the start of some great fun ( Pt 1 )

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It was a lazy Sunday; spring was in the air, and the weather warming nicely, myself and Grant, started to tidy up a few odd jobs around the house. When a friend of ours rang asking for a favour.
It seems their house sitter, had let them down at the last minute, they were heading of for 12 days holiday tonight, and now had no one to look after their pets, I checked with Grant, they had helped us in the past, so I told them I could be there mid after noon.

They live some 45 minutes away from us, near our favourite nude beach, so Grant could come down and stay with me, when we went swimming, I grabbed my gear, and headed off, arriving mid afternoon, I spent time with them before going out for dinner, and then driving them to the airport, later in the evening. I rang Grant, but no reply; I drifted of to sleep soon after.

Monday after I had eaten breakfast, and fed the animals, I rang Grant again, as we talked, I told him I rang last night, and asked why he didn’t answer, he told me that he had gone out to the men’s club.
I know he likes to meet guys as we have swung for years, and are both bi, he began to tell me about his night out. It seems he got there around 5 pm, and soon had fun with a guy, and then they went into the group room, where he spent the rest of the night taking guy after guy. I realised I was fingering my pussy while he told me, asking how many guys had fucked him , he said “No idea, Lots”, he had to hang up then as the work phone then rang, I lay fingering my pussy, and realised I was so horny.

I thought how I could best serve my sexual needs, deciding the beach was a good start. Getting myself ready and doing my internal cleaning, I was ready to head out around 11 am. It’s a short 5 minute drive to the beach, I noticed around a dozen cars in this car park, and like we have found out before lunch time was always busier.

As soon I got on the sand, my short summer dress came of, now nude, I walked slowly along close to the dunes, seeing guy’s heads popping up as I got near them, I smiled and said hello to most. I was now some 200 metres along the beach, when I saw some thing more interesting, a younger guy, possible early thirties, his hand holding a good looking cock.

Before going further, let me tell you about me, married, and middle aged, my curvy figure, supports a nice set of 38 DD boobs, which still stand out very nicely, and along with a shaved pussy, normally keeps guys eyes busy. I smiled at him and started making small talk; I asked if he minded company, of course he said he would love that, and I looked for some where to place my large beach blanket.

We found a spot just a few metres along in the dunes, and sat down, as we chatted, Mark told me he was married, a fly in fly out worker, now on his 10 days off, and he liked to spend time at the beach while his wife worked.

I pulled my suntan cream out of my bag, and asked if he would mind putting some on my back, he quickly moved around, his hands soon had me squirming, as he slowly worked the cream into my skin, as soon as he had done my back, I moved, saying my legs need cream too, he sat between my legs, his hands went to work, starting on my feet and working up.

I was starting to get very wet, I’m sure he saw that too, as he slowly worked his way up, with out thinking, my legs opened further, my eyes now fixed on his growing cock, I had picked well, he kept looking at my boobs and every harder nipples, I couldn’t hold off any longer, pulling him close and kissing him fully, he responded, and moved up more, his cock now pushing against my leg.

That’s not where I wanted it, so I moved, feeling his cock touch my pussy lips he pushed forward, “Oh Yer” inch by inch now he slid in, I guessed he was around 8 inches long, as he was still not hard, but as he began to fuck me, I had a surprising feeling, his cock was still growing. I was shaking though my first orgasm, as he kissed me again, now he was fucking me fast, but as yet I could not feel his balls slapping my arse, it was then I also saw other guys watching us, cocks in hand, wanking themselves, I smiled and motioned to one of them to join us, quickly taking his cock in my mouth.

Mark also helped me suck his cock, and as he did pushed into me harder, it was then I realised he was big, his cock starting to crack open my ateşli gaziantep escort cervix, he was careful but pushed hard against it. I had been lucky before, so knew the feeling. I moved, slowly, trying to help him find the entrance, he didn’t know for sure, what I was doing, until his cock went in another 2 inches or so, and I felt his balls slap my butt. Marks eyes lit up, and he began to pound into me with new found speed, my orgasms, now flowed quickly from one to another, it was then my attention went back to the cock I was sucking, as I gagged on a mouth full of cum.

Mark kissed me again, sharing the cum with me, I like bi guys, just as the guy pulled out, another guy shot his load over us both, cum dripped of Mark’s face onto me, we both kissed and licked it up.

I asked Mark if he would like to fuck me doggy, with little fuss, we moved, his cock found its way fully home once more, my cervix opened up straight away for him this time, as he went to town fucking me hard and fast. By now we had built up quite an audience with guys all around watching us, opening my mouth towards one soon got it filled.
I sucked on one cock, while another blew his wad over my hair and face, I also saw one guy stand over my back and felt his cum slap on my butt, running down my crack to Marks cock. It was then, I thought, why not, turning to Mark, I told him to fuck my arse,
He asked, was I sure, “Oh Yes” came my reply.

He pulled out, running his cock up and down the cum on my butt, then slowly he eased the head in, his cock is fairly thick, but went in easy using the cum as lube, with each trust, I pushed back, this time he went in fully, my orgasms now raced though me, taking me to new height’s, by now guys just took turns face fucking me, some getting Mark to suck them of too,

I had enjoyed Mark’s cock now for some 30 minutes or more, and still he was going strong. I now wanted to try more.

I looked at the guys near me, one took my eye, a good sized cock, I called him over, telling him to lay under me, Mark eased out for awhile as I slipped the cock into my pussy, then Marks pushed his cock back in fully, now I was happy, as they took control of me, I sucked more cocks off, letting cum drop onto the guy below me too.

They both worked well, but all to soon my pussy was filled with cum, this set Mark off and he flooded my arse with hot cum, it felt like he was going to drown me, with so much cum. they both eased back, my body now free, I swung around, spilling cum all over the guy below me, then going down kissing and licking it up.

I picked another guy and sat on his cock, it seemed the lunch time rush was here now, as some 10 or more guys that I could see stood around us, all with cocks in hand. I started working up a sweat pushing back hard on the cock below me, it was then, as hoped another guy gripped my hips, pulling me back, I wondered what he was doing, was he trying to fist me? but I was sure he had both hands gripping me, then his cock pushed in, what a feeling, so thick, and hard, he began to fill my butt pushing Mark’s cum further up, but his cock also felt strange, the head was so large, but the shaft seemed much smaller, like a mushroom.

But one thing for sure it felt good, as I raced from one orgasm to another in very quick order, I got used to them both, I pushed back hard, both guys now fucking me hard, cum spraying from cocks in front of my face as guys wanked off, some I sucked off, other’s just happy to cum over me. All too soon, I was rewarded with another 2 loads of fresh cum in me, as both guys now moved of, I was fucked doggy, Mark was now sitting in front of me, his cock again hard, and what a lovely cock too, as I thought, it was around 9 inches long, as I took what I could in my mouth, between sucking him I told him to make sure he had my number, before leaving.

Looking around I saw what I thought was the strange shaped cock, although soft, the head was still bigger than most, I called him over, Jim kissed me and asked if he could have my number too, of course I said. Marks cock fucked my mouth, no way could I take it all, so when my pussy was once more filled with cum, and left empty I told him to get some more pussy juice, he quickly fucked me again.

Jims cock now found bakımlı gaziantep escort my mouth, just as another cock let its juices go, I sucked him in, his knob head, feeling strange, locking in behind my teeth, as it grew in size, wow what a cock, I sucked him for some time, then told him to lay under me, and for him and Mark to Dp me again, this time they both enjoyed fucking me for ages, as guy after guy unloaded cum over us all.

It must have been some 3 hours or more, Mark and Jim had both seeded me again, now watched me take guy after guy, before I told them I needed a break. As delicate as I could, I said I needed to rinse of and shyly smiled.

I thought I would be allowed to walk the 20 meters to the water alone, but Mark, Jim and a couple of other guys followed, with a slightly red face, I said I needed to pee, indicating for them to leave me, It was then that Jim pulled me by the arm, as he lay down near the water, I was now standing over him, he smiled saying to pee over him please.

I was stunned, but with a growing need to pee, he held me tight, I looked at the other guys, I had never done this before, they all said ‘Do it” pee over him, my nerves seemed to hold me back, Mark kissed me hard, then whispered “go for it” As my pee started to run out, Jim moved, his face now wet with urine, why?, I never have worked out water sports, but I was now peeing at full speed, my urine splashed all over him, and for some reason, I quite enjoyed it now, all inhibitions had gone.

Jim stood up, thanking me, saying it was good to find a woman who was not afraid of trying new things, I said I had done most things but never that, he replied, so you have never been pissed on either, of course not I said. I had no option in what happened next, Jim again held my arm his cock aimed at me, as he pushed me lower on the sand, his cock shot piss over my cum soaked boobs, I was shocked but also turned on some, as his warm pee ran down my body, then with no warning, more pee ran down my back, and then in my hair, Mark looked on, I was in total slut mode now, I said “want too” and pulled his cock to me,

He seemed to try but wasn’t ready, then with a force not seen before, his piss raced out, my boobs then face took him fully, I wasn’t sure I wanted my face wet, I just let myself go, and to my surprise swallowed some too.

We all went in for a swim, I washed myself off, but knew I would be used some more before heading home. and I was right, returning to the dunes, 4 or 5 guys, moved in, no sooner had I lay down, then I took a face load of cum, as another cock filled my pussy, I was happy to relive them all, and made sure I told them to be here tomorrow too, for more.

Mark and Jim took my number, and walked me to my car, as I drove of I realised I hadn’t even got dressed, I was still covered in cum too, oh well only a few minutes to home,
I drove straight into the garage, and slumped on the end of the bed, tired and slightly burnt from the sun, I lay back falling asleep.

I dreamt of Mark licking my pussy, how he had loved licking me from butt to clit and back, eating the guys cum as he did, and of all the guys that had cum in and over me, I woke as my body shot thought another orgasm, wow, what a dream, or was it, as I got my thoughts together I realised it wasn’t a dream, my pussy was being licked.

Prince had come in and was licking all the cum out of my pussy and butt, wow, this was some thing I hadn’t planned, but his tongue kept licking, and I had another orgasm, if only some guys could lick pussy like Prince, girls would be a lot happier. Prince was my friends German Sheppard, then just as I relaxed a bit, he jumped up, pinning me with his front paws, now I started to panic, I felt his cock against my leg, and he was thrusting towards me. hell his cock now hit my butt and I’m sure a inch or so went in, I jumped, making Prince move, and then wham, his cock found my pussy, and he knew it too, with one hard push he was in, now I was his.

The sight of Prince standing over me, feeling his cock in my pussy, was scary, but I also noticed I was pushing into his cock now, and he was picking up speed, each thrust going in more, lubricated by cum, now he was also hitting the end of my pussy, he was big, but could I bayan escort take him, then I had no option, his cock found my cervix too, causing me to rocket though another orgasm.

I relented to being his bitch now, taking his cock fully, or so I thought, Prince was pounding my body flat out, non stop orgasm’s now took total control of me, then his knot began to hit my pussy entrance, oh hell, after today’s fun, could my well fucked pussy
stand this much punishment. Then with one hard push, my eyes shot wide open, and I screamed out loud. Prince had knotted me, I was screaming, his cock now not only in my cervix, but I’m sure it was also going into my uterus.

Soon, I was orgasming so much, I was in shock, Prince had made me his, when the knot went in, it grew more, the feeling was like no other, now he slowed, still pumping my pussy, but held by his knot, then I felt his cock grow more, and with one huge growl, he let loose, never before had a cock flooded my uterus directly with cum, so much cum, it was hot too, for what seemed like ages he pumped me full of juice.

Prince pulled back, but the knot held firm, I talked to him, keeping him calm, then after 5 minutes or so, with a loud plop, his knot fell out, flooding the floor with a huge amount of doggy cum, I eased back, slowly coming down from one hell of a high. As Prince lay licking his cock clean, I didn’t think, going down rubbing his cock, I sucked the last of his cum from him.

I just had to ring Grant, I knew he would go nuts, missing out on my fun, but I told him to get here asap. But to make sure he was ready for one hell of a night.

Grant arrived some 90 minutes later, looking well fucked too, he told me about his fun again, this time at home with 3 or 4 guys he knew.

I said “oh is that all” he looked at me, as I began to tell him about the fun at the beach, he was shocked but his hard cock also told me he was horny as too. As he began to fuck me, I said but that’s not all, his cock seemed to fill me more, he asked what else,

Prince was standing near by; I looked a him and said to Grant, “he fucked me too” I could have knocked him over with a feather. “What”

I told him what happened and Grants cock was now so hard, he was so deep in me that he came twice, before realising.

We sat talking, he asked what it felt like, did I want him to fuck me again and so on, I also told him he nearly fucked my arse, that’s when his eyes lit up,

I said, he would be too big for you, and laughed, “why” I can take a 18 inch dildo all the way in, Grant said, Well he’s not going to fuck a guys arse I bet, But by now Grant was horny, and said Lets try,

Oh well why not, I stood and wiped his cum from my pussy, over his butt crack, and called Prince, as he walked up I moved him to Grants butt, he smelt the cum and began to lick it up, as I let more cum drop on his crack from my hand, it seemed to work, Grant was leaning over the edge of the bed, his arse at the right height, and from the side I could see Princes cock growing too. I told Grant to get ready, as Prince took control jumping up, his front paws, along side Grants chest, I held Princes cock, wanking it slowly too, oh boy it’s big, and with some care we found the hole.

Grant took him, 7 inches or so, going in quickly, but some 4 or more left to go, as Princes speed picked up Grant began to go thought anal orgasms, Now in total control, Prince pushed in harder, his knot now at Grants butt crack, I told Grant to keep his arse tight and not let it go in, he did for some 10 minutes, Prince fucking him hard and fast, then Grant lost control, and with the next push, the knot went in.

I heard Grant swear, then orgasm and then black out for a short while, Prince now slowed his cock held tight, his knot fully in and pumped up, Grant was going to feel his cum soon, I watched as Prince began to howl, I could only imagine what Grant was feeling, his butt flooded with hot cum, more than he would ever have had.

I held Prince, stopping him pulling out to hard, I saw some of his cum running out, and wiped it up, taking it to Grants mouth, he licked it up, then I licked up the next palm full, kissing Grant and sharing it with him.

I moved around to see Princes cock, his knot pulled out, and he moved away, the cum just flooded out, I lay under Grant and he let it spill over me, my face and boobs now cum soaked, I swallowed what I could. Grant rubbed it in me, then moved around, laying on me and we played with the cum between us.

Grant also licked lots of it up too, we lay cuddling and talking about our fun, and what tomorrow might hold for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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