The Seduction of Shasa Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Driving along Centurion Avenue, Tom Jenkins looked forward to seeing his favorite niece, Shasa, the daughter of his brother, Hank. Shasa was flying in from Washington, DC. Tom could only remember Shasa when he and his family visited Hank back in 1998. She was only 14 then. Now it is 2003, and Shasa is all grown up at 19. She had lost her mother who was killed in an auto accident when she was only 3 year old.

At the age of 56, Tom is still a handsome man, tall and wiry. He is much older than Hank, who is only 45. They are great pals, the two brothers. Shasa is Hank’s only child and Tom is her godfather. Tom loves and dots on Shasa since he and his wife Carol, are childless. Although both Tom and Carol had not seen their niece for almost five years, there had been letters, postcards and phone calls.

Scanning the arrival exits, Carol suddenly called out excitedly, “there she is, that’s Sha (they call her that), and look how she’s grown.”

They saw a tall willowy girl, with golden blond hair tied in a ponytail, eyes searching and then, waving at them. As she walked towards them, Tom eyes looked appreciatively at the beautiful teenager. Shasa was wearing a soft fabric blouse, with the two top buttons hanging loose. The blouse was tucked into faded jeans that accentuated her youthful body. Tom could not help but allow his eyes to wander to her slightly exposed chest and he can see the tops of her firm breasts.

Running towards them, Shasa flung her arms wide as she clasped Carol tightly, “Oh Auntie Carol, it’s so nice to see you,” she enthused. Looking at Tom, she smiled at him and turned to hug him. “God, I missed both of you so much,” she said. “And Dad sends his best regards, he wanted to come too but you know him, always work, work, work,” Shasa said.

As he drove home, Carol kept up the conversation with her niece, asking her about school and about Hank. Tom looked into the car mirror, seeing Shasa sitting there all grown up and he felt so much love for her, like the daughter they were unable to have. At the same time, he felt something else he could not put his finger on. God, no, he said to himself. Tom was looking at Shasa like the woman child, she had grown up to be.

During dinner, Tom kept stealing glances at Shasa as she talked animatedly between food about life back in Washington. Shasa had taken her bath when they got home and she was wearing a loose pajamas which made her looked so cute. Her long blond hair, every now and then, falling softly over her shoulders as she laughed heartily.

Shasa was given the guest room which did not have an adjoining bathroom. She had to use the one across the corridor. Tom’s bedroom was at the far end of the house.

After watching the late night show on television, they bid each other goodnight and retired to their respective rooms.

At 56, Tom and Carol still enjoy each other’s body but he could not respond when Carol kissed him. He kept thinking of his niece. After awhile, Carol turn over and slept.

Hearing a light being switched on, Tom got up. Carol was gently snoring. Quietly he made his way out of the room and saw that the bathroom light at the end of the corridor was on and the door slightly ajar. He walked towards it and with a thumping heart, Tom opened the bathroom door.

Their eyes momentarily, they stared at each istanbul escort other in surprise. Shasa was sitting on the toilet bowl, naked from the waist down. In the still of the night, both could hear her pissing.

“Ohhh, sorry dear,” Tom blurted out, but he kept looking as her golden shower fell. He did not make any attempt to move away.

Shasa looked at him with wide-open eyes and blushed. “I forgot to close the door,” she said meekly, suddenly realizing that she in an awkward situation. She could not control her urge to urinate and continued to do so until she finished. She could not take her gaze away from her uncle, who just stood there looking at her.

At 19, Shasa had never been naked from the waist down in front of anyone. There were the usual good night kisses when boys sent her home after movies and parties but nothing more than that. Now she felt very exposed, with Tom leaning against the wall and looking at her.

She got up and Tom could see the soft pubic hairs of his niece as she wiped herself with the toilet tissue. “Close the door the next time,” Tom told her, as he turned and walked out of the bathroom. He was having a raging hard on.

That night, Tom mounted his sleeping wife who was pleasantly surprised at her husband’s urgent needs.

Shasa almost died with shame knowing that her uncle had seen her half naked and pissing. She quickly made her way to her room, her mind in turmoil. She kept wondering why he did not leave immediately when he first stepped into the bathroom. Shasa fell into a dreamless sleep.

At breakfast, Shasa could not look at Tom, but Tom acted as though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. The day passed by and both husband and wife took Shasa shopping at the local mall. As they walked along, taking in the sights, Tom took Shasa’s hand in his and smiled down at his niece. It was just a natural act and Shasa smiled back at him.

On the third day of her visit, Carol announced that she had to visit her sister who had just given birth. Carol’s sister was living in the neighboring county and she will be gone for two days. She said that Tom will be taking Shasa to the State fair, which was to begin the next day. Carol left at 3 in the afternoon, taking the train.

“You will love the Fair, Sha,” Tom told her, as he sat down on the lounge. “Well, what would you like to do today,” he smiled, looking at her.

“I think I’ll just rest today, and try out the new dresses that Aunt Carol bought for me,” she answered her uncle. She felt a bit uneasy in her uncle’s presence. She had never felt this way before with him, especially so, after the encounter the other night.

Once in her room, she soon forgot about her feelings as she tried on her new dresses. She made sure she closed the door but did not lock it as there was no key. Taking off her cloths, she put on the new one. It was a tank top and pants. The reflection in the mirror was of a young girl, slim, with nice curves in the right places. Yes, she looked good. Lost in her world, she was shocked when she saw Tom leaning against the door and smiling, looking at her in the mirror.

“Uncle Tom, when did you come in…..” she stammered. She turned to see her uncle looking at her. “I didn’t hear you knock” she said, as she tried to compose herself.

Tom istanbul escort bayan walked over and sat on her bed. “You are a beauty, Sha, did you know that,” he said. “Don’t let me distract you, try on the other one,” he continued as though it was the most natural thing in the world, being in there with her.

At 19, Shasa knew that something was not right. Her uncle should not be alone with her in her room for no reason at all. Especially now, when there was no one in the house. She trembled and did not know what to do.

Tom kept looking at her and he could see her confusion. He knew that once he came into her room, there was no turning back. He had made up his mind and only hoped that he could make Shasa accept the inevitable. He had thought about this vision of his lust ever since that night in the bathroom. Now she was standing in front of him, looking at him like a trapped doe.

Tom, stood up and walked towards Shasa. She lifted her eyes and saw him stopped, in front of her, so close.

“Uncle Tom, what are you doing,” she uttered, her face blushing red.

Without a word and looking into her eyes, Tom slipped her tank top off her shoulders. She was not wearing a bra. His face tightened when her pear shaped breasts were exposed, the pointy, pink nipples began to harden and stood up. The palms of his hands cupped them and he could feel the firm flesh stiffening as he kneaded them gently.

Shasa was in shock but she could not stop the exquisite feeling when Tom’s rough palms touched her sensitive nipples. They bloomed and perked out. She almost crumbled to her knees when he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Her head dropped as he continued to caress her breasts.

Tom almost came as he kneaded her breasts, her flesh so young and firm. Releasing her breasts, he unzipped her pants and pulled them down her long legs. Her panties followed and now she stood nude in front of him. He felt her trembling.

Shasa was breathing heavily. She tried to open her mouth but words would not form. Then she felt his hot breath against her stomach.

Tom was kneeling at her feet. His lips touched her belly button as his tongue snaked out to lick her hot flesh.

She felt him moving down until his face was at the junction of her thighs. She shuddered as she felt his wet tongue move between her legs as he brushed her soft hairs. Her body slackened as she dropped forward, placing her hands on his shoulders for support when he licked her pussy. She felt him pushing her legs further apart. Then his lips were glued onto her vagina as she felt his sucking motions. Shasa gasped when Tom’s tongue invaded her vaginal opening and penetrated into her tight channel. Her love juice flowed and drenched his lips as he sucked it into his mouth. Her young taste intoxicated him and he swallowed.

Lifting his face off her thighs, Tom gasped for air. His hands reached out to her and pulled her down. They knelt, facing each other. He looked at his niece’s face, brushing aside her long hair which covered her face. Her eyes were closed and she was taking in gulps of air. His cum smeared lips crushed onto hers as he kissed her forcefully, his tongue opening her lips as he slipped it in. He tasted her mouth, as he sucked her tongue, their saliva mingling.

Shasa tasted herself escort istanbul as Tom invaded her soft mouth. They were lost in each other’s embrace.

Tom stood up and disrobed. Naked, he took both Shasa’s hands in his and placed it on his hardened penis.

The touch on something hard and throbbing made her open her eyes. She was staring at Tom’s engorged penis. She had only seen men’s organ in pictures and now for the first time, she was looking at one. The hard flesh of a man’s cock, with veins so prominent. It was jerking uncontrollably in her hands, so huge and forbidding. Pearly drops of sticky liquid was seeping out of it’s opening. It felt so hot in her hands.

Shasa, in her fogged mind, looked up at Tom’s face, not knowing what to do.

Tom bent his knees slightly so that his swollen penis was at the same level of her face. Taking her head in one hand, and holding his throbbing organ in the other, he pressed forward and brushed the mushroom head against her lips. His pre-cum smeared Shasa’s lips but she kept her mouth tightly closed.

Tom voice came out raggedly, “open your mouth, sweetheart,” he whispered. He pressed it more against her until she could not resist his need.

Her mouth opened and his firm glands slipped into her. She tasted the sticky liquid as it coated her tongue. Her lips opened wider as the girth of his penis penetrated deeper into her mouth. She put her hands against his stomach and tried to push him off but he held her neck tightly.

“Suck me, Sha, suck me,” he rasped. Then he began to fuck her mouth. The pumping motion caused her saliva to drip out of her mouth onto her breasts.

Tom tried to force the full 7 inches deep inside her and she gagged as it hit the back of her throat, touching her gullet. She could not breathe and almost blacked out. Tom saw her hands flailing and released his hold slightly. As she gasped for air, he once more began the fucking motions.

A few more deep strokes and Shasa felt Tom stiffened. Something warm and thick splattered against the back of her throat as Tom ejaculated. The spurts kept coating her throat as Tom held her tightly. Unable to breathe, Shasa swallowed her uncle’s sperm. As the force of his ejaculation lessened, Tom released his hold on her neck as he stood on unsteady legs. His penis kept spurting until it slipped out of her mouth. Holding her shoulders, his softening organ dripped cum onto her breasts.

The acrid taste of Tom’s sperm almost made Shasa vomit as she spit out the remaining globs of cum on her chest. She knew she had swallowed his secretions into her body. But the orgasms that she had experienced during their incestuous encounter shamed her.

Tom kissed her, licking her lips clean off his cum.

Taking her by the hand, he led her to the bathroom. Placing her under the shower, he soaped and washed her gently. Although he got hard again, touching her almost virginal body, he did not touch her sexually. Toweling her like a baby, he lifted her in his arms and took her back to her room. He placed her on the bed and covered her with her blanket. “Goodnight, sweetheart, I love you so much.” He kissed her forehead, switch off the light and headed for his room. Just before he closed her door, he turned and said, “My door is not locked.”

Shasa laid on the bed, trying to make sense what had transpired. Her pubic region was still throbbing and her soft vagina lips seemed swollen after what Tom had done to her down there. Her lips too felt tender. She heard the sound of a door closing and knew that her uncle had gone to his room.

Part 2 to follow soon.

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