The Table That Turns Pt. 07

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I am asleep on my couch only a few hours when I am awoken by the call.

“Get up and get over here now, bitch” goes Matthews sweet voice over the phone. He hangs up and I struggle to get myself together. The couple of hours sleep is not enough, but I feel a little less tired as I move around. I dress myself in a new pair of white panties and am on my way.

I arrive at Matthew’s place and quietly go inside. I reach the kitchen to find Ashley sitting at the table, texting on her phone.

“Where’s Matthew?” I ask timidly. I find that the attitude that Ashley has displayed towards me has been exceedingly cold, and I am quite cautious of this.

“She is texting and ignoring me, but after a minute looks up in my direction.

“He’s outside…in the pool.” She says before burying her head back in her phone. I make my way past her and out the back door.

There I see Matthew lying in the sun beside the pool, listening to his headphones. I approach him cautiously as he notices me.

“Hey Simone” he says with his gleaming smile across his face. I feel weak in the knees every time he speaks to me. His smile disappears as he looks into my eyes.

“The amount of money you give me is not enough.” he states with a serious tone. “I am putting your wife to work for me, as she is extremely eager to help, the amazing wife that she is. One of the businesses that I manage is an upscale escort agency, so it works out well.” He pauses to let me reflect on this.

“She has already agreed to it, so don’t get your pretty little panties in a bunch.” He continues. “The reason I am telling you is because my agency also offers men, and guess who is my newest one…”

I know the answer, adana escort but I cannot bring myself to say it.

“It will be like going through a cocksucking internship for you. I will put you in touch with my the manager…Erica. She will give you everything you need and set you you up with a phone. Now this is on call, 24 hours s day, and 100 percent goes to Erica.” With that he closes his eyes and leans his head back. “Now get out of my sight” he blurts. I turn to walk back inside. As I enter Ashley brushes past me in her g string bikini, a spectacular sight in its own right.

I take the dog for a short walk, the whole way thinking about what I am about to become. The thought of standing up to Matthew crosses my mind. “He can’t be much stronger than me” I think to myself. I envision knocking him out with one rage filled punch, and the sight of his big body crumbling to the ground. I can see my wife’s forgiveness when I rescue her from this monster and what he wants her to become. I am getting a glimpse of how I can get out of this and I am convinced this is the way. I return to the house and enter, all of my anger and frustration flowing through into my clenched fists.

I see Matthew standing in his towel, chatting with Ashley as they prepare lunch. I am dead set, my mind is committed. As I approach Matthew he turns to me, I wind up and smoke him right in the face with the most perfect punch I have ever thrown. The problem is that nothing happens after. He is standing still, a look of absolute rage in his face. He doesn’t move so I take the opportunity to hit him again. Once again a direct connection which produces no effect, and he seems to brush it eskişehir escort off now. I attempt a third punch to the face, but he catches it with his hands. I pull my arm back towards me but he clasps down now on his grip. I can feel the crunch and the pain shoot up my arm and I whimper in pain. He squeezes harder still and I feel my knees buckle. Once again I am knelt in front of him, and he is crushing my hand standing over me. Tears are welling up in my eyes now. I am whimpering and crying while Ashley is laughing hysterically at me. Matthew’s look of rage seems to dissapate and once again he grins.

“It’s okay Simone” he says calmly. “You see how easy this is for me. I will pretend this never happened, but if you ever try anything like this again I will fuck you up!” As he says this he is still crushing my hand, and I am still whimpering on my knees.

“What a little bitch…I could probably take him. ” Ashley laughs as she turns to Matthew.

“Yes…you probably could” is his reply as he lets go of my hand. I pull it back and am struggling to back away to the corner of the room. Ashley walks forward towards me now as Matthew watches.

“Why don’t you get up…fight someone of your gender, bitch!” I struggle to get to my feet and she stops just in front of me. I feel the slap across my face. It is relatively hard and stings, my lip starts quivering as she winds up again.

“Come on…fight me” she says as I feel the slap hit my cheek. Blood is now coming streaming down from my lip as she hits me again, this time even harder. I feel the tears coming down my cheek and I wait for her next slap to grab her wrist. Once I have her wrist sakarya escort I load up my right hand and throw a punch. She is very squirmy and she manages to dodge my punch and free her right arm from my grasp at the same time. Somehow, in the flail, she spins away and behind me. Then I feel her jump up on my back, and her arms trap my neck in a guillotine hold. I feel the air squeezing out of me. I try to wrench her arms off my neck, but she clamps down. I drop to my knees as she continues to squeeze. Suddenly, she lets go and steps back.

“Get up Simone” she smiles as she says it.

I struggle to my feet, feel my senses coming back and I lunge at her with an overhand right. She slips this and there is a short flail between us as we are both throwing wild punches. In the mix I get hit with a shot in the nose and suddenly my vision goes a little blurry, water starting to fill my eyes. I feel my legs weaken as I feel another punch hit my chin. For a moment I only see blackness when another punch hits me on the temple. I feel my legs turn to jelly as I fall to the ground, and then there is total darkness.

What must be only moments later I come to, and open my eyes to see Ashley and Matthew hugging and celebrating over top of me. Ashley is ecstatic with herself and goes off texting someone on her phone. Matthew turns and walks away upstairs. As I struggle to my feet, Ashley is now on her phone telling the story to someone. I am groggy and make my way out of the house, back to my car. As I drive home, I wonder what just happened. I feel my world collapsing in on itself, and I have a feeling of claustrophobia.

I arrive home to an empty house. I think about what Matthew had said about my wife working for him, and mind begins to race. I lie down on my couch and close my eyes, my lip still bleeding from the fight. Soon I am asleep , disappearing into a world where nothing matters, alone and silent, drifting in open space under a feeling of weightlessness. It is the deepest sleep I have ever had.

To be continued

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