The Subject Ch. 03

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The room was large and square, with fairly high ceilings. The paint looked fresh, and the furniture looked fairly new. There was a raised circular dais in the center of the room, at least 12′ in diameter. Around the dais were 18 chairs. And in those chairs were the students.

Marcia’s eyes flew from one face to another. She knew most of them. There was Lance Kirkland. And Ranesh Patel. And Leroy Hopkins.

And Tim Callahan. They made eye contact and Tim smiled and Marcia blushed.

I’m going to fuck Tim Callahan in front of a whole classroom…

“Marcia? Here.”

Marcia looked to where Mr. Bentley was pointing and climbed on the dais. It was cushioned and covered with a plush sheet. It almost felt like a very firm bed. She laid back on it and luxuriated in it. Her robe opened a bit more, and she was sure she gave at least a couple of the students a wonderful view of her privates.

She sat back up to look at the rest of the class. She blinked when she saw a girl in attendance. Marcia knew her…her name was Dara, and she was very anti-social. Very goth, and more than a little standoffish. Dara saw her staring and licked her black-stained lips, and then blew a kiss to Marcia. Marcia swallowed hard.

She kept scanning the attendance when she saw the other girl. She barely knew this girl…she was very quiet, very shy, and kept to herself. Her name was maybe Beth? She was pretty in an understated way. The girl was definitely not making eye contact with anyone, and really didn’t look like she belonged here. Marcia felt a little sorry for her.

Next, she saw something that made her double-take. It was a boy, one she hadn’t ever seen before. He was tall, lanky, very dark-skinned. He looked just like…

…just like Kaia.

She looked at Kaia, seated on the dais to her right. She was also looking at the boy, and the boy was looking at her. Kaia looked angry, the boy looked excited.

Without turning, Kaia said, “Tamu is my brother, my twin brother.”

Katy looked at Kaia. “I can tell by that look, he wants to fuck you.”

“Yes…he’s wanted to for awhile, but I told him no. Now, our grades depend on us fucking.” She sighed. “Fine. Let him fuck me. I will take him and show him who is the best. I will take his cock in any hole he chooses and grind him down until he surrenders.”

Katy let out a breath. “Can I tell you how turned on I am right now?”

Kaia looked back at Katy. She softened a fraction and smiled. “I might still eat you, you know.”

“I’m looking forward to that now.”

Mr. Bentley, after giving the class a moment to take in the four women, spoke up.

“Class, these are your four Subjects.” He held out a hand to each as he spoke their names. “Miss Kaia Dansokho. Miss Marcia Sanderson. Miss Lily Chen. Miss Katy Jenkins.

“These four women will help me to facilitate the lessons of this class. We have gone over the health and safety protocols already, and there is a zero-tolerance policy for breaking any of the rules listed on that blue sheet you all have in front of you. This class is intended for educational purposes, but can also be very pleasurable. Don’t waste this opportunity. Good? Okay, let’s get started.”

Mr. Bentley walked around the perimeter of the dais. “First. Take out a clean sheet of paper from your notebooks. Next, look at the orange sheet I’ve given you. That’s the assignment sheet…it has a number at the top. If you have a ‘1’, your Subject is Kaia. A ‘2’ is Marcia. A ‘3’ is Lily, and a ‘4’ is Katy. I want you to write what you want to do sexually to your Subject right now. But don’t just tell me. DESCRIBE it to me. Make me FEEL what you feel when you are thinking about what you want to do! Don’t just say, ‘I WANT TO FUCK KATY IN THE ASS’.” The class, along with the girls, laughed.

“No! I want to hear how MUCH you want to fuck Katy in the ass, yeah?” Katy beamed, seeing all of the students focus on her, as the class silently considered how much they wanted to fuck the blonde beauty in the ass.

“This does not need to be multiple paragraphs long. You’re going to be describing a single sex act…blowjob, titfuck, anal, et cetera. I’m going to give you until the end of the class to finish this assignment. We’ll then start next class by reading some of the best ones, then having the authors DO what they said to their Subject. Any questions?”

When no one spoke, he continued. “Okay. One more thing. When our Subjects are not being engaged by you students, they are allowed to occupy each other, which they will do until the end of today’s class. This may be distracting at first, but hopefully it will help your creatively to flow.” He turned to the Subjects. “Ladies, you may disrobe and join your assigned partner.” Turning back to the class. “Please begin.”

There was a collective gasp as the four Subjects threw off their robes, paired up, and went to town on each other. Lily and Marcia embraced and lay back down on the dais, kissing each other wildly, their hands exploring everywhere. Meanwhile, Katy bursa escort and Kaia were doing something similar. Kaia’s long fingers traced circles down Katy’s sides, making her squirm with delight. The classroom filled with the erotic sounds of the Subjects pleasuring each other.

Mr. Bentley walked around the dais, the gyrating bodies behind him as he monitored the class. “Remember, gain insight from what’s happening behind me. You should not be distracted. You should be inspired!” He then began wending his way past various students who were alternating looking up at the highly sexual scene playing out in front of them and looking down at their assignment.

By this time, Marcia had spun Lily around and arranged her in a 69 position with the Asian girl on top. “Lick my pussy, Lily.” Lily happily complied, and Marcia did the same, having to lean up a bit to reach the smaller girl’s privates. Marcia didn’t know what fragrance Lily wore, or even if it was something she purposefully put on, but her aroma was intoxicating. It smelled of lavender and something else. Marcia couldn’t place it, but it perfectly matched Lily.

Marcia tongued Lily’s clit then sucked on it, causing the girl to spasm, her thighs closing around Marcia’s head involuntarily. Marcia grabbed Lily’s legs and easily forced them back open, and then pulled the girl’s twat into her face, driving her tongue deep into Lily’s snatch. The smaller girl’s eyes shot open, let out a sharp squeak and then came hard on Marcia’s face.

Across the dais, Mr. Bentley had provided Katy and Kaia with a long, double-headed dildo, and the two lusty ladies were busy working it into both pussies. Katy laughed as it slid deep into her own hole while it was slower going in Kaia’s quivering quim. “Don’t make me take it all, Kaia!” She grabbed the rubber dong with both hands and moved it deeper into Kaia. Kaia grunted and moaned, shifting her body closer while accepting another inch of the dildo.

Soon, the toy was completely buried inside the two girls, and they began grinding the clits together. The 18″ of warm plastic connected their sweaty bodies like an umbilical cord. Kaia was on her elbows, using her legs to grapple Katy’s hips to control the fuck. Katy was on her back, her boobs sloshing and swaying in random directions as her body was taken by the bigger girl. Katy started up into space, a slight bit of drool falling from the edge of her open, slackened mouth. Kaia focused on Katy’s face, the blonde’s look of orgasmic bliss energizing her partner to fuck her relentlessly.

Some of the students had already finished their assignments and were just watching the show now. Marcia tilted her head back, just having finished bringing Lily to another screaming orgasm, when she saw Mr. Bentley standing over her, looking down at her.

“Marcia, we have a few extra minutes, and I would like to partake in your expertise, if I may?”

Marcia beamed. “Partake however you wish, sir.” Mr. Bentley walked out of her sight range (her view still obscured by Lily’s sweaty thighs), and suddenly someone grabbed Marcia’s ankles and JERKED the two girls. Marcia yelped in surprise, feeling her (and Lily) shift a couple of feet. She could feel her legs were now dangling over the edge of the dais at the knees.

Lily, who was trying not to pass out from the pleasure given by her fuck-mate, focused her eyes in time to see Mr. Bentley’s cock in front of her.

“Miss Chen, I’m going to fuck Marcia with my cock. Please suck on it and get it extra hard for me, if you might?”

“Yes, sir. Of course.” Lily slid her body down across Marcia’s, her pert nipples dragging across the other girl’s tummy, until her face reached Mr. Bentley’s crotch, with Marcia’s wet pussy just below. She opened her mouth, inviting the cockhead in, while sliding two fingers inside Marcia’s drenched, pulsing snatch. She hummed gratefully as the cock filled her mouth. She wasn’t exaggerating when she told Marcia how much she loved cock. Her tongue lashed across the shaft as it invaded deeper and deeper. Then she felt strong hands on either side of her head, and knew what was to come. She relaxed her throat and allowed her teacher to push his dick to the hilt, his balls hitting her little chin.

Mr. Bentley proceeded to throat-fuck Lily while Lily finger-fucked Marcia at the same intensity. Marcia squirmed and squeaked as Lily’s fingers penetrated and spread deep in her tunnel. Lily gagged and sputtered, spit and drool dripping into Marcia’s willing hole.

The teacher looked up from the mess he was making of two of his Subjects. “Students! If you are finished with your assignment, put your pencils down and continue to observe. Anyone who needs to relieve themselves sexually may do so.” At least four of the boys immediately took out their cocks and started masturbating furiously. Dara had one leg up over her desk and her panties around one ankle. Her fingers danced around her clit as she watched, her eyes fluttering.

Katy had now climbed on top of Kaia, the dildo still bursa escort bayan stuck inside both pussies. Any student with the right view could see about three inches of plastic leaving one girl and entering the other. Two sets of hips gyrated as the girls kissed passionately, Kaia’s hands worshiping Katy’s bountiful tits. Sweat had given both girls a beautiful sheen, and the contrast of their intertwined skin was incredibly erotic to the audience.

Mr. Bentley slowly retracted his cock from Lily’s mouth, a long string of saliva drawing away from her lips, which she greedily sucked back in. Lily looked down and smiled. Marcia’s pussy was drenched from Lily’s cock-induced saliva. Lovingly, she stretched her two fingers apart in Marcia’s snatch, and used her other hand to guide the throbbing dick to its target. Marcia’s vaginal walls contracted and tightened, almost anticipating the phallic intruder’s approach. She gave the pussy a deep kiss, dripped some more saliva from her well-worked mouth, then placed the cockhead at Marcia’s opening. She retracting her fingers so they were nearly out of the hole, and allowed Mr. Bentley’s girth to replace them. The cock slid in easily due to a combination of Marcia’s pussy juice and Lily’s spit/drool, and Lily watched intently as inch after inch of meat disappeared inside her fellow Subject. She heard (and felt) Marcia moan wantonly below her.

Mr. Bentley pushed balls-deep into Marcia, then began pumping her in earnest. At the same time, like a total professional, he monitored his class for any raised hands. He saw he had about three more minutes before the end of class, so he picked up his pace, eliciting more moans from Marcia.

“Class…please…uhhh…please finish……up. Leave…uhhh…your papers on…fuuuu…on my DESKUHHHH!”

And with that, Mr. Bentley pulled out and fired several streams of hot jizz all over Lily’s face. The Subject opened her mouth, catching two long shots onto her tongue. She closed her eyes and reveled in the warm feeling all over her face while at the same time swishing the yummy semen in her mouth.

Lily then suddenly spun on her tummy so that she was now face-to-face with Marcia. Marcia, panting heavily from the intense fucking, opened her eyes to see the pretty, cum-laden face of partner less than an inch from hers. They kissed deeply, Lily smearing warm cum across both faces. She also pushed the cum that was still in her mouth into Marcia’s, who hummed appreciatively at the oral gift.

And then the bell rang. Lily rolled off Marcia, and both girls lay side-by-side, panting in physical exertion, their faces covered in drying cum, but with contented smiles. Marcia’s arm was still under Lily’s neck, and she rolled onto Lily in a loving embrace, pulling her companion tight. Lily cooed happily as Marcia rubbed her bare back and butt. Marcia looked over and saw Katy and Kaia, also cuddling happily. Katy caught her eye and winked. Marcia also noticed that the double-dildo was still firmly implanted in both girls. The class started to break up and students started filing toward the exits.

Mr. Bentley, now completely dressed again, was chatting with a couple of the students nearby. By now, Marcia was laying back, with Lily kissing her neck, when she saw the girl from the back, now standing next to the dais, waiting to talk to the teacher. Then, she looked straight down at Marcia, and their gazes locked. The two women stared at each other…Marcia covered in cum, panting in post-orgasmic bliss, Beth(?), bunched up in a defensive posture, looking like she wanted to be anywhere else. Again, Marcia felt so sad for this girl and was about to say something when movement caught her eye.

She broke contact with the girl’s gaze and looked down. The girl was wearing fairly baggy clothing which effectively hid her shape, but Marcia could swear she saw something…move… in her crotch area. Marcia stared at the area, and something moved again!

Marcia’s eyes darted back up to the girl’s, and something passed there. Tears began to fill the girl’s eyes, and she put her head down and fast-walked out of the room. Marcia sat up and watched her go, incredibly confused. Lily sat up as well, wondering what Marcia had seen.


After the last student had left, it was just the teacher and his four Subjects. He looked down at them with fatherly pride.

“You all did a fantastic job, ladies. I cannot thank you enough.” He then laughed as he saw Katy and Kaia. “Here, let me take that and make sure it gets cleaned.” He reached down, hooked a finger around the exposed part of the STILL buried double-dildo, and pulled slowly. Both ends emerged after a moment, and both girls squirmed gleefully throughout. He grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped the toy, putting it on his desk.

“I have one more surprise for you all. I’ll give you a minute to stand, and then please follow me.”

Each of the girls made their way to a standing position…all four wobbly-legged, and completely disheveled. Kaia actually escort bursa looked the least messed up, since her hair was in tight braids. Of course, both Lily and Marcia were smeared with cum, and the other two girls giggled as they saw them.

The four naked ladies followed their teacher off the dais, and back to the dressing area. At the far end of this room, there was a door to the bathrooms.

“Now, I mentioned that through here is where the bathrooms are, but there’s something else you might be interested in.” They walked past the showers into a separate open area, and in the middle of the floor…

Katy literally squee’d. “A jacuzzi!” All of the girls bounced up and down looking at the jacuzzi.

“I figured that the Subjects would need to unwind physically after class. I will go turn it on…I suggest at least Lily and Marcia take a quick shower to clean off all the semen I deposited.”

Katy scoffed. “I don’t think that’s necessary! Kaia, can you help Marcia, and I’ll do Lily?”

Kaia blinked in confusion, then realized what Katy was talking about when the blonde bombshell walked up to Lily, took her tiny face in her hands, and began to lick the cum off of her, like a mother cat cleaning her kitten. Lily stiffened for a moment, then almost melted under Katy’s ministrations, putting both hands on Katy’s tits. Kaia stepped up and started cleaning Marcia, her slick tongue dragging grooves in the drying cum. Marcia’s heart raced as the other girl’s tongue traced over the curves of her face, slowly and purposefully.

Now I know how Katy felt about Kaia looking like she wanted to EAT her, Marcia thought as she looked into the beautiful green eyes of her paramour.

In the background, the jacuzzi activated, water jets kicking into action. After another minute, Mr. Bentley returned, the four robes the girls had discarded draped over his arm.

“I will be in my office for another hour. You girls have until then to relax and recover. Enjoy!”

Katy stepped back and appraised her work. She looked at Kaia, and both looked back at their charges. Both Lily and Marcia were clean of most of their cum, though they were now slick with spit. They were also both very content. Katy and Kaia shared a conspiratorial look, then both stepped forward and swept up their targets in their arms…Katy picking up the diminutive Lily, while Kaia easily scooped up Marcia. The two carried their bundles into the jacuzzi, lowering themselves into the warm, foamy water, allowing Lily and Marcia to float out of their arms. All four girls cooed and sighed as they settled in, the water’s warmth penetrating skin, muscle, and bone. The girls spaced themselves out around the jacuzzi, allowing them to fully stretch their legs, eliciting happy moans from all four as they did.

Marcia opened her eyes and smiled. “This is the best day. Who’s with me?”

Katy nodded “Mm-hmm. I agree. This is just the cherry on top of a great first day of school.” The other two girls nodded blissfully.

Marcia then frowned in thought. “Hey…did you guys see the girl student?”

Kaia cocked her head. “The girl with the black lipstick?”

“No, that’s Dara. I know her. No, the other girl. The one in the back of the class.”

Kaia shook her head. “I didn’t see another girl…was there one?”

Lily sat up. “I saw her. She was very…withdrawn. She seemed…”

Katy said, “…like she was in the wrong class?” Lily nodded in agreement.

Marcia sat forward. “She looked so…sad! I wanted to ask her if she was okay, but you know, there was a lot going on.” The three agreed.

Kaia looked down. “Now I feel terrible…I did not even notice the girl.”

Marcia shook her head. “I bet it’s maybe a self-esteem thing, and it’s a vicious circle. She doesn’t want to bring attention to herself, so she hides in plain sight, but then no one notices her, and it makes her feel worse.”

“Then why is she in this class?”, Katy wondered.

“Well, Mr. Bentley has been really good at picking people…maybe he sees something that needs to come out”. And then Marcia remembered something…something about the girl. What was it?

“Hello, ladies! May I come in?”

The girls almost at once said “Sure!”

Mr. Bentley strode in and looked down at his four Subjects. “How is the jacuzzi? Therapeutic?”

He was met with a chorus of affirmatives. He smiled. “I’m going to be leaving in about five minutes, so please start getting dressed.”

The girls grudgingly started climbing out of the jacuzzi and headed toward the lockers. Marcia hung back. “Mr. Bentley, can I ask a question?”

“Of course, Marcia. What’s on your mind?”

“There’s a girl in the class…she was very quiet and shy.”

Mr. Bentley nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, Miss Ulrich. Bess.”

“Yes! That’s her name…Bess! I had seen her a couple of times…is she okay? She really doesn’t look like she wants to be in the class.”

Mr. Bentley considered for a moment. “Bess is…different. She struggles with a couple of issues. Primarily a physical one that has spawned an emotional component. I don’t want to get into specifics at this time, but understand that I chose her because I believe that with the help of you four, I can get her to open up and spread her wings, so to speak.”

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