The Third Richest Man in the World–Part 3

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I left the island two days later with Stephanie, Marie, and Martina. I’d miss Stephanie and Marie, but Martina had been a disappointment. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to suck and fuck me; it was just that she was absolutely terrible at it. My times with her were mostly out of pity. She was attractive enough with good-sized breasts and a nice round ass, but, unfortunately, she was like kosher baked goods—better looking than tasting. I hugged and kissed each of the women, spending extra time with Bianca and, especially, Sheena who couldn’t stop crying. “Don’t worry sweetheart I’ll be back soon and you’ll be my first when I am.”
One more kiss and I walked to the Land Rover. Ten minutes later we were in the air.

I sat between the three women once we had leveled off. They were dressed in my standard departure outfits—cream-colored blouse over black Capri’s with their choice of sandals. I’d allow them to shop at our first stop in Honolulu to expand their wardrobes and they’d need suitcases, too. I shared their manila envelopes with them. Inside were their driver’s licenses, passports, and the details of their bank accounts. I explained everything carefully, even giving them the name of an accountant who would assist them in the management of their funds. He was a close associate of my personal accountant, but he did not know me or my name, having received the business through my totally discreet agent. Finally, I gave each a parting gift—diamond stud earrings—2.0 carats total—and a two carat diamond pendant on a slender platinum chain. They showed their appreciation by hugging and kissing me repeatedly.

We stayed in Waikiki for five days—a large suite overlooking the beach and Diamondhead at the Halekulani. First, I took them shopping then we spent our days at the pool and beach, our nights at the finest restaurants before retiring to an evening of glorious sex that came mostly with Stephanie and Marie—sometimes together—and, to a much lesser degree, with Martina. On the sixth day we flew the Gulfstream to Long Beach, California for a refurbishment. Fighting the pirates had destroyed the Gulfstream’s interior and the engines were due for a rebuild. All told the cost would be well over a quarter million dollars—money well spent in my opinion.

Martina was from Texas. I put her on a commercial flight, first-class to Dallas with a hug and a kiss. I joined Stephanie and Marie for a flight to Indianapolis. I held hands with both of them and kissed them repeatedly during the flight, much to the amusement of the first class flight attendants. Once there we walked Marie to the gate for her connecting flight to Miami. I wasn’t at all surprised when she hugged me fiercely and gave me a kiss to match. She and Stephanie hugged before we left, walking slowly toward the baggage claim area. Stephanie could see her fiancé waiting just beyond the security booth. I was about to hug her and kiss her cheek, but she grabbed me, turned me around and kissed me passionately fewer than twenty feet away—it lasted for more than a minute and there was no question as to who had kissed whom. I excused myself, but could hear him whine about the kiss. “I was just thanking my boss for everything he’s done for me.”

“Well, did you have to give him your tongue? That was disgusting and it lasted much too long for my taste.”

“You have a lot to learn, Jonathan especially if you plan on keeping me. Let’s get my bag then we’ll need to talk.” I was walking away en route to the Hertz lot, but I couldn’t suppress a smile. Poor Jonathan—the Stephanie who’d left a year ago was a very different person than the one who returned. He’d have some major adjustments just to keep up with the new Stephanie. From what I knew about him I had my doubts that he would or could. Stephanie was a real handful—a sexual wildcat.

I rented a car, a mid-sized Toyota—nothing special–and drove to Chicago. It would have been faster to fly, but I wanted time to think—time alone to consider some of the things that had occurred recently, both at the island and to me personally. I’d found that my best thinking came when I was alone, something that happened all too rarely. I had a problem—a big one, undoubtedly the biggest of my life—and I desperately needed a solution. The drive is only about three hours, right up the interstate, but I stopped for more than an hour at a rest stop where I opened my briefcase to use a legal pad to analyze the issues facing me. I continued my thoughts once I was back on the road. Luckily, traffic was light so I could allow my mind to wander as I considered what had happened and what I would want to happen in the future. I weighed the pros and cons from every conceivable angle—I’m extremely analytical–and when I pulled up to the hotel I had pretty much made up my mind. The answer was simple, yet complex. I was surprised I hadn’t come to it sooner. I met with Alonzo in my suite, but said nothing.

I had to travel to Paris on business and while there I saw several delightful candidates for my island, but I rejected every one much to Champ’s and Sid’s dismay. I finished my business and flew to Rome. Again, I saw several likely candidates, but I had no interest. I returned to the island as soon as my business was completed. The work on the Gulfstream had been finished for three days when Dan and Chad left Long Beach for New York Kennedy International to London Heathrow and finally to Rome. I sat alone in the rear of the new cabin until Alonzo made the bed where I slept peacefully for the first time since leaving my haven. We made several stops along the way as we hopscotched across Europe and Asia. We had just left Auckland for the final leg when I advised Dan that he would continue on to Honolulu after dinner and that he’d have four of the women as his passengers. If he was surprised by my remarks Champ and Sid were astonished. I asked them to accompany the women, assist them with their shopping, and to see them safely home.


I found all the women at the pool. They rushed to hug and kiss me, soaking my clothes with their enthusiasm. Sheena was last up and I reminded her that I remembered my promise. She beamed in response. I went to my suite until dinner an hour later. I had a lot to prepare for.

After dinner I asked Sheena and Bianca to go to my suite. “Wait there on the couch for me.” I directed my attention to the remaining women. “Let’s go into the lobby. I need to speak with all of you.” I continued once everyone was seated. “I’m sending you home tonight. You’ll see that I’ve given you a full year’s payment for all the partial years you’ve been here, including you Carrie even though you only served me for an extra month. I’ve reached an important decision. I’m going to settle down. I’d like to have a family and, unfortunately, I can’t do that with all of you.” I distributed their envelopes. “Inside you’ll find your driver’s license, passport, and all the details of your financial accounts. You can contact the accountant listed for assistance. There will be no fee for his services. I want to thank you for all you’ve done. You’ll find a special gift in the envelope, too. Champ and Sid will accompany you home and will arrange for some heavy-duty shopping in Honolulu so you can create some new wardrobes. I’ll pay for all your new clothes, too.”

“I see that Sheena and Bianca aren’t here,” Sam commented. “Can we assume they’re a part of your future plans?”

“Yes…if they’ll have me.” They all laughed. Alonzo brought out their travel outfits and small cases with their shoes and personal items. I hugged and kissed each one a final time and sent them on their way. I waited until I heard the Gulfstream take off before walking up the stairs to my suite. Bianca and Sheena were seated quietly on the couch when I entered.

“I want you to know that I’ve made some changes…I’ve sent all the others home. There’s nobody here but you two and me. I’ve decided that I want to settle down.” Bianca and Sheena were clearly surprised and they were shocked when I fell to one knee before them.

“Bianca, I have never loved any woman more than I love you. Will you be my partner for the rest of our lives? Will you stay with me and love me as much as I love you…forever?” I knew then that I’d made a grievous error. Sheena burst into tears, her body shaking as she wept into her hands. I pulled a ring from my pocket, placing it onto Bianca’s finger once she had agreed. I kissed her then turned to Sheena.

“Oh Sheena, I am so sorry. I should have anticipated your reaction.” I kissed her tears away and held her even as she continued to weep. “You see, Sheena, that I have never loved any woman more than I love you. I want you to be my partner forever. Will you stay with me and love me as much as I love you…forever?”

“But…but…you…,” she could barely get the words out between sobs and gasps. “You already asked Bianca.”

I turned to Bianca who had a knowing smile on her face, a sign that she understood clearly what I intended. “Can you explain to her, Bianca?”

“I think so, Master. Remember, Sheena, when Master told us we needed to learn about sharing?” Sheena nodded. “I think Master is telling us that he wants both of us…both of us to be his life partners. I love you Sheena. You’re my best friend here which makes you my best friend—period. I’m willing to share Master with you. What do you say?”

I looked back to Sheena and, without waiting for her answer, removed a ring from my pocket. She held her finger out for me. It was shaking as I slid it on. “I promise you, Sheena, that I will never make you cry again. I’m so sorry.” I leaned forward and she took the hint, mashing her sweet plump lips into mine for a wonderful kiss. I rose and sat between them.

“I obviously can’t marry the two of you. I’d be arrested for bigamy, so what I’m suggesting is that we pledge ourselves to each other. We can have a ceremony and even do it right here, just like a regular wedding– with your families present if you wish. We’ll have a prenuptial agreement in case you change your mind sometime down the line. I’ll give you a tax-free million for every year we’re together up through year ten. For ten through twenty I’ll give you 1.5 million for each year or part of a year. Beyond twenty I’ll give you two million per year. Anyway, I’ll have my attorney put it into clear language for us to sign. Obviously, you’ll have almost unlimited access to my money while we’re together. I’ll change my will so each of you will get five hundred million if I should die. That should be enough to take care of you for the rest of your lives. The rest of my money will go to charity, just as the bulk of my earnings are now distributed. Oh…no more ‘Master;’ you need to call me by my name…John. I’m John Scott Phillips. Does that ring a bell, Sheena?”

“Oh my God—I was supposed to study about you for my Economics exam when I went out to drink with that asshole Michael Smith. What did I ever see in him, anyway? He is nothing compared to you, Master…uh, I mean John. You’re one of the richest men in the world. Oh my God!”

“I’m an American citizen so I think that’s where we should go first. You can meet my mother. I’m sure seeing the two of you will shock the daylights out of her. Then I think Scotland and finally Italy so you can see your families. Do you see any problems with them and our arrangement?”

“I don’t care,” Sheena replied, “If my mum doesn’t like it I’ll have her fired.” Bianca was confused as Sheena and I broke out laughing.

I promised her I’d explain, but later. I put my arms around them, kissed Sheena then Bianca and told them again how much I loved them. “I feel the same way, Master…uh, John. I knew I was in love with you before I spent my first week here. I think it was even faster for Sheena.”

“It was,” she replied, her face reddening somewhat. “I went from hate to love like overnight.”

“Yes, I know. Kathy told me all about the two of you. She’s a genius, you know.”

“Yes, we do. I had a tough time just keeping up with her vocabulary. I speak English very well, but it’s not my first language, as you know, so some idiomatic expressions and technical terms cause me problems. Fortunately, Kathy was also patient and understanding. She explained almost everything to me. She helped me to understand my feelings toward you and I know she did the same for Sheena. She really is a wonderful person. I hope we see her again.”

Sheena lit up like a spotlight. “Could we invite them to our wedding?”

“I don’t see why not. I’m going to make some changes to our facilities. I’m adding a big Jacuzzi to that space by the pool just left of the rocks and waterfall and, believe it or not, I’m going to add wardrobes to all the rooms. I’m going to promote the island as an exclusive getaway for the ultra wealthy. We already have everything we need other than a place to keep our guests’ clothing. I’m planning to charge $45,000 a week. I think it will be a huge success. I’ve already discussed it with several CEO’s and they are very interested. Our security measures are a big draw. There are plenty of rich people who are paranoid about their safety. We’ll have them fly to Honolulu and then transport them by private plane to the island. That means I’ll need another plane and two more pilots.”

“Master…John, why are we talking? Can’t we make love instead? I think we should celebrate.”

“Yes, my darling Sheena I promise you we will make love often…as often as you can get me up.”

“We love a challenge, don’t we, Bianca?” I tried to stand but my women had other ideas. My shirt was ripped from my body; my shorts were pulled down. In less than five seconds I was as naked as they were. “I think I’m ready to share. You ready, Bianca?” They were both on their knees on either side of my rapidly engorging cock in a heartbeat. The sensation of two tongues on my cock was incredible—better than I ever could have imagined. I was as hard as ever in mere seconds. Soon Bianca had moved down to lick and suck my heavy balls while Sheena sucked my cock deep into her throat.

‘Uhh, we are going to actually make love…aren’t we?”

“Of course, Master…John—several times, in fact, but first I’m going to suck your sweet cream into my mouth.”

“Don’t forget to share, Sheena. I want some of that, too.”

Their banter continued for several minutes and while it did I was swiftly losing control. “Sheena…I’m….” Bianca moved up next to Sheena, ready to take my second spurt into her mouth. Suddenly, it was there. A long thick rope of slick white semen filled Sheena’s mouth. In the brief period between ejaculations Bianca had changed places, her lips tight around the helmet as my second rope found her hungry mouth. Back and forth they went, sharing my seed. Later they licked me clean as I sat back exhausted on the couch.

I had just closed my eyes when Sheena rested her head on my left knee, Bianca on my right. “Master…John, can we ask you something?”

“I have a feeling what’s coming next…you want bigger breasts.”

They looked shocked. “How did you know?”

“Well, Bianca Sam told me before I even met you that you were concerned that you weren’t sexy enough for me. Sheena wasted no time in telling me herself.”


“I’ll take you to a plastic surgeon in Honolulu. I know him well. I make no promises, but I will listen to what he says. A lot depends on your skin and its elasticity. He’s done work on several on my women over the past ten years, but, Sheena you are NOT getting D’s. I don’t know if you should have D’s either, Bianca. Here’s something for both of you to consider—of all the women who were here–of all I could have chosen—you two have the smallest breasts, by far. Don’t you think I find you extremely sexy and beautiful? As rich as I am I could have almost any woman, yet I chose you. I think you are extremely beautiful and extremely sexy and, more importantly, I love both of you. However, I love you enough to try to make you happy and if bigger breasts are what you want…. We can leave as soon as the plane returns for Honolulu. You can shop bayan escort gaziantep with almost no limit on your spending, but I reserve the right to buy your jewelry just as I bought your rings.” They seemed to actually notice the rings for the first time.

“Thank you, John. I love my ring. Is it a diamond?”

“Yes, darling—a three carat almost flawless blue white solitaire—the best quality diamond available; the setting and band are platinum. I’ve already selected your wedding bands; I think you’ll like them. They’re also platinum with a row of diamonds that are smaller but match your solitaires. Mine is three intertwined bands—one for each of us—with a single diamond between. I’m planning to buy you lots and lots of jewelry—real stuff. I’m going to spoil you rotten.” They laughed as I led them to the bathroom for a shower. I had a feeling that life would never be boring with these two. My thoughts were proved right once under the shower jets.

Again I found myself double-teamed, but in yet another good way. They each grabbed a bar of soap and began to wash me. They began at my feet and worked their way up—Bianca on my right and Sheena on my left. This was sharing—to the nth degree. I kissed each of them several times and even ran my fingers up and down their ass cracks, stopping to penetrate each tight anus with a finger. Sheena especially was shocked, but Bianca, who I had fucked there before leaving last time, took it completely in stride. I resolved to teach Sheena to enjoy anal as much as she loved every other form of sex, but right now I had some duties to perform. I was clean, but my mates were in need of a thorough cleansing.

I ran my sudsy hands up and down Sheena’s slender body. Soon her entire surface was covered in foam. “You look kind of like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, except a lot thinner, a whole lot prettier, and a hell of a lot sexier.” I knew she was excited—her nipples were as hard as rocks as they poked their way through the layer of suds. I leaned down to kiss each one, covering my cheeks in white foam. I wiped them off as I turned to Bianca. In less than a minute she joined her friend in a covering of fluffy white suds. I pulled them under the shower heads and in seconds they were clean. I put a dollop of shampoo in my hands and applied it to Sheena’s hair. She seemed to be astonished that I would wash it. Wait until I blew it dry. I shooed her out with a pat on her butt so I could concentrate on Bianca. I began to wash her hair, but she pulled me into a long lingering kiss before I could, whispering, “I love you, John, and I would even if you were broke. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. I’m sure my parents will scream like crazy about our arrangement, but I’m like Sheena—I don’t care. All I want is to spend my life with you.” I held her for a long time, my cock growing and forcing its way between our bodies. Eventually, she did allow me to shampoo her hair, but not before she had fallen to her knees to take me deep into her mouth. Trust me—there is nothing like getting blown in the shower. My knees were weak when she stopped, preferring to fuck me later in bed.

Bianca toweled her hair as Sheena dried me then I sat her on a stool and blew her hair dry, combing and brushing it. “You’re gorgeous, darling,” I told her. “I’m so lucky to have you.” She beamed, her earlier disappointments completely forgotten. I kissed her quickly and moved Bianca to the stool so I could perform the same service for her. We walked together, hand in hand to my—our—bed.

“I promised Sheena that she could go first. I’ll take care of you later.” I moved Sheena to the bottom of the bed on her hands and knees. “Know why I have you here, Sheena?”

“Umm…so you can play with my ass?”

“Right—I think you’re ready for two fingers, but you must tell me if I hurt you. Just relax.”

“I’m not afraid, John. Bianca told me all about when you fucked her ass. She thought it was incredible, didn’t you, Bianca. Uh, Bianca would you like to lie up here so I can eat you. I hate to see you left out.” I laughed as Bianca scrambled into position. Sheena had come a very long way since coming to me. I took some lube from Bianca and rubbed it into Sheena’s butt. She giggled for a second before digging into Bianca’s tasty cunt. My first finger found its way into Sheena’s anus as I pushed my cock into her slit. Once I was sure she was lubricated I eased into her tight pussy.

I leaned over her back to kiss and nuzzle her neck as I began to pump into her. My finger fucked her asshole and a minute later I added more lube and my second finger. Sheena took a break from dining on Bianca for a second to give me a look of complete euphoria. “I like it, John. I like it a lot. I feel kind of full but my ass is tingling like crazy. It makes your fucking me even better if that’s possible.” She returned to Bianca, nibbling on her hard clit and bringing her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

I reached around Sheena’s hip to her clit. It protruded from its hood like a tiny cock that cried for attention. I saw Bianca shaking and I heard her groaning from Sheena’s onslaught. Suddenly I heard her scream, “Oh yeah! Sheena!” She suffered a massive convulsion before sighing and going limp. Meanwhile, Sheena was getting into it herself and when I pinched her clit, twisting it almost ninety degrees, she threw her head back, arched her back and emitted a long feral growl. I came into her silky vault seconds later. We fell together onto the bed. Bianca leaned over to kiss Sheena before whispering, Thanks…I needed that. I love you, Sheena.”

“I love you, too Bianca—not quite the same way I love John—but I do love you and I’m looking forward to spending our lives together…the three of us together and in love with each other.” I climbed between them and we lay together, their bodies resting on mine. I wasn’t at all surprised when we fell asleep quickly.


Dan and Chad returned with the Gulfstream late the following afternoon. I allowed them a day to rest while Sheena, Bianca and I frolicked in the pool and at the beach. I was as naked as they were most of the time, even in the dining room. It goes without saying that we made love often. We were in bed our last night on the island when I asked about them about having a child. “How would you feel about getting pregnant? I don’t think I’d want both of you pregnant at once, but you could take turns.”

“I’ll do it,” Sheena blurted out.

“Me, too; I’d love to have your child.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that because I’d like to have a big family. I’ve wasted too much time as it is.”

“May I ask how old you are, Master? Sorry, it will take me a while to get out of that habit.”

“That’s okay, Sheena—I’m thirty-five. Am I too old for you?”

“Hell no; I think you’re perfect.”

“Thanks, but I’m far from perfect. I think Bianca should be first…mostly because she’s older. Is that okay with you? Think of it this way—she’ll go for almost five months when she won’t be able to fuck. We’ll still be able to take care of her orally and she’ll be able to reciprocate, but only you and I will be able to fuck. Of course, the opposite will be true when you’re in that position. We have plenty of time to talk about it. Now—time to sleep.” I pulled them to me and we were asleep in minutes.

We rose early the following morning. Alonzo met us after our shower with their traveling clothes and small cases with their personal supplies—toothbrushes and toothpaste, birth control pills, tampons, their cosmetics, and anything else he found in their bathrooms. The one simple outfit would be all they’d need until we reached Honolulu where they could shop to their hearts’ content. We boarded the plane at 7:30 and were airborne fifteen minutes later. Once on board I shared with them the platinum Master Cards in their names—Sheena Reynolds and Bianca Risolli. “What’s the limit on these cards, John,” Bianca asked. I thought she’d be the one to inquire—she had much more life experience than Sheena did.

“A hundred,” I replied.

“You’re giving us a hundred thousand dollar credit card? I can’t believe it. Pinch me, Sheena. Ouch! I was only kidding about that.”

“Sorry, Bianca, but I agree. I’ve never had anything like that much money. My mum and I always struggled to get by. I don’t know what I’ll do with this.”

“It’s simple, my darling; spend it. Buy yourself some expensive clothes and shoes. I doubt we’ll find much in the way of jackets or coats in Honolulu so plan on shopping again when we arrive in Los Angeles and Vegas.”

“We’re going to Las Vegas? I’ve always dreamed of going there.”

“We’ll be there at least four days, probably longer. I have some important business there. I’ve already arranged for a suite at the Bellagio. You’ll be able to see and hear the fountains from our suite. Paris and the miniature Eiffel Tower are right across the street. We’ll have a ball once my business is done. Then it’s on to New York to meet my mother. I haven’t decided how to tell her about the three of us yet, but, don’t worry, I’m going to pledge myself to both of you no matter what she says or does.”

“Do you really think she’ll be…I don’t know exactly what term to use—negative, critical, abusive?”

“She’ll be surprised no matter how I warn her and if she’s critical it will be directed to me. I’m sure she’ll like both of you. Well…there’s no time like the present.” I picked up the plane’s satellite phone and dialed her number knowing that there was a seven hour time difference. It was 7:50 a.m. on the island so it would be 2:50 p.m. Eastern Time. Her maid answered. “Hi, Matilde, it’s John. Is Mother there?”

“One moment, Mr. John, she’s on the porch.” A few minutes later I heard my mother speak.

“John? I can hardly believe it. You never call.”

“Well, Mom the fact that we’re speaking now tells me that just isn’t true. How are you?”

“I’m fine, dear, but you didn’t call just to inquire about my health.”

“No, Mom—I want you to know I’m engaged.”

“Well, it’s about time. Do I know her?”

Bianca and Sheena linked their arms through mine. It was the moment of truth—the moment when the matador faces the charging bull. “No, Mom—it’s not a her, but it’s not a him, either. It’s two hers.”

“Are you trying to tell me you are engaged to two women? Do they know that?”

“Yes, Mother—they’re sitting right here on the Gulfstream with me. They’re very close friends. Bianca is 25 and she’s from Naples—the one in Italy. Sheena is now 20; she’s from just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. What’s that? How’d they meet? Good question. I had them kidnapped and taken to my private island to be my sex slaves.” I laughed. “No, Mother—I’m not kidding. They were there along with four others to serve me. They fell in love with me and I fell in love with them—both of them. Mom, I love them to pieces. Here, you can speak to Bianca and then to Sheena.” I passed the phone to Bianca.

I was surprised when Sheena took me into her arms and pressed those sweet Scottish lips into mine. “Thank you, John. I know how important that was…and how difficult. I love you even more now, if possible.” I kissed her cute nose and then it was back to those sweet lips and inquisitive tongue. We finished just in time to hear Bianca say, “Okay, I’ll let you speak with Sheena now. She’s just finished kissing John so now it’s my turn.” Sheena took the phone. Bianca took me. She jumped into my lap, gripped my head firmly, and rammed her lips and tongue into mine. This was a kiss of passion and love, something I shared with her, as well. It went on and on until I heard Sheena say, “Just a second, Mrs. Phillips.” I broke the kiss to speak once again to my mother. I was sure I’d catch holy Hell, but I was wrong.

“Well, John they seem to be delightful women, but—really—two of them? You must be crazy.”

“I am, Mom; I’m just crazy about them—both of them. They’re both incredible. You’ll see what I mean when you meet them. Okay, I’ll let you know exactly when. I have business in L.A. and Vegas first, but we’re headed to Honolulu now for about five days so they can shop. They need clothes. No, they didn’t wear any on the island. Yep, all over tans—very adorable. Okay, bye—I’ll tell them.” I ended the call and returned the phone to its cradle.

“Okay, what did you think?”

“She seemed very nice.”

“Yeah,” Sheena echoed, “Did she say anything about us?”

“She said you seemed to be very nice girls—her exact words—very nice girls.”

“Girls? Not women?”

“That’s what she said, Bianca, but don’t take offense. I can’t wait to hear what your mother and Sheena’s say about me. Oh yeah, I need to explain about Sheena’s mom…er, mum. Essentially, I arranged for her to get a good job with one of my companies so Sheena wouldn’t have to worry about her. Now she’s dating the firm’s general manager and—Sheena—it’s looking good.” She grinned and leaned over to kiss me again. Then she kissed Bianca. It looked to be just as sweet as the one she gave me.

“I’m still not a lesbian, but I do love Bianca.” We sat back and relaxed for the rest of the trip. Alonzo served us small beef filets with roasted potatoes and buttered carrots along with a choice Merlot. Unlike commercial airlines, I and my guests were able to use regular stainless steel tableware and real stemware for the wine. We taxied up to the hangar at 10:53 local time . A limo awaited us as soon as we cleared customs and immigration, a task that took us all of five minutes. I could see how excited my women were to be in Hawaii. We went straight to the Ala Moana Center, home of Hawaii’s best upscale shopping. I took them first to Victoria’s Secret, knowing that I’d get quite the fashion show that evening. After that I found a chair in the hallway just outside the food court and sat, keeping a sharp eye on their purchases. Of course, we were never alone. Two women security agents—employees of mine– shadowed Bianca and Sheena with orders to shoot to kill anyone who tried to harm or abduct them. I had Alonzo who was armed as well as Tobias, one of my top people on Oahu. Five hours later they were done having spent more than $50,000 each. They were nervous at first, but I only laughed when they told me what they had spent.

We took the limo to the hotel—the Halekulani—where we had a quick swim. It was my first opportunity to see what these vixens considered a bikini. Essentially, these suits were nothing more than three tiny triangles of cloth connected by strings—not straps mind you—strings.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I said when I first saw the suits.

“No, they’re the closest thing to our favorite suits we could find. Our favorites were what we wore on the island.” I rolled my eyes in mock frustration, but I couldn’t stifle a laugh.

“You do realize that I’ll be the envy of every male here, don’t you?”

“That’s what we had in mind,” Sheena said with a huge grin on her face. I shook my head, but put my arms around their waists and pulled them to me. After planting a long passionate kiss on each of them I led them out to the pool. We got no further than the elevator before they got a reaction. Several young men tried to pick them up, but they explained how they were taken—by me. Personally, I couldn’t get to the pool soon enough.

The temperature had dropped somewhat by the time we reached the pool so it was quiet and mostly deserted. We welcomed the refreshing water after our long day. We waded in until the water was up to our necks. They were treading water by the time I was up to mine and we all had a good laugh. We enjoyed ourselves for almost half an hour until the hotel manager asked to see me. “Please, Mr. Phillips, your friends’ suits are almost illegal in Hawaii. Can you please do something about them?”

I view those who use their wealth to intimidate others with disdain. I assured him that I would as I called Bianca and Sheena to me. They were red-faced when I explained the problem. “Save them for our wedding cim cif gaziantep escort day. Nobody will complain on the island. Or…I’ll bet you’ll be fine in Vegas.” I kissed them so they knew I wasn’t angry and back to the suite we went, this time with their hot bodies covered almost completely by long thick towels.

The following morning we had an important appointment with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Imanuma. Thad greeted me warmly. We had been undergrads together until I dropped out to start an internet business. Three years later he was headed to medical school and I was closing in on my first billion. His nurse took Bianca to one exam room and Sheena to another until they demanded to be together. “We’ve seen each other naked like a thousand times,” Sheena explained as they pulled me into the room with them. He examined them carefully, checking their skin for elasticity as I had anticipated. I had no doubts that they would qualify for transplants—they were young and in excellent health. They were thrilled when he suggested that Sheena could easily handle C’s and Bianca D’s. They jumped for joy. The surgery was scheduled for two days hence. He thought they could leave the hospital the following day and travel a day or two after that.

From the doctor’s office I had our chauffeur drive us back to Ala Moana Center, this time to several jewelers. Our first stop was Cartier for watches. Next we went to Harry Winston where I bought them several gold and diamond bracelets. Sheena fell in love with a ruby and diamond pendant and, not to be outdone Bianca wanted one made of black onyx and diamonds in a platinum setting. Of course I also bought her a platinum chain. Our next stop was Tiffany’s where I bought them earrings of virtually every description. Finally, back to Victoria’s Secret—they’d need new bras, for sure. All told I had spent more than $300,000. It was money well spent. I drew the line, however, when Sheena asked about getting several piercings. “Absolutely not—I don’t find all those piercings attractive. One or two in your ear lobes are fine, but you’re going to travel in elite society. I think you’ll be more comfortable without them—no piercings!” They pretended to pout, but we all knew it was just an act.

We spent the rest of the day at the pool, this time with some more modest, but not actually modest suits on my future mates. If anything they looked better and sexier in these than they did yesterday when they were almost naked. We went out to dinner, and since neither Sheena nor Bianca had ever been to Hawaii before I took them to Top of Waikiki, a revolving restaurant a block from the beach with excellent food and views to match. I couldn’t understand how two slender and in-shape women could eat so much. Even tiny Sheena ate almost twice what I did—appetizer, huge salad, a big slab of prime rib, and dessert. We returned to the Halekulani and our suite for an evening of good fucking, but we retired early. We had to be at the hospital early the following morning for blood tests. Thad had accelerated the surgeries as a favor to me. The least we could do was meet the schedule he had established for us.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach where I rented a cabana. There were only two chaise lounges so we shared just as we shared everything and would for the rest of our lives. We ate in our room through the hotel’s extensive room service menu. We dined on the lanai using a table that had been brought to the suite especially for that purpose. I wore a microfiber aloha shirt and tan shorts with sandals. Bianca and Sheena each wore one of my tee shirts. I was sure the waiters could see the outlines of their lush sexy bodies against the backdrop of the Pacific. The setting was romantic, but with the waiters present and Alonzo for security our opportunities for any meaningful sex were essentially nonexistent. That would have to wait for later when we were alone.

The waiters had cleaned up and left by ten o’clock after I had tipped each of them with a hundred dollar bill. I led my hot young beauties to bed. I set them up in a 69 with Bianca on the bottom and Sheena’s pussy at the side of the bed. “Care to guess why you’re here, Sheena? You guessed right last time. Want to try again?”

“Um…does it have anything to do with my ass?”

“Oh, it most certainly does,” I exclaimed with a laugh. A second later Bianca joined me as Sheena turned red in the realization that her anal virginity was about to be lost. I rubbed my cock into her slit. She was already wet in anticipation of what was to come. I pushed home, marveling again at the tightness and texture of her pussy. I really was lucky to have her. I had just applied the first dollop of KY when Sheena licked Bianca for the first time. Bianca groaned. I could only imagine these two in action during my absence from the island over the last weeks. In five minutes I had two fingers penetrating Sheena’s anus and a few minutes later it was three. She groaned, but her face showed no signs of pain. Had she, I would have stopped immediately. I was doing this for her—to give her the most sensational orgasm of her life. I pulled out of her and as I did Bianca brought her mouth to Sheena’s messy cunt. I applied some KY to my throbbing organ and made a quick exchange—my cock for the three fingers, wiping them on a towel I’d brought in for just that reason. It took more than ten seconds before Sheena realized that I was fully in her.

“Oh fuck! I can’t believe that didn’t hurt a bit. I feel so full now and my ass…my whole abdomen is tingling like crazy. Ohhh. Ohhhh. I’m cumming. I’m cumming again…and again. I don’t believe it. Bianca hasn’t even gotten to my clit and I’ve …. ARRRGGGHHHH! AAAARRRRRRRR!!!” When Bianca nibbled on Sheena’s clit she arched her back, screamed at the top of her lungs and fainted dead away. I pulled out of her and moved her off Bianca to check her breathing and heart rate. She was okay, probably much more than okay as I kissed her gently, whispering, “I love you my little Scottish darling. I love you very much.”

Turning to Bianca I whispered, “I love you, too Bianca. I’m so lucky to have you.” I kissed her passionately before retreating to the bathroom to thoroughly wash my cock. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Can you do my ass, too?” I agreed and prepped her butt while fucking her pussy. She needed much less work to get her ready because of her experience, but I was still careful with her. I pushed into her slowly as she turned around to face me, her face showing the rapture of our joining. I was sure my face showed just as much. I always loved being in Bianca’s ass; hell, I loved being in any part of her—mouth, pussy, or ass. She was nothing less than spectacular.
I could tell she was getting close. I could feel tiny tremors all along her back so I reached down to her clit. I did it just in time because my orgasm was coming on like a freight train. I blew into her just as she shuddered hard. Three times her body shook until she collapsed with me on top of her. I moved my loves, placing their heads on the pillows. I climbed between them, pulled up the blanket and pulled them to me. Even unconscious they snuggled up as close as possible to me.

We were up early and out the door for our 6:00 appointment at the hospital. No food for them—no eating before surgery. Me? I was too nervous to eat. Why did I ever agree to this? If anything happened to either one of them I’d never forgive myself. They kissed me and disappeared into pre-op. I stayed in the lobby, wringing my hands in anxiety. Alonzo walked out to a restaurant, returning a half hour later with a take-out breakfast for the two of us. I was so nervous I could barely get anything down. Thad had told me that the surgeries would take about an hour each. The first was scheduled for 7:00—Bianca, I thought—the second at 8:00. A nurse came out at 8:15 to tell me that Bianca had taken the surgery well and was in post-op. I could see her in about an hour. Now I only had Sheena to worry about.

Of course, my fears were completely unfounded. They both came through the surgeries easily and I got my first peek at their new boobies. They had been placed in the same room. There were bandages, sure, but the mounds on their chests were obvious, especially on Sheena. I kissed them and caressed their heads giving them ice chips and sips of water as they slowly overcame the effects of the anesthesia. By afternoon they were sore, but overjoyed at their new breasts. I stayed with them all day and well into the evening, leaving only when they fell asleep for the night. I returned to the suite, ordered a light meal from room service even though I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and not much then. I showered and went right to bed, missing my lovers immensely.

I was back at the hospital by nine the following morning and the change in both women was obvious as soon as I walked in. Alonzo followed carrying a huge bouquet of Hawaiian flowers. I hugged and kissed Bianca and then Sheena. In response they pulled their gowns up to show their breasts in their full glory. I had to admit—Thad had done a beautiful job, just as he had done three times previously for me. There was no insurance for elective surgery so the two surgeries would cost me almost $100,000. It was worth any price to make my women happy. Thad came in to see them around eleven. They were thrilled when he said they could check out. Their stitches could be removed in ten days. They could travel with me, but no bras and no sexual contact for at least that period. He’d see them in a month unless there was a problem.

Sheena spoke first once Thad had left the room. “You heard him, John—ten days then watch out because Sheena and Bianca and their new boobs are going to be all over you.” I hugged her carefully, kissed her then Bianca before whispering, “I can’t wait.”

Of course, checking out took much longer than any of us wanted. I went down to the cashier’s office to settle the bill. I’d dealt with the hospital before so they knew my credit was good. Hell, I could buy the whole hospital. I returned to their room and led them out around 2:30 back into the limo for the brief ride to the Halekulani. We stayed in the room all afternoon and ate again on the lanai. We ventured out to the pool the following day, but no swimming for them, in fact no showers either. It would be sponge baths for the next week to keep their incisions and stitches dry. We retired to the suite mid-afternoon; I could see they were tired.

We lay down for a nap, but no sex—there would be plenty of time for that once they were more recovered. They slept for almost three hours and when they awoke Sheena asked, “You know John, there’s nothing wrong with our mouths or pussies.”

“I know, but you have to be careful how you move. Thad has told me in the past not to have sex for ten days. I know how much you want it—hell, I want it just as badly, but I’m not taking any chances with your safety—not now, not ever.” I leaned over to kiss each of them, but that was it. We ate once again on the lanai so they wouldn’t have to dress. They pouted and complained, wanting to get back to their regular lives. Unfortunately for them I resumed my role as Master and Master I would be as long as needed.

We left the following day for Los Angeles after enjoying a fantastic buffet breakfast at Duke’s right on the beach. The prices are reasonable, but then everywhere is reasonable compared to the Halekulani. I took my brides-to-be there as a treat, knowing how they loved to eat and how they had been deprived over the last two days. From there it was straight to the airport for our flight to L.A. The Gulfstream G550 has a cruising range of more than 6,700 nautical miles, far enough to reach all the way to the East Coast from Hawaii. We settled in for what turned out to be a trip of just over five hours. We sat and kissed and even slept. Alonzo served us a delicious lunch.

We were about half-way when Sheena asked me something I’d been expecting ever since their surgeries. “Do you like them? Do I look sexier?”

“Darling Sheena,” I replied, “I don’t think you could possibly look sexier than you were, but—yes—I do like them. They look great on you just as Bianca’s look fantastic on her. I can’t wait to play with them and make you cum over and over.” As expected they laughed and laughed. Even Alonzo laughed and he’d seen and heard almost everything. I leaned over to kiss Bianca on my right and when she was done with me I turned left to Sheena. Her kiss was so sweet and so passionate. Maybe denial was good for her. Then I thought—no way—that was never going to happen. Okay, maybe while she was pregnant or recovering from giving birth, otherwise I could never get enough of her or Bianca, either.

We touched down just before 3:00 and were away in a limo about twenty minutes later. I had to chuckle. Traveling was a lot easier before they had so many clothes. Our limo drove us straight to the Beverly Hills Hotel where I had reserved a bungalow. I had a lot of meetings scheduled and I planned to have them come to me. That’s one benefit of having a lot of money. I had initially planned to stay in L.A. for four days, but now that I had Bianca and Sheena with me I extended our stay to include Disneyland, Universal Studios, and, finally, Knott’s Berry Farm. Watching them in the parks was so much fun. Their surgery had been more than a week prior when I had Malcolm come to the bungalow to check their progress.

“Don’t worry,” I told my fiancées. “Mal has seen you naked.”

“Yeah, I’m the one who monitored you all the way to the island. I had to give you an ECG so I had my hands all over your chests although I must say they look even more interesting now. That Dr. Thad does great work. Okay, who’s first?” Bianca stepped forward and shrugged out of her shirt. Mal gently removed the bandages and checked the condition of the incisions.

“You’re completely healed, Bianca. Your incisions are completely closed and your stitches are ready to be removed.” He gently cut and pulled the threads from her body. “You can wear a bra now and I kind of have an idea what else you want to do, too. Let’s take a look at you, Sheena. Sheena unbuttoned her shirt and jumped up onto a table so Mal could check on her progress. “Damn, Sheena, I wouldn’t know you had surgery if I didn’t see these stitches. You’re completely healed and your stitches are ready to go, too.” Five minutes later they were gone.

“I say we skip any more parks, John. Bianca and I have something else in mind to amuse us.”
Mal laughed. “That’s my cue to leave. Good luck, John; I think you’re going to need it.” He laughed again on his way out the door. I saw Sheena give Bianca a subtle nod. They each grabbed an arm and marched me to the bedroom.

“Now, don’t give us a hard time. We’re going to fuck you and that’s that!”

“Yeah, Bianca–I can’t wait to get my hands on that pretty prick of John’s. I’ve missed that so much.”

“Ummmm, me, too. I’m going to slurp up his cum until he’s dry. Maybe—if he fucks you—I’ll suck it from your pussy.” I had to laugh.

“I had no idea how a little denial would make you two such perverts.” Now it was their turn to laugh. We fell onto the bed hysterical, but the hysterics stopped when I looked into their eyes and told them how much I loved them. I pulled them to me for a long hug then I lay back on the bed and allowed them to have their way with me.

Sheena began to lick and suck my balls. Ten days of no sex had an immediate impact on me. I was hard in a millisecond, my cock pulsing with every heartbeat as the head turned reddish purple in my lust for my lovers. Bianca took me into her mouth, teasing me by circling my helmet with her tongue then moving down and stopping only when her lips had bottomed out against my pubic hair. Then she was back up to repeat the process all over again. She pulled back and tilted her head down to Sheena, “I’ll let you go first if you’ll let me take his load first. I’ll share, but I want it first. Is that okay?”

“You bet! cinsel bilgiler Thanks! I can’t wait for John to pull and twist my nipples.” She let my balls pop out of her mouth and rose up to straddle my hips. “Please tell me when, John, so I can keep my promise to Bianca.” I nodded to her as her slender body sunk down my shaft. I always marveled at how Sheena could make me disappear within her. She was so slender–muscular, but unbelievably sexy–the result of working out in the gym and running almost daily. Her body was incredible. I thought it was incredible when she had A-cups; now with large symmetrical C’s that looked totally real she had porn star quality. I moved up to kiss her as I massaged her beautiful full breasts in my hands. Sheena groaned into my mouth as her ecstasy increased by the second. She emitted a low feral growl when I took her nipples between my fingers to pinch and roll them.

Sheena was never idle on my cock, but this afternoon she rode me like a madman, grinding her clit into me with a ferocity I didn’t know she possessed. After no sex for so long there was no way I was going to last very long and Sheena’s actions weren’t going to help. After only five minutes I could feel a rumbling deep within my core. “Sheena!” She was off me in a flash, her hot tight cunt replaced by Bianca’s warm tender mouth. I bucked my hips up about a foot as my first eruption found her throat. My next was less than a second behind, but it was enough time for Sheena to replace her and so it went for each of my six ejaculations. I was spent when I was done. Bianca and Sheena shared clean-up duties, licking and sucking all of Sheena’s copious juices from my wilted cock and abdomen. I pulled them up for long loving kisses before settling in for a well-deserved nap.

“You’re going to need this nap, John. Bianca and I have plans for tonight, don’t we?”

“We had to do something during all those long boring hours in the hospital so we talked about how to reward you.”

“That’s something you’ll never have to do. Just being here with me is all the reward I’ll ever need. I hugged them as they rested their heads on my shoulders and ran their legs over mine. I had to chuckle as Sheena leaked all over my thigh. What treasures these two were.


We flew to Vegas the following morning. I introduced Sid and Champ to my women en route. “Bianca, Sheena, you need to know these two men. They’ve been around the entire time we were in Honolulu and L.A., but in Vegas you’ll rely on them much more. It’s generally safe in the hotels and casinos there, but I’m not taking any chances. There are always thieves, pickpockets, and cheats around—more than any other city in my experience, probably because there’s so much money on display. Bianca, Sid is the head of the team that brought you to me. Sheena, Champ headed your team.”

“Thank you, Sid. Without you I would never have met John.”

“Yes, thank you, Champ. You did me a great favor.” Sheena grabbed my arm and kissed my cheek.

“Now, I want to explain about Bellagio. We’ll have a BIG suite—living room, dining room, kitchen stocked with plenty of food and snacks and several bedrooms although we’ll obviously only need one, and everything will be comped.”

“I do not know that word, John.”

“Okay, Bianca, it’s a term that means our suite, any shows we go to, and everything we eat in the hotel, even outside the hotel sometimes, will be complimentary. That’s because I’ll risk at least $500,000 at the blackjack tables. I want you to play along with me. You can bet small, like $25 a hand. I usually bet a thousand or more.”

“I’d be nervous betting that much.”

“That’s why, Sheena, you’ll be betting $25.”

“That’s what I was talking about–$25!”

I took Sheena’s head and kissed her nose. She really was so cute. “Had you done your homework you’d know roughly how much I’m worth. Guess!”

“I know you’re really rich; uh, you told us we’d each inherit $500,000,000, so, 2 billion?”

“Tsk, tsk—you really need to do more homework. How about you, Bianca?”

“Um, eight billion?”

I leaned over to kiss her before telling them, “Last check of the stock market—well over fifty-four billion. Of course, a lot of it is tied up in companies I own like the one your mom works for, Sheena. My companies and investments earn more than a million dollars a day–roughly ten million each and every week so risking less than a half million isn’t much for me. I want you to have a great time, but either Sid or Champ will be with you every second you’re not in the suite. They won’t be in your way, but you need to know they’re there. They’ll also have their team members with them, including some women for when you have to use the rest room. Just remember to charge anything you buy to our suite. I’ll see you’re introduced to the team members once we’re in the hotel.” We were descending to land before I had finished my spiel. Two limos waited for us. Another would follow with Dan and Chad once the plane had been secured.

I used my cell to call ahead, using my representative’s private number. He was at the entrance to greet us, handing a welcome package to each of my women. “Can we open them, John?” Sheena was really excited. She tore into the wrapping paper once I had nodded. Inside was a lovely 14K gold tennis bracelet. Retail cost was well over a thousand, I was sure. Sheena and Bianca were impressed and thanked George profusely even though they were both wearing tennis bracelets that had cost me more than $10,000 each.

We were shown to our suite on the twenty-eighth floor. The living room wall was all glass overlooking the famous fountains. I explained that the fountains were choreographed to famous classical and show music and showed them how the radio and even the TV could be tuned to the music. I shared with them the rest of the suite including the wet bar which was stocked with premium liquors for our use. They took one look at the bed and began to strip. “Later…after dinner and gambling. In fact, let’s head to the casino now so I can show you how it all works. We took the elevator down to the first floor and turned right into the casino where Sid’s team met us. A guard demanded to see Sheena’s ID. He allowed her through once he saw she was twenty—she’d celebrated her birthday only a few weeks ago while on the island. “You have to be at least eighteen to gamble so keep your ID with you or else you’ll have to go all the way upstairs to get it.” I held their hands as we walked to the blackjack tables. At this hour—eleven in the morning—there wasn’t much going on. I sat at an empty table and called for the pit boss. Showing my player’s card got his attention. In only minutes George was there to assist me.

“A hundred thousand, please.” A dealer was summoned and the chip box was opened.

Uh, John could we give you less for now? I don’t think we have that much in here. We’ll have to get some big ones for later.”

“Okay, George, how about twenty?” We finally got our chips and I had the dealer break a thousand so I could give five hundred each to Sheena and Bianca. I bet a thousand on each hand; they bet twenty-five. I explained basic strategy—when to pull and when to pass and about computing the probabilities for each decision. We played for about two hours when we broke for lunch, leaving the chips on the table for the Bellagio staff to safeguard. The table was roped off and a hotel guard posted before we even turned the corner. We walked past the long line for the buffet and were seated in minutes. I also asked for a table for my staff of eight. I’d pay for their meals once everything was tallied up at the visit’s end.

We spent more than an hour eating our lunch. The Bellagio has one of the best buffets in Vegas. I’m a sucker for boiled shrimp and prime rib so I always overeat. We returned to the casino around 3:30, meeting George on route who told us he had five tickets for Elton John that evening. He knew I would only go if I had my own security. I’d take Sid and Amanda. Both had carry permits for Nevada and I’d need a woman to cover Bianca and Sheena should they need the rest room.

We returned to the casino after lunch, staying there for about two hours. I was up more than twenty thousand, Bianca was down $150, and Sheena was thrilled to be the big winner having doubled her original stake. We returned to the suite. I wanted a shower, but was outvoted by my two lovers. I pretended to struggle as my clothes were quickly and efficiently removed from my body by my two laughing lovers. Sheena kissed me as Bianca knelt and took me into her mouth. There was love and lust in her as Bianca laved my hard organ with her tongue. Around and around my cock her tongue worked as Sheena tickled my tonsils. Slowly they moved me back to the bed until Sheena pushed me and I fell onto my back with Sheena on top of me. These two were so funny, but it was clear that they had indeed learned to share.

Bianca rose to straddle me, gripping my cock firmly. “I get to go first this afternoon, but Sheena gets first dibs at your spunk.” I laughed as I leaned up to kiss her before returning to Sheena. I gripped one of Bianca’s tits and one of Sheena’s. I massaged gently, but firmly as I teased their areolas and nipples. Meanwhile, Bianca was making up for lost time. Like Sheena last night she rode me with abandon, grinding her clit into me with force. I could see her shake as her first orgasm struck. Still she rode me with enthusiasm, her tight cunt gripping me like a velvet vise. Yes, I had cum hard last night and that was probably the only reason why I didn’t reach my orgasm almost immediately. I moved with Bianca for somewhere between five and ten minutes, driving my cock into her over and over until I could feel the familiar rumble. “Bianca,” I growled just seconds before the imminent eruption. Her cunt was almost immediately replaced by Sheena’s mouth. My first load flew straight into her stomach. They switched and Bianca took my second. They moved back and forth until the droplets oozed from my tip. Even then they shared as they licked me clean.

Still naked I led them into the living room. I made drinks and passed them to my women as we sat and watched the fountains. Bianca was impressed but Sheena was awestruck and then she saw the Eiffel tower across the street. I pulled them in for a quick shower before dressing. They wore identical dressy short gowns that hugged their bodies like a second skin all the way to mid-thigh. The tops were cut between their large firm breasts almost to their navels. Sheena’s was emerald green; Bianca’s a deep red. I knew my $5,000 charcoal gray suit would be totally unnoticed while I was with these two. I was pleased to see their choices in jewelry—elegant and understated, but definitely and obviously expensive. I took their arms in mine and led the way down to the Prime Steakhouse. We were seated at a table for only seconds when Sheena whispered, “John, this place is really expensive.”

“Yeah, it is, but remember that we’re not paying. Hardly anyone in here tonight will actually pay for their meals. This is a restaurant where almost everyone is comped. Now, let’s order and eat. We have a ten o’clock date with Elton and it will take us at least two hours here.”

We were just into our entrees—bone-in prime rib for me and filets for each of the women—when Sheena whispered again, “Wait ‘til my mum hears that I had a $24 shrimp cocktail and a $63 filet. She’ll be so jealous.”

“We’ll take her and Jack out to eat when we get there—best restaurant in Edinburgh, okay darling?”

“I love when you call me ‘darling,’ John.”

“I just love you—both of you. You make me feel so lucky and when people see me with you I’ll feel even luckier.” I leaned across the table to give each a quick kiss. We left the steakhouse at 8:30, but not before I tipped the staff with five hundred dollar chips. Our limo was waiting for us at the entrance as were Sid and Amanda. George also joined us, sitting up front with the driver. Seconds later we were out onto the Strip en route to Caesar’s Palace. Traffic on the Strip is always a mess at night. We spent more than thirty minutes to go what was probably less than a mile.

George led the way for us and I could see people en route checking us out. Sid shouldered several people who came too close out of our way. I could see how impressed Sheena and Bianca were as we were led to our table in the Circus Maximus theater. I ordered a magnum of Dom Perignon, knowing that Bellagio could well afford it. I’d already wagered more than $200,000, betting $5,000 or more on every hand for the last hour this afternoon. We’d return to the casino once the show was over. At that time our limo would come to a special VIP entrance to pick us up. We relaxed, but I could see Sid and Amanda hard at work. They’d drink ginger ale and probably see less than ten percent of the show, concentrating their attention on the audience instead.

We left around 12:15, escorted to the special exit where we’d avoid all the crowds. Fifteen minutes later we sat again in the casino. I started what turned out to be the best streak of my life after three losing hands. After four wins in a row I increased my bet to $10,000. I drew two eights, splitting immediately. When the first eight drew a two I doubled down. I had an almost sure winner when I drew a jack. My second eight drew yet another eight so I split again. I now had forty thousand on the table. I could hear a young woman behind me say, “That’s more money than I earn in a year.” I drew a five so I hit again, drawing a four for seventeen—not great, but okay. My final draw was an ace giving me nineteen. I had enough. It was now Sheena’s turn.

She had begun with a ten and a deuce. I suggested she stay against the dealer’s six. The dealer turned up a four, giving him ten—not a good sign, but our odds improved when his next card was a five. His final card was an eight for twenty-three. He was busted. Sheena and Bianca each won $25; I won $40,000. I immediately consolidated the chips, coloring up to eight cranberry $5,000 chips, turned around and dropped the chips into the hand of the stunned young woman. I kissed her cheek and turned back to the next deal. When we left an hour later I was up more than four hundred and eighty grand despite my generosity and tips of more than ten thousand for the dealers. Hand in hand Bianca, Sheena and I returned to our suite.

“Will they be angry that you won so much, John?” It was Sheena whispering in my ear.

“No, they’ll make it up with other gamblers and they still might make it up on me. The odds are always in favor of the house, although blackjack has the best odds for the gambler, except maybe craps, if you play the right way. If I walk away with a big win they’ll publicize it like crazy in the hope of drawing other big-time players to the casino. The casino always wins over the long term. If I played for a month I’d surely lose. By then the laws of probability would take over, but short-term almost anything can happen.”

We were showered and in bed naked when Sheena and Bianca thanked me. “We had a wonderful time, John, didn’t we Bianca?”

“I know I did. I can’t believe we sat so close to Elton John. I saw him once before in London and I was so far away I could barely see him. Thank you, John.”

“You’re welcome. You’re now in the stratosphere of society, a level open to only a select few. Had I wanted we would have been invited back to Elton John’s dressing room. Why weren’t we? I hate people who flaunt their wealth and, let’s face it, the only reason we’d be invited is that I’m a billionaire. I’m no different than anyone else other than fifty-four billion dollars and two fiancés.” They laughed.

“You’re also pretty good at fucking, John…especially anal. I never dreamed it could be so good. I thought it would hurt something awful.”

“You’re very sweet, Sheena; now I think we should go to sleep. I have a meeting at ten. We can make love once I’m done. You guys can go to the pool if you like, but be careful—it gets really hot here.”

“What about…you know, security?”

“You’ll be covered as soon as we leave the suite. In fact, we’re covered now so don’t worry, okay? Leave all of that to me.” I kissed each of them good night, pulled them close and thanked God for my luck in finding them. We were asleep in seconds.”

NEXT: The finale!

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