The Wedding Present

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The wedding’s over, the bags are packed and I’m helping my new bride change from her wedding gown to her traveling clothes. As I unzip her beautiful dress I find that she’s wearing a sexy corset that supports her ample breasts but leaves the nipples uncovered. Her dress won’t fit over her hips so as I watch her lift it over her head her legs come into view covered in white stockings. The tops are held up a lacy garter belt which frames her beautiful pussy covered only by a sheer white thong. My erection is straining at my chastity device and I have to think back on how I got to this place in my life.

I met Loraine in college. We had a chemistry class together. And, oh, the chemistry we had. I lived in the dorm and she shared a house with her friend, Natasha. While Natasha was tall and thin with long blonde hair, Loraine stood just over five feet tall. Loraine wasn’t fat but she definitely had curves. Her smiling face surrounded by shoulder length brown hair was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. We spent many an evening cuddled up together on the couch. It seemed that Natasha was never far away. After the Wednesday night class we had together I would come to the house for dinner. Usually it was just the three of us. Sometimes Natasha would have a boyfriend over but not often on weekdays. After dinner Loraine and I would steal off to her bedroom for some hot sex before I had to be back at the dorm.

Friday was our night on the town. Neither of us had to be up early on Saturday so we could play all night, after a dinner out, and a movie or a stop at a club to dance.

One night Loraine pulled out some old nylon stockings and asked me to tie her to the bed. I tied a stocking to each wrist and fastened the other end to the iron bed frame stretching her arms out to the sides. Then I tied two more stockings around the ankles of her sexy knee high boots. As long as the zippers on the sides of her boots remained zipped the boots were not coming off and she wasn’t going anywhere.

After she was secured face up I grabbed a handful of her hair to hold her head and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. Then I left the bedroom and closed the door. I left her to wonder what’s going to happen for about 20 minutes. When I came back she was wet from thinking about what was coming next. When I kissed her again I could feel the heat. She was ready.

As I unbuttoned her blouse I kissed my way down her chest and across her belly. I could feel her excitement growing as I lifted her skirt and began kissing her again at the tops of her boots. I worked my way up to her panties and then stopped. Waiting. Finally I hear it. That little moan, telling me of her need. I grasp her panties and tear, ripping then apart at the sides. Pulling them away from her body. The body that I want so much to possess is mine, at least for the moment. I plant little kisses closer to her center now. Now I’m licking between her lips, plunging my tongue into her depths. Now I put my tongue on her love button, tickling it. Now sucking it hard. I feel her shudder and I share in her first orgasm of the night.

After, I slid up to cuddle her while she savors the experience. I put the head of my cock between her folds and waited. Tied as she was, she could do nothing to hasten the progress. After a minute of teasing I stabbed myself into her very wet and slippery pussy. She let out a gasp of surprise followed by a moan of approval. Again I didn’t move. She tried to move but soon realized I was in charge. Now I started moving inside her, slowly at first, then faster and faster until she cried out in passion. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice, triggering my own orgasm. I held myself inside her to the hilt while her climax washed over her. For several long minutes we were both too spent to move but finally I pulled my limp penis from her, rolled over and began to release her bonds. We resumed our clothes and cuddled for a few more minutes before I had to leave.

The second time, she told me to tie her face down on the bed with some pillows under her hips. After her arms and legs were firmly fastened to the corners of the bed she told me “I guess I can’t stop you from doing anything you want. Even if you want to fuck my ass.”

“Being tied up is so freeing,” she said one evening. “You don’t have to make any decisions. You don’t have to try to please your partner. You don’t have to take any responsibility for what happens. All you have to do is feel.

“I think it’s time you had a turn at loosing control.” She told me to strip and lie on the bed. Then she tied my arms and legs to the corners of the bed. “I’m really not in the mood just now. Maybe if you lick me real good.” She reached up under her skirt, pulled off her panties and dropped them on my hard cock. She knelt over my face, and holding on to the headboard for balance, lowered her cunt to my face. I got the hint. I started licking at the crease where her leg joins her body, first one side, then the other. canlı bahis Then I progressed to her slit occasionally dipping my tongue into her love tunnel, gradually working my way up to her clit. When I reached her button I ran my tongue around it separating it from the hood. Then I sucked it into my mouth and tickled it with my tongue. My reward came swiftly in the form of her nectar, which I drank greedily.

Then she turned around and sucked my cock into her mouth. The feel was incredible as she bobbed her head up and down. I was in heaven. I was just about to erupt when she stopped. “My turn!” she said as she once again moved her pussy to my mouth.

We pleasured each other for the next two hours. She came five more times. I came once, but it was the most powerful experience of my life.

Tuesday evening, as I sat down to my take-out pizza, I was reflecting on the events of the previous weeks with Loraine and how turned on I get when she ties me up and teases me. Meanwhile across town Natasha and Loraine were preparing their dinner.

“Did you have a good time on your date last night, Natasha?”

“I don’t know if Jim had a really good time but I sure did!” Natasha said. “At dinner I told him that I wasn’t wearing panties. I think that got him thinking he was going to get lucky. After a nice walk on the beach we ended up back at his place. He sat down on a wooden chair and I tapped his wrists to the arms of the chair. He thinks I’m kinky!

“I unzipped him, pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees. Then I wrapped his belt around his leg and the chair leg and buckled it where it would be hard for him to reach. I took his cock in my hand and ran my tongue around the head” She continued. “I took as much of it as I could into my mouth. He thought he was getting the best blowjob of his life! Every time I sensed that he was close I stopped and waited for him to calm down. He never knew a blowjob could last for over two hours. After a while I gagged him to stop him from begging.

“About eleven thirty I looked at the clock and said ‘Oh my God, I have to leave right now. I didn’t realize it was so late.’ I told him to call me Thursday and we could finish this on the weekend when I don’t have to get up so early. I untied one arm so that he could undo the other and I ran out the door before he could say anything.”

“I bet he had to take care of things himself after that!” Loraine said.

“I know I sure did” Natasha replied. “I must have cum five times that night.”

“That’s cruel but it’s sure got me excited.”

“Yah, me too,” she said. “I wanted to keep him waiting until Friday. He’d be so excited to see me he’d do anything I wanted.”

“How could you do THAT?” Loraine asked.

“With this piece of modern technology!”

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It’s a CB6000. A chastity belt, well a device anyway.”

“That’s cool,” said Loraine. “Why didn’t you?”

“Owning someone’s sex is a long term commitment, like you and Jerry. I’m just not ready for that yet. Maybe you should try it! I’ll bet that would add some spice to your love life.”

“Oh, I like this! You even have a lock engraved ‘Property of Natasha.’ I think this could be a lot of fun”

“I’m going downtown tomorrow. I’ll get you your own lock. You have to establish ownership early. You can try it out on your date tomorrow night.”

That Wednesday night when we went into her bedroom Loraine told me “Strip, slowly. Entertain me.” Not wanting to disappoint, I began to remove my shirt, dancing around as best I could, trying to imagine what a male stripper would do. She sat down in a chair to watch. This was completely new territory for us. She had never been so forceful with her desires before but I liked the way it made me feel. I thought ‘As long as her fantasies involve me they must be fun. I’ll go along with anything she wants.’

When I was naked she told me “Lay down on the bed. I want you totally under my power tonight. I’m going to tie you to the bed and have my way with you.”

I said “I’m always under your power!”

“Don’t say anything.” She began to tie my hands together and to the headboard. Then she went to my feet and said “Lift up so I can put this pillow under your ass. Can you scoot down a little so your arms are tight?”

“I’ll try”

“I’ll try, Mistress!” she said. I repeated what she wanted and wiggled around until my feet were as close to the bottom of the bed as I could get. Then she tied one to each corner of the bed, stretching me as tight as she could. With a little of the lotion she always kept on her nightstand she began to massage my nipples. This always gets me turned on quickly. Then a little more lotion rubbed into my scrotum and my dick and I knew I was hers to do with as she pleased. I was definitely pleased. Soon her hands found their way back down to my balls. When her finger touched my anis I would have jumped clear off the bed if I hadn’t kaçak iddaa been tied to it. She rubbed back and forth over it several times and I began to realize just how vulnerable I was. She could do anything to me and there was nothing I could do to resist. And she knew it. While she continued teasing my asshole she took my prick into her mouth and began to slide her lips lower and lower until the head hit the back of her throat. Instead of pulling back as she always had she swallowed and continued to descend until her lips touched my pubic hair.

When she pulled off I was so hard you could drive nails with my prick. “Do you like that?” she asked. “If we’re going to do this you need to do something about that wiry hair down there. Would you like me to take care of it for you?”

“Yes, Mistress. Whatever you think best.”

“I think this would be more fun for you if you can’t see or talk while I’m doing it. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“But before I gag you I want you to give me one more orgasm.” She crawled up on the bed and lowered her pussy to my mouth. As I tried my best to please her I felt something cold on my asshole. She started to work her finger into my ass. I responded to the incredible stimulation sucking her clit into my mouth but soon she pulled away. I thought she didn’t like what I was doing but she was just repositioning to present her ass to my mouth. “Lick,” was all she said. And I did. After a few minutes she repositioned herself so that I could lick her clit again and I brought her to a huge climax. I should have known it wasn’t just what I did but her thinking what she was going to do that got her off so well.

After climbing off of the bed she reached under it and pulled out a rubber ball with a strap through the center. She gave me a passionate kiss and then pushed the ball into my mouth. After buckling the strap securely behind my head she gave me another kiss although the ball prevented our tongues from touching. She placed a blindfold over my eyes and buckled it tightly behind my head.

I felt something cool being rubbed onto my pubic area, shaving gel I assumed. Then I felt Loraine pulling at my skin and a scraping sensation. I knew even without seeing that all of my hair would soon be gone from that region.

When she was done she rubbed lotion onto the freshly shaved skin. Again she took me into her mouth but this time she swallowed me all the way down, her lips touching the baby smooth skin of my belly. After two times up and down she left my cock and started to lick my nipples. I was really enjoying this but then she stopped again and started nibbling my neck. Not being able to see, it seemed like forever but was probably less than an hour she licked, sucked and kissed driving me crazy with lust but never letting me cum.

After teasing me for so long I thought I was going to have a tremendous orgasm. That’s when the real shock of the evening came, and I didn’t. Suddenly I felt a terrible cold on my crotch. After a few minutes I was pretty numb so she removed the ice pack. I couldn’t feel much but I could feel her doing something more to my cock and balls.

When she finished she removed the blindfold and I got my first look at the device she’d put me in. My penis was encased in a clear plastic tube. The tube was completely full, and I wasn’t even hard. It had a downward curve that would make an erection impossible. A ring around my cock and balls held it in place. A small brass padlock, inscribed ‘Property of Loraine’ insured that I wouldn’t be taking it off. She said “I liked you being excited so much that I want to extend it. Friday when you come over I’ll take it off and you can have me any way that you want. Won’t that be fun?”

“It’ll be fun then but it’s not much fun now,” I gulped.

“You know you love it when I take charge,” she replied. “You’re tough. You can handle it, for me. Think of how hard you’ll cum Friday after two days of no one touching it! It’s only 48 hours.”

“OK, I’ll try it. Just for you.”

That Friday when I came to her house she was wearing the sexiest ‘little black dress’ that I had ever seen. Of course by that time a flour sack would have been sexy to me. It had a short flared skirt that showed off her womanly hips and the top showed plenty of cleavage. Around her neck she had a small gold chain with a little key on it.

After a kiss that left my eyeballs slightly foggy I helped her on with her wrap and we were out the door. When I opened the car door for her she sat down with her knees together and carefully tucked her skirt under her legs. Not even a hint of what was above those silky black stockings.

Soon we arrived at the restaurant and she got out of the car as carefully as she had gotten in. Sometimes it seems it’s more of a tease not to tease and she was showing me that she was a master of the art. The dining room wasn’t crowded and we sat in a darkened corner, away from most of the other kaçak bahis diners. After we ordered she kicked off her shoe and placed her foot in my lap, playing with my CB with her toes. “Oh my goodness!” she whispered. “I totally forgot to put on any panties.” If my cock could have gotten hard it would have torn a hole in my underwear.

She continued to tease me throughout dinner, touching my hand, leaning forward to give me a glimpse down the front of her dress and wiggling her foot in my lap. By the time we were ready to leave I was a total wreck. But did we go home? “I want to go have a drink at that new club across town,” she said as she snuggled up to me in the car. How could I refuse? How would I survive?

When we finally got home she still wanted to tie me to the bed. I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed. She placed a couple of pillows under my head to help me sit upright. Then she proceeded to tie my arms to the top of the headboard. When she felt that I was securely held in place she spent a few agonizing minutes examining my poor locked-up cock. Dancing sensuously to the music she had put on she slowly began to remove her clothes. She unzipped her dress and let the top fall around her hips revealing a black bra so sheer that her nipples were clearly visible through it. I hadn’t seen it looking down her dress because the cups were cut so low that the top of her areola was showing. She turned to let me watch her unfasten the strap at the back and then turned still holding the cups over her perfect C-cup breasts. When she completed the reveal I was straining at the ropes binding me to the bed, I wanted her so bad.

Finally she gave a little push dropping her dress to the floor, revealing that she did indeed forget her panties. Not only that but she’s completely shaved. Dressed only in her silky stockings and garter belt she crawled onto the bed and began rubbing her beautiful body against mine. “Please unlock me and let’s make love!” I cried desperately.

Loraine looked over at the clock and replied, “We still have ten minutes to go. It hasn’t been forty-eight hours yet.”

All I could do was to cry. She held me and asked what I would like to do when the time came. I told her “I just want to make love to you.”

Finally she took the chain with the key off of her neck and unlocked me. I was instantly hard. When she untied me I was finally able to take her in my arms, kiss her and begin to make love. After waiting for so long I didn’t think I would last long but I found I couldn’t cum. We fucked for over half an hour before I finally shot the biggest load I had ever seen. During that time she must have cum five times. Afterward we were so tired that we just fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke in the morning to the smell of breakfast as Loraine brought in a tray for us. After eating we made love again, slowly, calmly, without the urgency of last night but still with all of the passion. It was wonderful. “Are you ready to try that again?” she asked.

“Not yet, but it was an exciting experience,” I replied. Over the next few weeks we did try it again several times. Some times we would make love early Wednesday night before she locked me up but usually she spent the evening teasing me before packing me in ice to lock me away ’til Friday. When Friday finally arrived we would go out to a movie or dancing after dinner and by the time she was done teasing me I was ready for some wild sex. I would lick her to two or three orgasms before she unlocked me. I was as hard as steel. After, I would stay free until the following week when the fun would be repeated.

One Friday night things went horribly wrong. Loraine had tied me to the bed after I removed my clothes. Her tease was merciless as usual and I was about ready to explode. She finally took the chain from around her neck and put the key to the lock. . . but it didn’t fit. It wouldn’t even go into the keyhole. She turned it around and tried it the other way. No good. Then she took a closer look at the lock. At the inscription ‘Property of Natasha.’ “How did Natasha’s lock get on you?” she asked. “She must have switched locks before she left town yesterday. She’s on a class field trip until next Tuesday. I can’t even call her. We’ll just have to wait ’till she gets back”

My heart sank. There I was, all primed and ready to go, locked in this CB with no key. Loraine untied me and we hugged for a while until it was time for me to get dressed and go home.

The following Wednesday night I was sitting waiting for Loraine when Natasha comes in and sits down. She was wearing jeans so tight that it must have been hard for her to breathe. I know they made it hard for me to breathe. Her bright orange tee shirt was just snug enough to emphasize her B-size breasts. I grabbed for the sheet in an attempt to cover my nudity in my surprise but I knew she’s already seen it all. “Hi,” she said as if this was perfectly normal. “I’ll bet you’re wondering about the key.” She reached down to the hem of her tee shirt and pulled it up and over her head. Her nipples were straining at the cups of her lacy black bra. Nestled in her cleavage was a key on a gold chain. “I want to check it out. Loose the sheet,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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