The Subject Ch. 11

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Big Dick

Marcia sat at her locker in 100A, thinking about everything to come. Monday seemed to go by in a blur. The morning sex with her mom. The drive to school. All the classes. Everything was fuzzy and fading in her mind, replaced by thoughts about the next hour.


She looked up and saw Lily standing next to her, worry on her face.

“Hi Lily.”

“Are you alright?”

“I’m just thinking about today…and Bess.”

Lily sat down next to Marcia. “Are you nervous?”

“Not for me. For her. I’m going to love having her inside me. It’s the rest of the class…and Bess’s reaction to what THEY do.”

Lily nodded and rubbed Marcia’s thigh.

Kaia walked into the dressing room and looked at Marcia. “Bess?” Marcia nodded.

Kaia sat at her locker and began to disrobe. “It is a difficult thing to predict. Bess is stronger now…much stronger than when she first started the class. Whatever happens, she will prevail.”

Marcia felt a bit buoyed by Kaia’s confidence. “I…I think you’re right. I can’t imagine what she’s gone through in the past. Poor Bess…and she had to deal with it by herself, in her own mind.”

“Well, now she has us.” Marcia looked up and Katy was there now as well. “We couldn’t be there for her in the past, but we can sure as hell be there now.”

The other three girls nodded. Katy continued, “Marcia, just remember what I said before. It’ll just be you and her. She NEEDS you. She’ll only focus on you…you need to only focus on her. Everything else will fade into the background as long as you don’t allow it to get to you.”

“You’re right. I need to be strong for her. It’ll just be us.”

Lily waited a moment, then spoke up. “There’s one other thing I’m worried about. It’s Dara.”

The other girls frowned.

“When we last spoke, she talked about how she’s prepared to…retaliate…against any negativity in class.”

Katy’s eyes widened. “What do you mean, ‘retaliate’?”

“I think she might lash out physically.”

Marcia gasped. “No! She can’t do that…Mr. Bentley will kick her out of the class!”

“I know! I told her that. There is so much anger there, though. I think sometimes Dara doesn’t know how to handle it. Rationally, she knows what’s at stake, but…” and Lily started to cry.

Before Marcia could get to her, Kaia had wrapped her arms around her little classmate. “Don’t cry, little one. Dara will be fine. She will not want to lose you, and her mind will conquer her emotions. Have faith in her.”

Lily leaned into Kaia’s loving embrace and sniffed. “Thank you, Kaia.”

Kaia looked at Marcia and smiled. “I can tell why you like this.” She then looked down at Lily and was struck by how tiny the Asian girl looked in her arms.

“Lily, at some point, I will need to use your little body for my pleasure.”

Lily blinked away tears as she looked up at the other girl. “Yes, please. Use my body however you wish.” They kissed.

Katy and Marcia smiled at each other.

There was a knock at the door. “Ladies, it’s Mr. Bentley…may I enter?”

Katy opened the door. “Come in, sir.”

Carl Bentley walked in the room and could immediately feel the tension. “Is everything alright, girls?”

Marcia said, “Yes, we’re just thinking about Bess.”

The teacher nodded. “I understand. It’s a big day. A big day for her, and for all of us.”

“Is she here yet?”

“Not yet…her parents are though. I wanted to let you all know about how the class will proceed today. Marcia, I’m going to have Bess and you go first. After you are done, we’re going to take a 15-minute break, so that everyone can…decompress…after the session. I will then reconvene and we’ll just…talk about what we all just saw. Then, if the mindset is right, we’ll continue with the assignments.”

Marcia smiled. “That’s a great idea, sir.” The others agreed.

Mr. Bentley nodded. “This is going to be a new experience for EVERYONE, I think. I also will give Bess the option of leaving after the session…her assignment will have been completed, and I don’t need her to stay. She can if she wishes, or she and her parents can go. I would like to ask…Katy, Lily, and Kaia…if you are asked to perform today, and Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich do stay, would you be averse to them watching your session? If not, I can certainly ask them to leave after Bess is finished.”

Katy shook her head. “I’d love for them to watch!”

Lily agreed. “They are Bess’s parents. Them watching me would make the session even more enjoyable.”

Mr. Bentley looked at Kaia. “Kaia?”

“They are here to support their daughter, just as my parents did. It would be wrong if I were to ask them to leave. It would be an honor if they were to stay.”

Mr. Bentley smiled. “Everyday, I am struck at how well I chose my four Subjects. Alright, I’m going to go back out and ready the class.”

Lily cleared her throat. “Sir, one more thing?”

“Yes, Lily?”

“It’s Dara. I’m afraid she may do something…rash…if someone says something negative today.”

“Rash, as in…”

“Yes, escort çapa sir.”

Mr. Bentley considered this. “She knows the consequences of such actions?”

“Yes sir. I believe she’ll be fine…I just worry.”

He nodded. “I understand. I think I have an idea. Don’t worry, Lily. I think today will be a good day…for everyone.”


Bess walked into the classroom. It was about half-full, but the size of it, and the number of people in it, seemed endless. Her gaze drifted over various students until it hit the central dais.

That’s where I’ll be. Naked. With Marcia.

“Hey kid.”

Bess blinked out of her reverie. Her dad was standing there with her mom.

“Hi, dad…hi, mom.”

“You ready?”

“Yeah…I’m ready. Actually, I’ve been ready since about 5am.”

Mark frowned. “What do you…ohhhh…what?!”

Bess nodded. Janet looked back and forth. “What? What do you mean?”

“Mom, it means I’ve been rock-hard since I woke up this morning.”

“The whole day? Oh, my poor baby!”

Mark shook his head. “Why didn’t you…relieve yourself?”

“I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get back up…so I didn’t touch it at all.”

“Oh boy. I hope Marcia knows what’s coming for her. Anyway, you’re going to do great, Bess.”

Bess blinked and stared at her dad. “How do you know that?”

“Because this is all you. We’re all standing here because you brought us here. If you weren’t ready and raring to go, this wouldn’t be all coming together. I have total faith in you, Elizabeth. We both do.” Janet nodded.

“T-thanks, guys. That means a lot.” They all embraced.

Mr. Bentley walked up. “Are we all ready? Bess?”

“Yes sir, very ready.”

“Okay, so we’re going to have your session first. Then, we’ll take a 15-minute break to allow everyone to digest the session. Bess, you and your parents can leave for the day at that point, if you’d like. We’re going to then have a discussion about the session, inviting comments and questions from the class. Everyone will be able to contribute, including the Subjects.” Bess nodded and smiled.

“Also, Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich, if you would like to stay, you’re invited to watch any of the other assignments, assuming we have the time and energy to have any more today. The other Subjects have given permission for you to stay during their sessions…I just would get a quick assent from any students involved. Sound good?”

Janet and Mark both nodded. They hadn’t even considered there would be other sex that they would be able to watch.

“We are about to start, so if you guys can take your seats? Thanks!”

Bess turned to go to her desk, but Mr. Bentley got her attention. “Bess, can I talk to you briefly?”


Mr. Bentley took her aside. “Can I ask for you to check in with Dara?”

“Dara? Why?”

“I think she just needs you to talk with her for a minute. If you don’t mind.”

She looked over to see Dara at her desk. She seemed…tense. “Um…sure thing.”

“Thank you, Bess.” And with that, Mr. Bentley returned to the front of the classroom. Bess made her way over to Dara.

“Hey Dara. How are you?”

Dara looked up, and Bess was struck by the tension in her face. “Hey, Bess. Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“So, if anyone says any shit, I’m ready to deal with that.”

“What…what do you mean?”

“I mean I’m not going to let anyone make this day fucking difficult for you is what I mean.” Bess slightly recoiled at the anger boiling just below the surface of Dara’s skin.

“Dara, no. Dara. NO.”

Dara shook her head. “What do you mean, ‘no’? Any of these shitheads says word one…”

Bess took Dara by the shoulders. “Dara, I don’t want you to do that. If someone says something, JUST. LET. THEM.”


“Dara, please. I don’t want you to do something to get you kicked out of here. There are only two of us in this class, and I NEED you here with me. Please promise me you’ll refrain from saying or doing anything during the session.”


“Please Dara!”


There was a long moment, and there were suddenly tears in Bess’s eyes. Dara’s own eyes widened. “What? What’s wrong?”

“I…I…just wish I had you as a friend years ago. Having someone like you to fight for me? That would have really helped.” And she hugged Dara. Dara, after a moment, hugged her back.

“Good luck, girl. Fuck the shit out of Marcia for me.”

“I…I will.”

The two girls disengaged, and Bess went back to her seat, wiping tears from her eyes. Leroy Jackson, sitting in front of her, turned. “Hey…are those your parents?”


“So you’re going to do your assignment? Who’s your Subject?”


“Sweet. You’re gonna kill it.”

Bess blinked. “You…think so?”

“Yeah, man. I can tell. You’ve got the air of someone who’s just gonna get it done.”

Mr. Bentley announced, “Okay, class…let’s get started.”

Leroy reached back with his fist, which Bess quickly bumped. eskort istanbul “Good luck, Bess.”

“Thanks, Leroy.”

“Miss Bess Ulrich. Please come up.”

Bess stood up and walked with as much confidence as she could muster to the dais. Dara got up and passed her, giving Bess a nod on the way by. Dara sat in Bess’ original seat. She leaned forward. “Leroy.”

Leroy looked back. “Yeah?”

“You’ve made Bess feel good about herself.”

“Yeah? Good.”

“Don’t turn around and fuck it up, okay?”


I just want you to know that you will have to make a choice in a minute, and if you choose wrong, it fucks Bess up. Don’t make the wrong fucking choice, okay?”

Leroy looked back at Dara, completely confused, then back to Bess.



Mr. Bentley handed Bess her assignment paper, but Bess never looked at it.

“My subject is Marcia. I have long thought about her. The way she walks. The color of her skin. Her eyes. The curve of the small of her back. All of it is like music to my soul. I’ve never been close to her, but that’s on me. She is kind, generous, and caring. Given the opportunity, I would fill her to the brim with myself. I would bring her to orgasm over and over, to the point where she would have no strength left. Then I would erupt in her and on her, covering her with my seed. Then I would kiss her gently on the lips, to thank her for being my inspiration.”

Marcia swooned, having not heard these words before. Katy almost choked up, even though she HAD heard them before. The rest of the class was moved to silence.

“Marcia, please go to the dais. Bess, please join her there.”

A few of the students looked at each other in confusion…usually the student disrobed at their desk. Both girls nodded and ascended the dais, Bess removing her shoes and socks before doing so. The two girls now stood facing each other on the cushion platform.

Marcia said in a voice only Bess could hear, “Are you ready?”

Bess nodded. “I’ve been hard since the sun came up.”

Marcia smiled. “I’ll try not to disappoint.”

Marcia took off her robe, and Bess’s breath caught in her throat. She took in every inch, every curve of Marcia’s beautifully sun-kissed body. Her cock threated to tear its way out of her pants.

“Your turn, Bess. Remember. It’s just you and me.”

Bess nodded and started to disrobe. She removed her top first, pulling it over her head, then taking off her bra. A couple of the boys commented that they never thought Bess was so curvy under her very shapeless clothing.

She then unzipped her jeans and let them drop, revealing boxers that had a noticeable tent. This sent shockwaves of confusion through the class as the boys tried to make sense of what they were seeing. The murmuring dropped to silence with a glare from Mr. Bentley.

The three other Subjects sat side-by-side in their seats, all holding hands in support of their friends.

The Subject and student on the dais maintained total eye contact.

Marcia said, “Do you want me to help?”

“No. I’m going to do it.”

And with that, Bess pulled down her boxers, releasing her penis.

There was a very audible gasp from the students. Bess stood there, completely naked, completely exposed. Her cock was solid and pointing toward Marcia, as if reaching out to her. Bess remained focused on Marcia’s eyes throughout, and soon everything else fell away.

Marcia moved up next to Bess and put her mouth to the other girl’s ear. “How do you want me?” she whispered.

“Lie down on your back please.”

Marcia did so, and Bess followed her. She laid on top of Marcia, and immediately began petting, rubbing, and caressing Marcia’s body. Marcia hummed happily as Bess also was kissing her neck, chin, and face.

Marcia could feel Bess’s cock pressing up against her leg and yearned for it inside her.

“Are you going to put it in me?”, she whispered desperately.

“Not yet.”


“Because I want to love you first. I’ll fuck you soon, but I first want to love you.”

Marcia’s mind exploded. Bess had waited a long time for this exact situation, but still wanted to make Marcia feel good! Marcia moaned and writhed under Bess’s touch. Her pussy slickened, her clit throbbed. Bess’s hands continued to probe Marcia all over, her nipples dragged across Marcia’s chest, her mouth kissed and sucked, and her skin warmed Marcia wherever it touched.

Marcia’s body was in full rebellion, absolutely needing a cock inside her, but Bess would not relent. The two naked bodies passionately ground into each other, their lips locked. Marcia’s voice raised gradually in pitch as Bess took her closer and closer to climax.

“Please Bess…I need you inside me.”

“How close are you to cumming?”

“So…so close.”

“I’m going to bring you right to the edge, then push you over when my cock enters you.”

“Yes…please make me cum with your cock!”

Bess worked on Marcia’s body for a few more minutes. Marcia could no longer form coherent eskort bayrampaşa words, and just squeaked and squealed in erotic bliss, her body quaking and convulsing in abject pleasure.

Then, Bess shifted so that she was between Marcia’s legs. She grabbed her cock and placed the head at Marcia’s entrance.

“Here I come.”

Before Marcia could even respond, Bess pushed herself inside. The cock invaded Marcia deeply, her twat already heavily lubricated. Marcia’s eyes and mouth shot open and she screamed as she came hard. Bess held her steady and began to rhythmically pump her while Marcia was still riding her orgasm.

Bess laid her head next to Marcia’s and breathed in her ear. “I’m going to keep making you cum, Marcia. Not going to stop, and not going to let you rest. Going to make you cum and keep cumming.”

Marcia tried to come back to reality, to understand the words that Bess was saying to her, but her second orgasm battered her consciousness back down. Bess raised herself up so that she was directly over Marcia and began powering her hips, driving her cock further and further inside the climaxing girl. Marcia tried to focus on Bess’s face, her very pretty face. She reached up and put her hand on that face, and the feel of Bess on her fingertips centered her. She suddenly could feel the cushions around her, as well as Bess’s body on hers, and her cock plowing her insides endlessly.

Marcia was bi because she loved the softness of girls but also the firmness and strength of boys. She loved Katy’s tits, but also her brother’s rock-hard cock. Bess though…Bess was both. She was literally the best of both worlds, the softness of her breasts and ass coupled with the thick, muscular power of her cock. The thought of that drove Marcia over the edge again, and her body rocked with her third orgasm.

How long had it been? Five minutes? Two hours? Marcia had lost track of time. She thought she could still see sunlight, so it couldn’t have been too late. She then blinked…there was a voice in her ear. Was it Bess? She tried to listen.

“Marcia. I’m going to cum soon. I’m going to fill your pussy, then cover you with the rest.”

Marcia realized that she had been saying things throughout…they were probably just sounds, maybe a syllable here or there…nothing that made any sense. She was able to force out an “OK” to Bess.

Bess then started pulling nearly all the way out, then pushing all the way in. She did this four times before it triggered another orgasm (Fourth? Fifth? More?) in Marcia. Marcia’s eyes rolled back as every nerve ending in her pussy was on overload as the length of Bess’s cock slid over them. Bess sawed in and out of Marcia, causing Marcia’s body to jerk and twitch like a ragdoll.


Bess’s cock expanded, stretching Marcia a little bit more, and unleashed a torrent of cum inside. Marcia reveled in it, feeling the sticky warmth cover her insides. Then suddenly the cock was gone, and she could feel the warmth on her skin. She opened her eyes to see Bess finishing on her. Her body roiled and jerked from orgasmic aftershocks, and she swirled the hot cum around her naked skin.

Bess then leaned in close and gave Marcia a single kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, Marcia.”

“Thank you, Bess.”


Bess and Marcia cuddled happily on the dais, nuzzling and lightly grinding against each other. Both were coming off their own powerful orgasms, and both pulled warmth from the other body to re-invigorate themselves.

Marcia was still breathing heavy as she petted Bess. “That was incredible.”, she whispered lovingly into Bess’s ear.

Bess turned, smiled, and kissed Marcia. “You’re right, it was.”

“I wonder if anyone is still here?”

Bess shrugged. “As far as I know, you’re the only person in the room.”

Marcia laughed. She looked past Bess and saw Dara and Lily. They smiled at her in greeting.

“Hi Lily. Hi Dara. How’d we do?”

Lily nodded. “You both did great. It was so good.”

Dara agreed. “Fuck yeah…Bess, you were aces.”

Bess rolled over to look at her. “I’m glad you’re still here. I’m glad you didn’t…do anything.”

“I didn’t need to. Everyone was good.”


Dara nodded. “I’m serious. No one said anything. There was some shock when you first went cock-out, but the whole class just…watched. No one said ANYTHING.”

“I…I don’t…”

“I know…I don’t get it either. But it made the whole show SO much better.” She looked at Lily. “How many times did Marcia cum?”

“I counted seven times…probably more.”

Bess was stunned. “Seven? How…how long were we going?”

“About 30 minutes. And it was fucking intense the whole time.”

Marcia sat up and nodded. “Yeah, it was.”

Dara put her hand out. “You’ve got about 10 minutes before the break is over. You need a hand up?”

Bess gratefully took it and stood up. She now saw there was a number of students milling around, and there was a buzz in the room. She saw a few students look at her, and she fought with her flight instinct. Surprisingly, a couple of them gave her thumbs-up signs and smiles.

Then her parents were there.

Janet reached over and pressed her face against Bess’s. “Wow…Bess, you were great!”. Mark agreed.

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