The Train Ride Ch. 01

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Cindy was a college freshman. Blonde hair, freckles, blue eyes and a good body with extra large breasts, she was a looker all right. But still so innocent and inexperienced. A Catholic girls high school education helped ensure that.

She’d dated some, kissed a few boys, but always stopped the action before it got too hot. Cindy was what you’d call a “good girl.” She also hated telling the priest in confession about anything sexual. That priest at her church seemed to enjoy hearing stories about touching and the “impure thoughts” of an 18 year old, so it was just easier to be good.

However, a train ride home from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the New York City subway system one evening changed her life for good.

She stood at the pole on the crowded train, one arm full of books, the other wrapped around the pole. She was thinking about one hot boy in her literature class – Brian. He filled her up with all kinds of tingles and strange feelings aksaray escort she’d never felt about anyone before.

As she stood there in deep thought about Brian, she began feeling warm inside and began to feel a tingle in her pussy. As the train began to twist and turn through its underground tunnels, she felt something that she knew was not her imagination. It couldn’t be. It felt like a hand, purposefully working its way up her leg.

Cindy panicked. She had heard of the perverts that ride on the New York City subway system. She wanted to tell him to stop. Or to shove him away. But, she was too embarrassed to draw any attention to her plight. And a little bit of her, to her shock and amazement, actually was enjoying the experience.

As his hand rose to the top of her bare thigh (it was September, still too hot to start wearing pantyhose again) she could feel her breathing become shallower. Her pussy was beginning to throb and topkapı escort she was feeling some wetness now. Surely, other people on the train could see what was happening. Someone would come to her aid. Perhaps a transit cop would come through the car. But that would be just too embarrassing also. Her stop would come soon and she’d get off the train and the ordeal would be over.

She found herself hoping that the train ride wouldn’t end too soon, though. What was she thinking? Was she actually enjoying this?

She managed to turn her head around for a moment – just to get a glimpse of who this perverted subway rider was.

She saw him. A tall, rather muscular Hispanic man with deep, chocolate brown eyes. Eyes that grabbed her and held her there – staring – for a little too long. She saw the wry grin work its way onto his face. She wanted to smile back. She could feel the redness and heat rising from her neck to the top sarıyer escort of her head. She knew he could see that.

As he plunged one finger, then two, deep into her pussy, his gaze became intense. His smile was gone. He owned her body that moment.

She looked down at her blouse. She could see her nipples standing upright, trying to poke their way through her bra and the fabric of her silky shirt.

Please let this end soon. Please let this go on forever. She didn’t know how she felt anymore.

As she began to move in rhythm with her stranger and the moving train, she wanted it to continue. She glanced back at him again. He was smiling again – a big, toothy grin. He knew she had surrendered to him. He knew she could be his if he wanted more.

She knew it too.

As the train pulled into a station, about two stops before hers, he withdrew his fingers from her wetness. He walked toward the doors of the train, just ready to open. Before he got off the subway car, he looked over at her and licked his fingers, grinning at her.

The doors opened, he stepped off the train.

She stood there, heart pounding.

As the doors were ready to close, Cindy stepped off the train too.

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