The Tangled Web Ch. 11

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Ch. 11: July 2002 – Breast Feeding

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.


It is now two months since Sara gave birth to the twins, now named Simon and Samantha.

It was a difficult and painful birth in which she tore badly and needed a series of stitches to repair the damage to her vagina and perineum. The consultant had told her that it would be medically safe to have sex after four weeks, but the pain has been such that she has felt unable to make love either with David, her boyfriend which whom he lives, or with Sam, her brother, her long time lover and the father of the twins.

Sam’s delivery room prediction that it was ‘…going to be a different world..’ has proved amply fulfilled. The twins, though no more difficult than any newly born babies, are making huge demands on their mother.

Sara, who has opted to breast feed, is feeding one or the other child on a four-hourly basis, day and night, and is exhausted. Her brother Sam is terribly frustrated because he cannot be there to help or even to offer moral support during the long nights.

Her boyfriend David’s interest in the twins is fast waning, and his frustration at being denied sexual access to Sara is very obvious. He has continued to see Paula, his sex partner of some years now (you could never call Paula a mistress) but even she, normally the most willing of participants, is becoming tired of his excessive demands and is also beginning to resent the lost earnings as an escort that his freebie sex sessions are costing her.

David, who now sleeps in the spare room ‘so as not to be disturbed by the babies’ has started leaving home early so as to be out of the house when the twins wake for their morning feed. This should have caused Sara great anger and distress but in fact she welcomes his absence warmly, partly because he cannot then put pressure on her to have sex, but mostly because it allows her beloved Sam to visit her most mornings on his way to work and watch his children being fed.

This is one of those mornings.


Sara sat up in bed, her back resting against the headboard, cradled by pillows. Her shoulder length brown hair was all messed up in a real version of the ‘bed head’ hair style much loved by Meg Ryan amongst others. Her night dress was unbuttoned down the front all the way to her navel to allow free access to her soft, swollen breasts, now supported by an off-white maternity bra.

The bottom of the left cup was unzipped, allowing her pale breast, still relatively small despite being a new mother, to fall free. Her nipple, greatly softened and enlarged from its pre-pregnancy firmness, was firmly held in the tiny mouth of her baby Samantha, who was drawing on it, eyes closed, and contentedly falling asleep.

At the foot of the bed, softly gurgling himself to sleep, lay Samantha’s brother Simon, gorged with his mother’s milk, his big brown eyes – just like his father Sam’s – closing slowly but inexorably.

Sara looked down at her daughter, now fast asleep in her arms, the nipple still in her mouth, and smiled. Her smile deepened as she heard the unmistakeable sounds of a key sliding into the front door, the door opening and closing softly, followed by almost silent footsteps across the hallway.

The bedroom door opened a fraction and a warm, familiar face peered round and smiled.

“Hi Midge!” Sam whispered. “How are things today?”

Sara looked up at her brother, her face, dewy-eyes through tiredness and devoid of make-up, looked like that of a child. Sam felt a twisting, turning feeling in his stomach as his powerful love for her made itself felt. Almost naked, surrounded by crisp white sheets and pillows and with a suckling baby – his baby – in her arms, he could not imagine a more lovely, more perfect, more arousing picture.

So, being a typical man, he wrecked it.

“Shall I make us some tea?” He croaked, conscious of his voice having broken the spell.

Sara nodded silently and he left the room. As he waited for the kettle in the kitchen to boil, he heard a little moving about in the bedroom next door. When he returned, mugs of tea in each hand, both the twins were fast sleep in their cots and Sara was lying full length on the bed.

The summer morning sun was trying to break through the curtains and he crossed to open them.

“No Sam!” Sara whispered hoarsely. “Leave it dark! Don’t wake them!”

Realising his mistake, Sam sheepishly crossed to the bed and lay fully clothed next to her. He rolled onto his side and gently kissed her soft lips. The room smelled of clean babies and fresh milk. He loved it!

“Bad night again?” He asked.

“No!” Sara replied. “They slept through till 5am before feeding so I got nearly gaziantep escort kadın a full night’s sleep. I’ve just fed them again. That’s earlier than usual so they didn’t take much.”

Sara was fidgeting in her maternity bra. It was clearly uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked. “Sore?”

“No, not sore. They’ve not taken much of my milk this time and it’s a bit painful. I really need to use the pump or I’ll be in pain until the next feed.” She added. Sam was nonplussed.

“What’s the pump, Midge? It sounds a bit – well, you know – sexy.”

“It isn’t if you have to use it, Sam. Get it, will you? It’s in the top right hand drawer.”

Sam obediently opened the drawer and pulled out a strange contraption which looked like a gas-powered air horn only with a clear bottle instead of a canister. The horn was more of a clear plastic funnel, and it had a long tube with a squeezy ball on the end.

“What on earth’s this?” He asked before his mouth suddenly dropped open. “Oh God! It isn’t for … what I think it’s for, is it?”

After deciphering hi comments, Sara laughed, then hushed herself before whispering.

“Yes! And it’s really important I use it now before I explode. Go to the lounge if you don’t want to watch!!”

“Do you want me to go?” He asked.

Sara appeared to think it through carefully.

“No Sam! I want you to be as close to being a real father as we can get. But not everything is pretty, I warn you.”

Sam watched in astonishment as Sara unfastened her maternity bra and her full right breast fell forwards. The nipple was firm and drops of white milk were leaking from the tip.

Sara pressed the funnel over her nipple with her right hand and began to gently squeeze the ball in her left. After a few seconds a small stream of milk flowed from her breast into the funnel and down into he bottle below. Sam watched spellbound.

“If they don’t feed enough, I make too much milk and it hurts. If I draw it into this I can feed them with a bottle if I they’re too hungry next time. It also means someone else can feed them and it’s still breast milk. You could feed them Sam, if I can express enough milk.”

Silence fell as Sara gently pumped her right breast until no more milk flowed into the funnel, then made to zip herself up before moving to the other, but Sam stayed her hand.

Sara grinned indulgently at him, and instead unfastened her bra at the clip between the cups. It fell open letting both her breasts fall free. As Sam watched, she applied the pump’s funnel firmly to her left breast and pumped steadily. The clear plastic bottle filled further with milk until again no more would flow. Sara handed Sam the half-filled bottle. She sighed.

“Now I won’t get too uncomfortable before lunch.”

Sam looked at the bottle and screwed down the airtight lid.

“I’ll just put it in the fridge.” He said rolling to the edge of the bed, but Sara held his arm.

“That’ll wait a few minutes. Just hug me a while, Sam. I need it.”

Sam rolled back towards her and gathered his sister into his arms, holding her body close to his. Sara felt warm and comforted in his strong embrace. Having the twins had knocked her self confidence badly.

She had not expected the birth to be so painful and was now worried that the tearing of her vagina had left her permanently deformed. Her breasts had gown, it was true, but she now worried that they were floppy instead of firm. She had put on a little weight during her pregnancy and believed that this and her loose stomach muscles combined to make her a fat, unattractive shadow of her former self. She worried that Sam would no longer find her attractive.

Sam would have been horrified if he had known this. Sara was the centre of his life, and having the twins had moved his love for her onto a new level. The new softness of his sister’s body, sharply in contrast to his wife Lynn’s athletic one, strongly attracted him. He saw Sara’s fuller breasts, tummy and hips as deeply arousing evidence of her new status as the mother of his children. He could not have loved or desired her more.

Sam rested his head on the bed close to Sara’s naked breasts. She ran her fingers lightly through his hair and down the back of his neck. This close to her, the smell of milk and motherhood was overpowering and Sam loved it. Before his eyes, a tiny stream of milk leaked from her nipple and ran across the pale skin of her breast. Instinctively, Sam put out his tongue and licked it away. Sara gasped. The smooth, rich taste in his mouth made Sam light headed.

Sam moved his head slightly until his tongue lapped lightly across Sara’s nipple. A drop more milk rolled down his tongue and he heard Sara’s breathing deepen and her body tense, then relax. He drew the tip of his tongue lightly across the underside of her breast and blew lightly on the nipple itself. He felt his sister’s body tense again alongside him, but he pressed on.

Lifting his head, Sam began to trace long escort gaziantep kadın low silvery lines across the soft skin on the underside of Sara’s breasts. The hot breath from his nose played across her sore nipples and soothed them before his soft warm lips opened wide to take the full width of her nipple into his mouth. Sara winced, expecting sharp pain from her sore breasts, but Sam was so gentle that none came. Rather, she felt herself being milked oh-so-gently once again. She stroked his face with her fingertips and her fingers entwined in his hair. They lay together, the silence in the room broken only by the twins’ breathing and the soft sounds of Sam’s lips milking Sara’s breast.

Sara looked at Sam’s large, handsome head cradled in her arms, his eyes closed, his tender lips around her filling right breast. She felt the gentle, rhythmic sucking of his mouth and the delicate way his tongue toyed with the tip of her nipple. The soft skin of her breast moved in and out with the movement of his cheeks as he gently drew tiny drops of her milk into his mouth.

Sam felt the warmth of Sara’s body close to him, his head resting on the slackened muscles of her stomach, her wonderfully enlarged breast pressed against his face. The sweet smell of Sara surrounded him and his mind was full of the thick creamy taste of her milk, tiny spurts of which ran across his tongue each time he drew on her nipple. He took care to keep his hard teeth away from her delicate flesh. He felt detached, in a dream world all of his own.

As his warm tongue passed over her sensitive nipple, Sara recalled clearly the time she would forever consider the moment of conception. That early Friday morning, once David had gone to work when, in her own unmade bed, she and Sam had both reached an incredible, almost painful mutual climax and she had felt flooded with her brother’s seed. Sara had felt so certain that the moment of conception had come that she had called in sick and remained on her back most of the afternoon to give his sperm the greatest chance of impregnating her.

And it had worked! The proof was sleeping in the room with them.

As she remembered that morning, for the first time since the birth she felt the light tingling feeling between her thighs that told of the first stirrings of desire in her belly. She opened her legs a little and felt the weight of Sam’s head slip a little lower down. She began to stroke his arm, then his stomach and back, through his shirt. Sam said nothing, but adjusted his position to allow himself to arouse her other nipple.

Sara’s body was now sending unmistakable messages to her brain. From the warm wet sensation between her thighs she realized that she was actually lubricating for the first time since the birth. For the first time since the twins had been born she was definitely becoming aroused. She loved the feeling. Her body wanted Sam’s body. She began to want Sam once again with all her being. She felt like a woman again.

Her fingers began purposefully to stroke his hip, then his buttocks and finally slipped around his waist to caress his flaccid cock through the front of his trousers.

She felt Sam pause, his mouth stationary on her breast. She deftly unbuttoned the waistband of his suit trousers with her nimble fingers and lowered his zip before sliding her hand inside to grasp his manhood more firmly through the cotton of his underpants.

In instant response, Sam began to harden under her touch. Sara slid her fingers fully inside his pants and downwards over his firming cock to cup his tightening sack. Sam drew more firmly on her nipple, small soft noises emanating from his throat and into her soft breast.

Sam felt Sara’s hand upon him and glowed with pleasure. He had wanted her every day since the birth of their twins – had wanted her even during the birth itself – but had known he must leave it to her to decide when the time was right. It had seemed an age, but now her hands were unmistakably demanding him. The taste and smell of her milk filled his head and heightened his desire. To feel her hands on his body in this sexual way after so long was almost too much.

He gently released her nipple from his mouth and turned his head to look her in the eyes.

Sara was smiling indulgently at him.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

Sara nodded. “Be gentle.” She added.

Sam smiled and pushed himself upright to sit up on the bed next to her. He reached across with one hand and stroked her cheek, letting his finger caress her chin and pass momentarily onto her lips. Sara opened her mouth and took his finger in, biting it playfully, sensually. She wriggled out of her nightdress as Sam pulled off his shirt and tie, and slid his trousers and pants down his legs, kicking them to the floor. Naked, he knelt on the bed and pulled the duvet down, revealing Sara’s sweet body.

At first, she closed her legs and brought them up to her chest, self-consciously concealing her loosened stomach. Sam bent gaziantep kadın escort over and kissed her on the lips. She smelt and tasted her own milk in his mouth and breath. It made her want him so much more.

Sam dropped his head to kiss her on her breasts, then gently but firmly, he straightened her legs and kissed her on the stomach. Once so flat and muscular, it was still a little slack from her pregnancy with just a hint of the increased roundness of belly and hips which Sam loved so much but which Sara saw as hideous. He understood why she might feel shy.

To show her how beautiful he found her, he showering the pale skin of her stomach with tiny kisses while stroking her sides and hips with his fingers. Sara gradually relaxed under his touch and as the tension left her body and her legs straightened, he drew her knickers down over her knees and cast them aside.

Returning his lips to her belly, Sam began to kiss lower and lower until his tongue played with the short tight curls of her re-grown but still short pubic hair. He slipped the tip of his tongue down the fold of skin where her thighs met her pubis. He could hear Sara’s breathing, heavy and deep and her legs opened a little further. Sam moved his tongue to the other side of her mound and delved deep between her thighs with its tip. Sara moaned softly above him, and in response he slid his tongue in a straight line down the centre of her dark triangle, seeking her core.

He felt Sara’s fingers in his hair, and reached further with his tongue, parting her outer lips and seeking the nub of her clitoris.

Suddenly her hands tightened, holding his head still. He heard Sara whisper.

“No, Sam. I’m not ready for that yet.”

Testing her resolution, Sam quickly drew his tongue across the underside of her clitoris. She gasped sharply, but held his head firmly.

“Please Sam. Not this time. Please!”

Slightly disappointed, but knowing that she must be the one to dictate the pace, Sam pulled himself upright and smiled, stroking Sara’s cheek with his fingers once again. His erection, now large, heavy and bold, slapped noisily against his flat stomach. Thoughtfully, apprehensively, Sara’s fingers passed along its length.

“Take it slowly, Sam. Be gentle.” She pleaded, tentatively opening her legs.

His excitement restored, Sam moved his body between her thighs and pressed forwards as Sara lay back flat on the bed. He leaned over her, taking his weight on one arm while carefully positioning his erection at the entrance to her vagina. She opened her legs wide as Sam slipped his head between her outer lips, sliding it up and down to seek the moist inner passage.

Sara’s outer lips were swollen with her desire and he found her inner entrance easily. Sam pressed further forward, then, taking his weight on both arms, with a slow movement of his hips he pushed himself into her body just one inch.

Sara gasped and bit her lip. He body tensed.

“Are you OK, Midge?” She nodded in response, forcing herself to relax.

Carefully, Sam slid a further inch in. Sara tensed again, but less markedly.

“You’re sure it’s ok?” He whispered. Sara looked into his eyes, her face soft and vulnerable. There were tears forming in the corner of her own eyes. She nodded.

Sam slid wordlessly into her one more inch, then another and another, pausing at every step for Sara’s guidance until finally his entire length was buried within her soft body. He waited to allow them both to adjust. He could feel Sara’s vagina, once so tight, now unexpectedly loose around his shaft.

Warm and moist, it still felt wonderful, he thought, fighting his body’s desire to thrust into her.

Sara felt Sam within her body once again. There was certainly a little pain – the birth of their twins had unquestionably damaged her – but it was only slight and very much worth it to be united with her brother once again. She tried to tighten herself around his shaft as she had done so often in the past, and found to her delight that he responded immediately with a surprised grunt. The pain melted away to be replaced by increasing passion and desire.

“Are you okay Midge?” He asked anxiously.

“Mmmm. Yes.” Came the somewhat dreamy-voiced reply.

Sam gently began to slide himself out of Sara’s body, then slowly and smoothly he penetrated her again, all the time watching her face for signs of discomfort. He saw a little, but also saw the remaining tension leave her body and as the speed and depth of his thrusts increased slightly, he began to hear the unmistakeably familiar short soft pants of his sister’s rising excitement.

Sara’s fingers stroked his chest as he drove himself into and out of her vagina with increasing but still carefully controlled force. Sam knew too well how in the past in the height of passion he had lost all control of his body, hammering himself into Sara almost crazed with desire and he fought to retain control now. Sara felt light waves of pleasure flowing through her and, grasping Sam’s shoulders, lifted her knees as high and as wide as she could manage.

To his astonishment, Sam felt himself driving even deeper into her body. He felt the base of his shaft strike firmly against her pubis, the bones halting his progress as her coarse pubic hair rasped against his. But she was still loose around him and he yearned for the tight grasp of her body around his shaft once again.

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