The Tangled Web Ch. 14

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November 2003 – The Awakening

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of Sara and Sam, lovers who are brother and sister, and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.


Oh! The power of a single word!

In Chapter 13 David, having discovered his girlfriend Sara ‘in flagrante delicto’ with her brother Sam and, drunk and angry, after taking Sophie’s virginity in her own bed, was hit by a truck as he tried to find the fugitive incestuous couple.

I had no idea of the controversy that would be caused by the line:

‘David was dead before his body the hit the hard tarmac of the road’

After careful thought, I have relented and am continuing the story as if the now infamous line had read:

‘David was unconscious before his body the hit the hard tarmac of the road’

My apologies to the purists who I know will accuse me of ‘selling out’. For them I will next publish a retrospective Chapter 9A – Home Alone – in which Sara finds pregnancy and abstinence don’t go together well. Watch this space!


It is now three months since the extraordinary events of Chapter 13 took place. David lies in a private room in a hospital bed. His broken bones have healed well. His bruises have faced. His cuts have healed. There will be scars, but he is not badly disfigured apart from a long mark on his right cheek which gives him a rugged, wayward appearance.

Physically he looks much his old self – apart from the bland expression on his permanently closed eyes. David is in a coma, his mind refusing to return to him. Repeated scans have not shown any brain damage; the doctors expect a full recovery – sometime. Meanwhile he lies naked under the white counterpane, motionless apart from the times when his peaceful slumber seems to be torn apart by nightmares. Once daily, now infrequent, the nightmares contort his handsome features, draw real tears from his eyes and can even make him cry out loud. But he does not wake up.

Sara and the twins visit him almost every day. For up to two hours at a time they talk incessantly to him, trying to break through to his unconscious self. Sara, of course, is terrified of what he might reveal when he wakes, but cannot in all conscience do less than her best from him. She would visit more often and for longer, but has had to return to work at the Bank to make ends meet, and the young 18 month old twins cannot be expected to behave themselves for long.

Sam has temporarily moved in with his sister to help her both financially and practically with the twins’ demands. Although officially sleeping on the couch in the lounge, in fact he and Sara share a bed like the long-time lovers that they are. Neither will admit in the circumstances that this was what they had dreamed about for so long. Their lovemaking has changed too.
Sometimes it is perfunctory like a long-married couple. More often it is wild, frenzied and ecstatic, as if each penetration might be their last.

Which it might well be for, although unable to discuss it openly, each is constantly aware of the imminent danger of exposure if David wakes and tells what he saw.

Unknown to the lovers, Sophie also visited David every day, after Sara had gone home. Although she tried hard to be unobtrusive, her tall, slim, blonde figure could not be missed by the nurses on duty who had dubbed her ‘The Ghost’ because of her meekness and silence.

It is 11.00 at night. The ward is dark but a light can be seen in the ward Sister’s office.


Newly qualified Nurse Jenny straightened her crisp, new nurse’s uniform before knocking on the door of Sister’s office at the end of the ward. She waited, heard the authoritative instruction to ‘enter’, and opened the door. The revered Sister sat at her tidy, efficient desk, a familiar file open on its spotless white surface.

“I’ve been looking over this file, nurse.” She said sternly, her dark blue dress making her look older and more intimidating than usual, if that were possible.

“Physically, he seems to have made a complete recovery. Is that right?”

Jenny relaxed a little. Perhaps Sister hadn’t heard about the rumours.

“Yes, Sister. All the fractures have healed and there will be few scars. His muscle tone hasn’t suffered too badly from inactivity thanks to the electro therapy. It’s just that he’s still in a coma. And even that doesn’t appear too deep.”

“I can read, nurse.” Sister scolded, but without scorn. “His name, I see, is David.”

“Yes, Sister.”

“So tell me, nurse. Why do you call him Eric?”

Jenny nearly chocked on her tongue in shocked surprise. How on earth had Sister heard about that? Had she bugged the cafeteria? The ladies’ room?

“I …. I don’t know, Sister.”

Sister Mary looked down her long nose. Her expression was not encouraging.

“I think you do, istanbul escort Nurse.” She smiled a reassuring smile. “Jenny! Tell me.”


“Go on!”

“Well, Sister …… it’s because of his …. You know what!”

Sister snapped at her brusquely.

“You know what? You’re a nurse for God’s sake. Call it by its name!”

Jenny was shocked once again. Her voice shook as she spoke.

“His … His penis, Sister.”

“What about his penis?”

“It’s …. Well it’s huge!”


“Yes Sister. It’s the biggest any of us have seen. And ….”

“And what?”

“And he gets these extraordinary erections!”

“Does he now?”

“Yes, Sister. Every time the Ghost visits, he’s erect for hours. And it’s just so big! She’s in there now!”

“So. Your puerile humour has christened him Eric-Shun?”

“Yes, Sister.”

Sister Mary stood up suddenly and, drawing herself to her full, diminutive height, glared at the pretty young nurse before her.

“Nurse, I expect you to behave in a professional manner at all times. This is not a schoolgirls’ outing. I don’t expect you to giggle smuttily about our patients with your compatriots.”

Jenny stood almost to attention.

“No, Sister.” She whispered.

“Do not let me hear of these prurient, childish actions again.”

“No, Sister.”

“Now off you go.”

“Yes Sister.”

Jenny almost curtsied, then ran from the room.


Sophie sat silently on the wide windowsill, watching David as he lay on the bed. She had sat there in silence almost every evening since the accident. She stared at his handsome, but still figure lying on the bed, and fought back the tears.

What on earth should she do?

At first she had been devastated by the thought that he might die – leaving her alone after finally uniting them in body. Then she had cried with relief when word reached her that his injuries were not fatal. Her relief was challenged severely by the risk that he might be brain damaged, but as his body obviously healed and the doctors gradually reached the conclusion that his coma would eventually end of its own accord, she relaxed inwardly and determined to wait patiently for him.

The first missed period she had put down to grief and nerves. The second missed period could not be dismissed so lightly and now a third! There could be little doubt about it! Sophie hadn’t mentioned anything to her closest friends or her parents – she could barely face up to the implications herself.


She had gone from virgin to prospective mother in one night. One incredible, sexually awakening night, she had to admit. But all the same, she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet.

At least, she thought, her beloved David was still alive. But what use was that if she couldn’t talk to him; tell him about it all; hold him; make love with him again. Oh God! How Sophie wanted to make love with him again. Her mind and body craved so badly the incredible sensations she had felt as David had deflowered her. And the mind-numbing ecstasy of her second climax on that amazing morning after – her first sex as a real woman – was still vivid in her memory.

Her desire driven inexorably onwards by the first signs of her changing hormones, Sophie wanted David again so badly it brought tears to her eyes.

She stroked her belly. It was still flat – well as flat as it ever was with the thin layer of puppy fat still stubbornly refusing to be dieted away. She wondered how she would look – how she would feel if her suspicions were right and her belly began to swell. The thought of an abortion never entered her mind.

She really needed to talk to David now! He would, she knew, stand by her. He would leave Sara and marry her! He would have left Sara already if it hadn’t been for the accident…


The previous week, sitting on the tall chair beside his bed, Sophie had talked softly to David in a low, sweet voice. His face had showed no sign of recognition or understanding, but she had persisted. She had spoken of their long history together, of her love for him, of his supposed love for her. Finally, she had spoke even more softly of their night together in her bed; of the wonderful feelings she had experienced; of her transition from child to woman; of what she feared was growing inside her at that moment.

Through it all, David had just lain there still, immobile, unresponsive.

No! Not entirely unresponsive! Sophie had gradually become aware of a slight movement under the rumpled sheet. She had dismissed it at first as just being her imagination, but as she spoke to him further it had become undeniable. Sophie had looked downwards. The sheet immediately above David’s groin was distended. Not upwards, like a tent, but towards his chin as if something large was growing there. Sophie had been afraid. What was happening? Her mind had initially leapt to wild imaginings of the damage the accident could have done to his stomach and intestines. Was he rupturing? Was he dying before her? Full of fear istanbul escort bayan and trepidation, Sophie had slowly lifted the sheet, terrified of what she might find below.

Suddenly she had burst out laughing with deep felt relief! David was not about to die in her arms. Far from it! She had pulled the sheet down further to look at his body. It was scarred certainly from the many operations he had unknowingly undergone, but what had gripped her attention entirely was the undeniable fact that David had an erection. A real, living, and utterly huge erection! It had not been there when she had arrived, Sophie was sure of that. She had made it happen – not Sara, Sophie! David was going to be all right, she now knew for certain. He was going to come back to her!

Sophie had sunk back into the chair as if a huge weight had been lifted from her. She smiled for the first time since the accident and allowed her hand to pass over her secretly-pregnant belly as a warm, satisfied feeling washed over her.

No, not a satisfied feeling! Far from it! She had a yearning which the sight of David’s erection for the third time in her life had just made far, far worse.

For the following five days, Sophie had visited David by night, watching for the erection that now always arrived as she talked to him. By day, her yearning for his body had grown and grown until it occupied her every waking thought. After two days, she had been unable to resist touching the huge, slumbering beast, wondering at its warmth and the animal power within it. Her dreams had been full memories of her David’s taking of her virginity and the next night she had deftly slipped her hand under his sheet to gently stroke the mighty organ as it lay on David’s belly. It felt good.

The next night, feeling bolder and driven by her increasing desire, she had stroked it more firmly, then had taken it into her fist to hold tightly. Closing her eyes, Sophie had felt its heat and strength in her fingers. She squeezed it and felt it pulse in her palm. She slid her hand up towards its head, his smooth ridge touching her index finger, then back to its base until David’s wiry pubic hair brushed against her wrist. She slid her hand up again, then down again, each time relishing the feel of his hot flesh against her.

Sophie’s hormones swirled around her, driven by the growing new life in her womb. She pumped David’s huge erection slowly. It couldn’t be true, could it? Surely nothing that size had ever managed to fit inside her own slender body? Unconsciously her other hand dropped between her thighs and her finger stroked her young tender vulva through her panties.

And yet they had done it – twice – and it had been with David and it had felt so, so, so good!

Sophie remembered the night he had come to her, so upset. How he had smelled of whisky and anger and had taken her roughly, breaking through her weak resistance and into her virgin body. She remembered the fear, the pain and finally the incredible pleasure he had brought her – pleasure made even more acute the next morning when, far from waking alone as she had half expected, David had greeted her, kissed her and made love to her for a second long, slow, passionate time.

Unknown to Sophie, her passionate remembrances were having an effect on her body – and particularly her hand. Without realising it, she had begun to pump David faster and harder, her grip tighter, not noticing how the head of his cock was swelling until, to her astonishment, she felt David’s mighty erection throb and pulse violently in her hand. She relaxed her grip suddenly, thinking she had hurt him.

Sophie’s hand and arm were flooded with semen as David’s otherwise inert body climaxed. His breathing had barely changed, but his cock pulsed wildly, the sticky white fluid rapidly spreading over Sophie’s fingers and arm. She felt repulsed, then horrified. How could she explain this?

Aware of strengthening feelings between her own thighs, Sophie glanced down at her hand. Her fingers were damp and there was a dark, wet patch on her panties. She felt her chest tighten and her breathing slow. She looked again at David’s exposed, naked, still body and the huge, now softening erection.

Sophie covered David’s body with the sheet and quickly washed her hands in the sink before hurrying from the room. She hoped nobody had seen her leave.


All the next day, Sophie couldn’t keep her mind on her work. The picture of David kept springing back into her consciousness, always accompanied by clear, undeniable feelings from her own body. She didn’t dare go to the hospital that night, expecting to be challenged by the nurses or accused by David’s family – who still didn’t know she even existed.

Sophie barely slept that night, and what sleep she did get was troubled by dreams – dreams of David taking her; of his body; of her body; of the baby inside her. She needed to talk to him. She needed to be with him. Her hands stroked her tummy. Could she feel it swelling already? Her fingers slipped lower to between her thighs. She escort istanbul touched herself lightly, then more firmly. She slipped a finger between her outer lips, then her inner lips. She slid a fingertip into the soft warm wet passage that David had filled so wonderfully with his incredible cock.

Suddenly, she knew what she had to do. It was as if she had always known. She would wait until the following night – if she could.


It was dark outside. Sophie waited in the hospital foyer, watching the lifts carefully. She looked at her watch, then back at the lift door. Finally, after what seemed half a lifetime, she saw an attractive young couple with a double buggy leave the lift and make for the sliding doors. Sara, Sam and the twins were going home at last. David would be alone.

Sophie crossed to the staircase and began to climb the stairs. No lifts – the lift doors opened onto the ward reception and anyone could see her arrive. No! Sophie wanted to arrive secretly and the stairwell was tucked away at the end of the corridor. She hurried up the stairs to the third floor and silently pushed open the fire door. She listened, then peered round the edge. There was nobody there! The coast was clear! Sophie slipped noiselessly into the corridor and, keeping to one side, slipped along the wall to the door of David’s private room. She looked once again, up and down the corridor, then silently slipped inside.

The room was quite dark, with just a single night light glowing on the bedside cabinet. She stepped softly across to the bed and paused, listening. David was breathing steadily. He was relaxed. A look of determination crossed Sophie’s face and she hurried across the room where silently turned the key in the door. The bolt shot home with a satisfying subdued clunk. She turned the lever and watched as the single glass window pane turned opaque.

She was now truly alone with David. She returned to his bedside and stroked his soft, scarred face.

She kissed him once on his cold unresponsive lips, then slowly, sensuously pulled down the clean, white sheet leaving him naked and helpless on the bed before him.

A sly smile of anticipation spread across her face as she raised her short skirt and slipped her fingers inside her damp panties. She lowered them to her knees, then to the floor, noticing the dark wet patch and enjoying the feel of cool air on her moist vulva. It was alright. It would be good.

Sophie paused for a minute, partly to steel herself for what she felt driven to do, partly to admire the athletic body of the man she desired so badly. She saw his well developed chest, his slim waist, and his muscular legs which even three months in bed had not damaged. She saw his scars, almost healed and his peaceful face, but most of all she saw the enormous erection lying across his belly.

With great care, Sophie climbed gently onto the bed and lifted her left leg over David’s still body. She watched his face carefully for signs of distress, but there were none. She moved her whole body over his until she was crouching on all fours above him, her face above his, her vulva above his erect cock.

Taking her weight on her left arm, Sophie reached down between her thighs with her right hand until her fingers touched the head of David’s hard cock. A shiver went up her spine as she felt it’s smooth, warm head in her hand. She slid her fingers further down and felt the hardness of its thick shaft. Slowly she lifted the head and slid her body backwards until the tip of his cock touched the puffy outer lips of her engorged vulva. She gasped in anticipation, the fear of discovery adding to the tightness in her chest.

Slowly, slowly she pressed herself backwards and onto David’s erection.

The firm smooth head gently parted first her outer, then inner lips until it passed into her waiting wet passage. Its huge girth stretched her youthful vagina tightly. Sophie gasped with excitement and with the anticipation of more pleasure to come. Closing her eyes, she pressed herself further backwards, feeling the uneven roughness of his shaft slide slowly past her sensitive lips while the head reached deeper and deeper into her body. Sophie’s long blonde hair fell forwards, shielding her face and, as her arms trembled and bent with the desire her body emanated, it brushed lightly over David’s face.

Bracing herself against the sheets with one hand either side of David’s head, she pushed herself backwards again. Gasping, Sophie felt herself all but impaled on David’s mighty organ. She knew there was more – much more to come and already her body was shaking with arousal and pleasure, demanding fulfilment. Soft panting sounds passed her lips and with passionate determination she drove herself firmly backward, squealing with surprise as the last few inches of David’s cock rammed into her tight pussy.

Sophie paused, unable to distinguish pleasure from pain, feeling a firm pressure high up in her belly as David’s huge erection twisted her cervix cruelly. Tears began to form in her eyes as the memories of him taking her virginity flooded back, along with vivid body-shaking memories of the heights of passion she had reached the morning after when he had truly made her his. She pushed herself upright, on her knees, straddling his body, and after gathering her breath, began to raise and lower herself on his cock.

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