The Rule Ch. 04

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Kevin woke up Saturday morning full of nervous energy.

The previous week was uneventful- neither Beth nor Mark made any more challenges to The Rule. Kevin had hardly seen Beth since she stuffed him under her desk. And while Chrissy admitted she and Mark had done some light flirting as they passed each other in the apartment, that was all that happened.

But now it was Saturday morning. There was no longer any more work to get in their way, and as far as Kevin and Chrissy knew, Beth and Mark didn’t have any plans.

Chrissy woke up a few minutes after Kevin did. He watched her gently squirm and stretch, slowly waking up. Her eyes gently opened and were immediately surprised that he was looking at her.

“Hey,” she said with a smile, her voice a little groggy.

“Hey,” he said, smiling back gently.

She slid over under the covers, snuggling close to him and kissing him tenderly. He kissed back, and they held each other gently, enjoying each other for a few moments. The bed was endlessly comfortable in the sort of way a bed can only be on a Saturday morning when you don’t have any plans.

She broke the kiss, looking deep into his eyes. “Mmm,” she moaned gently, practically purring with comfort. “What are you thinking about?”

Kevin looked deep into her eyes before answering. “I’m thinking about… how cold your feet are.”

She smiled mischievously, and Kevin felt her feet immediately move up his body, trying to find more warm places to be.

“No, don’t!” he said, as she managed to shove a foot between his thighs.

“Sorry, baby. When you agreed to date me you agreed to give me all of your body heat in perpetuity.”

Kevin laughed. “But I just don’t understand how they’re still cold! We’ve been in bed all night.”

She snuggled back into him, her foot moving back down and finding his feet. “It’s a gift.”

“Maybe you should start wearing socks to bed.”

She pretended to look shocked. “Never! They could never warm me like you do.” They kissed again, both lips curled up in a smile.

They took a moment to look into each other’s eyes, before Chrissy glanced at their bedroom door. “Today’s the day, huh.”

“Yep,” said Kevin, simply. He looked at the door as well.

“What do you think they’re up to? You think they’re awake?”

Kevin checked his watch. 9:07. They tended to get up first on the weekends. “Yeah, more than likely.”

Chrissy studied the door as if it would give her answers. “What do you think’s going to happen when we go out there?”

Kevin looked thoughtful for a moment. “Well… I think one of two things are going to happen. One, they’ll not be home, and this whole conversation will have been for nothing.”

Chrissy nodded.

“Or, two, we’ll get out there and, like… Mark will have installed a sex swing above the kitchen table, and they’ll both be wearing leather body suits.”

Chrissy snorted at the mental image. “Leather? I hope not. A little dated, I think.”

“Tsk, you artists, always worrying about the visual aesthetics.”

“You just want to see Beth in leather pants.”

Kevin opened his mouth, trying to think of something witty to say, but the visual image derailed his train of thought.

Chrissy laughed at him. “Boy, this is good to know. Anytime I want you to shut up, I just need to casually mention Beth’s ass.”

“You could have the same impact by finally telling me your cup size.”

She rolled her eyes. “Guys and their cup sizes. It’s a custom bra! They’re huge, okay?” She grabbed them through the old T shirt she wore to bed. “See? They are what they are. Doesn’t matter what letter I say, does it?”

Kevin blinked, watching her grab them. “I’m sorry, were you saying something?”

She hit him playfully.

“Ouch! Fine, fine. It’ll forever be a mystery.”

She laughed at him before they got quiet for a moment, looking at each other. “Um, so. Ready to get up?”

Kevin felt his heartbeat quicken. “Let’s do it.”

They both got dressed in their usual attire- Kevin in his t-shirt and jeans, Chrissy with her baggy sweatshirt and pants. They looked at eachother, sharing a smile.

Kevin put his hand on the door handle. “Ready?”


Kevin opened his door, revealing a sight that neither of them could have foreseen.

The kitchen table was set in an almost extravagant fashion. The apartment’s nicest plates and silverware (not that they were that nice) were out at each of the four chairs. A tablecloth that Kevin and Chrissy had never seen before was draped over it. In the middle of the table, there was fresh fruit, pastries, a silver bucket holding a bottle of champagne on ice, and a jug of orange juice. Even more unexpectedly, Beth sat at the table, looking at them both with a warm smile.

But far and away the most unexpected thing was the sight of Mark, shirtless but in an apron, cooking.

“Good morning, sleepyheads,” said Beth, a hint of happiness shining through her usual monotone.

“You’re awake!” exclaimed Mark. He flashed them his cocky smile, but bursa escort it somehow was warm, too.

Chrissy and Kevin stepped further into the kitchen to get a better look. “What…?” began Chrissy, totally caught off guard. Neither Kevin nor Chrissy had ever seen the kitchen like this. And they certainly had never seen Mark cook before.

“Now I can start with the pancakes,” said Mark.

Beth rolled her eyes. “Oh, god. You guys, he’s been talking about these pancakes for three days now.”

“You’re going to love them!” he shouted over the clicking of the stovetop burners starting up. “The key is to make them thin, like a crepe. Not too thick like how the average diner makes it. Watch, you’ll see.”

Beth reached over, grabbing the neck of the Champagne bottle and pulling it out of the bucket. She twisted off the cork’s cover as she spoke. “If he’s going to keep talking about the thinness of pancakes, I’m going to need a drink.” She expertly popped it open, before grabbing one of the champagne flutes off the table. “Mimosa?” she asked them both.

Kevin and Chrissy were still a bit shocked, but Chrissy spoke first. “Um… yes, please.”

Beth poured in the champagne, expertly tipping the glass for the perfect pour. “Good girl. Saturday, no plans- the perfect time for a mimosa.” She poured in the OJ. “Kevin?”

Kevin couldn’t help but take a second to inspect her. Did they step through the doorway to another dimension? He decided he was going to go with the flow. “I’d love one.”

“Right answer,” she said, making another and then finally a third for herself. She handed it over before lifting her glass. “Cheers.”

All three of them shared a significant look as they touched glasses. It was hard to tell if Beth was messing with them, somehow.

“Go on, sit,” said Beth, pushing Chrissy over to the table.

“Hey, what about the chef?” asked Mark. “Where’s my drink?”

Beth spoke back as the three of them sat down. “You get yours once these so-called world class pancakes are done, honey.”

“Fair,” he said, his smile back. “Tough, but fair!”

“I’m sorry… Um, what is happening?” Chrissy asked, complete confusion still stuck on her face.

“We’re making you an early brunch.”

“Isn’t that just breakfast?” asked Kevin, with humor in his voice. He was glad he decided to give into the absurd situation.

“Well, then it would feel weird drinking this Mimosa,” replied Beth, dry humor in her voice. “But an early brunch? No problem.”

“Salesmen are all boozehounds, you see,” said Mark, pouring batter into the pan. “Kev, you want bacon?”

“Don’t be sexist, Mark,” said Beth.

“Ah, right- I mean salespeople.”

Beth rolled her eyes again. “Mark, I mean, ask Chrissy if she wants bacon, too.”

“I was going to! Bacon, Chrissy?”

“… sure.” Chrissy did not yet have the power to wrap her head around this situation.

Kevin couldn’t help but smile. Seeing the perfect Beth and Mark gently quibble back and forth made them seem so… human. It was easy to forget that fact when just looking at their perfect features. The bacon sizzled, filing the apartment with that amazing smell.

“Chrissy, I’m making yours first. Do you want anything in or on your pancake? Maybe fruit? Or…” Mark shot her a significant look. “Chocolate?”

Chrissy’s eyes lit up. Her love of chocolate was legendary. “Chocolate?”

Mark smiled at her before turning back towards the pan. “I’ll take that as a yes to chocolate.”

In what seemed like no time at all, Mark put a short stack of pancakes in front of Chrissy. They contained a generous amount of chocolate chips, both in and on the pancakes. He stood just over her shoulder, pouring on the syrup himself. She looked up at him, clearly drinking him in, enjoying how close he was above her, looking at his muscular arms

“Enjoy,” he said to her with that crooked smile.

She watched him walk back to the kitchen, very obviously enjoying that the apron did not cover his muscular back.

She cut and took a bite of the pancake. She looked genuinely surprised before saying, “This is amazing.”

“See?! Told you. Thin!” yelled Mark from the stove.

Kevin smiled as she ate with sudden vigor. “Be honest with me,” he said, quietly so only Chrissy and Beth could hear, “How much hotter is he now that you know he can cook?”

Chrissy froze mid bite, her face flush at how clearly Kevin could read her thoughts.

Kevin and Chrissy heard an unexpected chortle from Beth, a sound they had never heard before. She covered her mouth with her hand, but you could tell from her eyes she was stifling a bigger laugh. “Chrissy, you have chocolate on your nose.”

Chrissy, overwhelmed by the amount of things she was embarrassed by at this moment, simply took her napkin and buried her face in it. Kevin and Beth both laughed, but Kevin quickly leaned in to kiss the top of Chrissy’s head.

The morning continued like this- full of warm conversation, laughter, teasing and fun. This was a new dynamic they were discovering- escort bursa before this, they were simply roommates. They lived with each other out of convenience. But they rarely had a meal together, let alone a homemade one.

It seemed like, thought Kevin, this part of their relationship was changing as well.

After they all ate their fill, a natural and comfortable silence filled the room. Kevin knew he had to take this moment to ask- to talk about the elephant in the room.

“So,” he said carefully, “What was all this? Not that we don’t appreciate it, but… you know. Why?”

Mark looked at Beth, who sipped the last of her Mimosa before responding. “I don’t think we should talk too much about the… details. Of what’s happening between us and why. Of the game we’re playing. We don’t want to ruin the… Well, we want things to unfold naturally. Don’t you agree?”

Kevin and Chrissy nodded.

“Six days a week, the game is on. We get to play with you however we like.” Both Kevin and Chrissy secretly shivered at the implied power over them they had. “But one day a week, we want to show you our… appreciation. We’ll take this time to show you our gratitude for being…” The twinkle of hunger was back in her eyes. “… good. For being a good boy for me, and for being his good girl.”

Kevin noted the look Mark was giving Chrissy- intense eye contact with that slight smile. Beth also seemed to be devouring Kevin with her eyes.

“Well, needless to say, we appreciate it,” said Kevin. His voice lost a bit of its confidence under Beth’s gaze. “And it makes sense.”

“But it’s not all out of the goodness of our hearts,” Beth continued. The warmer, friendlier tones she had adopted during the meal were slipping away. She was back to her intimidating self. “It’s important to me that you understand that you can walk away from this at any time. We’ll still be friends- we can even make brunch a weekly thing, even if you decide you don’t want to play the game anymore. It doesn’t turn me on if you feel like you’re forced to play, forced to do what I say. That doesn’t make me feel powerful.”

Beth stared at Kevin, but he knew the words were meant for them both. He asked the obvious follow up. “So what does?”

“Knowing that you don’t have to, you can walk away anytime, and you still choose to… obey. We’re not forcing you to do anything. No gun to your head. We’re letting you choose, without consequences… and every time, you choose us. Because that’s how bad you want it. It’s how bad you both want it.”

There was obvious and intense sexual chemistry in the air, between Chrissy and Mark, as well as Kevin and Beth.

Chrissy looked flush, unable to break eye contact with Mark. “I thought today… the game was off.”

“Yes, the game is off. We won’t try to break your Rule today. But there’s plenty of fun we can have without breaking it, can’t we?” Beth reached across towards Mark, until her hand slowly disappeared under the table. She took a finger and gently moved his leg until his lap was turned towards Chrissy.

Kevin couldn’t see what Chrissy saw since Mark was across the table from him. But her eyes were immediately drawn down and she bit her lip. Mark, very obviously, must have had an erection that was having an effect on Chrissy.

Beth’s arm moved back and forth, rubbing what Kevin could only assume was Mark’s cock above his jeans. Beth and Mark both locked their eyes on Chrissy, though she continued to stare at Mark’s lap.

Kevin felt his own erection press against his jeans, slightly humiliated he wasn’t able to see this display, and of course, humiliated that his girlfriend was so aroused at his roommate.

“What do you think of it?” asked Beth, seductively, still rubbing up and down.

“I think I…” The trance that held Chrissy suddenly broke, and she glanced over at Kevin, eyes worried.

“Don’t look at him,” said Beth, voice smooth and silky. “Look over here. Look down. Look at what Mark has for you. Look at what you did to him.”

Chrissy couldn’t resist, looking down again. “Oh, god.”

“So what do you think of it?” Beth repeated.

“It… it drives me crazy. I love it.”

“Does it make you wet?”

“It does.”

“My boyfriend’s cock makes you wet?”

“Yes, Beth.” Chrissy was beginning to sound like she was in a trance.

There was a slight pause here. The only sound was Beth’s hand rubbing on Mark’s pants. Chrissy could not take her eyes away. Kevin felt a bit like a fly on the wall for this, but he didn’t mind.

Beth continued, glancing over at Kevin. “Did your boyfriend tell you about how he pleased me under my desk?”

“Yeah, he… told me the story.”

“Did you think it sounded hot?”

“It did sound hot,” said Chrissy, genuinely.

“Were you jealous?”

“A little bit. Partially.” Chrissy thought about it. “I mean, it was the first time my boyfriend fooled around with someone else, so…”

“No, Chrissy. Don’t be silly. That’s not what I mean.” She leaned towards her. “I’m not asking if you were bursa escort bayan jealous of me. I don’t care about that. I’m asking if you were jealous of Kevin.”

Chrissy blushed.

“Did you think about how lucky he was to be shoved under a desk and face fucked? Did you fantasize about that situation, except it was you under the desk and Mark on the phone? Did you imagine Mark on an important call, practically ignoring you, while you are slobbering on his cock like a good slut? I want to know- after you heard that story- were you jealous of Kevin?”

Kevin felt his cock jump in his jeans.

“I was,” said Chrissy quietly.

Beth smiled at her. “I thought you would be. Now look over at your boyfriend.” Chrissy did, making eye contact with Kevin. They both noted the other’s heavier breathing and obvious state of arousal. “Not there. Look down.” Chrissy looked down at the tent in his pants. Undoubtedly when she looked at Mark like this, it made Mark feel powerful. But the way she looked down at Kevin made him feel embarrassed. “Is he hard?”

“Yes,” answered Chrissy.

“And what do you think of it?”

“I love it.”

Beth smiled. “That’s very sweet. But does it make you wet?”

Chrissy hesitated. “It… has done things that make me…”

Beth shook her head. “Does his cock make you wet, Chrissy? Like Mark’s? Come on, tell the truth. You know he loves it.”

Chrissy shook her head. “No,” she said, genuinely. Kevin felt his cock pulse.

“Well, Mark did such a good job with brunch, didn’t he? Look back at him.” Chrissy looked back, but knew immediately to look down to his cock. “I think he deserves a reward, don’t you? Don’t you think he should get something?”

“Yes,” hissed Chrissy.

“I think I should stack up the last of the pancakes in front of him so he can eat his fill. And I think while he’s doing that, you should be under the table, sucking his big dick. Just how Kevin was pleasuring me. You’ll be stuffed under the table, like his slut, slobbering all over his cock while he eats like a king.”

Chrissy looked flush, totally lost in lust. She nodded. She wanted it, bad, Kevin could tell.

“But you could always walk away,” suggested Beth. “Go back into your room with your boyfriend, who I’m sure would go down on you for the rest of the day. Go back to being a good, wholesome girl. No hard feelings from us, it’s totally up to you. It’s totally under your control.

“Or… do you want Mark that bad? So bad you’d actually turn to your boyfriend, right now, at the kitchen table, and tell him that you want to suck his roommate’s dick? Tell him… I’m sorry, but I need a big cock to make me feel like a slut, and you don’t measure up. Do you want it that bad? Show me. Show me what you really want.”

Chrissy looked at Beth before turning to face Kevin again. “Kevin, I want… I want to suck Mark’s dick. Now. Here. Under the kitchen table.”

Kevin felt his cock pulse again.

Beth turned towards him. “What do you want, Kevin?”

Kevin forced himself to breathe in and out a few times. “I want that to happen, too.”

Beth shivered, quietly overjoyed at all the power she had. “Well,” she said to Chrissy, “Take off your pants and get the fuck under my table.” Kevin heard the sound of a zipper, as Beth reached into Mark’s pants to pull his cock out.

Chrissy slid off her pants and slowly got to her knees. With one last glance at Kevin, she crawled under the table.

“Don’t play with yourself yet, Chrissy,” added Beth. “Just focus on Mark.”

Mark had simply been enjoying the show from the sidelines, but now he was happy, of course, to be involved. His mouth opened slightly as Chrissy made it to him under the table. Beth took her fork, jammed it into the stack of pancakes in the middle of the table, and put it on the plate in front of him.

That’s when the sounds started.

Kevin knew what a blowjob sounded like. Chrissy had always been generous to him, giving them out frequently. This sounded like something else entirely. This seemed to be for two reasons: The first, because Chrissy was clearly dealing with something much larger than she was used to. The sound of her choking, slobbering and jerking his cock was simply much louder than anything Kevin had heard in real life. It certainly didn’t match what it sounded like when Chrissy gave Kevin his blowjobs. But the second reason was purely that Chrissy was enjoying herself far more doing this than anytime she had done it with Kevin. She was constantly moaning as she sucked, licked and choked, and every now and then you could hear a faint “God, yes,” or “Fuck, yes” under the table.

Kevin wanted to look badly, but he knew he’d be in trouble for doing so.

During all this, Mark began eating his pancakes. Beth was still at his side, her hand still under the table as well. They shared a kiss- far less dirty than Kevin would have imagined. It was almost a sweet, tender, kiss, totally juxtaposed by the pornographic sounds coming from under the table. He moaned into Beth’s mouth as you could hear Chrissy really choke on him.

Kevin felt pure jealousy and arousal at this. His girlfriend, under the table, sucking Mark’s dick while the modelesque Beth kissed him tenderly. Kevin felt so hard, he worried he might cum right there.

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