The Transformation of Ms. K

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Big Tits

By day I’m an average Korean guy, a bit on the fat side, my whole life I haven’t been very attractive to women. I’m very timid and shy as a boy, very much a beta. I never even had sex until after college and my dating life has always been pathetic.

I’ve always had a bit of a tight rubber and latex fetish, as I became older I began buying some pieces of latex and dressing like a submissive rubber boy, tight leggings and tops and rubber hoods. Movie villains dressed in tight leather outfits turned me on so much, I would cum from dreaming about submitting to evil and depraved women. I loved fantasizing about being the toy of a mistress dressed in head to toe latex, radiating power and sensuality.

Years ago I discovered that I loved dressing in women’s clothing, I loved how sexy it made me feel, at first it was some leggings and tight dresses, but soon I wanted to look more and more the part. I began researching makeup and wigs and practiced by watching and emulating youtube videos, transforming myself with makeup was becoming such a turn-on. I became obsessed with transforming into a completely different person in front of the mirror. I began watching shemale porn, ultra feminine girls with cocks was such a perfect combination.

A blonde, tall, big-titted mistress was my ultimate fantasy, I loved the perfect makeup and almost bimbo-like look of fetish models I found online. The fetish models just oozed sex appeal and the mistresses had so much power over men, controlling them and ordering them to their will. I realized that I wanted to be them, to feel sexy and powerful, to inspire an animal attraction within men. As I became better at makeup and dressing I slowly realized that I could become the sex object I had always fantasized serving. I eventually learned to perfect my makeup skills, bought boxes full of makeup in order to find the exact shades and colours that worked for me, I loved experimenting with different looks, from over-the-top Goth, to pink bimbo escort. I was always turned off when I saw crossdressers online that didn’t bother with makeup, for me dressing as a woman was undeniably sexy, but the makeup transformation made for the complete package. I learned to push my chest up, I had some chubby man-tits that when taped made convincing cleavage (with a mix of dark makeup to emphasize the shape).

As for clothes, I slowly had acquire more and more, I loved fetish clothing, black leather and rubber latex wear. All my rubber latex boy clothes I had gotten earlier in my life now sat in a bag unworn, I realized that I wasn’t all that into being a submissive rubber-hooded boy anymore. I bought catsuits, dresses, corsets and bodysuits, eventually I got many wigs and breast forms and also a breast plate with huge E cup tits as well. I learned to walk in heels and my closet was stuffed with boots and platforms, the higher the better, I loved being a towering amazon. It took be years but through practice and trial-and-error I achieved a look of a blonde, big-titted girl that I always lusted after.

Over the years, I started venturing out to some clubs, at first just gay bars, but soon I discovered fetish bars where I could flaunt my body and powerful new self image. As I perfected my makeup and dressing skills, I became more confident when going out, got used to speaking in my female voice too. I learned that I loved to show off my sexy look, I was becoming the shemale bimbo I had always desired. When I looked in the mirror I was so attracted to the woman I had become, but I also started to realize that when I dressed up I was attracted to men. I had denied it at first, because was disgusted with the idea of being with a man when I was not dressed. But as soon as I became my female counterpart I thought of playing with men. I started dabbling online with cam to cam play, and soon I discovered that I loved showing myself off on cam girl websites. I began meeting up with guys and couples as well, loved to play and experiment with a new world of sex I had never known.


Nowadays, I work as an IT specialist at a finance company, just a regular nerdy asian who could stand to lose a few pounds. None of my IT co-workers had any idea what a dark secret I had, I didn’t dress every night, but I loved fetish events so I would book a hotel to play when those came around.

This weekend I had booked a few nights at a hotel, after work on Friday I packed my closet into a suitcase and checked into the hotel. I was a regular at this hotel, mostly because guests could walk freely in the front door, as I liked to have many visitors on my wild weekends. I began by preparing my body, making sure my leg and pubic Betturkey hair were all clean shaven, and cleaning my anal cavity thoroughly. I looked in the mirror of the washroom at my ugly fat body and pathetic flab, I was excited to completely change everything about me. I slipped on a wig cap and began applying contouring powder followed by thick foundation all over my ugly boy face. The contouring helped to define my round chubby face, and to define my cheek bones and brow. I also contoured by nose to be less of a flat asian nose and to have some shape it it, tonight I went for sharper nose.

I started with eye makeup, tonight I wanted dramatic dark smokey eyes, I loved heavy makeup looks lately. I shaped my eyes with dark liner and used an eye shadow palette to create a fade from light to dark at the outer edges, the eye shadow had a bit of glittery sheen to it, perfect for my dark winged eye look I had created. Lips were next, I overdrew my lips with a dark plum liner, and a dark wine lipstick and worked it onto my lips, I had pretty big lips but wanted my lips to look bigger. I used a lighter colour lipstick in the middle in order to accentuate the fullness of my lips. I finished with a plumping gloss that would slowly seep in and make my lips a little big plumper. Next I glued some eyelashes on, extra long ones on top, and some shorter ones on the bottom, followed by bright blue contact lenses that increased the diameter of my pupils as well. To finish I glued on a fake nose stud on my left nostril. I stepped back from the mirror and admired by makeup, I was a becoming a completely different person, “she” was coming out tonight.

My body was next, I realized early on that my fat boy body was actually a bit of an asset for crossdressing, I had thick thighs and ass, and the fat around the body allowed for some curves in places without the need for padding. I prepared my latex outfit and applied generous amount of lube to the inside in order to get in easily. I slipped on latex stockings first, the latex glided over my legs and wrapped around my thick thighs, I love crotch length leggings, I clipped them to a garter belt and ran my hands up my legs to smooth out the tight fabric. I slipped on my breast plate and adjusted the E cup tits to the right height, I put on my dress for the night, a deep V neck latex dress with studded spikes along the edges. It was a simple black dress but was just the right length to show a bit of my garters. I put on my corset and cinched down smoothly on my fat boy flab, over the years I had trained myself to lace up tighter and tighter. I went from a boy to a curvy, small waisted girl, an hourglass shape with my big tits and curvy fat hips. I pulled on shoulder length latex gloves to complete my look, all the way up to my armpits, long, sensual and dominant gloves that fit perfectly. I had bit of small hands for a man, so fit women’s gloves very well. I slipped on some latex panties, briefs that just hold in my cock and balls, I don’t like to tuck because I like to be ready to play.

I had set aside my wig earlier, an extra long and full blonde wig, I swung it on and clipped it to my wig cap and real hair. It was a lace front wig that hung all the way down to my waist, I preferred full wavy wigs to help hide and broad boy shoulders. I clipped on some big hoop earrings, put on a thick leather studded choker and sat to lace up my boots, I went with knee high boots today, they were high platforms with an 8 inch heel. I had gotten custom-made ones with a vinyl finish and a rear zip, thin steel core stiletto heel with a pointed tip at the toe. I took some silicone spray and proceeded to shine my latex gloves, dress, corset and leggings until they were a high gloss black.

Finally ready, I walked to the full length mirror in my hotel room. There stood a bombshell blonde with blue eyes and perfect makeup, luscious glossed plum lips and smoky glittery eyes. My body was curvy and the tops of my leggings accentuated my thick thighs, my waist and breast creating a breathtaking bimbo silhouette. The black latex look emanated sexual power. She had come out, gone was the timid beta male, this was a gorgeous sex goddess in the mirror. A cross between a bimbo escort and a high end dominatrix. An ugly Korean boy turned into a beautiful woman, from a pathetic loser to a confident siren. Ms. K had come out to play.

“You’re a sexy bitch aren’t you…” I said looking in the mirror, my voice automatically switched to a sultry and feminine tone. I smiled, “a slutty whore ready for some fun!” I preened in front of the mirror and admired my own body from a few angles, a curvy goddess, as I moved my latex creaked Betturkey Giriş and squeaked making the sexiest reflections of light. I pulled out my phone and snapped a few selfies, couldn’t resist, Ms. K was vain and loved to watch herself posing in the mirror.

It was still early in the evening so I started up my laptop and logged into a cam site. I had a following on there of tens of thousands, so it didn’t take long to attract some viewers. I loved to look at myself being and feeling sexy on cam, I loved the feeling of men admiring and stroking their pathetic cocks to me, sending me tributes. My record was over a thousand viewers, but that was during a dildo show, tonight I was just showing off so I was happy with a little over a hundred. I put in my remote butt plug that vibrates whenever I receive a tribute, men always happily gave their money to pleasure me. I was feeling so sexy and horny and pulled my cock out to show it off. My cock is only 5.5 inches when hard, but it’s thick, and I had grown up thinking I had a small cock, the common asian stereotype and all. But after I started meeting up with guys I realized that I had a bigger cock than many men, especially white, east indian and middle eastern men. I love showing off my cock, I stroked it for my cam audience, who lusted after my cock. Alongside I started texting a few guys I had met before, advertising my availability tonight. Camming was fun, it made me feel sexy and the money from tributes wasn’t bad, big fans even bought me gifts on my wish lists.

Soon it was almost time to go out for the night, I fixed up my makeup, put on a black long vinyl trench coat and called a cab. I packed up my black leather purse and took the elevator down, it was pretty late now and only a few people were in the lobby, but all eyes were on my as I stepped out of the elevator, my heels clicking on the tile floor as I strutted across the lobby. I kept my jacket open at the front to show off my short dress exposing the top of my thighs and my ample cleavage revealed by my deep V neck dress.

I remember when I started going out in public, how much nerve it took to go out into public places and streets, but as I got better at dressing and makeup I gained more confidence, I knew men would think I was sexy, even though my height in heels would be a giveaway that I was a crossdresser (over 6 feet), I soon found that men were very interested. Often when walking I would get cat calls and men stopping me to ask me what I was doing that evening, when I walked some busier streets, men driving would pull over and see if I wanted a ride or to ask if I was providing any services. It felt sexy to get mistaken for a street hooker, it was flattering because I definitely dressed like one, and although at first I dismissed the idea, nowadays sometimes I take them up on the offer. If only my co-workers knew I was a prostitute street walking whore at night.

Tonight, walking out of the hotel, I didn’t feel nervous at all, going out in public is just another chance to show off my sexy body, a latex clad vixen, sex on heels. I got into the cab and the first stop was the fetish night at a club near the hotel. Trans and CD were always made welcome and the door greeters were very flattering with compliments on my looks. I checked my purse and jacket and went first to the latex shining station to get lubed up again, making sure my latex was super shiny and sexy looking. It was after midnight now and the dance floor was going hard as I walked into the main room, it was like a fetish club scene out of a movie, dark and lights everywhere, black leather and latex, leather harnesses and tattooed men and women. I was so fucking turned on, no one would imagine my boy self would be in a place like this, but here I was, turned into a goth bimbo queen and reveling in the fetish atmosphere.

I ordered a shot at the bar, and spotted an empty dance cage near the side of the dance floor. I went for it because the DJ was playing just my music, heavy industrial, I started moving to the beat, loving showing off my body in the cage surrounded by so many on the dance floor. Men coming by and admiring, and some women slapping my ass as I danced. It wasn’t for too long, training hadn’t helped much with dancing in stiletto platforms, it’s tiring quickly. I left the dance floor and saw a fellow crossdresser I knew and chatted a bit with her, complimenting each other’s outfits.

I went to the side room where there was a play area and fetish equipment set up, I didn’t have to wait long to hook up, a thin boy in a rubber catsuit came over, clearly a submissive male, he asked me for permission to worship me and I Betturkey Güncel Giriş obliged. He had a collar on with a leash and I grabbed the chain as he knelt down and started kissing my boots and licking them clean, a good submissive pet to his alpha queen.

I smiled at onlookers as they passed by, loving the feeling of being worshipped. I saw a leather clad man looking at me, and I motioned for him to come over, he came over and I spotted his bulging leather shorts. The rubber boy kept on worshipping my boots while I talked to this new prey. As we were chatting, I reached down to feel his cock, “someone is hard for his mistress”. I could tell with his muscular physique and leather harness that he was likely a dominant alpha male, but I raised my hand to let him kiss my hand. My rubber slave licked my boots faster clearly trying to win my approval. To my surprise the leather man knelt down also and began kissing my thighs. Two boys worshipping their goddess made me feel such sexual power, a dominant woman in control of her own fuck toys. I let them both kiss and lick my legs, working up to my panties and ass. Partygoers would pause as they passed by and watch the display, a bimbo dom goddess playing with her slaves. I took the leather clad man by the chin and stood him up, he was just as tall as me, very attractive, I found the leather harness he was wearing very sexy wrapping his chiseled physique. I leaned in towards him and our tongues played together as he groped my bulge with his big hands. And his other big arm wrapping around my corseted waistline. We finished kissing and he told me he had a partner on the dance floor, but wanted me contact to meet up this weekend.

As he walked away I was feeling dirty and so naughty, I tugged hard at the leashed rubber boy who was still on his knees beside me and brought him up, I led him, over to the wall and took him by the neck and pinned him against the wall, between my body and the wall he was a helpless rubber today, about 1 foot shorter than me and very skinny. “Are you a naughty boy that wants to serve a dom mistress?” I asked as I squeezed on his neck and lifted him up a bit so he was standing on his toes. “Yes please” he squeaked, with my other hand I dropped the leash and grabbed his hair, I pulled his face towards me and I spit in his pathetic face and rubbed it around, I hissed “fucking pathetic whore”. I threw him down on his knees and proceeded to walk him around the room with him crawling in front of me. Every so often I would kick him with my boots, or pull the leash back violently, just for my own amusement. The night was winding down as it approached closing time, I gave the rubber submissive boy my contact, he was interested in some ‘services’. It turned me on to be paid for domination services, I had a few regular subs and this boy seemed very willing to join the paying admirers.

I grabbed my jacket and flagged a cab, I had been texting all night with a few regular customers and wanted some late night play, feeling like a depraved hooker made me even hornier. It took me a few years to realized that men would pay me for sex and domination and that turned me on, loved the idea of a secret life as a crossdressing prostitute. At first it was just playfulness coming out, I thought it was fun to be mistaken for a hooker on the street and in the fetish clubs (thigh high red boots will do that). But then I fantasized about it and began to dabble into taking money for encounters, at first domination services but then penetration and other play. I was a slut and I loved it. I texted the two boys from the club and asked them if they wanted to meet this weekend, making clear that I expected a gift for play time. I was getting a bit hard just thinking about it.

I got back to my hotel and walked through the lobby briskly, a woman on a mission. I stood in front of the mirror to fix up my hair and makeup and prepare for some visitors. I decided to add a fake septum piercing this time, a thick ring with a ball at the end, perfect for how Dom I was feeling. I sat and switched my boots out for some thigh high ultra high boots, 10″ tall, not made for walking any distance in, but lovely for a mistress in a hotel room. As I stood back and looked at myself in the mirror again, I smiled and blew a kiss at myself. What an absolute bombshell babe, I had become my dream dominatrix girl. As a boy I would masturbate for women that looked like what I had transformed into. I always get hard just looking at myself in the mirror, dressed in slutty latex and and dark makeup. I reached into my panties and felt the tip of my cock, rubbed my precum on the tips of my fingers and brought them up to my lips. I put the fingers in my mouth to taste, what a sweet feeling, I winked at myself in the mirror and said to myself “…time to be a whore”.

Looking down at my phone notification, the first client of the weekend was on his way.

(To be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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