The Sheriff , His Lady

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She look at the house it would need lots of work to be livable. Walking inside she saw that first it needed a good cleaning. She went around the place checking to see just what needed work and what didn’t. The lights were working and so was the water. Grabbing the broom she began sweeping the floors, once she had all the trash cleaned up she filled a bucket with water and started mopping the floors. She waited for the floor to dry. A knock came at the front door. Opening the door she saw a man standing there.

“Miss, the sheriff asked me to deliver your car here,” he told her.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said.

“Just call me Fredy, Mam, everyone else does, I run the garage in town.” he said then left. Going out to the car to get the rest of her stuff, she noticed a dark colored car parked down the road from her house.

“Shit how the hell did he find me.” she said to her self. Reaching in her pocket to find a slip of paper, she called the sheriff’s office and told them that her ex husband was sitting down the street and someone needed to come out and move him away from her house. She went back inside and waited. After 20 minutes he was still sitting there so she call the sheriff at his home number he had given her.

“Hello, yes this is Sara Mcfee. I called your office about 20 minutes ago to report that my ex is sitting down the street from my house. No one has come out here, and now I want someone to please come out and take him away he’s now sitting in my front yard and won’t leave. Ok thank you David.” she said then hung up the phone. 10 minutes later a knock came at her back door. Wondering who that could be she left the living room and answered the door. Opening it she saw the sheriff standing there.

“Hi that was quick, but how did you get here?” she ask.

“Tell you later is he still sitting there?” he said. She nodded her head and he went into the living room. He saw him sitting on her front lawn, grabbing the phone he called the station house.

“What the hell are doing there Grace? Well put him on the phone. Yes, Get your fucking dick out of her and get your ass here, 1215 İstanbul Escort Sunset, you have 5 minutes or you’re fired boy.” he said and hung up the phone.

“Sorry Sara my ex way laid him, he’ll be here or else.” he told her. He paced the floors.

“David what’s wrong?” she asked him.

“House looks better what did you do?” he ask.

“Just a good old fashion cleaning that’s all, I wanted to go to the store and get some sheets and stuff but he’s out there and I don’t want to talk to him ever again.

“About time he got here.” he said as the police car pulled up and she watched as the guy got out and went over to her ex and told him to leave or he would be arrested. Her ex took a swing at the cop and was down on the ground and handcuffed real fast. David walked out the door and watch as them drive away. When he came inside he call the garage.

“Ya, Fredy come over to 1215 Sunset and pick up the dark color car that sits in front my mother’s house and impound it,” and hung up the phone.

“Now David will you tell me what’s wrong?” she asked him again.

“After dropping you off this morning and going home all I could think about was getting you in bed again. I’ve been hard as a rock all day and not even jacking off is helping.” he told her.

She smile. “You mean I’m making you hard and I’m not even touching you?” she asked, smiling.

“HELL YES!” he said.

She smiled as she walked in the kitchen.

“Well what have you got to say to that?” he asked.

She looked up at him. “Come with me to town and help me pick out some stuff, then we can have dinner, and then you can spend the night.” she said.

“Honey if I spend the night it will be all over town that I spent the whole night in your bed.” he told her.

“Good then no one will try to pick me up or fix me up with someone else,” she said laughingly.

He grabbed her and pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard and quick. “Let’s go, I want to get you in bed fast before you change your mind,” he told her.

“Oh believe me David I won’t be changing my mind at all,” she told him. The Anadolu Yakası Escort drive to town didn’t take them long at all, he pulled into the mall parking lot just outside of town. Walking through the stores, she found everything she needed and then they went food shopping. On the way out she spotted a store she wanted to go in so she ask him to put everything in the car; she had to pick up one more thing then they could go home. She watched as he left the building. Then she ran into the store. She went up to the clerk to ask she had any sexy sleep wear and where would it be. The girl pointed out the back of the store and she went over to look. There was so many she was having a hard time choosing one.

“You know all you had to do was ask me and I would have loved to come in here with you.”

She turned around to see David standing there smiling. Walking up to her he pulled out the black and red ones. “These are my favorites.” he said. Coming even closer to her, whispering in her ear as he quickly licked once on it, he asked, “Have ever had a vibrator inside you with a cock too?”

Shaking her head no, she watched as he looked at them and picked one.

“Let’s go, before I change my mind and have you before dinner.” he said. On the drive back home he kept very quiet. Once inside her house he pulled into his arms again and whispered sweet things in her ear, as his hand moved over her body.

“God Lady you have me so damn hot and hard, dinner is going to be difficult and long,” he whispered. “Then why wait for dinner?” she said as her hand rubed his cock through his jeans.

“Because waiting is half the fun.” he told her. “Go cook dinner and I’ll go make up the bed for you.” he said. He found her in the kitchen finishing up the dinner. “Jut in time Dinner’s done and I was just going to call for you,” she said.

Just then a knock came at the door. “I’ll get it,” he said. He was back in 5 minutes. “It was just my mother wanting to know when I was coming home. Told her I wasn’t.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM, Dinner was great Sara, you’re a great cook.” he told her. “Just leave Kartal Escort everything and lock up the house I’ll be waiting upstairs for you,” she said. She stood in front of the mirror wearing the black lace teddy when he came in the room. Going over he sat on the bed and watched her.

“Beautiful and sexy Sara, now come over her to me so I can touch you,” he said. Standing in front of him she felt his hands everywhere as he undressed her.

“Your turn now David,” she said as he stood and she undressed him. Pushing him back on the bed she knelt before him and pushed his legs apart. She held his hard cock in her hand as her tongue licked him, slowly she put him in her mouth and sucked on his cock head, even more slowly she move her head up and down his cock. Concentrating on the head, licking and sucking on the head, feeling it grow, get harder, and begin to fill her mouth. She put the tip of her tongue in his pee hole, moving in and out as if she were fucking his pee hole.


She knew he was real close to cumming so she took him deep into her throat and sucked him harder when she felt his body stiffen. His hands grabbed her head to hold her there, and she took him ever deeper down her throat when he exploded, shooting his cum deep down her throat. Licking him clean she stood up and he pulled her on top of him and then turned them over on the bed. With her under him now, he moved to kneel on the floor and he licked, kissed, and sucked her pussy till he had her screaming that she was cumming. Picking her up he laid her in the middle of the bed and laid down next to her. Lifting her leg over his hips he held his hard cock. Slowly he entered into her pussy, burying his cock deep inside. Moving his hand under the pillow he pulled out the vibrator and rub it along her ass and pussy.

Pulling his cock out of her love tunnel, he pushed the vibrator in and pulled it back out to get it wet and juicy, then slowly, ever so slowly pushed it up to her ass. When his cock was back at her pussy and the vibrator at her asshole, he pushed both in at the same time. She screamed in pleasure. When he was close to cumming for the second time he turn on the vibrator and her hips move forward screaming she was cumming again. He was buried so deep inside hr pussy that he knew he had just planted his seed to grow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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