The Shining Knight

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He lay in the sun on his lounge chair, the sun felt good on his nude body. It made the skin on the graft tingle a bit. He guessed he shouldn’t get too much on it. He felt the heat on his penis. He felt an erection growing, he smiled, he hadn’t had one in a very long time. He put his hand on it and softly stroked it a couple times. He pulled his hand back guiltily. He thought about it for a moment, why not? He grasped it again and rubbed his hand the length of his rod.


He turned and saw a tall black woman watching him. She was strikingly lovely. He pulled the towel over his groin.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” she said. “Can I help you with that?”

“Well, Ah, I don’t know. I guess so, if you want to.”

She kneeled beside him and pulled the towel down. She watched his cock start to twitch. She smiled and looked at him. She grasped his shaft and slowly stroked it up and down. She watched him as she placed her full lips around the head of his cock. She moved her mouth up and down, her tongue caressing the shaft as she moved. One hand stroked with her mouth and the other gently played with his balls. She felt him tremble, she felt his pulse in the veins in his rod pulse quicker, his breathing was faster, and he started to moan. She increased her pace and was rewarded by a blast of sperm in her mouth as his body stiffened and shook. She smiled and wiped her face with the towel, then cleaned him with it.

“Thank, you for that, it seems forever since I had an orgasm.”

“You don’t remember me do you?”

“No, I don’t believe I do. I don’t think I would ever forget you.”

“I am Bertie Mae Franklin.”

“Bertie Mae! How are you? I never really got to meet you, both of us were in bad shape I guess.”

“I am really very well now, much better that you are. That is why I am here.”

“Why is that girl?”

“Mr. Bill, you got yourself shot and all cut up saving me from those niggers. I have come to look after you. I inquired about you from the States attorney’s office and they told me you are having a hard time recovering. They said you can’t afford the cost of a nurse to help you, and you need a physical therapist to get you on your feet. I owe you. I will take care of you. I will get you on your feet, it is the least I can do. Now I want to look at those legs. Oh! They are so atrophied, you need a exercise program to build them back. I know how to do that. Where can I put my things?”

“Your things?”

“Yes ,I am going to live with you until you are better.”

“This is only a one bed room house. Just one bed.”

” No problem, I will find a way.”

” You don’t have to do this. It was not your fault I was hurt. It was those thugs who did it, not you.”

“Listen, Mr. Bill, No one ever did anything for me in my whole life without expecting something back. Until you jumped into my life. What you did was pure and sweet. You helped me without knowing who I was or what was going on. You didn’t care according to what you told the cops, you just couldn’t stand to see a woman beat on like those animals were doing to me because I wouldn’t whore for them. You were almost killed and I owe you my life. When your life is back and you don’t need me I will leave. OK?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“How long have you been out in this sun? And how the hell did you get here?” He laughed, “I scooted out here on my little mechanic’s creeper. It scooted off over under that bush when I was getting off of it.”

“Is that how you get around?”

“Yep, That is the only good thing about terrazzo floors. My legs won’t handle crutches yet so I just scoot around. When I get where I want to be I haul myself up. Some one swiped my wheelchair a couple of days ago and they haven’t replaced it yet.”

“How did some one get a hold of your wheel chair?”

“The boy who drives me to therapy forgot to lock the garage door. We find it easier to leave it here and use one of the wheel chairs at the clinic.”

“Let me get my stuff off the porch and I’ll be back for you.”

“Kick the creeper over here and I’ll get in myself.”

Bill watched Bertie Mae as she moved around the small kitchen cleaning up after dinner. She wore shorts and a halter top. He smiled to himself. She was certainly better looking than the other care givers he had before. In fact she was beautiful, down right gorgeous. She was about five foot ten he guessed, about 135 pounds, all in the right places. She had a coffee with cream skin color and jet black hair worn in a page boy cut. She moved easily around the small room with grace and flowing movements. He noticed she moved and bent much further than necessary at times, at first he thought she was teasing him, then he realized she was exercising as she worked. His eyes stayed glued to her, he ignored the TV knowing there was nothing on the tube as enjoyable to watch as this female. Finally she was through and she sat down in the chain next to him.

“What is on?”

“On what?”

“On the TV, Escort bayan silly, that’s what you are watching isn’t it?”

“No, to be honest I was watching you. You are beautiful and move like a dancer or model.”

“Thank you, Mr. Bill, I have been both, but I am too old and heavy now, and I have put on a lot of muscle since we were hurt. I went back to my martial arts training to get back in shape when I got out of the hospital. I don’t look it but I am as strong as an ox now. I have gained a lot of upper body strength. Your chest and arms look pretty good. What are you doing for them?”

“Just lifting my useless lower half around.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t think?”

“I know you didn’t mean anything by it. You are a sweet girl.”

She smiled, “I don’t think of myself as a girl anymore, I am a big strong woman, full growed and mean as shit, Baby.”

“I don’t believe the mean part.”

“Don’t cross me or you will find out about the mean part,” she grinned. “I have thought about the sleeping arrangement here and I think the best thing would be for me to sleep in the big bed with you. You don’t mind do you?”

“I don’t mind at all, I really wish my legs would work better though. Damn you are hot looking, I think you are safe though. For now anyway.”

“Thank you, Mr. Bill, you may not be safe the way you sweet talk me.”

“Look, if you are going to live and sleep with me, please just call me ‘Bill’, I feel very old when you call me Mister.”

“I didn’t mean to make you feel old. I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but I called and we will pick up a new wheelchair and some crutches for you when I take you to therapy tomorrow.”

“Bertie, I can’t afford it right now until payday which is a week away. I have only enough money to feed us and have a little gas. All my other bills are paid. I am hoping a large check from my insurance will come in soon. I need it. My government pension hasn’t kicked in yet, that should start soon. It got screwed up because someone reported that I was dead. It took months and lots of paperwork to convince them that I am still alive even if I am not kicking.”

“Sugar, I have plenty of money, I have saved all my life for a rainy day, this is how I want to spend it.”

“Hey, I’ll pay you back every cent.” He yawned. She said, “Lets get your skinny ass to bed, I think I could carry you, but knowing you, you wouldn’t allow that. Do you want your creeper? Here! I’ll follow you to the bathroom and help you on the stool. Do you need a bath? I can help with that.”

Later he lay and listened to her breathing next to his ear, he rolled on his side and watched her sleep. He wanted to kiss her. He didn’t though, he didn’t want to frighten her. He heard thunder in the distance and a large truck of some kind rumble down the street. The thunder got louder. There was a flash of lighting and a loud crack of thunder. Bertie sat straight up and looked around, her eyes wide. He said softly, “It’s alright, girl, just a thunder storm.”

“Oh!, I’m scared of lightning, will you hug my back, please.” She turned and moved back against him. He put his arm around her and pulled her closer. She gave a little wiggle and murmured, “That’s better.” He heard her breathing slow and she was asleep again. Her hair was against his nose, it smelled slightly of violets. He soon fell asleep himself. He felt her get up during the night and turned over on his other side. When she got back in bed he felt her move to him and press her body against him, her arm across his chest. He smiled and dropped off to sleep.

“The next morning he woke up. He was pressed against her back, his hand cupping her breast. He lay enjoying the weight of her heavy breast in his hand, he moved it a little and felt the nipple suddenly grow firm between his fingers. He heard her breathing change and squeezed softly on the breast. She moved a little away from him then rolled over to face him. She smiled and pressed her lips softly to his. Her tongue ran across his lips then pressed between them. Their tongues rolled around each other. He thought it was the sweetest kiss of his life. He ran his free hand down her back and over her hip and as far down her round ass as he could reach. Her hand rubbed his back and then slipped between their bodies. She put her fingers around his erection. She broke the kiss and grinned at him, “I thought I felt some one awake down here. Wow! He is growing. Let me see.” She flipped back the covers and looked down at his groin.

“My, MY, He has gotten huge. May I kiss him?”

“Hell, yes, I dreamed about you kissing him all night.”

“Did it feel good? Cock sucking is not one of my best moves but I love the feel and taste of you.” She stroked him slowly and closed her lips over the head and he shivered in delight. She pulled off and looked at his face, “I am so hot and wet, I need you inside me, may I?”

” Yes, yes , please I want to feel you around me.” She got on her knees and straddled his hips.

She Bayan escort reached down and guided him inside her. She sat with her pussy tight against his pubic hair and was very still for a moment. They he felt a tightening around the base of his shaft. Her love channel was hot and wet. The tightness moved slowly up to the top of his hard rod, then it moved back down. The grip on his cock moved up and down faster and faster. He had never felt any thing like it. It was a sensation he would not be able to resist for long. He told her, “That is magnificent, wonderful, but you are going to make me cum too soon. I want to please you too, first.” She smiled at him, “Do you really?” Do you eat pussy?”

“I love it.” She moved up off of him and felt her pussy with a hand and then put her dripping pussy over his face. He moved his hands and spread her outer lips, they were large and pink. Hr inserted his tongue. He lapped at her juices hungrily then stopped, he tasted her again, and pushed he up a little. “Chocolate? You taste like chocolate.”

“What, you were expecting vanilla?”

“I don’t believe it.”

She giggled, “I slipped a Hershey’s kiss in there for you. I was praying you would want to love me that way,”

“Let me get back at my loving, I am hungry for more of you.”

“Eat me sweet man, eat me up, Oh, yes you know how, yes lick that clit, I love that, harder, Oh! That is really good, yes, yes, yessss, I am cumming, Oh! Again, ahaa, yes, oh. Oh! Yessss. Please stop, I want to get back on you so we can cum together.”

She moved back down his body and squatted over him. She reached down and inserted him into her vagina, she started moving up and down on him as she held his hands for balance. She moved slowly at first, he felt the rhythmic griping of his shaft then she moved faster, still working him with her pussy muscles, he was in heaven, she watched as a beautiful smile on his face changed to a big grin then a grimace as he jerked and she felt his slippery sperm shoot inside her and she shook as her own orgasm racked her body. She leaned forward on to her knees, keeping his softening member inside her, she moved her muscles and milked all the sperm from his dick. She pressed her lips to his and he felt hot tears on his face.

“Why are you crying, did I do something wrong?”

“No, Dear man, you did everything exactly right.”

She lay on her side facing him, her head on his shoulder.

“I have not had sex with a man in five years, I never knew it could feel that good. I prefer girls.”

“Me too!”

“You too?”

“I prefer girls too! I love everything about girls. I don’t do guys.”

“Damn you, Bill, you make me laugh when I am trying to feel sorry for myself.”

“Sorry, I think you told me your problem by how you said that. I may be way off base but my clue is because you said “had sex’ not made love.”

“You are correct, I guess that gave me away. I haven’t felt the love and had the desire to please any man in a long, long time, I do want to please you and make you forget the pain.”

“I thought I detected a little love in there too!”

“I guess you did. I have very strong feelings about you. You are my hero, my knight in shining armor.”

“Wow, you sure got a dud. A knight in real rusty armor.”

“Don’t you say that, I love you and I WILL put you back together, you WILL be better than ever. I promise, I do.”

Several weeks later Bill lay on his back on a large padded mat his leg extended above him, Bertie Mae leaned on his feet. “Push, push harder, lift me up, come on you can do better than that, you get no lovin’ tonight unless you get another fifty reps. Lets go, Don’t punish poor old Bertie cause you a shiftless lazy white trash. Push those legs, Bertie wants her lovin’ tonight, she got a surprise for you tonight if you do more than fifty. Nice surprise, you gonna love it, but you ain’t gonna get it if you don’t put out and get your work in.”

Sweat rolled from his body and he gritted his teeth and pushed again for all he was worth. His legs felt like rubber, he strained and made one last repetition, then her looked into Bertie’s lovely brown eyes, seeing the love there he pushed his legs out again and again until he did ten over the fifty she wanted. He lowered his trembling legs, and basked in her smile.

She pulled him onto his feet and handed him his crutches. She walked with him to the bath room and helped him into the shower. She pulled his shorts down and helped him on the stool. Bertie stripped off her own sweats and entered the shower with him. She adjusted the shower against her own body before she let it hit him. She put liquid soap on the bath puff and washed him all over, She shampooed his hair, She handed him his shaving soap and watched as he lathered up his face. He was trying to grow a mustache and a Van Dyke beard.

Bertie loved it, she loved watching him shave, she was frightened by the old fashioned straight razor he used, but he never nicked himself Escort and got a very smooth shave. She had even let him shave her pussy and loved the new feeling she felt there with the smooth softness. He shaved her after he shaved himself at first. He never nicked her either. Now she did it herself when she shaved her legs and under her arms.

He pulled himself up by the hand rails and stood while she dried every inch of him. She loved it when he got an erection and gave it a kiss whenever she was near it. When she was through he pulled her to him, then balanced against her with both arms around her. He kissed her then pulled back. He stood straight and removed his hands from her shoulders. He slowly put his hands at his sides. He stood like that for several minutes, slightly wavering every now and then. He grinned and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to him for another kiss.

“How was that slave driver. They said I would never stand or walk again. I believed them, you didn’t, now I know you were right. How can I ever thank you for what you are doing”

“You will think of something. You thank me enough. Now lets get dressed. We are going out tonight.”

“What, where are we going?”

“I won’t tell, but I promise you will love it. You are going to use your crutches, you are ready.”

“Do you think I can?”

“If I had any doubt I wouldn’t let you try.”

Later that evening they were greeted like long lost family at Trappanni’s Italian Restaurant. They were seated in a quiet booth and Bertie complimented him on how well he handled his crutches and said he looked very distinguished and handsome with his facial hair.

Bill looked up and saw a beautiful young blond girl enter the place and look around. Bertie looked where he was looking and jumped to her feet and waved the girl over. Thegirl laughed and waved back and made her way to the booth. Bertie stood and embraced the girl as Bill managed to struggle to his feet. The girl looked at him wide eyed and her hands flew to her mouth. “Oh! You said he couldn’t stand or walk.”

Bertie grinned at Bill, “You must see something you like, you don’t do that for me. Bill this is Anna, an old friend of mine, you will adore her, she is wonderful.”

“Bill, I am so happy to finally meet you. I have been hearing of nothing but you for months now. Please sit down, I know how Bertie is, she won’t quit until she has you running the Boston Marathon, you seem to have come a long way.”

“Yes, this slave driver has pulled and pushed, threatened, cajoled, yelled and screamed at me every day I am doing what they said I would never be able to do, but I am not there yet. I love her for it. I don’t know why she puts up with me.”

Anna smiled, “I can tell you why, she loves you. I am jealous.”

“Why would you be jealous?”

“Because I love Bertie too.”


“Yes, I love her and she loves me, we have been lovers for years.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, Darling, I love you too,” said Bertie, “Anna knows that, but I miss her very much, she wants to live with us. I told her you would have to approve first. Some men couldn’t handle that but I know you can.”

Bill grinned at the two women. “My father told me that any man who lived in the same house with two adult women was crazy, or soon would be. Let me think it over. OK? Anna, do you work or will you be around all the time? My house is small.”

Bertie looked at Bill, “Well, it is not like that. She wants us to live with her. She is lonely and has a huge ranch house that is wheelchair friendly, her father was in one for years before he died and left the house to her. It has a pool and workout room. It will be great for you.”

“Bertie Mae, I am at your mercy, I know that without you I will probably never walk again. I can’t see going on with out you in my life, I just wouldn’t even want to think about it.”

“You don’t have to think about it , Bill,” said Anna, “Bertie already told me that you came first, that she would never leave you while you needed or wanted her.”

“OK. I can not stand the sight of two beautiful women crying. Bertie probably told you I am a sucker for women in distress. I want you two to be happy too. We will take a vote on it. I vote in favor. Any nays?”

Anna leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Bertie leaned over and kissed him when Anna was through.

“Bill said, “this may not be too hard to take, I like it already.” He grinned at both the girls.

After dinner they walked out of the restaurant having decided they would spend the night at Anna’s house. Five large men standing by Harleys yelled at them. “Hey girls, dump the cripple and we will show a you hot fucking time. Hell we’ll dump him for you.”

Bill’s right crutch slammed up between the leader’s legs with loud ‘wop’ and doubled him over , the left crutch caught the second man in the throat and left him gasping for air on the ground, the right crutch rammed into the stomach of a third rider and put him down, a back hand with the left crutch smashed across the nose of another leather clad men, blood spraying everywhere and the last one backed off, his hands in the air, “Jesus, Man we were only kidding. You didn’t have to kill them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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