The Very Young Man Ch. 02

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That next evening she told Mark that a dip in the hot tub becomes an every-evening tradition this time of year. It was a large tub, more than big enough for the three of them. Ben and Mark were in their swim trunks in the tub when Karen made her way to the deck. She let her robe drop and stepped naked into the tub with the boys. She smiled at Mark when she caught him looking.

By now he had to realize she was out to seduce him. But he was just too naive to catch on. He suspected, hoped actually, but the obvious seemed just too implausible to him. But she certainly gave him fantasies to think about every night. They talked and she giggled. She allowed herself a surprisingly intense orgasm. She cuddled her husband. Mark could not really tell for sure when she started, but it gradually became apparent, eventually at least, that she was actually fucking her husband there in the tub with Mark right there with them.

She started out subtle, shy, and sneaky, sitting on Ben’s lap, her back against his chest, rocking gently. She eventually turned around and wrapped her legs around his waist. She began to fuck him a bit harder and was more obvious. She finally reached down and rubbed herself to one climax after another. Ben finally moaned with his own crushing orgasm.

Mark sat there, gaping at the scene that unfolded before him. What else could he do? Nobody said anything for a long time as they merely relaxed and let the bubbles flow over themselves. The phone rang (right on schedule). Karen smiled knowingly at Ben as he climbed out of the tub to answer it. It was a call Karen and Ben had arranged earlier that day, made by a friend who was simply asked to call precisely at eight. Ben returned to announce he had to respond to a problem at the office and would be gone for about two hours.

It was such a contrived and obvious setup, but it easily fooled Mark. Ben left and it was now just Karen and Mark. He suddenly felt a bit uneasy. Karen climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her waist. “Lets drink wine,” she announced as she walked topless to the den. Mark followed, wiping himself off, anticipating what this may lead to.

As they stood sipping wine she told him, “I love having you around. It is very refreshing, exciting actually, having a good-looking young man with such a hard body around the house. It makes me feel young and alive.” He blushed. “You’re blushing,” she teased. “I like that.”

She ran a hand across his chest. “You do have a very nice body, very firm and fit.” She let her hand trail down his belly. She leaned in close and softly kissed his bare shoulder. “I want to touch you.” She whispered to him. “May I touch you?” She shyly kissed the side of his neck.

“Sure,” he managed to murmur in response. His mouth was very dry.

“You’re trembling,” she whispered. “Are you excited?” she asked gently.

He nodded.

“Good. I like that,” she said as she slid her hand around his waist and up his back. She set her wine glass on the bar and led him by the hand to a chair. She sat and stood him in front of her. She ran her hands around his bottom and kneaded his buttocks, feeling his muscles. She grasped the top of his swim trunks and carefully pulled them down. His hard cock was long and it slapped up against his belly as the top of his trunks could not quite clear its length as she pulled them down.

“Oh my, look at you,” she said softly, shocked at the surprise of a larger-than-anticipated erection. She slid him trunks off, leaving him naked and beypazarı escort obviously very excited. “You are an absolutely gorgeous young man.” She slid her hands down his waist, hips and thighs, then back up his bare buttocks. “You have a beautiful cock,” she added as she wrapped her hands around his shaft. He moaned as she gently but firmly squeezed him. “You are as hard as stone,” she continued. She hefted his balls with one hand and began to stroke his shaft with the other. He moaned again.

She leaned forward and rubbed his cock head across her face. “You do feel nice, very nice.” He continued to moan as she kissed every inch of her new treasure. “I want to make to you come,” she told him. “Can I? Will you come for me?” She was merciless with her seduction.

“Yes. Yes.” Mark replied with a dry and raspy voice.

“Good. I have wanted to make you come since the day you showed up on my doorstep.” She said smiling.

“What about your husband?” he dared to ask. She admired his concern.

“He knows I love sex,” she explained as she continued to massage his now oozing erection. “He knows I am his slut. He loves my sexuality. He tells me I can have whatever I desire. I don’t think he would not mind at all letting me play with you like this. I am a slut, you realize. And I am quite proud of being a slut. I absolutely love sex. Ben is my husband and he is the only man I have ever been with since we got married. But he has told me his greatest desire is to give me whatever I desire. And right now what I most desire is to watch and feel you come for me.”

She resumed rubbing him across her face and down her neck. “Mmmm, you have a very nice cock,” she persisted. Mark moaned louder. She rubbed that sensitive underside of his cock against a tightly erect nipple. He moaned louder. “I want you to come all over me,” she coaxed. It was all he could stand. It caught her by surprise when he suddenly cried out. Semen exploded from his cock, splattering her face, neck and breasts with several powerful bursts, before pouring out in a great mass, running down her hand and arm. She slipped him into her mouth and sucked it from him as he continued to surge and flow.

When his orgasm finally faded, she slipped him from her mouth and smiled triumphantly. Semen ran down her neck and chest. “I had forgotten how huge a young man’s ejaculation can be,” she giggled. She reached up spread his come all over her face, neck and breasts. “I love semen. I love having in me. I love having it all over me. It can’t get enough of it.” She said with unashamed lust. “And I especially love how a young man stays hard,” she added, again reminded of days gone by, as she resumed massaging his still hard cock.

She was now more sexually excited than she had ever before experienced, stealing a forbidden orgasm from this very young man, virtually taking his virginity, only minutes after fucking her husband. She marveled at exploring a brand new cock, quite a bit bigger than she had ever before handled… all the while knowing her husband Ben was actually watching her enjoy this young man from his hiding place in the louvered closet in that den. That had been their plan, and it had worked beautifully. Ben watching and hearing it all from less than eight feet away in the closet made this so much more exciting for her. He later told Karen he actually heard Mark’s ejaculation splatter against her when he climaxed.

Mark’s legs were now trembling again. He felt faint from all the excitement büyükesat escort of this older, incredibly sexy and horny woman stripping him naked and jerking him off right there in her home, married, right after fucking her husband. It was more erotic a scene than he could ever have dreamed up on his own.

Karen got up from the chair and silently led him back to the deck. She climbed back into the hot tub and guided him to sit on the edge of the tub in front of her. She shifted herself and Mark just so, until she positioned her pussy against the blast of the jets. As soon as it was all just right, she slipped Mark’s still very excited erection into her mouth and moaned. She sucked and licked him as the jets gave her one orgasm after another. It started to become overwhelming to her. Her orgasms were getting scary intense. She finally had to shift herself off the jets.

She could now concentrate undistracted on Mark’s beautiful big cock. She told him, after she caught her breath, “I had also forgotten how a young man stays hard like this. You have been very good for me tonight. You have reminded me how powerful a young man comes and how much semen he can give me, plus how he stays hard and comes again. I’ll bet you can come several times with the right woman,” She teased him.

Mark said nothing. He just moaned at what she was doing with him. The noise of the whirlpool jets masked any sound Ben may have made as he moved from the closet to the bathroom where the window looked directly down on what Karen was doing with Mark. He watched and enjoyed the sight and sounds of Karen sucking the young man rather effortlessly to his second orgasm. It was as powerful as the first, but this time she was ready and she spilled none of what he gave her.

Ben let the two of them snuggle quietly in the tub before retreating to the kitchen to make his official return entrance from the office. Ben made his way to the deck with a cheerful greeting and an assurance that all was well at the office. He stripped and rejoined them in the hot tub. He was no longer shy about letting Mark see his now very anxious erection. Karen wrapped her arms around him and welcomed his return with a kiss. Their casual embrace lingered as she wrapped her legs around him and slipped him into her very excited pussy. They made an attempt to keep the sex subtle, letting it appear as a long snuggling hug. It did not take long for Ben to have an intense climax. It was the most excited and intense orgasms of his life. Their hug lingered beyond that before they finally broke and relaxed. The three of them said nothing. They merely relaxed, napped actually, in the bubbles for another half hour. Eventually, they climbed out and wandered off to bed.

Karen and Ben’s pillow talk that night was intense as they excitedly shared what they each had done, seen and felt during tonight’s erotic adventure. They decided she would seize the momentum the very next day.

“Go ahead,” Ben coaxed her, “tell him now, so he can anticipate you all night.” Karen jumped out of the bed. “Perhaps you should put something special on,” Ben added, “you know, to get his attention.” Karen slipped into her exceptionally naughty, very slinky black lace catsuit. She was stunning in it.

She crept down the stairs and made her way quietly to the guest room. She lit one of the candles that she had gathered up along the way and opened the door. “Hello, there,” she murmured.

“Hello, there,” Mark replied.

She çankaya escort lit all the candles and lined them up on his nightstand. She stood at the foot of his bed, looking like nothing he ever could have fantasized. He had never seen a woman look so sexy as she looked right now. She pulled off the sheet that covered him. He was naked and, of course, again hard.

She straddled his thighs. She grasped his cock and began to very slowly stroke him up and down as she explained to him her plans for the next day, “Every now and then I get so incredibly horny that I actually have to take a day off from work to stay home alone and spend the entire day playing with myself. I get out all my sex toys, vibrators, dildos. I get all dressed up in my sexiest outfit… usually this one… it’s crotchless so it’s just right for this,,, and I spend the entire day having orgasms, big ones, little ones, gentle ones, really nasty ones. It is wonderful. And when Ben finally gets home I fuck his brains out. Those are the best days of my life.” Mark was impressed, intrigued, and surprised at what he was learning from this woman.

She continued, “I absolutely know that tomorrow has to be one of those days.” Mark moaned as she worked on him, fascinated by what she was telling him. “I am going to call in sick tomorrow. And I want you to call in, also. I want to share this with you. This is one of my greatest fantasies. I want to spend the day teaching you all about the female orgasm. I know you would enjoy this. I know you will do this for me, because one of the most important lessons I can teach a young man like you is that, as a man, you will do whatever a woman requests for sex. That is true, is it not? You realize by now that you will do whatever I ask for sex? Am I right about that?” she asked him, knowingly.

“Yes,” was all he could manage to say. He was now dying to fuck her. She was dying to fuck him. But her fantasy called for a long, lingering, playful, incredibly erotic anticipation.

She laid down on top of him and whispered in his ear, “If you do this for me tomorrow, I can assure you that it will not be long after that that I will fuck you… and I will fuck you very good… and I will fuck you a lot. I will show you sex you never dreamed existed.” She rubbed her body against his, feeling his cock against her belly.

“I love you cock,” she teased. “I imagine it will feel very good pushed way in deep inside of me,” He moaned in her ear as she rubbed against him. “I want to feel you pump me full of all that semen,” she continued. He was ready to come again. It was what she was waiting for. She slid slowly down his body, kissing and sucking her way down. She slipped him into her mouth. She sucked hard and swirled her tongue across that special spot. He tried to contain his cries as he climaxed, so as not to let Ben hear this upstairs. He pumped her mouth full again. She lost none of it.

When he was finished she slid back up to his ear and whispered his instructions. “You will simply stay in you room tomorrow until Ben goes to work. He will assume you left before him. I will come and get you when it is time.”

She then whispered to him a powerful message, “You are absolutely perfect. You have a perfect cock. You come very, very nicely. I am going really enjoy you.” After she slipped out of his room, he had a restless night, despite the soothing endorphins of his orgasms. He was profoundly impressed at just how much of a slut she really was, especially when he heard them fucking yet one more time upstairs over his room. He dared not wonder how much of this Ben knew of this. He did not know she was now excitedly telling Ben what a wonderful orgasm she had just given him. Ben was fascinated by her description of what she had just done to the young man and how thoroughly under her control he now was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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