dierdre. The four of them all taught at the same school and were arriving from a happy hour for the teaching staff. Everyone had shown up, except for Jenny who was always late anyways.

“Are we ready to start,” Mary asked. “Why don’t you have everybody get a drink and meeting the living room?”

It was apparent that at least some of the girls had already had a few drinks already. Apparently, Allison wasn’t the only one who was a little nervous about the evening.

“Hello, my name is Mary,” the woman began as soon as they had settled in. “The first thing you should know is that I am really a housewife. A long time ago, stores figured out it was easier to have regular people direct these parties rather than sales people. It’s the same idea as a Tupperware party and, make no mistake, the particular items in question are in as many homes as Tupperware.

“Last year, over fifteen million vibrators and dildos were sold in the United States,” Mary continued. “That represents a device for one out of every five women bursa eve gelen escort between the ages of 18 and 64. That same year, over one million sets of anal beads were sold and over 150,000 French maid lingerie outfits were sold. In fact, if you can name the device, chances are that at least a million people currently own and operate it in the privacy of their own home. We may not talk about them but all of us love having fun in the bedroom, either by ourselves or with others.”

“The important thing to remember is that most of us have these thoughts and are turned on by things we don’t care to admit in public,” Mary continued. “The problem is finding a partner willing to explore these areas with you and finding someone to buy the equipment without dying of embarrassment. I can’t solve the first problem but tonight will hopefully give you an opportunity to satisfy the second.”

“This evening is designed to as non-confrontational as possible. You will be given a sheet with all of the items I will show you tonight. You will mark a No next to any item you do not want and a number for items and quantities of items you do want. That way, none of you will know what the others are ordering. Furthermore, all of you must ask questions about items so that your questions will be answered without having to admit your interest in a particular item.

“Any questions?”

They all shook their heads, calmed by the thoughtfulness of the process in allaying any concerns over having to reveal themselves.

With that, Mary pulled a black cloth off a display on the floor at the center of where the girls were sitting. By the outlines, it was obvious that there were several dildos underneath but it was still exciting when Karen removed the cover.

“I don’t think I need to tell any of you what these are or how to use them,” Mary said with a smile.

All of the girls laughed.

“However, I am sure you will find some items that you may not be familiar with.” Mary said, “For instance, I am sure that many of you like the constant pitch that come from models. However, there are now variable speed vibrators that can deliver modulating pulses and even random levels of vibration. Without going into too many details about my personal life, I can tell you that this is a nice alternative. There are also several models that with noise suppression to avoid that damn humming sound. Perfect for those situations where you have a little less privacy than she might like.”

The devices quickly found their way into the hands of the girls.

Allison excused herself to go to the bathroom. In a half hour, they had covered vibrators, dildos and some very sexy lingerie. Allison had ordered two vibrators and surprised herself by ordering a dildo, a device she had never tried before. At ten inches long, it was sizably larger than her husband Randi and she was interested to how it would feel pleasuring herself with it.

She had also ordered a French maid outfit. Randi had mentioned it once and she knew it would turn him on immensely. She decided to save it for a time when she really wanted to get him excited, probably when she wanted to convince him that they should start having children. She was pretty sure that two of the other girls had also ordered the same outfit and she marveled at the seemingly universal attraction by guys to this fantasy of fucking the maid.

“The cuffs are quite soft as you can see,” Mary said as Catherine had both her arms pulled above her head, her wrists bound by furry restraints connected to nylon rope. “The restraints themselves can be tightened so that you can or cannot get out of them without help and the connecting lines are designed to attach to bedposts or other objects.”

“I guess I know now how to make sure John doesn’t görükle escort always leave me for poker night on Thursdays,” Jan said to the roaring approval of the others.

“So you like to be the one in charge,” Karen asked.

“It might be fun,” Jan replied, although it was impossible to know if she was being serious.

“Of course, the question is what you want to do once you or your partner is tied up,” Mary said, interrupting the two of them. “Some people just like the opportunity to explore the others body. However, for those a little bolder, there are many options. Large feathers for tickling, perhaps an ice cube ala 9 ½ Weeks, a blindfold to heighten the restraint. Then of course, a lot of people find it pleasurable to interject some paddling or other fun into their bedroom fun. The pain/pleasure connection is very real and one does heighten the other for many. For other people, the fun of restraints isn’t about spankings or stuff like that but just having someone at their mercy…or being at the mercy of someone else.”

Several of the women had very distant looks in their eyes as Mary was discussing the various restraint systems and accompanying devices. If one had the ability to peek into their minds, it would have shown that these looks were not caused by boredom with the subject.

“Are those anal beads,” Ann asked in a hushed voice. Having spent time discussing bondage, one would think that something simple like anal beads wouldn’t be embarrassing. However, Ann was obviously thrown by the simple cord with six marble-sized balls.

“Yes,” Mary said, “and before you all go ugh, you should know that anal devices are some of the most popular toys.”

“No way,” said Dierdre. “Who wants to have someone play with their butt?”

“There are more sensors in your bottom than there are in the penis,” Mary said.

“You mean guys like this,” Dierdre said, incredulously. “Gay guys?”

“Straight as straight can be,” Mary said. “If the beads are inserted slowly while the man gets excited and pulled out quickly during the orgasm, it can create an absolutely incredible feeling. Of course, men aren’t the only ones who buy or use anal beads.”

By the time Mary had nearly completed her tour of sexual toys, it was eleven o’clock. All of the girls were amazed at how long they had spent discussing the subject and flustered when they heard and felt the garage door opening, signaling Randi’s return.

The girls frantically tried to stuff all the toys back into the two suitcases Mary had brought. In the end they managed to hide everything except a very large dildo that ended up in the hands of Allison as the door to the garage opened.

“Hi honey,” Randi said. “I thought you would be out and about. Sorry if I came home to early. Am I interrupting you?”

All of the girls almost died laughing at this unintended understatement.

“No, we were just finishing up here,” Allison said.

“What’s with the suitcases,” Randi said, pointing to the two suitcases.

Inside, all of the girls nearly died from embarrassment, only to be saved a moment later by Karen.

“This is my friend Mary,” Karen said. “She’s visiting from out of town and we are transferring her bags to my car to spend the night. The answer seemed to be completely believable and the girls quickly rushed Mary and her bags out the door.

In fact, Randi wouldn’t have been suspicious at all, except that he couldn’t understand why the girls were all giving Mary money and what looked like order forms before she got in her own car.

However, it had been a long day and Allison had promised to have sex tonight so he lost interest in the bags and Mary quite quickly. He was so excited in fact that he rushed upstairs to get naked in preparation for Allison.

This concludes Parts 1 and 2 of the story. In the coming weeks, I will explore how the women use the toys they purchased at the party. Obviously, there will be some exploration of the use of vibrators, dildos, anal beads and restraints. However, I welcome suggestions on other toys to incorporate into the eight stories planned.

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