The Senior Trip Ch. 08

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All four were in good humor, the sexual conversation adding to their enjoyment at having visited something that was foreign to Lynwood, a shopping center, and looking forward to the evening tour. That good humor, however, began to wear thin as 8:00 approached and Judy and Angela still had not arrived. Eight o’clock arrived and, several minutes later, so did the shuttle — but no girls. After ?ve more minutes, the driver was forced to leave, having a schedule to meet and other passengers who had appointments. Then, ?nally, at 8:15, the girls came running up, Angela panting harshly from hurrying, Judy with tears ?ooding freely down her cheeks. “Oh, we’re so sorry! We were in Nordstrom’s and made the wrong turn and ended up at Penny’s! We’ve been all over the place! Did we miss the shuttle?”

They received a frosty reception, the others having carefully arranged to get to the proper entrance on schedule, the good humor of earlier lost through their latest mishap. The immediate problem, of course, was getting back to the hotel. A call to the concierge, who seemed to work very long hours, led, ultimately, to their being picked up by another hotel’s van and dropped off — ten minutes after the night tour left! If Judy and Angela felt chilly before, they were quick-frozen now! Oddly enough, the most forgiving one was Linda, herself. She felt very sorry for the two girls, knowing how awful they felt, but the other three were adamant in demonstrating their displeasure. It’s one of those peculiarities of most people that transgressions by outsiders

frequently are met with fortitude, and apologies are met with (perhaps grudging) acceptance. On the other hand, very close friends and family ?nd that their failures often are met with condemnation, the person hurt feeling freer to express their anger. This certainly was the case here.

They all went up to the suite and sat around the common room, the air full of tension, the two girls still apologizing, but becoming more truculent themselves at the continual abuse. Despite Linda’s endeavors, the atmosphere became more strained, until, ?nally, Kenny landed a bombshell, saying, “Mrs. Kramer, you said that anyone who was late or not at the right place would be spanked. Well, they certainly were late and they ruined the evening, so it’s up to you to punish them!” Beth and Jenny immediately jumped in, demanding that she do what she threatened. Needless to say, Judy and Angela were appalled at the suggestion, and Linda was at a total loss.

“Come on, kids! You know I was joking! I certainly never meant to spank anybody — you’re all too old for that!”

As she made the last statement, she blushed a bright red, thinking that she, herself, had not been too old, as Kenny well knew. Still, she was stuck. The three insisted that the two should be disciplined and, oddly enough, Judy finally said, “Look, we were wrong and we’ve apologized. However, I agree that Mrs. Kramer set the penalty, and if the only thing that will satisfy you is to have us punished, well, I guess I can stand it. I don’t want this to drag on and spoil the rest of our trip.” Very reluctantly, Angela accepted her concession, and it was agreed that both girls would be spanked by Mrs. Kramer, twenty spanks for each girl. Reluctantly, she agreed to administer the spanking, and headed into her bedroom, anticipating that it would take place there in private.

However, the other three were not going to let them off that easily, suspecting that the “punishment” delivered out of their sight would be minimal, at best. “Do it out here,” demanded Beth. “We want to watch!” Whether her interest was merely nothing more than seeing justice done or, actually, prurient, didn’t matter, for the others agreed.

So, shortly afterwards, Angela was selected to go first, but, as she prepared to lay over Linda’s lap, Beth, the self-selected arbiter of spanking decorum, stopped her, saying, “Come on, Angela, not over your jeans! You wouldn’t feel a thing. We want this on your bare bottom!”

As might be imagined, that demand was nearly too much. Angela, shocked, almost screamed, “You’ve got to be kidding! I’m certainly not going to do that, particularly with Kenny here!”

The argument went back and forth until, ?nally, Judy succumbed, declaring, “Damn it, I think that it’s unfair, but let’s get it over with. Come on, Angela, Kenny was here last night, so what difference does it make if he sees us again.” Then, almost yelling, “Let’s just get it over with!” With that concession, Angela’s resolve gave way, and very reluctantly, she unfastened her jeans and lowered them and her panties around her thighs and lay over Linda’s lap.

It’s amazing how the same act can be fun one time and horrifyingly humiliating another. Angela was almost always the ringleader and troublemaker of the four girls and had led the girls in exposing themselves the previous night, enjoying every minute of the evening. Now, showing the same parts of her anatomy to the same people embarrassed» her almost beyond Maltepe Escort belief. Actually, lying there on her stomach, she was, at the moment, showing no more than she had last night, but she was almost in tears as she lay there. With her feet reaching toward the “audience,” only her naked hips and legs could be seen, not her cunt, but she felt more exposed. Somehow, the position seemed shameful and demeaning, being punished like a little girl in front of her friends. However, she looked nothing like a little girl in that position.

There is almost always something sensual in seeing a woman placed, bare bottomed, in position to be spanked, and this case was no different. Angela was short and slightly plump,

characteristics that caused her upturned behind to look round and full. It was like two ?eshy pillows squeezed together, creating a deep channel between them, a channel that segued into a slit between two prominent cunt lips, both covered with a thick mat of curly, dark hair. The entire bottom was a pleasure to look upon: tight, soft, pink skin covering the ?rm ?esh beneath, just begging to be smoothed and caressed and, maybe, fondled.

Linda had anticipated taking the two girls into the other room and, as the others suspected, do a pro forma spanking, noise but no pain. In addition, she, somehow. had assumed that both girls were just that, girls. Looking down now, it was obvious that this was no adolescent bottom, bony and angular, but, instead, a woman’s curvy ass. In addition, the fact that Angela was a woman was made manifest by that mass of dark pubic hair covering her cunt. Lightly resting her hand on one buttock, she felt a tingle in her own cunt caused by both the visual and tactile stimulation. Like all women in that position, anticipating a spanking, Angela’s ass cheeks and thighs were tightly clamped together, both to hide the secret areas between, and to, perhaps, mitigate the blows to come. Under Linda’s hand, the taut muscles felt like ?rm foam rubber, resilient and springy. A bit embarrassed to see her hand resting where it was, she ?nally, at the urging of the others, began the spanking.

The ?rst blow was more of a slap than a whack, more noise than power, but as the spanking continued, both the noise and the impact became greater. Linda had never actually spanked anyone before, certainly never an adult (or almost adult). Yes, she had, technically, spanked her sons, but only when they were very young, and, then, only a quick smack on their bottoms through their clothes. Consequently, this was a totally new experience for her, and she discovered (without really realizing it, certainly not articulating it in her mind) two things about spanking. First, spanking someone, particularly an attractive woman, is exciting in the sense of having power, of domination, over the “spankee.” In this case, she suddenly found that she actually enjoyed the feel of her hand slapping against the firm, resilient ass before her. As her hand rose up and down and Angela responded by yelping or moaning, she felt a strong urge to hit harder to elicit more reaction. Oddly enough, there was no sadism, no desire to actually hurt Angela, just a desire to continue that feeling of mastery. It started slap….”ouch”…. slap…. “ooh”…. slap, but quickly became slap….”Ouch!….slap….”Oow!….slap…..”Oh, that hurts!”…. slap….”Ooooh!”

As Kenny had learned (again, without realizing it), spanking someone is exciting and that desire to continue, to do it harder, is almost irresistible. He stopped spanking Linda only when, the ?rst time, she rolled off of his lap, and, the other two times, when she completely surrendered. It was not a conscious decision, just the ?nal achievement of complete domination and control. This situation was not, of course, quite the same, the spanking taking place in front of witnesses. The awareness of the others dampened that urge to continue, but, still, Linda was carried away in a similar manner, almost hypnotized by the regularity of her slapping. Fortunately, she was aware of the others counting the strokes ….slap ….”Ouch!… “Sixteen!”…. slap “OW”…. “Seventeen”….slap….”Ooh, that’s enough!”….”Eighteen”…. SLAP…. “OUCH!”….”Nineteen”…. SLAP….”OOOOH”….”TWENTY.” As the count mounted toward twenty, the slaps became harder, the cries more anguished — and then it was ?nished. Linda was actually shocked as she forced herself to stop, shocked at the way she had lost herself in the spanking.

There was, of course, that second thing that Linda discovered, unconsciously, about spanking a woman, particularly one with a bottom like Angela’s. That is that not only does spanking give that delectable feeling of power, but it also is virtually an aphrodisiac. Whether it is the feel of the soft, resilient buttocks, the viewing of normally concealed openings, or just that having power is itself sexually exciting, the person doing the spanking virtually always becomes

physically aroused, regardless of İstanbul Escort the cause of the spanking. If the spanker is a man, he almost inevitably will want to have sex with the woman. If the spanker is a woman spanking another woman, she may still want to have sex with her victim or she may just have a general, unfocused sexual desire that she can’t pinpoint. That was the case with Linda. She was sexually aroused by the spanking but didn’t really recognize the cause, not thinking that another woman, spanked or not, could excite her.

For the observers, the spectacle presented to them by Linda and Angela had different impacts. The three instigators of the spanking were enthralled as it continued, getting vicarious pleasure from watching the action. All three were pleased to see a measure of revenge for their lost evening and were excited by the sensuous display as Angela twisted and turned to avoid the blows. She had quickly given up any effort to keep her bottom tensed and her legs together, and the revelation of her extensive pubic hair was titillating. This, of course, was particularly true for Kenny, being privileged to see Angela’s cunt quite clearly several times. Since he was recording the event with his camera, he would have a permanent record for future edi?cation. Linda would not be the only person exposed when he downloaded the pictures to his computer.

While their reaction was about what might be expected, Judy’s was surprising. While she usually went along with Angela’s “?akiness,” she was, by far, the most conservative and morally upright of the four girls, limiting dates to kisses and rarely, a feel of her breasts through her clothes. The previous evening, she was the only one reluctant to “give Kenny a thrill,” giving in only under considerable peer pressure. The ?rst time she reluctantly lifted her skirt, exposing her pubic hair, she was startled to feel a surge of sexual excitement ?ow through her. Later, when Linda was naked and the girls exposed themselves again for a picture, her skirt was raised highest of all! That night, in bed, she had been shocked at her unexpected reaction, and actually had masturbated as she pictured herself baring her cunt for the picture. When spanking was proposed, however, she never even thought of anything except the humiliation involved, not even worrying about the pain. However, she was absolutely stunned when a bare-bottom spanking was decreed, particularly with witnesses. Thus, when Angela lay over Linda’s lap, it was the embarrassment, not the exposure that dominated her thoughts. That changed abruptly as she saw Angela’s naked bottom, her ass, raised into the air, preparing for the spanking. Somehow, that made it much more real, excruciatingly so, since she knew that she was next! The spanking was bad enough in itself, but worse, she was shocked as she saw Angela’s entire crotch exposed several times, morti?ed that her own cunt probably would be on show very soon unless she, somehow, could manage to keep her legs closed.

As Angela’s spanking ended, she struggled to her feet, standing with some difficulty, with her jeans and panties now down around her ankles. She just stood there, naked below the waist, seemingly lost, giving the others time to inspect both her very red bottom and her dark, curly triangle of hair in front. Suddenly becoming aware of her condition, she turned her back and quickly bent down and pulled up her panties and, then, her jeans. Unfortunately, in bending over like that, she graphically displayed both of those hidden openings, details immortalized as Kenny took her picture. Again, Judy was appalled and planned to remember not to bend over afterwards!

That, of course, was her conscious thought, but her actions seemed to contradict that modest intention. Unlike Angela who was wearing tight jeans, she had on a pair of loose slacks. Loosening the button at the waist and pulling down the zipper, she just let them fall, stepping out of them, leaving them in a heap on the ?oor. She stood there, facing the girls and Kenny, wearing only her panties below the waist. Pausing for a moment, she turned her back on them, calmly slipped the panties off of her hips and down, removing them entirely. Then, without

hesitation, she stretched out over Linda’s knees, keeping her buttocks and thighs tightly clamped together.

Judy was taller and thinner than Angela, so her hips were not as plump and rounded. Instead, they were lean and more muscular, but the skin was equally soft and pink and the curves were de?nitely feminine. The different muscle tone was quickly evident to Linda as she brought her hand down in a resounding slap. She still was in that state of enjoying the feeling of domination, and the ?rst blow was considerably harder than Angela’s beginning. Rather than bouncing and quivering, the mounds of Judy’s ass gave reluctantly, hardly indenting at all, the slap leaving a crimson hand print on the silky skin. It certainly was a different sensation for Linda, no less pleasant, Anadolu Yakası Escort just different. As the hand rose and fell, Judy accepted the blows stoically, making no verbal complaint. Slap…..slap….slap….slap….and she just hung there. Somewhat provoked at this lack of reaction, Linda increased the power of her spanking hand, bringing it down with increased force, ?rst on one ass cheek and then the other. Smack…. smack…..smack…. Finally, Judy’s composure broke and the next smack was followed by a pained “ouch.” More signi?cantly, the tight control she had maintained on her buttocks and thighs gave way as she tried to twist away from the impact.

For Judy, it was a time of crisis. She consciously had been protecting her modesty by squeezing her hips together, but warring against that “proper” behavior was her memory of the pleasure of displaying herself last night. As the spanking became harder, her instinctive moves to evade punishment began to take over, and her thinking stopped. At that point, her subconscious took over and she just reacted, doing what she really wanted to do — relive the pleasures of the previous evening. It was like an out-of-body experience, knowing what she was doing, aware of what she was showing, but having no control over her actions. As Linda continued, the hard smack…was followed, now, by the typical cries and moans….”Ooh, ouch!”….. smack…..”Oooh!” smack….”Ow!” However, while the moaning and wailing continued, the result of Judy’s awareness of pain, her subconscious erotic drive went into action.

By the seventh or eighth smack, her legs began to separate, revealing at ?rst a hint of her cunt, and bit-by-bit, every detail. Her cunt lips were thickly lined with hair like Angela’s, but that hair was light blond, seeming almost transparent, permitting the ?esh to show through. As her legs opened, the cunt lips spread, clearly showing the pink inter-lips, shiny with lubrication. Even the cheeks of her ass separated, revealing the channel between, the pink, puckered anal opening visible. The spreading of her legs was not something she thought of doing — she just did it! She had the weirdest mental condition, almost a form of schizophrenia: one part of her mind concentrated on the physical punishment being in?icted on her bottom, another part was overwhelmed with erotic excitement as she knowingly exhibited her “charms.” Sexual heat surged through her body while another type of heat built up in her ass.

As her display expanded, showing more and more, the atmosphere in the room changed dramatically. With Angela, the air was mostly jocular, counting the blows, speculating on how she was feeling, etc. Now, the room was quiet, the silence punctuated by the smacking noise and Judy’s involuntary responses, but there was no talking. The three other girls had never seen another girl’s cunt (or its neighbor) before, and were fascinated — and shocked — by seeing Judy’s so clearly exposed. Even Angela, so recently the subject of the same spanking and intense scrutiny, couldn’t take her eyes off of this new victim. Kenny, of course, had thoroughly explored Linda’s anatomy, but this was only his second clear view of a cunt. For the girls, each felt an unexpected sexual thrill at seeing such a forbidden sight, and stared intently as the legs continued to spread. For Kenny, his cock was already painfully erect from seeing Angela, but he was completely enthralled by this new erotic spectacle.

For Linda, in the middle of the exciting experience of spanking a second bottom, the sudden revelation of the most secret parts of Judy’s body was a shock. She had, of course, seen most of what Angela had revealed, but this was different. From her position, she was directly above the center of Judy’s ass, and, when the legs began to spread, her eyes automatically followed the cunt lips. She watched with fascination as the lips opened, little-by-little, as the legs spread. She continued the spanking, her hand on cruise control with no conscious direction, hitting the cheeks alternately. The spanking, itself, had already aroused her, the tingles in her own cunt being almost continuous, but this new stimulation sent the temperature between her legs soaring. Her eyes were ?xed on the increasing revelations, but, fortunately, the eyes of the others were also glued to Judy, all concentrating on the same thing.

Smack…..”Oooh”…..Smack…..”Ooooh!” Finally, as the end approached, the others managed to get their thoughts together and start counting down — although whether they had the right number might be questioned! Smack…..”Ooow!”…. “Sixteen”….smack…. “Oooooh!”…. “Seventeen’….smack….”Oooow!”….”Eighteen!”….SMACK….. “OUCH”…..”NINETEEN!” On the extremely hard smack at nineteen, Judy twisted wildly, her outer leg slipping off of Linda’s knee, wedging her legs apart, spreading everything wide open. Even through the pain of the last blow, Judy knew that she had completely exposed herself, and concurrent surges of morti?cation and sexual excitement ran through her mind and body. One part of her mind said “gets your legs closed,” while another said “open wider, let them see everything.” The con?icting instructions left her in the same position as, SMACK…..”Oooooooh, ouch!”…..” TWENTY,” came.

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