The Studio Ch. 05

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Lani wanted Julie from the first moment she laid eyes on the pretty blonde coed. Big brown eyes, bright smile showing her cute little dimples, and the sandy blonde hair falling softly on her shoulders. But what attracted her most was the budding little breasts under the little yellow halter top. Her two very dark puffy nipples were clearly visible. Lani didn’t want to rush anything and after unpacking, suggested the two go down to the cafeteria for dinner.

Each night Lani took measured steps to wear less and less as she prepared for bed. Typically, she would shower, emerging in a white fluffy towel wrapped tightly around her body. Lani and Julie shared a bathroom with Hannah and Gwen, their suitemates. The bathroom was just big enough for a toilet, shower, and sink but each girl would bring in their toiletries and makeup.

Once in her dorm room, Lani would take her time changing into a pair of panties and t-shirt or sometimes just the tee, but taking her time to put on a show for Julie. More than once, Lani saw Julie watching her undress in the vanity mirror she kept on a dresser. Julie was quick to look away once Lani had turned but she knew the young girl was interested.

Then one night, just about a week after arriving on campus, she made her play. After her shower, Lani emerged from the bathroom with the towel around her torso and a towel wrapped loosely around her head. She removed the towel encasing her hair and dabbed at the wet black hair which fell around her shoulders. As she approached her bed, she removed the towel which had been wrapped around her gorgeous body and then, as if totally impromptu, grabbed the towel, pulling it against her body and faced Julie.

“I know we’ve been roommates for almost a week now, but I never stopped to ask you — are you particularly modest? I ask that because I’ve been flitting about the room not thinking much of it but I don’t recall seeing you get undressed. I mean, not entirely,” Lani corrected.

“No, I’m not…well, I don’t think I’m overly modest and we are roommates, so its expected we might be undressed in front of each other,” Julie offered.

“So, you’re not some prude,” Lani smiled as she let her towel drop, tossing it to the bed. Julie immediately looked away, averting her eyes, and doing her best not to stare. “Are you sure? I mean, if nudity is a problem, I don’t want to cause you any discomfort,” reasoned Lani playing with the girl.

“I guess it’s the Hawaiian in me. We were taught at a young age that the body is nothing to be ashamed of. Heck, I think I ran around topless until my breasts started forming,” she said. The truth though was Lani’s parents would have never let her run around topless but it made for a good story with her roommate.

“Seriously, I need to know if it makes you uncomfortable for me to be undressed,” Lani pressed.

“I know I’m a bit of a nudist, particularly when I’m alone, but the last thing I want to do is make you feel awkward.”

“No, I mean it” Julie countered seeing Lani’s sincerity. Her eyes now taking in her gorgeous roommate’s naked body. “I’m not a prude. I guess, I just … well, I grew up with two brothers,” she smiled.

Lani sensed she was past Julie’s inhibition. Now she could start planning the seduction. “You’re absolutely sure,” Lani asked.

“Yes, I mean after all we’re roommates. We’re going to see each other naked. It’s no big deal right?” Julie said almost talking herself into her position.

“Awesome, then its settled,” Lani smiled.

Lani walked over to the dresser feeling the eyes on her backside as she walked.

She grabbed a bottle of lotion off the dresser and went back to her bed, sitting, she began to squeeze lotion into her hand and let her hands glide over her lean tanned legs. She then spread the lotion on her arms and stomach before crawling between the cool sheets. Julie had pretended to be focused on the small TV they had on a table but Lani felt her eyes on her the whole time. She looked forward until the next night when she would move one step closer in her sapphic seduction.

The next night after dinner in the dining hall, Lani convinced Julie to go out for a couple of beers. There was a tavern just down the road from campus and while neither were 21 and underage, it was well known an attractive girl could often get a guy to buy them a beer or two. While men were always carded, often the male bartenders looked the other way when underage good-looking females might order a beer. But more often, other students were happy to buy someone a beer especially if they purchased theirs too!

Lani had no intention of getting Julie drunk — just a little tipsy to perhaps lose a few inhibitions. Once there, an older girl on their hall actually stepped in and bought them a beverage. Lani liked that as she didn’t have to put up with ten minutes of idle chatting with a guy just to compensate for the beer.

The two girls sat down and talked about class, college life but mostly boys. Lani Sincan Escort asked Julie all about her boyfriend. Julie and Travis had started dating the summer they graduated from High School.

“So, did you two, you know, go all the way,” Lani inquired. “Well, not all the way. The first time we hooked up really was after a party at one of his friend’s house. But it was more exploring and then we sort of kissed a lot and then you know.. a little oral…” Julie admitted blushing a little as she gulped her beer. “How about you,” she countered.

“No, we’re talking about you first,” Lani steered the conversation. “So a little oral sex but you’re still a virgin?”

Julie turned an even greater shade of red. “I’m not sure we should be talking about this,” she insisted between gulps of her beer. “It’s just girl talk. We’re roommates and I promise whatever you tell me stays with me,” Lani shot back.

“So, was he good? Is he a great lover?” Lani persisted.

“Oh my God, it was awesome. I mean, I liked doing him and all but when he went down on me — it was the fucking bomb,” Julie admitted.

Lani could tell the beers were getting to her and she also noticed her little breasts and the hardening nipples under her top. She could not wait to get this little minx back to the room. For weeks Lani had paraded around the room naked but still Julie hadn’t revealed the first thing! At night she would usually go into the bathroom and come back out in a sleep shirt and in the morning might change into bra and panties but never did she reveal any nudity.

Julie had said she wasn’t a prude or overly modest but nothing to date stood in contrast to those words. But Lani was on a mission tonight and this evening she would see her roommate naked, and if she played her cards right — in each other’s arms by midnight!

“What time is it getting to be?” Julie looked at her watch, “Not late, it’s just after nine.”

“That’s a pretty watch,” Lani commented. “Actually, Travis gave that to me for my birthday,” she smiled looking down at the timepiece.

“Let’s head back,” Lani urged. Partly she thought the two had enough to drink but mostly, she wanted to get Julie in bed. The two girls walked back to their dorm with Lani informing Julie she was going to take a shower. Julie acknowledged she might shower as well later which made Lani smile at the thought.

Lani took her time shaving her legs and pussy. She wanted it ultra-smooth, just in case she got her way tonight with her roommate. Lani emerged from the bathroom in just a towel and quickly let it slide to the bed leaving her nude in front of Julie who this time didn’t seem to avert her eyes at all.

“Guess it’s my turn,” Julie said as she walked into the bath and closed the door behind her. It still disappointed Lani that her roommate still seemed to be so modest around her but perhaps that was all about to change — or at least she hoped.

Lani went ahead and put lotion on her arms and legs as she listened to the shower in the adjacent bathroom. Julie had an Alexa device and Lani asked it to play some soft jazz. Lani had always liked jazz, soul, and hip hop and she had Alexa to play it just a little louder than the girls normally would have listened.

Just as she had assumed, Julie reappeared from her shower with a sleepshirt already on. It was a pink t-shirt that came down just above her knees.

“Jules, would you do me a favor and put lotion on my back. It feels really itchy and I can’t really reach it?” she asked. Julie paused for a second. It was the first time Lani had ever referred to her as ‘Jules’.” Her mom called her Julia which was really her given name and her dad often referred to her as angel or sunshine but no one had really called her Jules but she liked it.”

“Sure,” she responded as she took the tube of lotion from Lani. She has become accustomed to her roommate being stark naked but this was a first. She might have turned down the request on any other night but the three beers she had earlier had diminished any real inhibitions.

Lani slipped on to her bed on her stomach. Julie was at first sitting on the edge of her bed but Lani encouraged her to sit astride her backside. “You want me to sit on you?” Julie asked.

“On my legs… you’ll have much better access,” she reasoned.

Julie squirted the lotion into her hand and then rubbed them together. She looked down at Lani’s tanned colored back. Truth was, she couldn’t remember giving anyone a back rub although there had been a few times at the beach she had put sunscreen on Travis’s back.

She let her hands rub the white lotion between her shoulders. Lani’s soft skin felt warm as her fingers slid across her shoulder blades. She moved Lani’s hair to the side as she rubbed her neck, her shoulders, her back. Lani moaned and sighed as her roommate rubbed the lotion into her back.

“You know Cindi and I did this a lot. She loved getting her back rubbed and I did too.” Lani paused a little Escort Ankara while before adding, “I really miss her. We did a lot together.”

As it seemed as if Julie were about to wrap up, Lani twisted under her. “I need to do you now,”

“No, I’m good,” Julie responded.

“Oh, c’mon! There’s nothing more relaxing than a good back rub and that felt great.”

Julie looked hesitant and Lani was sure she was just on the verge of getting up.

“Lay down here,” Lani insisted. Julie was hesitant but lay down on her stomach on Lani’s bed.

Lani sat on her back legs much like Julie had done and raised the tee shirt up around her shoulders revealing a little beige thong. “Let’s move this out of the way, we don’t want to get lotion on it,” she reasoned. She squirted lotion into her hand but her eyes were focused on Julie’s ass — the cute little cheeks with the strap of the thong buried between each. It took everything she had not to drive her face between those gorgeous mounds of flesh.

As Lani’s hands moved from her lower back up to her shoulders she felt Julie tense up a little. “Relax baby, just relax,” Lani cooed as Julie seemed to let go a little with each stroke of her hand across her back. Lani took her time, moving in slow circular motions, letting her hands move up under the tee shirt and then all the way back down to her lower back.

She actually squirted lotion directly on Julie’s back and then rubbed it in and moving again under the t-shirt. “Here sweets, lets just take it off. Its going to get lotion on it.” Lani didn’t wait for her rejection as she moved rapidly to pull the sleep shirt up and over Julie’s head before she could object.

Now, Julie for the first time had nothing on but the cute little thong. She was almost naked — a goal Lani had for more than a week.

Lani continued to rub her back, slowly, deliberately drawing soft sighs from Julie who was now really into the massage. It was no longer about simply administering lotion to her back. It was about pleasure and Julie felt great. Between the effects of the beer and now Lani’s fingers, she hadn’t felt like this in weeks. Likely since she and Travis spent time together in his bed.

“Now turn over and I’ll do your front,” Lani beamed.

“Uh…no, that’s okay,” Julie tried to resist as Lani reached down and started turning Julie over.

The way Lani sat on her legs, it made it difficult to get up. “Oh, come on. Don’t be silly. You don’t have anything I don’t have and we are roommates,” Lani reasoned.

,Julie looked up at Lani but she held her right arm across her breasts in a feeble attempt at modesty. “Quit being silly,” Lani intoned as she pulled her arm away and now for the first time had an unobstructed look at Julie’s breasts.

They stood proudly out in a cone shape with two large puffy nipples which capped off the little breasts. “Now, I’m going to make you feel really good,” Lani assured her as she squirted lotion into her hands and then pressed down on her upper shoulders as if there was nothing unusual at play.”

Eventually, Julie did close her eyes and begin to relax as her roommate’s soft warm hands moved across her upper shoulders, caressing her neck and moving along her sides. Lani intentionally avoided rubbing her breasts but her eyes were devouring the two gorgeous cones of flesh which stood proudly on her chest. Then, ever so subtly she let her warm soft hands wash over the puffy nipples, slowly, not drawing attention to the effect she wanted to have.

Julie moaned softly, but didnt try to stop her as Lani sensing her relax, again move slowly over the nipples and this time lingering, squeezing ever so softly in her hands. This time Julie’s body gave and once again she sighed heavily.

“You know, Cindi and I did this all the time. We would give each other body rubs. It felt sooo good,” Lani said as her hands continued to softly rub Julie’s breasts.

“Actually, we did all kinds of things. It was fun,” she added.

“What other kind of things,” Julie asked, her eyes closed almost as if in a deep trance.

“I’d rather show you,” Lani said softly. “Where’s that kerchief you were wearing earlier in the week,” she inquired. “In the top drawer of my dresser…why?” Julie shot back.

Lani got up and padded over naked to the dresser. She pulled the drawer open and saw not just the one from earlier in the week but several…,even better. Lani walked back over and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Let’s put this on you,” Lani said.

“Cindi and I loved playing games. Sometimes we’d blindfold each other. It really heightens the senses,” she assured her.

Lani wrapped the kerchief lightly around Julie’s head and doubled it up, tying a little knot at the back and then laying her head back softly on the pillow. Then she took a hand and pulled it to the corner poster of the bed. “What are you doing now?” Julie inquired.

“We’d sometimes tie each other up. Its so cool when you are totally Eryaman Escort Bayan at someone else’s mercy…helpless,” Lani added. “You and Travis do this right?”

“No, we’ve never tied each other up.”

“Well, just relax. You’re gonna’ love it… I promise.” Julie wrapped the satin kerchief around her wrists several times and then to the post of the bed and then went around and did the same to the other hand. Now Julie was bound and blindfolded.

She left her legs unbridled as she climbed back on board Julie’s body, sitting astride her. “Now we’re really going to have fun…”

Lani wanted Julie to relax and could feel how tense the young coed was so she again squirted lotion on her hands, warmed it and then let her hands roam across Julie’s chest. She allowed her hands to grasp lightly around Julie’s breasts, gently squeezing, and then teasing the nipples. Applying more pressure on her little puffy buds, pinching them lightly between her thumb and forefinger drawing a gasp.

“That feel good baby?” Lani inquired softly. “I think someone has sensitive nipples.”

Julie didn’t respond just turning her head slightly on the pillow, opening her mouth as soft little sighs were emitted.

Lani moved off Julie’s body sitting to the side as she let her soft lips lightly kiss Julie’s face. Her hair dropping down on Julie’s cheeks, tickling the little coed. Then Lani allowed her soft hand to slide over her stomach, and then ever so gently under the waistband of Julie’s thong. The young coed’s head turned and her mouth opened as she felt Lani sliding her hand lower and lower until her fingers came to rest on and then in Julie’s sweet pussy.

“Lani….Lani, I’m not sure…” was all Julie managed to say before Lani let her soft lips descend down on her roommate. It was a gently peck at first, and then another just a little longer, and then Lani allowed her lips to linger, sliding over Julie’s. Her tongue tease and then pushed between Julie’s plump lips.

Lani now lay beside Julie, her fingers exploring Julie’s pussy under her thong. Her kisses becoming more deliberate, passionate. As her lips slid off Julie, the young coed managed to put up one last feeble resistance. “Lani, we shouldn’t be doing this. This is wrong.”

Lani moved her soft lips to Julie’s ear, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong about it baby but I have a confession to make.”

“Confession?” Julie managed to eek out. “What, what do you mean?”

“I’m a lesbian baby. I’m totally into girls and I have you right where I want you.”

“Yea,” Julie managed to sigh. “A lesbian…I think we need to stop before this goes too far.”

“You’re not listening sweetheart,” Lani breathed as she allowed her tongue to softy slide over and trace Julie’s earlobe. “I am strictly into other girls and I intend to have you…. right here…right now.”

For the first time the realization of it hit her. Lani could feel Julie’s body tense up as she pulled at the satin restraints holding her in place. “Lani, this isn’t funny,” she shot back trying to rise up. She lifted her head off the pillow but again, she was blindfolded with her scarves holding her tightly in place.

“Its not meant to be funny baby, its mean to be pleasurable… for you…for me.”

“Please Lani, let me up. Untie me and let me up now!” she demanded. “If you don’t, I’ll scream and I’m sure Hannah or Gwen will hear me,” she reasoned.

“Go ahead baby. I’ll admit I’m a lesbian and you are too and we’re having one of our little games. Perhaps I got a little rough. Can you imagine the looks on their faces when they see you, naked…well, nearly naked, tied to my bed! I bet half the dorm will know you’re a little lez by midnight.”

Julie’s head slumped into the pillow as she thought about her predicament. “What is it exactly you want?” Julie demanded, facing in Lani’s direction, although blindfolded, she simply assumed her roommate was hovering to the side.

“I thought I made that abundantly clear. I want you. I’ve wanted you since that afternoon we met when I moved in. I walked around buck naked for a week and you hardly noticed.”

“I noticed,” Julie softly interrupted. “Well thank you. I was beginning to think it was having no affect at all,” she smiled.

“So,” Julie started, “really, what is it you want me to do?”

“I want you to enjoy yourself. I want you to let me have my way with you for just one night. I want you to give yourself to me. No one will know, It will be a secret between us two and then… then, I’ll leave you alone if that’s what you want. Or you can march down to housing tomorrow and ask for a new roommate if that’s what you want. I just want tonight. One night with you.”

Julie seemed to relax. “Just this one night…one time… and no one will know. You won’t tell anybody about what we did,” Julie asked her, turned in the direction of Lani. Lani allowed her lips to again settle on Julie’s. It was a soft kiss. Then her face slid over Julie’s to her ear again. “One night… and no one will know. But you have to give yourself to me totally, willingly, completely.

“Okay,” was the one word reply.

“Okay?” Lani repeated. “No more fighting me? No more resisting?”

“Whatever you want to do,” Julie resigned.

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