The Surprised Attraction Ch. 04

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Note from the Author: Hey guys, sorry for the delay on this one. I wanted to take my time with this one. I appreciate everybody’s comments even though some are negative. It helps me write these and gives me ideas for where I want to take it. Keep them coming. This are getting real. I am also in the process of looking for an editor so if you’re interested message me!!

-Milo The Great.


Chapter 4 – The Wedding Party

Home. It always felt so weird for Sam after a long semester. In only one month he would be returning for his final term until he had to hit the real world. He liked it though. It was like a mini vacation in a nice comfortable bed that was also accompanied by a refrigerator filled with everything from ingredients for quick sandwiches to left overs from dinners that week. This was his time to be lazy and not have to worry about anything.

The one thing that was hard for him during break was being away from Kelly. He would go from seeing her everyday to only on the weekends which was a long commute. He didn’t mind it but it would have been a lot more convenient if they lived closer.

Technology was there savior. Every once in a while they would joke about how much it would have sucked if they did the long distance back when there were no phones or internet. They took advantage of what they had. Everyday from the morning to before bed they would text which made things for them seem closer. He only had to make it 2 more days until he would be on his way to see her.

Unlike Kelly, Jack lived very close to Sam. He lived in the town over so they would hangout together when they had free time which, for Sam, was everyday. For most of the week that they had been home from school, Jack was over and Sam could expect to see him today as well.

He got out of bed and did his morning routine. He headed to the bathroom, used the toilet, took a shower, dried off and put some clean clothes on, brushed his teeth, made himself some eggs and bacon, turned the tv to CNN. Sam liked to catch himself up on the latest news every morning to stay up to date with the world. It came in handy a lot in most conversations he struck up and was very helpful when speaking with parents, just like with Kelly’s father. It was always a great conversation starter and filler.

After about an hour of this, a knock was heard on the front door. Sam got up like routine and opened the door. Jack walked right in passed him and headed to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed 2 Heineken’s. He popped open both and handed one to Sam. He went to the living room which was one room over and plopped on the couch. He took a sip of his beer, picked up the remote and changed the channel to MTV.

“It’s 12.” Sam said with a questionable look on his face.

“12:34 to be exact.” Jack replied without even looking over at Sam. “Guy Code, hell yes.”

“It’s 12.” Sam repeated.

“And?” Jack finally looked over.

“You’re drinking a beer.”

“So? We did this all the time last semester. What’s the difference. Not being at school?”

“We would day drink when it was nice outside. It is 32 degrees and snow is on the ground.”

“Ahh shut up and just drink with me.”

“Fine.” Sam said and took a sip of his beer.

He took a seat next to Jack on the couch and retrieved the remote. He changed the channel back to what he was perviously watching and took another sip of his beer. Jack snatched the remote back and changed it again. Sam didn’t want to bother with it so he let it slide.

“So what are we doing this weekend?” Jack asked as he took a big sip of his beer.

“I,” Sam emphasized. “am going to Jersey to meet up with Kelly for the wedding she was invited to.”

“Oh shit yeah, I forgot. Are you ready for that?”

“I guess. I have a nice suit that I wear to anything formal here, so I am using that one.”

“Are you bringing a present?”

“Oh shit! I totally forgot about that.”

Sam got his phone out and sent Kelly a text regarding whether or not he should bring anything.

“I mean, Kelly’s family should be bringing one probably.” Jack said.

“Yeah but I am a plus one. Does that mean I have to bring one?” Sam said as a vibration came from his pocket.

He picked up his phone and checked the message. It was a reply from Kelly.

“Yeah you were right. Her family is bringing one and she said not to get anything.”

“Yeah that would be kind of weird, you don’t know these people right?”

“Yeah.” Sam chuckled.

“At least you know Kelly and Leah.”

“That is true but I don’t know how I feel about Leah right now.”

“What do you mean? She was great!”

“She’s great and all yes.”

“She is also really hot.” Jack interrupted.

“I can’t deny that but it got really awkward, or at least to me it was.”

“What do you mean?” Jack took his attention away from the television and brought it to Sam.

“Well… Last weekend at the party she wanted to dance and nobody was ready so she just dragged me on the dance floor, which was fine and all. We danced face istanbul escort to face for a while until some guy tried to dance with her and she wasn’t feelin’, it so I shoved him off and that was that. But then she turned around and started grinding on me.”

“Alright! My man!”

“Shush that’s not it.”

“Oh shit, more?”

“Yes. So as I was saying, she was grinding on me which I decided was fine because she didn’t want random guys grinding on her. She also has a boyfriend and her sister is my girlfriend, so it was alright.”

“And?” Jack interrupted again.

“And, things got a little weird. She started to really get into the dancing. Like at one point I thought she was actually enjoying the feeling of my dick rubbing against her ass. Oh yeah I had a full on hard on then.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Yeah. But it gets even more awkward. She was really enjoying the dancing which made her get a little more sexual. She grabbed my hands and basically let me feel her body. It was all fine for a while because it was just her stomach and waist. She did this until she got to the bottom of her bra. She kept my hand there like she was contemplating what to do next. Maybe she thought I was her boyfriend or something but she went overboard when she brought my hand up and let me squeeze her tits.”

“Oh hell yeah! My boy gettin’ it in with both sisters!”

“Shut up.” Sam punched Jack on the arm. “I didn’t let it go any further. I freed my hand from her grip and slowly stopped dancing with her to not make things awkward.”

“You guys looked normal in the morning though.”

“Yeah, I thought so too but I don’t know. I still feel weird about it.”

“Did you tell Kelly about it?”

“Hell no! I know what that will cause and that shit will not go down well.”

“Eh, whats the worst thing that can happen?”

“She fights with her sister and I ruin a friendship?”

“I don’t think I would go that far but nothing bad would’ve happened. It’s not like you guys fucked… or did you?”

“No. You guys came a little after I broke things off.”

A vibration came from Sam’s pocket. He took his phone out and checked it. It was another text from Kelly: ‘Hey, when you come this weekend, don’t bring anything up about Leah’s boyfriend. He just broke up with her. He couldn’t handle the distance.’

Sam’s eyes widened from the coincidence of the text and the conversation. He paused for a second but texted back ensuring Kelly that he wouldn’t bring it up. He returned his phone to his pocket and took a sip of his beer.

“Well, apparently Leah’s boyfriend broke up with her.” Sam told Jack.

“Hey! There’s your chance buddy.”

“Shut the fuck up. I am not banging my girlfriends sister.”

“You know you want to.”

“No.” Sam chugged his beer.

“Whatever. Are we doing anything tonight?”

“Yeah, Shane is having something at his house.”

“Ah shit, Ally is going to be there.”

“How do you know?”

“She is ALWAYS there.” Jack chugged his beer.

“Well, one hook up isn’t bad. You can get over that awkwardness.”

“I threw up on her. That was probably one of the only times I have thrown up and it had to be then.”

“It’s alright you’ll be fine.”

“Eh whatever. I’ll just drink myself away from the awkwardness.”

“And throw up again on her?”

“Maybe,” Jack smirked. “Do you want another?”

Sam shook his head no. Jack got up and went to the kitchen and grabbed another beer for himself. He came back and joined Sam on the couch and stayed over until they decided they wanted to leave for Shane’s.

The whole day all Sam could think about was back to that night when his girlfriends sister got really physical with him. Every time he thought of it, he was baffled. Never in a million years did he expect something like that to happen. Maybe it was just the alcohol because she was taking down a lot at the pregame. Maybe it was that she thought he was her boyfriend instead or maybe it was really because she wanted him to take her right then and there. All of those reasons always passed through his head as he thought back to that night but he had to drag himself away from it. He had to forget it happened. He was about to see her again and didn’t want things to be awkward.

The next couple of days went by pretty quickly, with Jack coming over, they would drink a little, then they would go out. Sam’s parents were used to seeing Jack around the house that they would just assume he was having dinner with them. Jack only had a father. His mother passed away before he went to college and his dad had to work most of the time so Sam’s mother didn’t mind cooking for one more.

As the day approached when Sam would make his drive to accompany his girlfriend to a wedding he knew nothing about, he made sure to get some information. The couples names were Jeremy and Alexis. They have been together for 4 years and finally decided to take the plunge. They both had great jobs that money was not an issue for them. They were having the wedding in really classy area where the guest’s all istanbul escort bayan got rooms in a hotel for the after party. They wanted all their guests to have a good time and didn’t want to worry about anyone driving home drunk. This was something Sam was kind of excited about because he enjoyed staying in hotels. It was like a mini vacation to him away from his normal life.

The morning of the wedding, Sam got his suit ready and placed a bag over it so nothing would happen to it on the way and hung it up in his car. It was 7 o clock in the morning. Three hours and he would reach his destination. He stretched his legs and got in the drivers seat. He plugged in his iPhone, put on his wake up playlist on, and started his trek to Kelly’s house. He would be meeting up with them and they would drive together in one car to the wedding.

No stopping, Sam was able to kill half an hour and arrived at Kelly’s house at 9:30. He texted her before he pulled up and told her to wait outside so he knew which house to stop at. He parked on the side of the road like he did the first time he visited and got out. He grabbed his suit and headed towards Kelly.

“You don’t even have your stuff on!?” Kelly yelled.

“You look pretty?” Sam smirked and shrugged trying get on her good side.

“Thank you,” She smiled. “But that doesn’t change the fact that you are not even ready!”

“Hey, I got here 30 minutes early. Give me a break.”

“Get inside and get changed.”

“Yes ma’am!” Sam saluted and marched.

He went inside and the first person to greet him was Leah. She shot out from the room next to the main entrance and caught Sam off guard. She latched her arms around his neck and shouted his name. This surprised him but also unnerved him. She was definitely not feeling awkward about what happened between them which relieved him but she was also too peppy for just getting dumped. He wrapped an arm around her back and returned the hug.

“Alright love bugs, let Sam get changed.” Kelly entered the house.

“Do ya like my dress?” Leah spun around to show Sam what she was wearing.

It was a light blue dress that was conservative about cleavage but also showed her curves. It wrapped around her waist and her ass so perfectly that he couldn’t help but stare. He had to snap himself back into reality.

“You look great.” Sam complimented.

“She looks like she needs to put something less slutty on.” Kelly said.

“Hey, if I am going to find my husband here, I have to look sexy.” Leah fired back.

“Any guy that likes that is going to be a douchebag just like your last boyfriend.” Kelly said.

Sam had no idea what to say at that point. He was told not to bring up Leah’s break up but Kelly was making it very evident.

“He was a d-bag but I am going to find some nice guy to swoop me off my feet tonight. That’s what wedding’s are for.” Leah skipped out of the main entrance and into the living room.

Kelly shook her head and took Sam upstairs. She led him into her room and let him get changed. He took off his clothes as Kelly finished putting on her makeup in the same room. Once he was down to his boxers, Kelly stepped over and wrapped her hand around his dick. He started to come alive but had to force himself to stay calm so he wouldn’t have a full on boner on the trip to the wedding.

“I wish I could fuck you right now.” Kelly whispered.

“I know but I have to get ready and I don’t want to have a hard on for this trip.”

“We have a hotel room tonight.”

“Oh really.” Sam turned around freeing himself.

He got the suit pants and put them on.

“Well, Leah is in the same room but I’m sure we can kick her out for a bit.” Kelly said.

“I like how you think.” Sam said. “You’ve been really horny lately.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No, not at all. It’s just a little different.”

“Different is good.”

“Different is really good.”

“Finish up we are leaving in 10.”

Kelly left the room and headed downstairs with her night bag. Sam got his shirt on and put on his tie. He left the suit jacket off for now until he was actually there. He put his dress shoes on and headed downstairs. He joined the group as they were getting everything ready.

“Been to many weddings Sam?” Kelly’s father asked.

“A couple but I have never stayed in a hotel overnight for one.” Sam replied.

“Well it should be fun. There is an open bar.”

“Oh, dangerous.” Sam smiled.

He helped them get the rest of the stuff packed in the car and they all got in. The drive wasn’t that far. Only 30 minutes south. Without even noticing it, Sam nodded off for half the ride from waking up so early. He enjoyed this though because it was a power nap so he wasn’t tired for the rest of the day.

They parked their car in the church parking lot and headed inside. The wedding itself took a long time because the bride was having a panic attack. The groom stood up there for about 10 minutes as she got herself together. Once she finally made it out, heads turned as she walked down escort istanbul the aisle. Kelly’s eyes started to shine like she was imagining herself as the bride. Sam nudged her arm and joked to not get ahead of herself. She returned the nudge with a mad look on her face but laughed it off.

The whole wedding lasted about 2 and a half hours. It was around 3 o clock when it ended. The bride and groom got in their “Just Married” limousine and drove off. The rest of the crowd went to their cars and followed, including Kelly’s family and Sam. They all drove for about 30 more minutes to a huge four seasons hotel. Sam’s jaw dropped when he saw where they were staying. Kelly pushed his jaw up to snap him back to reality.

“Yeah, I know. That was my same reaction when I heard about this.” Kelly said.

“This is crazy. How can they afford this?” Sam asked.

“They are pretty well off themselves, but also their parents both have a lot of money so I am guessing they helped a lot too.”

“This is the first time I have stayed somewhere like this for a wedding but also just in general.”

“Yeah I’m excited!” Leah said. “I’m gonna meet my future husband here.”

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself sweetie,” Kelly’s mom said. “You still have a while to go for that.”

“I am just saying a nice boy that can treat me right.” Leah said.

“You sure bounce back really fast.” Kelly murmured.

“Yeah from asshole guys I do.”

“Alright guys, everybody out.” Kelly’s dad said stopping the car in front of the hotel.

They all got out and got their bags from the trunk. Kelly’s dad gave his keys to the valet and watched as he drove his car off to make sure he was a good driver. They all made their inside to the main lobby. Sam looked up in astonishment. He examined every inch of the place which was built beautifully.

The family made their way towards check in. On the line, Kelly’s father saw a friend of his, so they started a conversation about the wedding. Leah stood there texting while Kelly hung onto Sam’s arm, resting her head on his shoulder. They stood there for another 5 minutes until the three of them were handed key cards. The parents had their own room while the kids shared one that was connected by a door to the parents. They made their way to the 6th floor and entered their rooms.

There were two beds, both twins. Kelly tossed her bag on the closest bed and claimed her territory. Leah went to the bed next to Kelly’s and placed her bag on it and started to ruffle through it. Sam found the couch and plopped himself down watching the girls. They both had their makeup bags out and searching for products.

“We are just going to retouch our makeup just a bit,” Kelly told Sam. ” We’ll be done in a bit and then head down to the dinner.”

“A bit my ass.” Sam rolled his eyes. “I should have enough time to nap.”

Sam laid back on the couch and pretended to sleep. He was rudely awakened by a pencil hitting his face. He sprung up and found the pencil laying on the ground next to him. He picked it up and aimed right for Kelly’s butt. He threw it and got a perfect shot. It bounced off and landed on the ground next to Leah. She bent down with her ass in perfect view for Sam as her dress barely hung on to conceal it. He got a peak of her underwear which was a very sexy red thong that made Sam start to get riled up. He looked away to ensure that he didn’t start something that would make things awkward.

Leah got back up, not noticing that she put on a small show for Sam, and tossed the pencil back onto Kelly’s bed.

“Nice aim.” Leah winked at Sam.

“Don’t encourage him.” Kelly rolled her eyes.

The two of them made their way to the bathroom with their makeup bags. Sam reclined once again in the couch and took his phone out. He started to browse the vast social media he had on his phone while he waited for the two to finish. It seemed like eternity for him but was only 15 minutes. The both came out with fresh faces even though they both really didn’t need it. They were both naturally beautiful but still chose to cover themselves in pounds of makeup.

Kelly knocked on the door that connected their room with her parents. Her mom opened the door and looked like she was still getting ready. They were told that it would be a little while longer. Her hair was messed up though which Sam picked up on. Did Kelly’s parents have a pre dinner session without them even noticing. He brushed it off to save himself once again from an awkward situation with his friend down south.

They waited a bit longer and by now it was getting close to 5. Once everyone was ready their parents joined them in the kids room and they all left together. They made their way downstairs and saw that the tables were already filled. They were very late but the appetizers were only out. They found their seats at a round table that was shared with another family. The parents sat next to each other while the kids sat on the other side together. The other family there was the Nollenburgs. They were family friends of Kelly and the kids grew up together from day one. They were very close which Sam could tell just from how Leah sparked up all of the conversations during dinner with Tom and Janice Nollenburg. It was all about past stuff that Sam tried to keep up with but struggled. He paid attention mostly to his food but also at the parents who sat across from them.

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