The Size of My Father Pt. 04

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Emily Watson had fucking k n o w n that something was up with her sister Annie!! She just hadn’t been able to figure out what. Not until she snuck up the stairs of the quiet house and heard her sister moan from behind the closed door of their parents bedroom.

“Please, daddy, deeper! Harder! Please, shove your cock inside your little girl till she breaks! Please, it hurts so good!.”

And suddenly the weirdness of the last couple of days had been cleared up.

Emily rightly surmised that it must all have started with the peeking incident the day before yesterday. She had finally tricked her prim and proper baby sister to use the peeking hole of the shed by the lake to watch the boys change. Em had used that hole lots of times to spy on naked boys – sometimes her brothers, more often other young boys from the village – while rubbing her little pussy. But when Annie had used it, she had been caught by their father, and made to stay for some kind of punishment.

And since then, little miss Goody Twoshoes Watson had been acting strangely. Yesterday she had been all superfriendly and intensely self-conscious at the same time. A little strange, since she usually was so calmly confident in a smug, condescending little miss Perfect sort of way. But the real Twilight Zone had begun yesterday morning, when Em was sure she had almost caught their father coming out of the bathroom where Annie was showering. So fucking weird, what had he been doing in there? And then Annie had ignored her all day at school. Not that Emily minded much, like who wanted to hang with her lame sister anyway? But there had been something about the way Annie had acted that was weird. As if she had a secret she just couldn’t stop thinking about.

And then there was tonight, when Annie had obviously tried to fake being ill, to avoid coming to aunt Jane’s to meet the baby. Super weird. Annie always loved family gatherings, and, more importantly, always did what was expected of her. Unlike her mother, Emily was good at spotting lies and she knew Annie was making this illness shit up. But why?

It had bugged her all the way to aunt Jane’s. Not that she had ever suspected anything like this, of course. Emily could come up with a thousand reasons why someone like herself would fake an illness to stay home, but very few for Annie. In the end, the mystery had been too much, and besides, she had started to get bored. Without telling her mother, Emily had just snuck out of her aunt’s house when everyone was focused on the baby, and made her way back home as fast as she could.

When she came home and saw her father’s briefcase, but didn’t see him in the living room chair, where he was always parked at this time of night, Emily knew something was up with her father and her sister. But still, to say that she was shocked by the nasty shit her sister was screaming would be the understatement of the year. Emily even stumbled forward a little, knocking the door open. Fortunately – or whatever you wanted to call it – her father and sister were too preoccupied to notice before Emily had the door closed again.

What the holy FUCK was going on?!! She just couldn’t believe it. Her sweet innocent, holier than thou baby sister, who never even looked at boys, was getting banged hard by their strict, by the book father. She was a virgin, for Christ’s sakes! Emily k n e w she was a virgin! And her father. This was incest. And yet …

It was fucking shocking, for sure, but also … a little bit exciting. What had her father done to make her virgin sister moan like the happiest cock slut ever? Annie really was in some intense heat. Then she heard her father growl an order that she couldn’t quite catch. But she heard her sister’s frantic, needy response.

“Please, master, cover me in your hot cum. Please, shoot your potent seed all over your daughter. Everywhere, daddy, I want it everywhere. In my mouth, in my eyes, on my cheeks, on my breasts. And please, please, daddy, shoot some on my poor nasty pussy too.”

Man, she was a slut!! Even Emily, who had done some seriously perverted shit in her young life, was surprised and a little impressed. But her emotions soon went somewhere else. What the fuck was going on?! I mean, really! She, Emily, had always been harassed and punished by her parents for not living by the rules and for every little fucking naughty thing she had done. Staying out too late – grounded. Getting suspended from school for being caught half-naked in a broom cupboard with an older boy – grounded and spanked. Always getting her life constricted and controlled by her fucking overbearing parents. While Annie, the little bitch, had always behaved perfectly, never caused a scene, always had good grades. And always, always, getting her parents approval and … love. And even now, when her sister had suddenly turned into a filthy whore, fucking in her own house, on her parents’ bed, she seemed to be in at least her father’s very good graces.

Emily istanbul escort had worked herself up into an indignant frenzy and when she heard her father growl “Here it comes, slut!”, she just had to do something about this insanely weird and unfair situation.

“What the FUCK are you two doing?!” Emily shouted, deciding it was time to enter the room and confront her father and sister.

The scene inside her parents’ bedroom really justified the question. Her father and sister were by her parents’ king size bed on the other side of the room. Annie was facing her angry sister, and was kneeling completely naked at her father’s feet. She was absolutely covered in creamy semen. Thick strands and globs of cum were in her hair, covering her face, spilling out of her mouth, running down her tits, and – just as Emily stepped into the room – her father shot an enormous, messy load right on Annie’s pussy, making it look as if at least three ordinary men had come full loads inside it.

Their father, meanwhile, was facing away from the door as it slammed open, but turned at the sound. Brad Watson was still fully dressed, in his work suit and tie. Well, apart from one part of his body. Judging by what she heard, Emily had been prepared for a strange scene when she entered, and for seeing her sister and father in a new light, so to speak. But, of course, nothing could have prepared her for seeing her father’s elephant cock for the first time. Emily had seen more than her share of cocks in her young life: small, medium and at least one really large, on a guy she had given a blow job at a gas station a couple of years ago. But that guy’s dick was a fucking pencil compared to the monster that was jutting out of her daddy’s suit pants. Her father’s cock seemed to be almost a foot long, even as it was starting to lose its erection after having covered her sister in cum. It was uncircumcised, thick and heavy, like a club, like a weapon that showed no mercy. It was resting on an enormous set of balls that, despite just having been emptied, seemed to still be positively bursting with gallons more of thick baby making sauce.

Emily stopped in her tracks when the beastly phallus swung around to face her. Her angry shouts turned into a confused mumble, as she stared transfixed at the monster cock.

“What the fuck i s that?”

In an instant Brad realised what his older daughter’s appearance might mean for him, for Annie and for the rest of the family. Emily’s hesitation at the sight of his cock gave him a second, maybe two to decide what to do. In the end, it wasn’t difficult. There was a huge gamble to be made, but it seemed to him both the smart thing and the right thing to do.

“Emily, close the door and shut up!”

His voice was like a whip, aimed at uncertainty, stripping away rebellion. For a few tense moments the destiny of the Watson family hung in the balance. Brad could feel his heart beating. Emily started moving. Was she going to run for it, screaming at the top of her lungs? She turned around.

And closed the door. Then she turned back to face her father, but her eyes immediately returned to his thick member. Brad allowed himself the briefest of smiles, but no sight of relief yet.

“Emily, young ladies do not enter their parents’ bedroom without knocking. Nor do they curse, or question their father. You have behaved very badly and will have to be punished.”

Emily was so fucking confused. SHE had just caught her father committing fucking INCEST with her sister. He had obviously at least masturbated and cum all over his daughter using the largest fucking cock Emily had ever seen, but possibly also raped her, massacring her pussy with the bestial instrument sticking out obscenely through his pants. And yet HE was telling HER she had behaved badly …?! Some ridiculous shit about not knocking? It seemed completely absurd, didn’t it? Yet, Emily found it was hard, so hard, to think straight and focus on the crimes of her father when he waved that beautiful monster cock in front of her. It was so long, and thick, and powerful, and obviously so brimming full of creamy, tasty man cum.

Emily just loved cum. She sometimes felt a little ashamed about it, but she had been with guys – even really unattractive guys – just to get their cum. She loved cum on her tits, in her face, in her pussy, but above all she l o v e d to drink it. When guys came a lot in her mouth, when they shot spurt after spurt after spurt down her throat, she would come just from that feeling. The taste was great, but it was mainly the sensuous feeling that creamed her pussy.

And that cock, her father’s cock, had just come more than any cock she had seen before. She peeked jealously at Annie, who was still kneeling behind her father, absolutely covered in glorious thick semen. Man, Emily would have wanted to have someone come on her like that! Not her father, of course, maybe, but some other powerful, strong, istanbul escort bayan handsome man, who also had a cock like her handsome father’s, that could just cover a small cum slut with the seed of his apple size balls. It would feel so hot and make her feel so special.

Wait! She was losing focus again. They had done something horrible, hadn’t they? Or at least her father had! Although from what she had heard of Annie’s moans and of her begging him to “shove your cock inside your little girl till she breaks!”, Emily was prepared to consider her sister an accomplice in this betrayal. Cause it was definitely a betrayal! Of her mother, of her brothers and of her. She felt betrayed. Why had they done this? Why had t h e y done this? She looked at her father’s glorious monster again. Yeah, why had he done this to her, to Annie? She was a prude little bitch, who wouldn’t know what to do with a cock even if it was shoved straight into her mouth (OK, it probably had been)! She was sure she would have pleased her father a lot better than that snooty little stuck up brat. She would show him. If there was one single thing in this world that she was definitely better than her sister at, it was cock.


Emily snapped out of her jealous fantasy.

“Kneel beside your sister!”

There was something about her father’s voice that Emily hadn’t noticed before. She used to think that it was a fucking disturbance, annoying and usually unfair, always telling her to do something she didn’t want to or to not do something she wanted to. But now, hearing it while looking at his massive bull cock, his voice seemed different to her. It seemed deeper, softer, yet more confident and trustworthy. A voice that didn’t nag and complain, but commanded respect, through its dominance. Where it used to make her want to fight back, to rebel, it now seemed to indicate that maybe that wasn’t really necessary. She would be corrected, but with love, it said. She would have to obey, but that was for her own good, it said.

Slowly, uncertainly, as if she still didn’t really know what was going on, Emily Watson moved into her parents’ bedroom. She passed her father, making eye contact for a brief moment, and went to stand in front of of her sister’s naked, cum covered body. Then she knelt simply. The Watson sisters ended up facing each other. Emily thought the cum-lined smile her sister gave her was the typical stuck up, condescending shit she always got. Annie thought Emily’s confrontational scowl was really inappropriate and disrespectful to father, yet typical.

“Good. Now pull down your jeans!”

What?! Wait a fucking second! Her father had said something about a punishment, or something, right? And now he thought it was spanking time again? So she was going to get spanked although it was him and Annie that had betrayed her?! It didn’t seem fucking fair, did it? Emily whipped her head around to give her father a piece of her mind.

And looked straight into the eye of his one eyed snake. Her father was now looming over his kneeling daughters and his huge semi-erect manhood was right in Emily’s face. It was swinging back and forth from his moving, like a hypnotist’s pendulum. Emily thought it must be the most beautiful thing she had ever fucking seen. It was so rough, thick as a bat, with marked veins running over the shaft. From her kneeling position Emily could also see the fat tube on the bottom side of the penis transporting her father’s semen when he came, and with a size like that it was no wonder Annie had gotten her whole fucking body showered in creamy, dreamy daddy cum.

“Emily, I will not tell you again: pull down your jeans and bend over for your punishment. As an added penalty for your insubordination, you will clean your sister’s body with your tongue, while I administer your correction.” Her father did not sound impatient or annoyed, only absolutely confident that he would be obeyed.

And Emily did not hesitate anymore. When she realised all that glorious, gooey semen was hers to eat, nothing else really mattered. It would be fucking humiliating, of course, to be a cleaning slave to her bitch sister, but then again her father had said that it was supposed to be a punishment. If it meant she would get to guzzle shitloads of cum, maybe that was fair, you know? Emily pulled down her jeans and exposed her sexy ass, with a teeny tiny thong as its only cover, to her father. Although not as fat and fuckable as her baby sister’s, Emily’s tushy was a heart-shaped masterpiece that countless boys and men had vainly dreamed of penetrating. She bent forward on her hands and knees and inhaled the smell of man seed coming off her drenched sister.

Neither Emily nor her father wasted any time, once she was in position. Just as her tongue shot out and licked one of Annie’s nipples, where a particularly juicy-looking glob of cum had landed, Brad ripped Emily’s thong off in a single, violent movement, escort istanbul which on the way back brought his hand down on her ass, smacking her cruelly.

“Auwww!”, Emily wailed as the pain landed on her cheek, making a big red mark on her lily white skin. This was nothing like the spankings her father had given her before. This was real. This was a proper punishment for her bad behaviour.

The force of the blow had propelled her forward, burying her mewling face in her sister’s small, cum-sticky titties. Emily sought comfort from the blows now positively raining down on her exposed tushy by sucking the hard nipples clean and then moving on to the pretty, but messy aureoles. Emily was getting high on the exquisite taste of her father’s juices, and her pussy was firing up as it always did when she got to be a dirty, hungry little cum slut. The pleasure from eating her daddy’s cum mixed in a new and exciting way with the pain from her daddy’s spanking.

“Suck them, bitch!”

At first, Emily was so surprised that she almost looked around to see who was speaking. But when she felt Annie’s claw like grip in her neck forcing her lips back to the nipples, Emily accepted that it had to be her innocent baby sister, leader of two Bible study groups, top of her class student, who was hissing at her like a peeved dominatrix. Unable to stop herself, she obeyed.

Annie’s introduction to practical lesbianism had been overwhelming, emotionally violent and totally unexpected, much like everything else that had happened in the last few days. When her father ordered Emily to clean his cum off of her with her tongue, Annie had to control herself to not let her panic show. She had never even been kissed by a girl before in any sexual way, and had always thought of lesbianism as slightly depraved and unnatural. And now her master daddy had ordered Emily to cross every possible boundary. It was not just lesbianism, it was incest! Well, so was fucking your father, but this was different! She didn’t even l i k e her sister! Em had always been Annie’s opposite, her shadow: lazy where she was hard working, rebellious where she was dutiful, loud mouthed and … yes, slutty! where she was well mannered and pure. Emily really had very few attractive qualities to Annie’s mind.

And yet. When Em knelt and was ordered to pull her jeans down to take her daddy’s punishment on her nearly naked ass, Annie’s pussy cramped and gushed approvingly. YES! YES! T h i s was the way to treat her obnoxious, wicked sister! When her father started to spank Em’s nasty, well shaped tushy with those wonderfully cruel, vicious slaps, Annie moaned quietly to herself. The sight of her mean sister being dominated and finally, f i n a l l y being put in her place by her fantastic, fat cocked master daddy was such an explosive turn on for Annie that the strength of her feelings shocked and almost scared her. She felt like she might do anything to help her father punish her insolent sister. No, there was no escape for Em now.

A second later, Em was pushed forward by the force of her father’s spanking and suddenly she was sucking the cum off Annie’s nipples. The feeling of having someone sucking on her nipples was completely new to Annie, and the sensual shock was almost more than she could take. The soft, yet forceful wet pressure of her sister’s mouth on her small love buttons set off a chain reaction in her nervous system, bombarding her brain with intense, addictive pleasure. FUCK! The feelings were nearly as intense as when her father had allowed her to touch herself after spraying his cum all over her. She felt her whole body getting ready for the sensory overload of an amazing orgasm.

But then that little w h o r e cum slut tried to move her wonderful lips and mouth away from Annie’s nipples just to get at some more cum! Fuck her! Her only job was to please Annie and her big cock master daddy! Annie reached for Emily’s neck and pulled her sister slave back to where she was supposed to be.

“Suck them, bitch!”

Emily obeyed immediately and Annie came hard as soon as her sister’s lips closed around her sensitive nipple again. But more than the physical sensation, it was the fact that her big mouthed sister didn’t hesitate even for a second before doing what she was told that made Annie’s pussy explode. Her whole body shook as she clamped her sister’s mouth to her breast with the painful grip on her neck.

“Yes, yes, YES! Suck me, you nasty whore! Ah, God, I’m cummming!!”

Brad Watson watched his slutty daughters’ interaction with somewhat mixed feelings. Mostly, Em’s submission and Annie’s domination of her big sister was a huge turn on for their fat cocked father. His decision to command Emily to follow his orders instead of pleading with her not to tell her mother what she’d seen, had payed off beyond his wildest dreams. He was now sure that he would have two young, nubile slaves in his family harem, instead of just one. The endless possibilities, everything he could and would do to them and make them do to each other in the coming days and weeks made his bull cock start to harden again.

But a gentle reminder seemed to be called for. He gave Emily’s rump a merciless swat, twice as hard as the previous ones.

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