The Substitute

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Manfried “Manny” Andrews watched between the iPad sitting on the small table in front of him, and the front door of the small coffee shop. When the figure stepped through the door, he watched. Sure, like most men the eyes were first drawn to those lean long legs encased in nylons, or the 36D’s that strained against the buttoned blouse. He tried to focus on the face, the eyes, and what had brought him here today. He shut the device off and slid it to the side when she approached the table.

“Hey” the young woman said softly.

“Hey Mel” many replied. “Have a seat”. He watched as Melanie Andrews, his oldest daughter, slid into the chair opposite him.

“Coffee?” he asked her.

“Yeah, thanks dad” Melanie replied. He stood and headed for the counter as she hung her purse on the back of the chair, and slipped her light jacket off.

“Double Mocha Latte,” Manny told the young girl behind the counter. He turned and watched his daughter as she waited. When she reached up and began to play with her blonde curls, he knew. She was his daughter after all, and Dad knew every nervous habit she had. Something was bothering her. Even now, at 28 and married on her own, he had always had a soft spot for his eldest. She was a lot like him; logical, driven and stubborn in her persistence when she wanted something.

Silently Manny set the coffee in front of his daughter, and then returned to his chair. He stared at her eyes for a moment as she played with the cup. Then figured he might as well get the cat out of the bag.

“So what’s up baby?” he asked. “What’s so big for all this?”

Melanie looked startled as she glanced at him. “What, can’t a daughter have a lunch with her father?”

Manny almost laughed. “Any other daughter might yeah; you no. You can’t tell me at home, you won’t talk about it on the phone. We both have a schedule like a mountain long so free time like this is a premium. Just lay it out honey.” He leaned back in his chair and waited.

Melanie cleared her throat. “Well” she started hesitantly. “You know Paul and I have been trying to have a baby.”

Manny nodded. “Keep going, the demon is in the detail.” He knew his daughter and son-in-law had been trying for a family for almost two years. The fact he wasn’t a grandfather yet was evidence of how successful it had been.

Melanie straightened herself in the chair, and her father saw a look of determination cross her face. Oh boy, he thought, the lawyer brain just engaged. Here it comes now.”

“We’ve been watching my cycles, having sex regular, done everything we should, and so far nothing. So, two weeks ago I went to the doctor and got tested.”

Manny was worried now, was something wrong with her. Was she about to say she had cancer or some other disease?

“Dad” Melanie said as she saw the concern in his eyes. “Don’t worry; there isn’t a damn thing wrong with me. My eggs, and the rest of me, are perfectly fine.”

Manny couldn’t help the sigh of relief. “OK, what about Paul.”

His daughter gave a wane smile. “He refused to go in, said it questioned his manhood.”

“That is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard” Manny scoffed. He stared at his daughter a moment. “I take it you didn’t accept that either.”

“No” Melanie shook her head. “Her curls fell loose framing her face, her blue eyes blazing. “So, I took a sample in myself.”

“How the hell did you do that?” Manny asked shocked.

Melanie gave an evil grin across the table. “I gave him a blowjob before work, and then when he left, spit it into a cup and took it in.”

Manny lifted a hand “Whoa, TMI girl” he laughed.

Melanie finally laughed at her fathers’ discomfort. “You asked dad”

“OK, you got me there” he chuckled back. “What was the result?”

“Oligospermia”, Melanie replied, “otherwise known as low sperm count. Oh the fluid volume was sufficient, but the actual count was less than 15% of the norm.”

“OK” her father leaned back in his chair. “Now you know that it’s Paul, what are the options?”

Melanie began to tick off on her fingers. “First, he doesn’t know about the sample, and if I tell him he will blow a gasket over this manhood shit. Second, I can’t use artificial, that requires the partners signature and release AND cooperation. Third, I can’t use donor sperm, the chances of altered appearances away from either me or Paul is too risky, he would know.”

“You’re running out of options honey” Manny told her.

“There is one option left” Melanie said softly.

Manny sat silent, waiting.

“A punter.” Melanie said quietly. She saw the confused look on her fathers’ face. “A punter dad, the special teams to do the job. Bring in a substitute.”

Trying to be logical, Manny saw one drawback immediately. “Aren’t you back to the original problem then?” he asked, “an altered genetic pool.”

Melanie watched her father closely. Now came the toughest part of the whole deal, could she say it? Could she ask it of this man who had loved her and raised her, and istanbul escort cared for her with all his heart?

“Not if you draw from the same genetic pool…dad” she said softly.

At first Manny didn’t understand where she was coming from, and then his eyes widened in shock as the realization slipped into his brain.

“Jesus Mel” he gasped. “Do you know what you’re asking?”

“I know exactly what I am asking Mr. Andrews” she stared at him. “Let’s break this down. Emotionally, I want a baby so bad it hurts Dad.” Tears brimmed in her eyes. “I want the chance to be a mother, a parent like the wonderful ones who raised me.”

“Physically” she waved a hand across the table. “Here is a fit, 50 year old man, with the proven track record of three kids. You are in great shape, still able to father a child, and you fit the genetic pool perfectly.”

“I am also your father” Manny exclaimed.

Melanie sighed. “Look” she finally said. “Just think about it, OK. Go home, watch mom with Kelly and Peter; and ask why your oldest daughter doesn’t have the same chance to be the same parent.”

Manny thought back, seeing the love and pride in his wife’s eyes as their children excelled and grew. The idea that Melanie would never experience that left a hole inside him. He stared at his daughter, not sure if he was more surprised she had asked him, or that he was even considering it.

“How?” he asked her.

Melanie smiled, the first time since she had sat down. That dazzling bright smile that warmed his heart crossed her face. “Once a week, say Friday after work. Meet at a hotel, neutral ground. What, an hour at most. Then we both go our way. Who’s going to question a father and daughter spending quality time together?”

Manny let his eyes roam over his daughter again. This time he was not hiding his glance from her shape. The flare of her hips, the swell of her breasts, the pouty lips glossed with lipstick. Could he really take her to bed, he asked. The sudden growing thickness in his slacks was his silent answer. He shook his head, trying to clear the lewd thoughts from his brain.

“What’s wrong?” Melanie asked, misinterpreting his action. “Am I that ugly?”

“No” Manny gave a strangled reply. “Just the opposite,” he said.

Melanie leaned across the small table. Her eyes glowing as she realized what her father had just been thinking. “Does it make you hard dad?” she hissed softly. “The thought, of putting your hot, thick baby seed deep in my belly” she told him.

“Yesss” Manny could only groan back.

Melanie rose from her chair and stepped to her fathers’ side. Bending over she put her lips right next to his ear. The fact that a hard nipple dragged across his shoulder did not escape his notice.

“Good” Melanie whispered, “because it makes me wet as shit.”

She reached down and lifted her jacket and purse from the chair. “Think about it.” She told him. Then turned and headed for the door to the small shop.

Many sat and watched her exit. His eyes fastened to the curve of her tight ass in her skirt, it looked so firm his fingers flexed at the thought of gripping it.

Oh my God, he groaned to himself. Now what the hell was he going to do?

Five days later, on Wednesday, many caved. He sent a single word text to his daughter. “Where?” was all he asked.

Nearly forty minutes passed before she answered, he thought maybe she had come to her senses and backed out. Then his phone beeped.

Holiday Inn on Westcott, I’ll text you the room when I check in Friday; glowed on his phone. He had almost put it away, when it beeped again.

Thanks dad, I love you. The words brought a smile to his face. Maybe he could put aside his aversions just to help his daughter.

For the next two days he tried to push the rendezvous out of his mind. With a busy schedule he had been mostly successful until Friday. By lunch he was a bundle of nerves, and by the end of the day he was a total wreck. Once again he thought Melanie had backed out, as he climbed into his car at the end of the day. Just as he reached for the ignition key, his phone beeped.

Room 312 glowed back at him. He turned on the car and headed down to the Holiday Inn at Westcott. On the drive he called home and told everyone he was having a quick coffee with Melanie, and would be a bit late. His wife’s cheerful response to give their daughter her love, brought a twinge of guilt to what he was about to do.

By the time he arrived at the hotel, his nerves had started back in again. Standing in front of door 312, he timidly knocked. Melanie answered still dressed in her skirt and blouse from work. As he stepped inside the room, he watched her walk over to the small table by the window, his eyes drawn once again to her swaying ass and long legs. Could she get any hotter, he wondered.

When she turned around holding a glass of bourbon and ice, he smiled.

“I figured you could use this” she said softly.

“No shit” he told her, reaching for istanbul escort bayan the glass. “What about you?”

Melanie raised her own glass; “My second” she replied.

Manny sat at the foot of the king bed and stared at his daughter. Taking a large gulp of the bourbon, he felt the liquid burn down his throat, but ease his nerves.

“So, how do you want to…I mean how do we…” he tried to say.

“Relax dad” Melanie said with a soft laugh. “We aren’t rabbits; we won’t be jumping on the bed and humping away. I like a little romance myself.”

Manny absently took another drink from his glass, as he gazed at his daughter leaning against the small table. She had undone the top two buttons of her blouse, and for the first time he could see a hint of the swell of her breasts. He felt his cock jerk in his pants at the vision of her creamy flesh.

It was the bead of sweat that slowly formed between her globes that made him realize the temperature of the room. “Kind of warm in here” he said.

“I know” Melanie answered. “I did that, makes undressing a bit easier”

Manny could only stare open mouthed as his daughter slowly undid the remainder of the buttons on her blouse. When the cloth slipped free, his entire vision was filled with the straining globes of her breasts, encased in a soft blue lacey bra.

“Oh God” he softly moaned

Melanie took the drink glass from his half limp hand and set it on the table, standing only feet in front of him. “Have you, you know, done it in the last few days?”

Manny could feel his cock, starting to tent his pants at the sight of her. “No” he gave a soft reply. “Not since Monday.”

“Good” Melanie said. Her hands reached back and undid the snap on her bra. “I want every hot drop inside me” she said, as the cloth slipped free.

“Oh fuck” Manny moaned, as the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen, came into view. Firm, jutting forward; they were capped by two small hard nipples and surrounded by a dark areole crinkled with goosebumps. He felt his cock literally lurch in his pants at the sight.

Melanie’s eyes widened. “You’re hard already, aren’t you” she asked him.

“Yes” was Manny’s strangled reply.

“Prove it” she told him. “Show me.”

Melanie’s fingers found the zipper at the side of her dress, lowering it. She glanced down to step out of the garment, and when her eyes came back up, she couldn’t suppress the small gasp. Her father had undressed completely; tie, shirt, pants, even underwear; in what could only be seconds.

He now sat opposite her on the edge of the bed, his rampant eight inches jutting straight up from his groin like a steel pipe. She could see the hunger in his eyes as he stared at her barely concealed pussy, wrapped in her soft blue panties. Even Paul didn’t look at her with this kind of primal hunger.

A sudden realization struck her and she stepped in front of her father. “I’ll let you take them off” she told him. His hand started to reach for her. “IF” she added, “you tell me how long you’ve wanted this.”

Manny stared up into his daughter’s eyes and he knew he couldn’t lie to her. “Three years” he said. “You and Paul were married and the thought that another man would enjoy this…perfection. It drove me insane.”

“Take them off Daddy” Melanie whispered. She watched her father shudder when she called him a name she hadn’t used in years. “Take what belongs to you.”

With shaking hands, Manny reached up and gripped the elastic band of her panties, drawing them down slowly over her hips. He could only stare as her bare, smooth lips came into his view. “You shave” he groaned.

She leaned down, holding his shoulder as she stepped out of the flimsy cloth, her nails digging lightly into his flesh. “Yes” she whispered. “I like to feel it when it slides in.”

He could see the drops of moisture clinging to the outer lips. His eyes shot up to hers. “You’re wet” he stated the obvious.

Melanie stepped forward, her legs straddling his thighs where he sat. As her hand reached down and gripped his throbbing cock, she stared into his eyes. “You aren’t the only one who wants this” she told him.

Manny sat frozen as his daughter lowered her body to his lap. He felt her heat wrap around his swollen cockhead as she sank onto him. It felt like an almost volcanic heat, sliding down the length of his shaft.

“Oh Jesus, Mel” he gasped.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Melanie moaned, sinking further down. Just as his full length bottomed out in her, her eyes rolled back and her body shuddered on top of him. Her eyes tried to focus back on the man in front of her. “Fuck dad”, she whispered. “I almost came right there.”

A lopsided grin came to her father’s face. “Then let’s make sure you do” he growled back. His hands gripped her waist.

Melanie felt herself lifted in his powerful grip, his cock slowly sliding out of her as she rose. Then, suddenly, he released his grip, letting her entire weight slam back down onto him. She felt escort istanbul his entire length drive up into her, stretching her walls around him.

“Shittttttttttt” she wailed, feeling a sense of fullness new to her body.

Once again her father lifted her up, to let her drive back down onto him. Her hands gripped his biceps, as she felt the muscles flexing with his effort.

“Oh God…oh fuck…” she grunted with every stroke. She felt his cockhead bumping against her cervix as her ass slapped down onto his thighs.

“You like how Daddy fucks your tight cunt” his voice rumbled in her ears.

His words had the exact same effect on Melanie. That this was her own father driving her to the cliff edge on a freight train, only added to the fuel. “Dadddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” Melanie wailed, as her body convulsed. Her entire world began tunneling down to the hot explosion in the pit of her belly.

Manny held his daughter’s jerking body, as he felt the warm gush of her fluids coat his cock and balls, soaking him in her. He gritted his teeth, holding back the boiling in his testicles; he didn’t want this to end yet.

As her body slowly settled back down, Melanie clung to her father. “God, I’ve never cum that hard or fast before” she muttered.

“We just got started baby” Manny chuckled.

“Oh my God” Melanie raised her head off his shoulder. “You haven’t cum yet.”

“No, but I will” her father stared into her eyes.

Like a rag doll, he stood from the end of the bed and lifted her in his grip. Turning, he eased her onto her back on the bed, without dislodging his pulsing cock from her depths. Melanie was stunned as what she had thought would be a quick hook up, was quickly devolving into something far more. Something this man above her was bringing out in her.

Manny’s weight pinned his daughter into the soft duvet of the bed. Her hard nipples scraping across his chest; as his hips slowly rose and feel, she felt that same sense of fullness sweep through her again and again.

“Hang on baby” her fathers’ hot voice echoed in her ear. “Daddy is going to take you for the ride of your life.”

Instinctively her arms wrapped around his back, while her legs slid around his waist. Hooking her ankles together behind his low back, her heels drummed into his ass with every stroke. She could hear the bed springs squeak with their every movement, but right then didn’t give a damn who heard them.

“That’s it” she groaned, feeling his engorged cockhead bumping her cervix again. “Fuck me daddy, oh god yes…FUCK ME” she almost screamed.

Manny pulled back, levering himself out of his daughters embrace and up onto his own arms. He stared down, lodged deep inside, feeling her soaked walls pulsing around him. Inch by inch he dragged his cock back as the shaft grated across her sensitive clit.

“You want your Daddy to fuck you” he rumbled. “Fuck his daughters’ tight little bald pussy.”

Melanie’s eyes flared in response. Her hand came up to his chest as her nails dung into him, nearly drawing blood.

“Bastard” she hissed. “Fuck your little bitch daughter. Own me you daughter fucker” she told him.

For the next ten minutes, many pounded into his daughter with a vengeance he thought had gone long ago. His hips were like pistons as he drove deeper into her trembling body. He could feel the boiling in his balls every time they slapped against her ass.

The heavy scent of sex filled the air, causing Melanie’s nostrils to flare. In her sex fogged brain she kept hearing some woman screaming and then begging for more. The shocking realization the woman was her, ripped through her; igniting that blazing knot in her belly again.

“Oh my fucking Godddddddddddd” Melanie moaned. “I’m going to cum Dad. Make me cum againnnnn”

“Fuuuuuuck” Manny roared. His hips drove hard down, lodging himself deep into his daughter. His cockhead slammed against the opening to her fertile womb. He could feel his balls beginning to release when her tight walls slammed down on him like a velvet vise.

Melanie opened her mouth in a silent scream, as her own drool seeped from one corner, her head thrashing side to side. The bolt that shot through her when his cock hit her cervix sent off an explosion. Her nails raked down his chest as her body flopped under him. Sparks went off behind her eyes, as they rolled back in her head.

Just as her first orgasm had started to recede, she felt his hot seed erupt inside her, washing her walls. As the pulsing heat in her belly set off a second wave of raw pleasure, her body went ballistic as she experienced her first multiple orgasm. Shaking and trembling violently, she stared up at her father, his face a mask of sheer lust.

“Yessssssssssssss” she groaned, feeling a second thick rope literally flood her tight channel. She felt so much cum pump into her; it oozed out around him and down the crack of her ass to puddle on the duvet under her.

“Oh God yes” Melanie moaned. “Breed me daddy. Give me my baby.”

With a grunt, Manny felt the last of his balls empty into her tight hole. He stared down at her sweat glistening body, feeling his still hard cock throb along her walls. He didn’t know how he had gotten here, balls deep in his oldest daughter, but he was damn sure it wouldn’t be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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