The Weekend Ch. 08

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“Oh, Mistress!!!”

WHACK! You slapped my right ass cheek hard. “Are you going to react this way to every new thing? It will be a long weekend.”

“No, Mistress — I’m sorry,” I replied.

“Good, now tell me, slut, am I about to take a virgin ass?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Excellent. I promise I’ll go slow — at first. I think these panties are going to get in my way, though.” You pulled my panties from around my knees down to my ankles and had me step out of them.

Then you paused for a bit before saying, “You know what, though? I think I need to hear you beg for this.”

How does a person beg for something that he’s a bit scared of, and — at least, in one sense — doesn’t really want? Nevertheless, I knew that I had to give myself to you fully, so I managed to half-whisper, “Please, Mistress.”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“Please, Mistress,” I repeated more loudly.

“Please, Mistress, what?”

“Please, Mistress, take me.”

“Why, whatever do you mean, slut? I need to know exactly what you’re asking for.”

“Please, Mistress, please fuck my virgin aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss.”

The last word was drawn out as the head of the strap-on plunged inside me at that very moment.

“Oh, you mean like Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort this?” you laughed.

Through ragged breath, I managed to gasp, “Yes, Mistress. Oh my god!”

“We’ve got so much further to go, my pet! But you’re going to have to relax a lot more if I’m going to get this fully inside you.”

To be honest, it already felt like it was fully inside me, but I did my best to relax as I felt you gently, but firmly, pressing into me.

“That’s it, slave. Take it deeper,” you whispered as the strap-on began easing further into me. I barely heard you though, between my moans and ragged breathing.

“Take it, take my cock in your ass,” you kept encouraging me as it pressed deeper and deeper. And then, after what seemed like hours, I felt your body pressed against mine. “I’m impressed, slut! I wasn’t sure that you would be able to take it all the way in on the first try. I’ll have to keep that in mind and reward you later.”

Then you started pulling out again. In some ways, I felt even fuller as you were drawing back, til only the head was still inside me. You paused for a moment, then slowly eased back in — not nearly as slowly as before, though. Then back out again a bit quicker, to just the head again. Then Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort you paused.

I wondered what was next for quite a while. Then suddenly, I found out, as you thrust hard and deep and fast inside me. My arms gave out from under me and I collapsed on the bed. Undeterred by this, you began pumping in and out of my ass faster and faster, your hands gripping my hips, as you fucked me hard. All I could hear were my own moans, and I have no idea how long it lasted.

Eventually, you pulled out completely, smacked each of my ass cheeks and said, “Time for your reward. Up on the bed, on your back.” I obeyed as quickly as I could (which wasn’t very quickly). You put a pillow under my hips and spread my legs. Then you knelt between them and lined up the strap-on with my ass again. This time in wasn’t nearly as slow, and seemed to press even deeper. When you were fully in, you grabbed my cock.

“This time, two cocks will be stroked. Mine by your ass, and yours by my hand. Isn’t that a wonderful reward, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

You immediately began thrusting in and out of me quickly, but stroking my cock just as quickly. After just a few minutes, I could feel the pressure building and told Ataşehir İranlı Escort you this.

“Good boy. I’m glad. Your Mistress wants you to cum for her. But you must tell me when you are getting close.”

“Yes, Mistress! Oh, thank you, Mistress!”

After another couple minutes, I could feel the cum rising up my cock. “Oh, Mistress! I’m getting so close!”

“Don’t cum yet, slave — not until I say so.”

“Yes, Mistress. But I’m so close already!”

“Don’t you cum yet!”

As you pumped even more furiously, we went back and forth like this until I was whimpering, begging to be allowed to cum. Suddenly, you took your hand off my cock as you buried the strap-on deep within me.

“I’ve changed my mind,” you said and began unhooking the straps from around your waist and hips. You got up from the bed, leaving the strap-on inside me. I thought my cock would explode, but knew better than to beg to cum.

“I’m going to take a bath. You will lay there just like that until I call you. When I do, you may only come as far as the bathroom door until I direct you further.”

You started toward the bathroom, then stopped and walked over to the window. You peeked out the curtains for a moment, then pulled them wide open and walked quickly to the bathroom.

I lay there, completely exposed, my cock throbbing, the strap-on still deep inside me with my legs spread and wondered if it was worse that this time, if I didn’t close my eyes, I’d be able to see if anyone saw me through the window. I decided it was, closed my eyes, and waited for your call.

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