The Rise and Fall of Jordan M. Ch. 02-04

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What happened in Chapter 1: Jordan discovered that Jackie not only had soft womanly curves, but also had a very responsive and prominent clitoris. This turned out to be slightly problematic as Jordan was engaged to Barbara, a researcher working on a unique lie detector who found Jackie’s discarded panties on her desk.

Chapter 2 Saturday, April 9 0 days to erectile malfunction

Jordan woke up a little later than usual, and put his arm out to caress Barbara. Her side of the bed was empty. He sat up, and felt an odd twinge in his bum. Looking over at the bedside table he saw an empty syringe and vial lying on its side. The label on the vial was handwritten. “Veritas” it said in Barbara’s writing. At this point Jordan was starting to get a little worried. He gently massaged his right buttock. There was no doubt about it. He had been given a shot while he was asleep and, none too gently either. Beneath the vial and syringe Jordan saw a manuscript. He was sure that it wasn’t there when he went to sleep. He picked it up and looked at it.

To be submitted to Science contingent on approval by the Office of Naval Research

Novel Method for Instant Visualization of LIE Gene Expression.

Barbara Steward a,b, Dylan Crossb and Adrien Brodya*

a: Harvard Medical School 25 Shattuck Street Boston, Ma 02115

b: Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 31 Ames Street

Cambridge MA 02139

* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed


In vivo production of nitric oxide (NO) has been observed when the LIE gene is expressed in the presence of isosorbide dinitrate. Prior work has shown (Nature 1998, 395, 625-626) that the LIE gene is only expressed in homo sapiens upon a deliberate distortion of the truth. Nitric oxide is a neural messenger and is crucial to formation of the male erection in homo sapiens. By coupling NO production with LIE gene expression a portable inexpensive lie detector has been developed. Isosorbide dinitrate henceforth referred to as “Veritas” has been shown to have no side effects. The veritas effect is instantaneous and the resulting lie detection technique can be applied to male homo sapiens without any special equipment. It is non-toxic.

Keywords: isosorbide dinitrate; LIE gene; veritas


You Shit! Since you are such an idiot I shall summarize this paper.

If you lie you will get a massive hard-on. When you tell the truth your dick will shrivel-up and die.

I injected Veritas in your hairy ass.



Jordan was trying to absorb what he had read when Barbara came into the room. She pulled the duvet off the bed leaving Jordan more exposed than he was comfortable with given the current circumstances. Jordan liked sleeping in the nude and the feeling of freedom it gave him. Right now, it only made him feel vulnerable. Before he could question Barbara about Veritas and what-the-hell she thought she was doing, Barbara very politely asked Jordan whether he had had a good night last night. Reflexively Jordan replied, “No, I missed you.”

“That’s so sweet of you, darling. Are you sure you didn’t enjoy your dessert a little more than you would have if I had been there?” purred Barbara.

Jordan made the mistake of trying not to think of the dessert he’d enjoyed, he tried his best not to think of Jackie’s opulent hips covered in ice cream, his tongue buried deep in her fertile valley and the proud clit that stood tall over-looking her wetlands. It didn’t work his morning wood grew harder and taller than it ever was.

“What do you mean? We missed your conversation and presence during dessert,” Jordan replied, trying harder and harder not to think of what had happened last night. Particularly since he knew that his thoughts were fertilizer to his highly exposed penis.

“You didn’t lick the raspberry juice from Jackie’s thighs? Surely my presence and our conversation would have put a damper on your oral explorations of her smelly pussy. Did she moan and groan when your kindly tongue cleaned the last vestiges of ice cream from her swollen clitoris?” Barbara asked in a deadly cool voice. Barbara’s accurate, descriptive questions made it impossible for Jordan to empty his mind of last night’s feast. How the hell did she know what had happened on the dining room table?

” Where do you get your crazy ideas? I ….,” Jordan didn’t get to say a word more. His cock seemed to have grown an inch. Did that Veritas shit really work, he wondered.

“I’ll be back tonight for one last test. You sure failed this one. You lied! You creep, just look at your rotten penis, it’s telling the truth,” said Barbara whacking his fully-grown manhood and walking out of the room.

Barbara was satisfied with round one. The weasel had lied and his pecker had responded as it should. Now it was time to do some real work in the laboratory. For the next eight hours she would forget all about him and his little escapade. Barbara was fairly sure that Jordan would be unable to relax and that he would Escort Avrupa yakası be in a mentally weakened state when she came home for round two.

After having been humiliated by both Barbara and his inappropriate erection, Jordan had a shower. The water relaxed him a little bit and woke him up, but it didn’t reduce the size of his wood. It would be a pity to waste such a well-constructed high rise Jordan thought as he started to stroke his manhood. It really seemed longer and thicker than ever before and it felt so good. His prick was lubing so much he didn’t need any artificial lubricant. Images of Barbara and Jackie clashed in his mind. The climax, while standing stretched on his tippy toes, was satisfying. The typical male ejaculation is 3.5mL and contains 150mg of proteins. For some reason he gissismed at least 7.0mL.

Jordan still loved Barbara and wanted to marry her. Having Jackie for dessert had been a big mistake, an enjoyable lapse that he now deeply regretted. But it wasn’t a big deal. His love would overcome everything. He would convince Barbara that he hadn’t fucked Jackie. His phone interrupted his musings.


“Hey Studmuffin! Want to have some dessert?” asked Jackie.

“Hi Jackie. I am so glad you called. I was about to call and ask you a question.” He really had wanted to call her, to ask her if she had told Dylan or Barbara about their evening. He just had not gotten the nerve up yet.

“Great! Why don’t you come over to my apartment. Bring my panties with you. Perhaps we can play around on the washing machine while we launder them,” Jackie replied answering Jordan’s question before he even got to ask it.

“Oh man Jackie, you wouldn’t believe what’s happened to me. Barbara must have found your underwear and now she thinks we had some sort of affair or something. You have to help me. Can’t you call Barbara and tell her you somehow forgot your panties at our apartment?”

“Jordan! You are such a guy. What do you mean she thinks you screwed around? She knows you screwed around. Those panties were covered in ice cream and raspberry juice. What am I going to say to her? “Hi Barbara. Remember me I was the chick over at your place last night. Well, after you left I had to go and piss big time. I jumped over the table ripping off my panties and they fell into the dessert bowl. When I came back Jordan was there sucking away at the panties. I didn’t feel like putting them on after that, so I just left them there. Jordan asked me to call you and tell you all of this because you somehow got the mistaken impression that we screwed around or something. I promise you he never touched or even saw my naked body.” Do you think she would believe that?” Jackie asked.

” My goose is cooked,” said Jordan, finally appreciating the extent of Barbara’s knowledge.

” Keep my panties, Jordan. I don’t think you’ll be much fun on the washing machine anyway. Tell Barbara the truth, and tonight when you are lying in your empty bed you can keep my panties on the pillow next to you. Bye.” Not much sympathy there — and Jordan wasn’t much impressed with the advice either.

He spent most of the late morning and afternoon trying to study, when that was unsuccessful, he watched some college hoops. Perhaps that would take his mind off all his troubles. It worked for a while. However, the thought of Veritas floating through his body was never far from his mind. Especially not when he had to go and piss. Jordan held his cock in his hand and looked at the urine streaming forth. What was going on in his firehose? He didn’t deserve all of this, imagine only getting an erection when he was telling a lie. Jordan wasn’t quite sure whether he believed in the drug. Maybe it didn’t work or perhaps Barbara was playing mind games with him. He went to the bedroom took off all his clothes, and admired his body in the mirror. Not bad he thought. He could understand why Jackie was interested in adding his banana to her fruit salad. Practice makes perfect, so Jordan stood in front of the mirror and rehearsed what he was going to say to Barbara. It wasn’t going to be the truth and his penis was going to remain as flaccid as an amoeba.

“Barbara, I love you. I can’t believe you suspect me of having an affair with Jackie. You know she is not my type. My erection this morning wasn’t caused by Veritas or the lies I was telling, but by a full bladder. I have spent all day trying to figure out why you could accuse me of being unfaithful to you and I think I know why. It’s the strawberry panties you found, isn’t it? Yesterday morning I went to the laundromat and washed all my clothes. When I came home, I found this pair of white underwear in my laundry bag. I forgot all about them until I spilt some of the dessert on the tablecloth. I couldn’t find a cloth to clean the mess so I took the panties and used them to clean up the mess. Honey, I love you and would never be unfaithful to you. Isn’t it great – we have sorted this out? Now please do something about this drug you have Ataköy escort injected me with. I can’t go around with my dick jumping up and down like a jack in the box, depending on what I say and not on what I feel.”

Jordan was extremely proud of his story and of his penis, which had not risen a single degree. He was a little worried by the fact that perhaps the drug only worked when someone was telling a lie to an audience and was very nervous. So white lies would not produce the LIE protein, nor would telling lies to a mirror. To make sure his penis still worked and to further ensure that his traitorous manhood would not rise when he told Barbara about finding the panties in the laundry Jordan turned on one of their porno videos. Jordan loved watching the muff diving scenes. He fast forwarded the tape to one of his favorite spots and lay back. His sloppy dong soon metamorphosed into a workable hard-on and after forty-seven strokes his seed was blowing in the wind.

At the very same time that Jordan was cleaning the sperm from his stomach, Barbara was having a coffee break. Dylan came up to her and thanked her for the lovely dinner they had last night.

“I’m sorry I missed the dessert. Jackie told me it was one of the best she has ever had,” said Dylan, unsuspectingly opening a can of squirming, wriggling worms.

“Dylan, I wasn’t going to say anything but now I think I have no choice. Was Jackie wearing a pair of white silky panties with strawberries on them last night?”

“Yes, but how the hell did you know that?” Dylan wanted to know.

“I found them, thrown onto my desk, covered in ice cream and raspberry juice. I am afraid my Jordan did not behave himself. But don’t worry I am going to make Jordan suffer. He’ll never forget his infidelity.”

An hour and twenty minutes after she normally returned home, Barbara opened the front door to find an edgy and fidgety Jordan waiting for her. He didn’t get a chance to present his well-prepared argument.

“Jordan, I know you were unfaithful last night. Veritas is infallible. I am going to ask you some questions. I want you to answer the questions carefully and truthfully. Remember if you lie like you did this morning you will get an erection, if you tell the truth your penis will stay flaccid. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Jordan said, watching stunned as Barbara started taking off all her clothes right there and then. It wasn’t a gentle seductive strip show. It was much more in your face than that. She unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra. Even her nipples sticking out from her small breasts seemed as if they were aggressively challenging him. Barbara sat down and untied her shoelaces, took off her socks and started wiggling out of her jeans.

“I just wanted ….” Jordan didn’t get any further.

“Shut up or I leave like I am and I will fetch my stuff tomorrow,” Barbara said pulling off her black Victoria’s Secret panties. She lay down, spread her legs wide open. This was normally reserved for birthday’s and special occasions, although Barbara enjoyed sex and was sexually adventurous, her pussy was shy and Barbara did not see the point in showing her goods. “Do you love me? Yes or no?” she asked Jordan who was utterly confused.

” Yes and …..” was all Jordan could say. Barbara leaped up, wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust her tongue into his mouth. He was speechless, totally shocked by Barbara’s behavior, this was not what he had expected. She was grinding her red, fiery pubic bush into his soft and retreating willy.

“Oh dear, Jordan, you really do love me. You have always wanted me to be aggressive and sexual. Well, look at me now.” She hopped off and stuck her finger in her furry cleft. “See how wet I am, and your penis is not up to it. Boy, that Veritas of ours really works. I am glad you really love me, but you betrayed me and from now on your penis will betray you.” She bent down to pick up her shirt pointing her perfect freckled bum in his face, a sight that would normally set his body on fire. Nothing doing. No action.

“Did you kiss Jackie’s pussy?”

“No, of course not” Whoops, a lie. Jordan’s dick grew and grew.

“Wow, Jordan look at your cock I bet it is at least 7 inches. That is bigger than I have ever seen it before. Bet it would feel good in my pussy. Pity I am not interested. Did you fuck her?”

“No never.”

“Oh my god. If you lie anymore your dick will explode — what a whopper. Hahaha I am so funny your dick and your lies are a whoppers. Let me measure your cock — eight solid rock-cock inches. Look at me, my traitorous pussy it is leaking. It wants some of your big cock meat. Should we just bygones be bygones and fuck like bunnies?”

“Yes, please that is a great idea.”

“Guess that must have been the truth look at your cute little peepie. It is the size of my little finger now. Too bad I was looking forward to riding your lying sledgehammer. Oh, this is such fun, it looks like I can play mental whack-a-mole with your cock. I can make Şirinevler escort bayan it go up and down whenever I want.” Then she turned around looked him in the eyes while she put on her shirt, jeans and shoes. No panties, socks or bra. She leaned forward, squeezed his limp appendage and left him for good.

This was the first time Jordan’s member did not rise to the occasion. He had never had problems getting it up before, in fact he was pretty proud of his regenerative powers in bed and on the dinning room table. His brain could only think of two things and neither of them was good. Barbara was gone for good, he had messed up a longstanding and healthy relationship and he felt devastated about that. That was bad enough, but he was more worried about the effect of the Veritas injection. How long did it last? Would he have to lie to all the girls he wanted to take to bed with him? Would any woman ever experience the joys of his crystalline cock again, or would they all laugh at his limp member? He was so fucked.

Chapter 3 April 12 Wednesday 4th day of erectile dysfunction

Veritas was not going affect his life, he was placing his penis in long-term storage. It was time to concentrate on the rapidly approaching exam season. Jordan went to all his classes. He managed to take decent notes, understood most of the work, but forgot to hand in a paper and got into trouble about that.

Barbara was an extremely focused individual, and all her attention was currently focused on her research. She was spending fourteen hours a day in the laboratory, and hadn’t spent much time thinking about Jordan. Occasionally when she was working on the LIE gene she wondered whether Jordan had been lying lately, and how he was dealing with the behavior of his penis. If Barbara had known how depressed Jordan was she would have been very proud of Veritas.

Barbara was staying in an apartment with three other girls, and it was time to get all her belongings from Jordan’s apartment. She knew that Jordan would be in class, so she went to the apartment, and steadily and meticulously removed everything that belonged to her. Even things she didn’t need. She took everything that was hers and left nothing, no forwarding address, not even a “Dear Jordan” letter. Barbara had no intention of ever coming back again. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen tragic circumstances, she would have to return to the apartment one more time.

Chapter 4 April 15, 2000 Friday 6th day with erectile malfunction

Friday Jordan had to see his parents at the country cottage just outside Kennebunkport, Maine. Jordan’s father had inherited the four-bedroom cottage. It stood on 3.4 acres of ground, just 8 minutes walk from the Atlantic Ocean. Tom Clarke was the cottage caretaker. He came in three times a week to mow the lawn and take care of the house. Jordan’s parents lived just outside of Boston and only came up to Kennebunkport once or twice a month. They had a hectic and full calendar in Boston and Jordan saw more of his parents in his occasional visits to Maine than in Boston. Tom’s wife Edith cooked for the family when they came to stay for the weekend. The only thing Jordan was looking forward to this weekend was Edith’s cooking. She had cooked for the family since Jordan was four and he loved her food.

Jordan had barely switched off the engine of his Lexus when the door to the cottage opened. There stood Janice Evangeline Marshall. Not a hair out of place, which was not surprising since her hair was always perfectly coiffured and her make-up was immaculately applied. During the height of Hurricane Gloria, Janice had gone outside into the 75 mile per hour winds to collect her purse from her Jaguar. When she came back indoors not a hair was out of place, her lipstick was perfect and the only way Jack could tell that his mother had been out in one of the worst storms in the history of the Northeast was by her wet clothes.

“Jordan, darling it’s so splendid to see you again. Where is that gorgeous fiancé of yours? I have the most fantastic news for the two of you.”

“Hi Mom. It’s good to see you too. I am afraid Barbara’s not coming this weekend. I’ll tell you more once we are inside and settled down.” Jordan said carrying his case into the house. He had to be very careful not to knock over or scratch any of the furniture. He went to his bedroom and put his bag on the bed. He had slept in this bed since he was old enough to get out of his crib. His mom never let Barbara sleep in his room. She was terribly conservative. Right now, Jordan was glad that Barbara had never slept in this room, at least there were no memories of her associated it. When Barbara came she always had to sleep in the guest room. Jordan would sneak over to her room when everyone was asleep. The guest bed didn’t squeak, his did.

Jordan knew there were Martini’s waiting in the library. He gritted his teeth and hoped Edith, the housekeeper, had made him a strong one. His mother was waiting for him, Martini in hand.

“Darling, I can’t wait for Barbara I just have to tell you my news. I have managed to book the most beautiful church and restaurant in Nantucket for your wedding. I know you haven’t set a date yet, but this opportunity isn’t going to be available again. Don’t look so glum. It’s June 2024, nearly two years from now. So please don’t feel as if I am rushing you.”

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